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Fiji travel bans lifted, what did they actually achieve?


The government has finally lifted the Fiji travel bans:

New Zealand is lifting travel sanctions against Fiji, Foreign Minister Murray McCully has confirmed.

In a statement, McCully said the progress Fiji was making towards holding free and fair elections deserved recognition from the Pacific region and international community.

“There are now more than 500,000 people registered to vote in the September elections, electoral commissioners have been appointed and importantly Commodore Bainimarama has stepped down as the head of the Military.

“The visit by the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group in February was a success and the Commonwealth recently acknowledged the progress that Fiji is making.

“Last week the electoral decree was published, an Elections Supervisor appointed, and the 17th¬†of September was announced as the election date.”

As a consequence New Zealand would end all remaining travel sanctions and would also remove all remaining restrictions on New Zealand Government departments working directly with their Fiji counterparts.

Which is all good, but one wonders what they actually achieved. These sanctions certainly never deterred the government of Fiji from progressing to a true democracy, with one person one vote, and a proper census, complete photo id voter registration and the removal of the electoral rort of the Great Council of Chiefs. ¬† Read more »

Soper on GCSB confidence

Turns out the GCSB did a shit job with the arithmetic in their annual report

The Government Communications and Security Bureau was once so secret that only the Prime Minister and his acolytes knew it existed.

For three years it operated under deep cover before the then belligerent Prime Minister Rob Muldoon decided to let a few more in on the secret, allowing the GCSB to brief the Cabinet and the Opposition leader.

Muldoon, or The Grunter as he was known around this place, decided to come clean and let the great unwashed into the secret, acknowledging the super spy agency’s existence in the same year as he called the schnapps election in 1984.

Up until that time the only spy organisation publicly acknowledged was the Security Intelligence Service, a bunch of spies who shamelessly handed info on to The Grunter to use against his political opponents.¬† He once published a list of who he said were reds under the bed, or Communists. ¬† Read more »

Tweets of the Day

Barry Soper and Brendan Horan square off:



They both sound touchy, perhaps Barry and Brendan should both go for a long run.

I’ve heard marathon training is good for helping with the effects of a mid-life crisis.

Caption Contest

Tweeted by Barry Soper, who somehow let John Key grab his microphone.

Barry is unable to come to the mic so for once his updates will be fair and balanced

Larry, it appears Barry is unable to come to the mic, so for once his updates will be fair and balanced


Is Stephen Joyce the new Helen Clark?

via ZDNet

via ZDNet

It was a well known curse:  Helen Clark would turn up at a match, and the All Blacks would lose.


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Soper on Cunliffe

Barry Soper gives David Cunliffe a truly terrible nickname…it may well stick, but not as much as Silent T does.

The trouble with Martin Luther Cunliffe is that he likes to be all things to all people.

The other trouble for him is that he’s never been forgiven for his disloyalty to the Dithering David Shearer and his latest action in sacking his campaign manager, for what was stating the bleedingly obvious, will further isolate him.

This is what Jenny Michie said: “It would be naive to imagine that there would be no resistance to a gay Prime Minister at this point. I think some people might have a problem with it, I don’t.”

There are a couple of things about the comment. She made it on a political show on telly before Martin Luther had grandly declared his candidacy for the top job. One would have thought then, he would have been aware of her views before he got her to manage his campaign.

And if that’s the case you’d have to ask a question about his sincerity in his so called zero tolerance for anyone who goes near the personal life of any candidate.

Freedom of speech clearly isn’t part of the Cunliffe lexicon. ¬† Read more »

Soper calls Mallard’s stunt an own goal

Barry Soper, who views life through red tinted lenses, has described Mallard’s nasty little stunt yesterday as an ‘own goal’:

But it’s a party that can’t help tripping over itself as it did yesterday when Trevor Mallard flew into the bear pit, accusing the pedantic Nick Smith of bludging off the taxpayer after he tearfully relieved himself of his ministry last year when his Bronwyn Pullar conflict of interest became an embarrassment.

Of course he’s repented and is now back in the fold. Mallard claimed he’d stayed on in his taxpayer supplied ministerial home when he wasn’t entitled to.

Smith tells us he stayed on for a couple of weeks so that his kids could finish their school term which would seem reasonable in the circumstances.

But big Gezza Brownlee wasn’t going to let them get away with that. He ruffled Mallard’s feathers, saying what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. ¬† Read more »

Gay Horses in the African Bush

Remember the fuss when John Key said a radio host was wearing a gay red shirt?

Remember all the media jumping up and down making a fuss and bother. Including Ian McKellen.

I wonder of they will express the same outrage over Barry Soper’s comments on Twitter…a far more public arena than some obscure Farming radio show.¬† Read more »

Watch the train wreck, it is excruciating

I watched the entire 16:01 of David Shearer’s stand up this morning.

Journalists were laughing at his answers and Barry Soper even accused him of contradicting himself.

He refused to say when he first heard about the man ban and why he didn’t act sooner…
He refused to answer the question about whether quotas were still a live proposal…
One reporter puts him on the spot over his false claims of democracy…

Once Shearer got onto talking about GCSB he even screwed that up. ¬† Read more »

Soper’s analysis of the Man Ban

Barry Soper is usually a Labour fan-boi, but today he doesn’t hold back.

The dismal opinion poll ratings for Labour a few weeks back charged the Tory’s political arsenal. Every time the hapless, Dithering David Shearer stood up in Parliament’s bear pit to ask State Homie John Key whether he stood by all his statements, the volley began.

Of course he stood by the statements he’d been making to his fellow conspirators that The Ditherer’s days were numbered.

It was ‘head on the plate stuff’, but this week it’ll be carcass on the spit with Labour’s so called man-ban, where they’ll consider standing only women in some electorates to get a gender balance. Shearer was quick to distance himself from the feral feminists but he does lead a Party where the idea’s been entertained.

The Ditherer…heh.

Currently they’ve got 14 women and 20 men MPs, even if the media had to point out the correct figures to them. So why do they want more women? Well there could be two reasons for that, to improve on the talent, or lack of it, that they’ve already got or to Morris dance with The Kermits who’re committed to the gender balance. ¬† Read more »