Bludgers be bludgers, Fed Farmers caught sucking on government tit

The biggest representative group of corporate bludgers in New Zealand have been caught bludging themselves.

Taxpayers have forked out over $228,000 to lobby group Federated Farmers since 2009, much to the surprise of its president William Rolleston.

Dr Rolleston has also refused to say whether corporate¬†donations are part of the¬†$7.45 million the federation has received in unspecified ‚Äúother revenue‚ÄĚ since 2008.

When NBR ONLINE informed Dr Rolleston that the Ministry for Primary Industries and its predecessors have paid about $228,000 to the federation over the past five years he replied, ‚ÄúGosh, really? What have they paid it for?‚ÄĚ

The information was obtained under the Official Information Act and only includes payments of $500 and over.

It shows Federated Farmers received many payments via three Sustainable Farming Fund projects ‚Äď a contestable fund investing up to $8 million a year in applied research and projects led by farmers, growers and foresters.

The $228,658 in payments include three separate Federated Farmers farm days from 2010-2012 that the ministry contributed almost $150,000 toward. Other payments were made for leadership programmes, training seminars for farm managers, two Federated Farmers‚Äô AGMs, as well as attendance at an international sheep meat forum in Brussels. ¬† Read more »

First it was the Japs, now it is the Poms, clamping down on welfare for migrants

Kiwis moan about their “entitlements” being eroded by Labour in Australia when Helen Clark sold them down the¬†river.

But migrant welfare bludgers are causing problems all around the world and just a few weeks ago the Japanese moved to limit entitlement to welfare.

Now the Poms are doing it too…a signal perhaps for Paula Bennett to look at toughening up our welfare eligibility rules too.

Migrants will be banned from receiving any benefits until they have contributed to Britain, under government plans to limit access to handouts.

David Cameron today announced the period for which European migrants can claim benefits is to be halved and recruitment agencies are to be banned from advertising jobs exclusively overseas.

But Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith revealed plans to go even further to secure EU agreement to stop benefits being paid to people who have not contributed to to the state, raising the prospect of handouts being linked to tax payments.

The Conservatives are forcing through further measures to deter so-called ‚Äėbenefit tourists‚Äô.

In January, the Government introduced rules that meant European migrants had to wait three months before they could claim out-of-work benefits ‚Äď and then could only claim for a maximum of six months. ¬†¬† Read more »

Having a lend, thousands of bludgers blagging holidays on the taxpayer

The constant refrain from the opposition is that it is tough on a benefit and that it is barely enough to live on.

The facts however are far different, with beneficiaries finding that not only is the benefit easy to live on, but that literally thousands of them are able to afford overseas holidays as well.

More than 21,000 beneficiaries have had their income support cut for travelling overseas since last July, the Government says.

But opponents have raised concerns about the number of people affected, dubbing it the latest round of ‚Äúbeneficiary bashing‚ÄĚ.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said she was surprised by the ‚Äústaggering number‚ÄĚ of beneficiaries, excluding superannuitants, who were travelling overseas.

“These figures are the number of people who chose to travel knowing their benefit would be suspended.

”Every day we hear stories of how people cannot live on the benefit. Today you’re hearing that literally thousands can not only live on it but can afford to travel overseas as well.

Bennett said more than 1750 people have had their benefit suspended for multiple overseas trips since July.¬† Read more »

Ratbag bludger nailed cheating ACC

A bludger has been caught defrauding ACC.

I hope ACC is seeking repayment of his fraudulently obtained benefits.

An Ashburton man who pretended to need a wheelchair to continue claiming ACC payments has been sentenced to a seven-month stint of home detention.

Leslie Tamateatu Urquhart-Barrett, 55, would use a wheelchair when he went to the doctors but was seen driving and walking unaided during his everyday activities.

In the Christchurch District Court this week Urquhart-Barrett was ordered to pay more than $4000 in reparation and about $3000 in court costs.

The Ashburton truck driver injured his back and shoulder in a workplace accident in 2006. He received weekly compensation until August 2010.¬† Read more »

Business NZ and CTU more even cunning than I thought [UPDATED]



You‚Äôve got to hand it to troughers¬†Helen Kelly¬†and¬†Phil O‚ÄôReilly. Following some public expressions of¬†doubt¬†¬†‘what the f*ks going on‚Äô¬†by Judith Collin‚Äôs last year, and¬†some digging round by the Taxpayers‚Äô Union, ACC, the CTU and Business NZ saw the writing on the wall with their¬†nice little money earner. ¬†So what did they do? ¬†Quickly extended the contract before it all went public!

The Taxpayers’ Union has blogged:


Despite the ACC telling media yesterday that it decided ‘late last year’ to can the programme, we learned this morning that the contracts were renewed in December. The end date is now¬†31 December 2014.

It appears that ACC only changed its tune since the¬†Taxpayers’ Union¬†publicly exposed the rort.

