Herald now writing stories from plane spotters

So it looks like the Herald is taking uncorroborated panic stories off plane-spotters now?

An airliner about to land at Auckland Airport climbed sharply to avoid a potential collision with another plane taking off at the other end of the runway.

“It climbed like a bloody blizzard and the other plane was nose up and was taking off too,” said a witness to the manoeuvre, which the Airways Corporation and Air New Zealand are putting down to standard procedure.

The man, who did not want to be named, was parked at a lookout near the airport just after 6pm on Monday while waiting to watch a giant Airbus 380 take off.

Ahead of it in a taxiway queue was a 171-seat Air New Zealand Airbus 320 due to fly to Christchurch, while another of the airline’s A320s was on its descent from the east, flying in from Adelaide.

“You could see this plane coming in to land – it would have been between the [Southwestern] motorway and the end of the runway – then suddenly the other A320 just moved out into the runway,” the witness said.

“I thought, ‘that’s close’, but it just paused on the end of the runway – for about 10 seconds. Then it just gasses and starts rolling down the runway to takeoff speed.”

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What a waste of money and all for nothing

Australia has outspent everyone else in the fruitless search for MH370. And it is all for nothing with everyone being no closer now to finding the aircraft than at the start of the whole bizarre episode.

Conspiracy theories aside, basically the plane is gone, the passengers and crew are all dead, there is little point in trying to find it now.

The Malaysian Government has revealed it has spent just a fraction of what Australia has paid in the search for missing flight MH370, as officials from both countries prepare to meet to discuss the next phase of the mission.

Officials from Malaysia yesterday held talks in Canberra, including discussions around funding for the operation. The Australian Government has set aside almost A$90 million ($99 million) for the search.

The head of the joint task force charged with finding MH370, Angus Houston, said yesterday that discussions around the next phase of the search included negotiations with Malaysia over the cost of the search.

“The Government has allocated A$89.9 million. I think about A$25 million of that is to go to the defence force for the visual search they conducted,” the former defence force chief said. “There’s another A$60 million that’s been allocated for the underwater search. That money has been allocated but we’re still to crunch, or still to negotiate the burden-sharing with, for example, Malaysia.”

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Apparently it is because of Climate Change that the search for MH370 took so long

No I’m not kidding, the same folks who contributed to the Ship of Fools debacle are now spinning that the slow recovery operations in the southern Indian Ocean is because of climate change and searches in coming years for planes that set down in the ocean down there (so far only the one) will be harder to find because of climate change.

James Delingpole explains at Breitbart London.

The answer to that one is a big “no” by the way, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the usual green suspects trying to shoehorn the Malaysian tragedy into their grand universal theory of everything.

Here’s how an enterprising environmental reporter has managed it¬†at¬†Mother Jones:

Scientists say man-made climate change has fundamentally altered the currents of the vast, deep oceans where investigators are currently scouring for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, setting a complex stage for the ongoing search for MH370. If the Boeing 777 did plunge into the ocean somewhere in the vicinity of where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, the location where its debris finally ends up, if found at all, may be vastly different from where investigators could have anticipated 30 years ago.

Possibly there’s a bait and switch operation going on here. None of the three scientists quoted in the article makes mention of plane debris: they just talk about the changing nature of recent patterns in the Southern Oceans which, almost inevitably, they ascribe to man-made climate change and which they insist is a cause for great concern.¬† Read more »

The hairy legged, hairy armpitted brigade out for blood again

Perhaps the wowsers think Air New Zealand should use fat chicks like this?

Perhaps the wowsers think Air New Zealand should use fat chicks like this?

The wowsers are out in force…this time complaining about an Air New Zealand ad that has “highly sexualised” portrayals of women.

Passengers on Air New Zealand flights to the Cook Islands and elsewhere will be urged – for their safety’s sake – to watch a video featuring cavorting swimsuit models.

The airline, which has been both praised and attacked for previous risque adverts, told the Weekend Herald the video it had produced with American magazine Sports Illustrated will convey all the important safety messages it is required to provide under aviation regulations.

Asked what choice that would leave travellers who may object to having to watch it, a spokeswoman said last night that it had been careful to ensure the Safety in Paradise video was produced in a way “that is tasteful and suitable for viewing by passengers of all ages”.¬† Read more »

Help please, my livelihood might be under threat

Michael Field has taken a break from writing poorly researched pieces aboutFiji or whispering the same erroneous information into Karl du Fresne’s ear to write one of the most outrageously stupid articles I have seen in a long time.

The headline makes you think that we are under attack from Drones or that a massive accident has occurred as a result of drones.



Far from the alarmist headlines what ewe find upon reading the article is that it’s actually a story using the press to try and protect one blokes own interests. ¬†Worse he is using his media pals to do it making Michael Field a gun for hire advocating for legislative change to protect his mate.¬† Read more »

RNZAF purchasing new training aircraft

Beechcraft T6C Military trainer

Beechcraft T6C Military trainer

Unfortunately not the re-establishment of the fighter wing, but some new trainers.

Apparently a contract has been signed for the purchase of 6 new Beechcraft T6C to supplement the existing Beech King Air aircraft.

The US embassy posted this photo but it was removed shortly after.

Photo: US Embassy New Zealand

Photo: US Embassy New Zealand

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Who wants to sit by an obese man ‘the size of an infant hippopotamus’?

