Dear Lord…we have a hotel beds crisis now

Personally I blame Steve Joyce for this.

When you breed a culture of corporate welfare everyone wants in on the largesse.

A hotel investment advisor is calling on councils and the Government to offer rates relief to developers, saying the shortage of hotel rooms has reached critical levels in summer.

Colliers International’s head of hotels Dean Humphries said the number of rooms was growing by one percent compared with five percent annual growth in demand, due to record tourist numbers.

He said Auckland was actually losing hotel rooms with 40 percent being converted to apartments.

Mr Humphries said Tourism New Zealand’s new strategy to encourage visitors to come during the off-peak seasons was a good idea but it would not stop the growth in visitors in summer. Read more »

Pimping the Poor: Dead mouse under pillow, and it’s not the woman’s fault for living in a pig sty?

TVNZ has joined the media fetish for pimping the poor.

They have run a story about a woman who says finding a dead mouse under a pillow was the last straw for her and her state house.

Dead rats, mice in food and freezing cold homes have prompted angry Housing New Zealand tenants to demand answers.

Hundreds of people want action over what they say are slum-like conditions in state houses in South Auckland and number of local MPs have called a meeting to discuss the issue.

Melissa Nganu’s rodent-infested Otara home is literally making her sick and the working single parent of four won’t let her children inside the state home.

The house is currently unliveable but she continues to pay the government rent.

“I was told not to touch anything in this house, poo’s everywhere, they got into my kids’ food in the cupboard, my kids’ lunch,” Ms Nganu told ONE News.

She is adamant she keeps a clean house but the mice come through the rotting wood in the hot water cupboard and no matter how many traps or bait her dad lays they keep returning.

Housing New Zealand contractors came to lay baits at the house three weeks ago but haven’t been back to clean up the mess.

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Are we ready for Maori to push for exemptions to any Capital Gains Tax?

Maori already have a privileged position in New Zealand as more and more race based policies are enacted.

They have grabbed control of Auckland’s mountains and blocked access to Mt Eden. They are demanding land be given to them in Auckland instead of using it for delivering affordable housing. There is Whanau Ora, separate ministries and even a separate television station.

Nearly all of this is provided by the state, but Iwi and Iwi organisations barely pay any taxes, most Maori either get Working for Families or some other sort of welfare and so are net tax takers not net tax payers and yet some Maori want even more.

One such person is Joshua Hitchcock, who thinks Maori shouldn’t pay land taxes or land based taxes. He focusses on Capital Gains Tax but I’ll bet he also thinks council rates are iniquitous.

In the New Zealand context, Māori rights to their whenua is guaranteed under Ko Te Tuarua o Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  In reality, however, Māori continue to hold only 6% of land within Aotearoa – the remainder either having been confiscated or acquired using less than fair methods.  The settlement programme the Crown has undertaken over the past two decades has returned a portion of the wealth stolen from Māori, but this portion is nowhere near sufficient enough to make up for the loss suffered.   Read more »

Stop shitting in the water and half of this bludger’s problems are solved

A bludger, for that is what he is, is still trying to use the NZ court system to evade extradition.

Perhaps Kim Dotcom is his legal advisor.

A Kiribati man seeking to become the world’s first climate change refugee plans to file an appeal to New Zealand’s Supreme Court, his lawyer says.

Ioane Teitiota would argue that his family’s health is at risk if they return to low-lying Kiribati, which suffers from rising sea levels and water supplies that are contaminated by salt and sewage.

Teitiota overstayed his New Zealand visa and is fighting to stay in the country with his wife Erika and three New Zealand-born children.   Read more »

We already do help…it’s called welfare

The Greens want the government to pour even more money into bludgers because one family managed to suffer a tragedy.

The Government should provide for families struggling to heat their homes this winter to help prevent more children becoming sick, Greens co-leader Metiria Turei says.

The party is calling on the Government to make non-recoverable grants to families struggling with power bills, so they did not have to borrow money from Work and Income (Winz).

It comes after a coroner found a cold, damp Housing New Zealand home may have contributed to the death of Otara toddler Emma-Lita Bourne from bronchopneumonia in August last year.

The girls’s family had been given a heater to warm the home but could not afford the electricity to use it.

Ms Turei said no New Zealand child should be expected to go through the winter in a cold, damp home that their parents could not afford to heat.

“Families so broke that they can’t afford to heat their homes are put under even more pressure by having to pay a loan from Winz or an advance on their benefit.    Read more »

Campbell Live finishing up by pimping whinging ex-pat bludgers still on the bludge

Everyone except the luvvies has been saying that Campbell Live spent too much time crusading and pimping the poor.

In their last week what do they do?

They embrace whinging ex-pat bludgers who are still on the bludge.

