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Larry’s Back!!! (Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB)

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.

Topics today may include:

1)  Most recent political poll results

2) Colin Craig’s “bottom line”: Binding Citizen Initiated Referenda

3) The fallout of Cunliffe’s holiday

4) NZ First policy announcements; GST and Law and Order

5) Kim Dotcom’s promised political “nuclear bomb”

6) Independent Police Complaints Authority clears police over Dotcom spying

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Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Greg Boyed, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.  Greg is sitting in for Larry while he’s having some well deserved time off.

Topics today may include:

1) Labour Party Conference / Cunliffe: I’m sorry for being a man

2) The battle of Education polices – Labour v National

3) Fallout from the Malaysian diplomat scandal

4) Japanese Prime Minister’s visit – TPP & Whaling

5) The battle of violence polices – Labour v National

6) Trevor Mallard & the Moa

7) Horan & Winston Peters in a legal tussle?

8) ?

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Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Rachel Smalley, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.  Rachel is sitting in for Larry while he’s having some well deserved time off.  Greg Boyed will sit in over the next two weeks.

Topics today may include:

1. Should Key name and shame the diplomat?

2. National Party Conference / Roading announcement

3. TV3 and One news/ Colmar Brunton Polls show Labour heading sub-30% yet better for Labour than other recent polls

4. McCully to stand aside in East Coast Bays if asked

5. Logging of windfelled trees on the West Coast.  Two Labour MPs crossed the floor.

6. John Key’s biography

7. Labour’s alternative budget

8. #TeamKey

Cam on Cam

You can listen online via iHeartRadio  or tune in though usual methods.


The Cauldron at 1600

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

This week there is no Pam Corkery…I know you are all probably cheering on the inside.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and me on The Cauldron.

Here are our starters:

John Banks guilty verdict/resignation

Coat tailing

The latest Roy Morgan poll

Greens carbon tax policy


PPTA , Banks & Charter schools

America’s Cup and the taxpayer

You can listen online via iHeartRadio or tune in though usual methods.


The Cauldron at 1600


Listen in to Larry Williams Drive show this afternoon at 1600 for the Cauldron.

On air will be Josie Pagani, Barry Soper, Pan Corkery and me, along with our host Larry Williams.

Our topics are likely to include:

- Wash up of budget
- Migrants -Labour and NZ First intention to cap numbers
- Dotcom split – future, Internet Party, Mana
- Stuff poll on Key and Cunliffe
- Problem Gambling Foundation taking Ministry Health to court
- Catholic Church and gays !

You can tune in using normal methods or listen online via iHeart Radio.



The Cauldron at 1600


For those that missed it last week, I am part of a new show for election year called The Cauldron.

It is a work in progress and will expand to additional time on air along with increased political coverage from myself for NewstalkZB, especially as election year ramps up.

The show kicks off at 4pm as the start to Larry Williams Drive.

The Cauldron is:

Cam Slater
Josie Pagani
Barry Soper
Pam Corkery

with host Larry Williams.

Join us at 4pm, who knows what we will be talking about during the hour but with all those personalities you can be sure there will be fireworks.


Something new, have a listen at 4pm


This afternoon at the start of Larry Williams’ Drive show on NewstalkZb will be something new.

I am participating in a new panel format with Barry Soper, Pam Corkery, Josie Pagani and me in studio with Larry Williams.

We will be covering political stories of the past and coming weeks, plus topics of interest.

The format is likely to change and develop as we progress towards the election.

Anyway, dear readers, this has been in the pipeline for sometime and today is the start.

Expect to hear more from me on NewtalkZB for the next 6 months.

Have a listen. Tune in or listen online via iHeartRadio.

I hope you enjoy it.


Fiji travel bans lifted, what did they actually achieve?


The government has finally lifted the Fiji travel bans:

New Zealand is lifting travel sanctions against Fiji, Foreign Minister Murray McCully has confirmed.

In a statement, McCully said the progress Fiji was making towards holding free and fair elections deserved recognition from the Pacific region and international community.

“There are now more than 500,000 people registered to vote in the September elections, electoral commissioners have been appointed and importantly Commodore Bainimarama has stepped down as the head of the Military.

“The visit by the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group in February was a success and the Commonwealth recently acknowledged the progress that Fiji is making.

“Last week the electoral decree was published, an Elections Supervisor appointed, and the 17th of September was announced as the election date.”

As a consequence New Zealand would end all remaining travel sanctions and would also remove all remaining restrictions on New Zealand Government departments working directly with their Fiji counterparts.

Which is all good, but one wonders what they actually achieved. These sanctions certainly never deterred the government of Fiji from progressing to a true democracy, with one person one vote, and a proper census, complete photo id voter registration and the removal of the electoral rort of the Great Council of Chiefs.   Read more »

Soper on GCSB confidence

Turns out the GCSB did a shit job with the arithmetic in their annual report

The Government Communications and Security Bureau was once so secret that only the Prime Minister and his acolytes knew it existed.

For three years it operated under deep cover before the then belligerent Prime Minister Rob Muldoon decided to let a few more in on the secret, allowing the GCSB to brief the Cabinet and the Opposition leader.

Muldoon, or The Grunter as he was known around this place, decided to come clean and let the great unwashed into the secret, acknowledging the super spy agency’s existence in the same year as he called the schnapps election in 1984.

Up until that time the only spy organisation publicly acknowledged was the Security Intelligence Service, a bunch of spies who shamelessly handed info on to The Grunter to use against his political opponents.  He once published a list of who he said were reds under the bed, or Communists.   Read more »

Tweets of the Day

Barry Soper and Brendan Horan square off:



They both sound touchy, perhaps Barry and Brendan should both go for a long run.

I’ve heard marathon training is good for helping with the effects of a mid-life crisis.