"What weighs more than a Suzuki Swift, less than a Hummer and smells like the decaying anus of a deceased homeless man? No idea? How about, what measures food portions in kilograms and has the personal hygiene of a French prostitute? Still nothing? Right, one more try. What's fat as f***, stinks like shit and should be forced to purchase two seats on a Jetstar flight?"

“What weighs more than a Suzuki Swift, less than a Hummer and smells like the decaying anus of a deceased homeless man? No idea? How about, what measures food portions in kilograms and has the personal hygiene of a French prostitute? Still nothing? Right, one more try. What’s fat as f***, stinks like shit and should be forced to purchase two seats on a Jetstar flight?”

Every time I travel I sit on planes praying that the fatties coming down the aisle just keep on moving…I shudder to think about how some of them even manage to sit down, let alone use a tray table.

If they have to use a seat belt extension I think they are probably too large to travel. Have a thought about this poor bastard then.

As rage letters go, they don’t come much more furious than the epistle sent to an Australian airline by a passenger seated next to a man as big as ‘an infant hippopotamus’ and who smelled like ‘blue cheese’ and a ‘Mumbai slum’.

Traveller Rich Wisken wrote on a blog that he paid an extra $A25 (£13.50) for an exit row seat, expecting to travel from Perth to Sydney with more room than a normal economy seat.

But he found himself seated beside an obese man, leaving him to feel that he was pinned to his seat ‘by a fleshy boulder.’

When he tried to change seats, he found those that were empty were taken by passengers who had stretched themselves out to lie in comfort.

Mr Wisken returned to his exit row seat and ‘it was then I realised that my fate was sealed.

‘I made my way back to Jabba the Hutt (the blob creature in Star Wars) and spent the remainder of the flight smothered in side-boob and cellulite, taking shallow breaths to avoid noxious gas poisoning.’

It might be gathered by now that Mr Wisken was not at all happy with the four-and-a-half-hour flight and has penned a furious letter to the airline, Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas.

Of course it was Jetstar.

What made his ordeal worse was to find that two days later a flight to Melbourne he’d book with the airline was cancelled, as was a rescheduled flight.

On his third attempt, the flight was delayed for two hours.

On receiving his angry, but humorous, letter of complaint, Jetstar emailed him with an offer of a $A100 (¬£54) voucher in compensation, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports today.

‘Awesome work, Jetstar!’ he wrote.

‘Two of my flights in the past two days have been cancelled. You’re so lucky that my favourite pastime is wasting both time and money getting to and from airports.

‘Imagine how annoyed someone who doesn’t LOVE wasting time and money would feel about this situation. Man, I’d hate to be that guy…’

This is the start of his email to Jetstar.

Dear Jetstar…

Do you like riddles? I do, that’s why I’m starting this letter with one. What weighs more than a Suzuki Swift, less than a Hummer and smells like the decaying anus of a deceased homeless man? No idea? How about, what measures food portions in kilograms and has the personal hygiene of a French prostitute? Still nothing? Right, one more try. What’s fat as f***, stinks like shit and should be forced to purchase two seats on a Jetstar flight? That’s right, it’s the man I sat next to under on my flight from Perth to Sydney yesterday.

Dodgy union ratbags kill jobs

The unions are doing their best to root things up for their workers at the Boeing factory in Seattle. Like the Holden and Ford workers of Australia they have progressively made life too difficult for life to continue on the way it has been.

The unions now have choices…come to agreement and save some jobs or down tools and watch the jobs move elsewhere.

The Seattle Times Editorial is blunt.

MEMBERS of the Machinists union voting Friday on a revised Boeing contract offer must look ahead. The operative word is pragmatism, not nostalgia.

This is about long-term employment to build the 777X and carbon-fiber wing in Washington, and for final assembly of the 737 MAX.

Friday’s vote comes at the insistence of the International Association of Machinists’ leadership in Washington, D.C. A second vote after last month’s contract rejection was strongly resisted by Puget Sound-area IAM District 751.

In urging rank-and-file members to turn down the latest offer, local union leaders noted online:

‚ÄúDistrict 751 is recommending you reject the Company‚Äôs latest proposal because the terms of this agreement are destructive to what we have gained over the past 78 years.‚ÄĚ The union has indeed served its members well for decades. ¬†¬† Read more »

Damaging their reputation?

Asiana Airlines is going to sue the TV station that broadcast the fake pilot names.

Asiana has decided to sue KTVU-TV to “strongly respond to its racially discriminatory report” that disparaged Asians, Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyomin said. She said the airline will likely file suit in U.S. courts.

She said the report seriously damaged Asiana’s reputation. Asiana decided not to sue the NTSB because it said it was the TV station report, not the U.S. federal agency that damaged the airline’s reputation. Lee did not elaborate. ¬† Read more »

Labour selling policies now?

Labour Party may have ditched their planned “Man Ban”, but they appear to¬†have on-sold the policy to an Indian airline!


GoAir has announced it’s going to stop hiring men as flight¬†attendants, in a bid to save NZ$500,000 a year on its fuel bill. The¬†airline says their 130 male flight attendants are heavier than the¬†women staff members, and so the blokes will be progressively phased¬†out…

British Airways is hoping to reduce its fuel bill in the years ahead by gradually replacing its ageing Boeing 747s with Airbus A380s. GoAir, in India, is taking a slightly different approach: it is going to stop hiring men as flight attendants.¬† Read more »