The real bigots in our midst


Traditionally one calls a person a Bigot in order to silence them, usually when you lack a convincing counter argument.


Traditionally it is the left and the liberals who like to call middle and right leaning people Bigots but I think that it is well past time that we acknowledged the real bigots in our society.

Bigots are those who are intolerant of others opinions. Bigots ridicule others for having a different point of view. Bigots use violence and confrontation to stop others from taking part in legal and peaceful protest. Bigots burn their own countries flag because it was waved by those whose views they don’t share. Bigots are intolerant of the democratic rights of others if the others do not share their world view. Bigots only support Free Speech when they are making their views known, they want opposing views silenced.

These are the true bigots of our society.

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Don’t you just love bigots

As a Christian I really struggle to see how sermons such as this are helpful…to anyone.

Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church — located at 3283 Providence Mill Rd, Maiden, NC 28650 — is seen here from a service posted to the church’s website dated May 13, 2012 calling for the concentration and ultimate death of “queers and homosexuals.”