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God knows why National bothers going to Ratana

Bill English went to Ratana today, god knows why National even bothers, all they ever get is a stern ticking off, and Maori barely vote for National anyway.

Bill English may not be going to Waitangi this year but he will lead the Government to Ratana today for the first time as Prime Minister.

And his entry to the first big Maori event in election year will be in the midst of some symbolic political choreography.

English will go on with Tuwharetoa and its paramount chief Sir Tumu te Heuheu.   Read more »

More good news

Bill English is good with numbers and now he is the PM S&P obviously sees financial stability on the horizon from a National government. He may lack charisma and the ability to answer a yes no question but no one will deny his expertise with the economy.

Standard & Poor’s has affirmed New Zealand’s credit rating, saying the economy’s solid growth looks set to continue and the Crown’s fiscal management remains prudent. The kiwi dollar gained.

The global rating agency kept the sovereign foreign currency credit rating at ‘AA’, local currency rating at ‘AA+’, and short-term rating at ‘A-1’, with a stable outlook, saying the nation benefitted from strong institutions, an effective government and credible Reserve Bank.

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Dear Prime Minister…

Whaleoil reader Stevie543 shares this correspondence

Here is my email to Bill English and the dimissive reply …

Dear Prime Minister

We emailed you recently concerning the outrageous sponsoring of the above resolution by NZ. We asked that you explain to the NZ people why it was that we were turning our backs on the only democracy in the Middle East.

Your silence has been deafening.

We also emailed David Seymour for his views and comments, and we’re pleased to receive a reply within 10 minutes. It is reassuring to know that at least one MP is still working for NZ.

We have therefore decided after 12 years of support for the National Party, that our vote in 2017 will be going to ACT.

National appears to be going too far to the left, and now being a lap dog for Obama in his last days of office. When the National Government are getting praise from left wing bloggers, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, then you know something is wrong


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Yawn, it was 36 years ago get over yourselves already

PM Bill English

Lizzie Marvelly doesn’t even recognise who the then Prime minister was in the eighties so who really gives a shit about how Bill English felt back then except for the stupid media?

What’s with the sudden interest in the eighties and the Springbok Tour?

Don’t they have more current pressing issues to discuss in the present like I don’t know….how the Israeli ambassador has been recalled from New Zealand perhaps and how Bill English has made no comment whatsoever about it?

Does the New Zealand public really want to know about something that happened more than thirty years ago? Has Newshub become the history channel?

Families and friendships were divided and the country became a two nation state – those that were for the tour versus those against. Now, Prime Minister Bill English admits he was “probably for it”.

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This is the story of a good Kiwi farmer

Lizzie Marvelly did a disgusting story painting a very one sided view of the Treaty. She also demeaned Maori by suggesting they achieved nothing but get on the booze. You have to wonder how an editor of a major newspaper could publish such rubbish. Story is here.

I have written an alternative story below. It paints the other side.

This is the story of a good Kiwi farmer. Let’s call him Joseph Smith.

Joseph’s family had been toiling living a subsistence existence with much uncertainty. The farmers had no governance structure that they all respected and they were often at war with each other. They would often lose their land to farmers who would lead raids against other farmers killing or enslaving their captives. That all changed, however, the day Joseph signed the Agreement.

The Agreement seemed like a great idea at the time because it provided a mechanism for them to settle disputes that did not involve war because they were to become British subjects and enjoy the same privileges and protections of the British settlers. They would for the first time ever be given security of property rights and be allowed to enjoy their property without fear of losing it and their lives to raiding farmers.

Signed by most of the farmers around the country, it formalised the Government’s promises of equal rights and protection like any other British subject. Even the slaves were given these rights and so the practice of keeping slaves came to an end. Many farmers were upset by this complaining of loss of mana when slaves were allowed to live as free people.

The agreement guaranteed the farmers ownership of their land for as long as they wanted to keep it.

With law and order established in the country and legal mechanisms in place, farmers were able to trade and improve their life from the previous toil of a subsistence existence and constant war. They were also able to sell their land. There was much difficulty because the city dwellers wanted to buy the land but the farmers were often unable to ascertain who owned it. Often the city dwellers had to buy the same land several times from different farmers to ensure all farmers were paid. Sometimes they had to buy the land from the farmers who were living on the land as well as the previous farmers who the current farmers had stolen it from. Read more »

Kumara Bill

Image-Lord Evans Whaleoil



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Caption Contest

Here is a blank “Be Like Bill” image that you can upload to a Meme generator. Have fun.

Mike Williams on the politician of the year

Mike ‘Fat Tony’ Williams writes about his politician of the year in the HB Today.

After reviewing the impact of Trump and Brexit he concludes:

When we ask if any of these trends and political movements have resonance in New Zealand, the answer is not too clear.

Certainly we used to have a large and reasonably well paid industrial working class which now seems a lot smaller than it used to be.

The jobs that sustained my father and our family simply no longer exist, but others have popped up and looking around our big cities, it’s impossible to spot the kinds of “rust belts” of abandoned factories that blight once industrial power houses like Detroit and many towns in the North of England.

With the TPPA off the table courtesy of Mr Trump, free trade is unlikely to become an issue but immigration might.

The flow of immigrants reached an all-time high of more than seventy thousand in the year to November 2016.   Read more »

Ooops McCully and English just got bitch slapped

English and McCully took their thirty pieces of silver in trade or whatever blood money inducement Muslim countries gave them and with Obama’s blessing attacked Israel. However, there is a new sheriff in town  America and he and his mates don’t take kindly to little shits like New Zealand giving the Middle East’s only true democracy the finger.


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What does Resolution 2334 actually mean?


A lot of people think that Resolution 2334 forced through the UN Security Council is all about a few settlements in some dirt in the desert somewhere.

It is much bigger than that. The problem we have is that generally our population knows nothing about history, let alone the various wars since 1948.

What Murray McCully has done is pretty much ensure there will be a shooting war, and soon.

Here is why:

In the last United Nations Security Council meeting of the year and the very last meeting in New Zealand’s two year term as a member, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully achieved the goal he has so doggedly pursued. Resolution 2334, regarding the “Middle East Peace Process”, was adopted with 14 votes in favour and an abstention from USA.

New Zealand co-sponsored the text, which was prepared by Egypt in co-operation with the Palestinians. While Egypt was persuaded to withdraw the text, New Zealand snuck it in opaquely and under urgency the next day in the final meeting of the year, on the eve of both Christmas and Hanukkah. The resolution was co-sponsored by Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal and has been welcomed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. That is the company New Zealand apparently now keeps in geopolitical matters.

Among other things, the resolution condemns the construction and expansion of all settlements, calls for significant steps to “reverse negative trends on the ground”, states that the establishment of settlements in “the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem” is illegal, underlines that it will not recognise any changes to the 1967 lines including regarding Jerusalem except as negotiated by the parties, and calls upon states to distinguish between Israel and the occupied territories in their relevant dealings. It also calls for an end to terror and incitement.

As renowned constitutional and criminal lawyer and Harvard scholar Alan Dershowitz notes, “It is now illegal for Jews to pray at the Western Wall, live in certain Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem or attend Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus.” It is a further denial of the Jewish connection to its holiest site. It also entrenches BDS – the isolation and boycott of Israel. And it apparently enshrines a brand new principle of international law – that the victor in a defensive war (in this case against Jordan) has no right or claim to the land it acquires and must hand it back – but to someone else entirely (the Palestinians who at the time of the war had no governing body nor sought autonomy).

Make no mistake, this resolution may be dressed up in new clothes, but it is a further insidious delegitimisation of the Jewish state by the UN.

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