Wasps? Bees? Oh who cares they are both yellow and black

The Herald really out did itself yesterday.

They had a story about a wasp attack, headlined about bees, and capped it all off with stock photo of bees.

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Bees are nature’s little 3D printers

Now this is cool:

3D printers are kind of a big deal these days. They’re pumping out the coolest, newest toys and tools in the world, and they’re definitely the cutting edge of technology. But for a classier, slightly scarier twist on that, Dewars got together 80,000 honey bees and built the world’s first 3B printer. What exactly does that mean? Here’s some pretty awesome pictures to explain…

via The Chive

via The Chive


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Face of the Day

Boing Boing

Last wednesday, beekeeper She Ping covered himself with 331,000 bees to claim the world record from Ruan Luangming. As 33.1kg of insects crowded around his body and face, She Ping’s eyes and mouth were kept clear by an incense-waving apprentice. Photo: REUTERS/China Daily


Mental Health Break

I love these Made by Hand videos…today’s one is The Beekeeper.

When I get back on my feet and have a nice country place to live in I am going to keep bees. I have always wanted to do it.