Since 2001, there have been strict conditions on New Zealanders living in Australia.

That’s fine – countries often impose rules, but they are conditions that New Zealand doesn’t impose on Australians.

We are often told about the special relationship between the two countries, but there’s nothing special about being a Kiwi in Australia.

It is a policy having a devastating effect, and often it is Kiwi children who have spent the majority of their life living across the ditch who are bearing the brunt.    Read more »

National supports dead beat dads, gives left wing media commentators a budget bonus

Who would ever have thought that National would be seen to be supporting dead beat dads?

It seems incongruous but that is what John Key, Bill English and Steve Joyce have done with their bludgers budget: they have given dead beat dads a write off of their penalty payments.

At least two left wing media commentators will be ecstatic about those changes in the budget.

Prime Minister John Key says he hopes that plans to write off $1.7 billion in penalty payments on parents who missed child support payments will encourage those who have moved overseas to start paying child support again.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay said the overly punitive system had resulted in “paralysing” debts for some parents which meant they had given up trying to pay and thousands had gone overseas.

About 120,000 people had child support debt which totalled $3.2 billion – about half of which was owed by people now living overseas. Only $700 million of the total was in child support while the rest was interest and penalty fees for late payments.

Mr Key said it was the responsibility of liable parents to make child support payments. “They have a legal obligation to pay for their kids and they have a moral obligation to pay for their kids, and they should be doing it.”

However, the Government had to take a pragmatic approach and recognise that many were simply failing or could not afford to meet those obligations.

“We need to breathe the hope into those 120,000 families and individuals who see a hopeless position.

“What we are saying to those people is to come back, start making the principal payments to those low-income families that you owe it to, and we will forgive the interest and we will forgive the penalties.”

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John, Bill and Steve deliver the “bludgers budget”

John Key, Bill English and Steve Joyce have delivered up a “bludger budget”, delivering more money to non-contributing members of society.

Even David Farrar is having to choke back his disgust.

While I expected the Government to spend a small amount of money on helping low income families, never did I think they would be announcing the first real increase in benefit rates in 43 years as part of an almost $800 million child poverty package.

It will be almost impossible for Labour and Greens to credibly attack this Budget, because it looks a lot like the sort of Budget they would deliver.  I’m impressed with the politics of it, but not impressed with the economics.

The main initiative is the child poverty package. The details are:

  • $25 a week net benefit increase for families with children – 1st increase since 1972. An 8.3% increase in the base benefit rate for most on welfare.
  • To counter against any incentive to remain on welfare due to higher benefit levels, work testing for sole parents to start when youngest child is three, down from five
  • Work testing obligation increases from 15 to 20 hours a week
  • 110,000 beneficiary families with 190,000 children get a net extra $23 a week
  • WFF increases for working families earning under $36,350 a year by $12.50 a week, up to $24.50 a week for very low income
  • Families on WFF who earn over $88,000 a year get a bit less from WFF as abatement rate increases from 21.25c to 22.5c
  • WFF changes benefit 200,000 families and 380,000 children
  • 4,000 very low income working families get a net extra $24.50 a week
  • 50,000 low income working families get a net extra $21.50 a week
  • 150,000 other families get up to $21.50 a week
  • Childcare subsidies for low income families up from $4 to $5 an hour. Families eligible for up to 50 hours a week so worth up to $50 a week.
  • Cost of package $790 million over four years and then $240 million a year

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Farrar finally recognises the intellectual paucity at the NZ Herald

Arts, fitness, and travel blogger David Farrar gives the anonymous editorial writer at the Herald a good kick in the balls after their stupid editorial had this to say:

It has long been an anomaly that benefits for the young are raised annually by the rate of inflation while superannuitants have their pensions pegged to increases in wages, or inflation if it is greater.

Wages in recent years have increased at a rate above low inflation, causing benefits to lag the general rise in living standards enjoyed by wage earners and the retired. The cost of indexing working age benefits to wages might be considerable but it seems only fair that it should be done. If fiscally possible, it should be accompanied by a catch-up adjustment to benefit rates over the next few years.

Farrar responds:

This may be the stupidest and most financially illiterate editorial of the year.   Read more »


Time to stop the corporate welfare

The Government says it doesn’t know if the millions it pours into corporate welfare via the Callaghan Innovation fund is helping or benefitting New Zealand.

Sounds like a bloody good reason to end it.

The benefit from millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research subsidies may be heading straight offshore.

A boat building firm owned by Team Oracle’s founder, American billionaire Larry Ellison, drug giant Bayer, Nasdaq-listed Fiserv and global software firm SAP are all recent recipients of research and development grants from Callaghan Innovation, the government agency charged with administering the money.

But the Government says it has no idea whether any of its investment is actually benefiting New Zealand.  Read more »