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Can Phil Goff Raise Enough Money to Win a Mayoral Campaign?


Phil Goff is being talked up as the next mayor of Auckland.

The problem for Phil and his booster is that he is dead set useless at fundraising.

Despite spending most of his life in Parliament he has never built a donor base, and he does not have a fundraiser who can bring the money in to fund a campaign.

To run an effective mayor campaign a candidate either needs a weak opponent or about $800,000.  Read more »

Michelle Boag disciplines NBR

Michelle Boag

Michelle Boag

My article is a little out of date as I do not have a subscription to NBR so didn’t see this little gem until today.

However it is worth sharing for those of you, who like me, do not pay to go behind Media paywalls

The National Business Review apologises to communications consultant and former National Party president Michelle Boag for running a Cameron Slater blog comment in the story below that made insulting remarks about her. The comment was included in an extract from the Whale Oil blog, which we have now belatedly edited. The total extract had been included because of its comments about Finance Minister Bill English.

Mr English said, “There’s no law against the Prime Minister texting a member of the public.”

The Finance Minister said he had never texted or received texts from Mr Slater.

“I understand he doesn’t like me,” Mr English said.

Asked whether the PM should have texted the Whaleoil blogger, Mr English said, “Look, I don’t like the guy. Apparently, he doesn’t like me and a whole lot of other people, but there’s no law against people communicating. And the Prime Minister’s done something no Prime Minister has before – he released the text.”

On his blog, Mr Slater returned in kind, writing, “You are right Bill, I don’t like you.

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Bill and John aren’t happy with the economy

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Like an All Blacks coach, they managed to get the economy to peak just at the electoral Word Cup.  But post election, the economic injuries are starting to show.   The already optimistic and minuscule predicted surplus is no more.

The Government’s flagship economic promise has been holed and is in danger of sinking after Treasury forecast a deficit this year – and with doubts over a return to surplus even in 2016.

It must have been a bitter pill for John Key and Bill English to swallow, after running the promise since 2011 and even claiming on the election stump the books were back in surplus. Read more »


State housing asset sale? Or stock rationalisation?

I fear National have thus far under estimated the left and the media’s ability to turn what is in fact a rationalisation of the Housing New Zealand stock, into something that looks like an asset sale by stealth.

Labour has produced documents which it says proves the Government’s been quietly planning [the sale of 22,000] for 18 months.

The Government owns around 68,000 state homes and Finance Minister Bill English appears to have signed off the sale of thousands of them on Monday at the weekly Cabinet meeting of ministers.

One of the Prime Minister’s first moves after the election was to appoint Mr English in charge of the housing sell off.

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Smalley & Marwick continue all out assault

The “serious” journalist and Hamas hugger Rachel Smalley continues her all out assault on me, aided by the equally unhinged Felix Marwick.

Both of these cowards aren’t prepared to sit down in a studio and go toe to toe with me, because they know I’ll rip them a new one.

This morning Smalley said that I’m not a journalist, not balanced and have dirt on John Key.

I’m sure Asher J. would disagree with Smalley, he wrote a 70 page judgment to the effect that actually I am a journalist…its just that I’m not “serious”. Who cares if I’m not balanced. Neither is Rachel Smalley, she hugs up to Hamas, is clearly a rabid pinko and unhinged by me…hardly any balance there, if she was balanced she’d actually get me on for some comment, but hasn’t yet troubled her producer to ring me. The last time she went head to head with me was on The Nation and she got pwnd that time. As for having dirt on John Key…well I have dirt on lots of people…so go figure…I just hoard dirt…its my stock in trade.

Felix Marwick has been on a jihad against me for sometime…asking repeated OIAs about me, he certainly seems to have a hard on for me. Again he is too gutless to call for my take on anything.

His latest article is hilarious too…all he is proving is Cameron Slater is a ratings winner and he is a flea gallery hack.

The Prime Minister says he has nothing to fear if Cameron Slater’s kept a record of their chats.

The Whale Oil blogger says he tapes his phone calls – but John Key’s not sure if that applies to him, saying he has “absolutely no idea.”    Read more »

Did anyone hear anything about Andrew “Who?” Little?

On Friday we asked readers to listen out for any unprompted mentions of Andrew “Who?” Little over the weekend.

Yesterday we asked for comments about whether anyone had heard his name come up in conversation over the weekend. The results were resounding. Almost no one is talking about Labour’s new leader, and those that are have been underwhelmed.

Labour seem to have selected a grey and boring leader to go next to their previous grey and boring leaders. New Zealand will not start listening to Labour until they get a leader who is actually interesting.

Note this is not just a Labour problem.

When National had Bill English as leader he was more grey and more boring than Labour, and he managed to totally tank National’s vote in the election.    Read more »

Is Bill Dalton the new Andrew Williams?

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton has been nominated for our silliest local government spending competition for his breathtaking incompetence in overseeing the Art Deco Buses and MTG.

These disasters cost the Napier ratepayer vast amounts of money, and highlighted why the hopeless Napier City Council needs to be amalgamated.

Word on the street in Napier is that if you want to be entertained late at night start reading Mayor Bill’s juniper berry aided blog posts. He manages to offend just about everyone possible, making some claims that highlight the need for a recall function in local government.

This week, Napier Mayor Bill Dalton called a fellow mayor silly and irresponsible, told the Government it was disconnected from the provinces, accused the Local Government Commission of lacking empathy and said Auckland was a shambles.

“Diplomacy has never been my strong suit,” Mr Dalton said yesterday when asked about the string of barbs dished out through two blog posts attacking supporters of amalgamation.

“I simply see things as they are. I tell them like they are and I’m always honest.”

His claim that his Hastings counterpart, Lawrence Yule, was “silly and irresponsible” was in response to Mr Yule accusing Mr Dalton’s council of being anti-growth and anti-change. Read more »

Boag vs. Slater 2.0


On Friday night the poisonous lying scumbag that is Michelle Boag was on the Paul Henry show…with my mate Willie Jackson.

Willie called her a sycophant repeatedly, which she is. She probably believes she was the one who got John Key into parliament but his biography and various public statements say otherwise much to her unending disappointment.

However she made a statement during her brief and incredibly made up performance.

“The thing is that Cameron appears to support the National Party and if he really was a supporter of the party he wouldn’t even try to contact Key,” says Ms Boag, who believes that Key hasn’t had any contact with Slater for months.

What would she know.

She went on to describe me as toxic etc and said if she was advising John Key he should dump me.

Yeah…so given her claims about benefitting or not benefitting the National party shall we look at our prospective records.   Read more »

That’s alright Bill, I don’t like you either

Bill English has told The Nation that he doesn’t like me:

Asked whether the PM should have texted the Whaleoil blogger, Mr English said, “Look, I don’t like the guy. Apparently, he doesn’t like me and a whole lot of other people, but there’s no law against people communicating. And the Prime Minister’s done something no Prime Minister has before – he released the text.”

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Snow job from ministers office, staff react like Malcolm Tucker

It’s official, there is now a decent blogger on the left that is worth reading. He breaks stories rather than talk to his typewriter or listen to his echo chamber.

He has scared a story out of the shadows by calling a ministers office…and the staff of the minister don’t exactly over themselves in glory either. [Listen at 2:34 to a Malcolm Tucker style reaction]

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