Remember, it‚Äôs not the¬†Taxpayers‚Äô Union¬†who labelled the training scheme a waste of money, it‚Äôs ACC‚Äôs own experts. Telling the public that they will scrap the scheme but waiting for the new contracts to expire is not good enough. They conveniently failed to mention that the contracts have just been renewed…¬† Read more »

Poverty on Holiday?

A guest post from a reader.

If they represent the face of poverty in New Zealand then poverty has a very fat lazy face. New Zealand has the fattest beggars in the world.

If they represent the face of poverty in New Zealand then poverty has a very fat lazy face. New Zealand has the fattest beggars in the world.

Today I was enjoying my holiday time with my teenage daughter. We travelled into the main city via ferry and then made our way to the main street.

My family has encountered beggars in foreign countries before. Most main cities around the world have beggars.

I am an empathetic sort and will always help someone in need. If I can help someone who needs a meal then I will buy him or her a meal or will give him or her money to buy food. This particular country however I did not expect to encounter hungry beggars so was surprised when we were asked for help twice within only 10 minutes of our arrival.

The first beggar was a woman in her early twenties, sitting on a bench. She was dressed all in black and had sunglasses on her head. My daughter and I had just left a donut shop. I had purchased a jelly donut and my daughter had purchased a chocolate covered donut. The woman called out to us as we passed. ‚Äú Do you have any loose change? ‚Äú she said. I kept walking and said nothing. Then she called out again, ‚Äú How about half your donut then? ‚Äú I continued to walk and totally ignored her and so did my daughter. Do you think we were heartless to do that? ¬†¬† Read more »

A new year email from a reader

Sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad.

Here is one I received today.

Name: hori

Message: Well Cameron,what a fuckwitt [sic] you truly have become. you [sic] probably started out with the idea that you could change things in the world for the better,somehow I doubt it.

It would seem more likely¬†that you are a lazy bastard who has a one eyed opinion on everyone and¬†everything thing and being the technological age we live in you are¬†able to spew forth the misinformation and crap that you do. kiwis’¬†¬†[sic]¬†living in Australia are not whining whingers’ or bludgers’, they are¬†the ones who decided to get off their arse and try to make a better¬†life for themselves and their families by going to Australia.

All they¬†are asking for is the same treatment an Australian gets if they come¬†to New Zealand, nothing more,nothing less. If you’re going to attack¬†someone like David Faulkner or Ozkiwi at least get off your fat¬†arse, do some work and find the facts first.

personally ¬†[sic]¬†I think you’re a¬†joke.¬† Read more »

Pimping the Poor in Christchurch, something fishy about this

I see Fairfax has taken to pimping the poor in Christchurch.

Welfare groups are helping a Christchurch mother and her three children move into a tent in a public park because they cannot find the family a home.

From today, Maori wardens will stand guard 24 hours a day to provide Nellie Hunt and her children some security at their tent in Waltham Park.

The family was served with a 90-day eviction notice in September when their landlord decided to sell their Waltham rental home.

Today is day 90.

Over the past three months the agencies set up to protect people in difficult situations have exhausted all options and say Hunt has “fallen through the gaps”.

Hunt said: “In all my days I did not think it would come to this. I don’t know what we are going to do.

“I just want a home for me and my three babies and I feel like I have failed them badly. It is the worst feeling in the world.”¬† Read more »

Cry Baby of the Week – Sarah Warren

Obviously too hard to clear the letter box too, might strain her arms

Obviously too hard to clear the letter box too, might strain her arms

A Waikato woman with 20 years experience as a bludgers has run off to the media to moan about hard done by she is having to once a month present her sorry arse at a WINZ office.

A Waikato woman with no car or access to a bus walked the equivalent of a marathon to make a Work and Income appointment, to stop her benefit getting cut off.

Sarah Warren, a Putaruru mother of four who has been on the benefit for the past 20 years, walked from Putaruru to Tokoroa twice in the past month after receiving a letter from Work and Income requiring her to attend a mandatory meeting

20 years? Apart from pop out 4 children, who will likely be like their mother, what else has she done for 20 years?

“There’s no fulltime jobs around here. They [Work and Income] say you might have to move out of town to look for a fulltime job, but my kids are happy where they are.‚ÄĚ

Ever thought about a couple of part time jobs love?¬† Read more »

Does the Herald have to use the same poor losers for every story about poverty?

The NZ Herald has another woe is me I’m a poor drop-kick story today…and they’ve pimped out the same useless drop-kicks they have used for years.

Craig and Carla Bradley, the parents of three boys, were forced to move out of their Auckland home because they couldn’t pay the rent and their car was repossessed.

Craig’s job as a van driver and maintenance man at a Takanini kindergarten earns him $16 an hour.

Carla, 31, took a job as a teacher’s aid for six months but found all her wages were being spent on childcare.

“I was getting $100 a fortnight, and it didn’t really go anywhere,” she said.

She said the couple sometimes skip dinner to feed their sons and they are living with friends in Papakura while awaiting the fate of a Housing New Zealand application.

Can’t the NZ Herald find any other poor people? Here is what a google search reveals about the relationship between the hard done by but clearly stupid Bradley family and them. ¬† Read more »