Dirty Len Brown drives a dirtier car while imploring us all to take trains

Len Brown, well known for his dirty rooting is now int eh gun for his dirty car after launching a campaign for us to be clean and green and continuing to push his train-set.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has opted for a less fuel efficient official car, just weeks after launching a new strategy to cut the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, it has been reported.

A new Holden Commodore has been delivered to Mr Brown for use as the official mayoral car — his third Holden in seven years, with a carbon footprint more than 70 per cent bigger than some of the alternatives, Radio New Zealand reported.

The Holden Calais V-Series V6 has a carbon footprint 50 per cent bigger than a Skoda Superb and 73 per cent bigger than a Toyota Hybrid Camry, the broadcaster said, and comes just over a month after Mr Brown launched the Low Carbon Auckland Action Plan, which aims to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2040.

Part of the plan encourages the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Mr Brown told Radio New Zealand it was the only suitable option for his needs.

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“Bring it on” – BMW to Russel Norman

We normally don’t quote political stories from car trade magazines, but in this case Autotalk has the scoop on BMW’s response to Green Taliban co-testicle Russel Norman’s idea that the first thing to go will be the excessive and non-green-Taliban-ish ministerial BMW fleet.

BMW New Zealand group managing director Nina Englert  has responded to the suggestion by the Green Party that the government’s BMW fleet should be replaced with hybrid vehicles.

BMW NZ's Nina Englert

BMW NZ’s Nina Englert

Last weekend Greens co-leader Russell Norman commented that he would push for a change if he’s part of the next government. The current government renewed the BMW contract in 2011, which had originally been negotiated by the previous Labour-led Government.   Read more »

This will kill the rail loop faster than anything else

Rail is old technology…despite Len Brown having virtual; orgasms over new trains, the simple fact is they still only travel on rails, in a corridor and don;t travel where you want to go when you want go.

Autonomous cars and technology is what is going to solve transport issues, if only the moron politicians would stop hankering after solution for public transport from the 19th century.

If the money Len Brown is planning on plowing into rails was instead put into enabling self drive cars for Auckland we would see amazing advances.

Nearly every automaker is working on some form of autonomous vehicle technology, but according to a new study, consumers are more interested in a self-driving car from Google than General Motors.

The study, conducted by U.S. audit and advisory firm KPMG, polled a diverse group of drivers from both coasts and in between, pulling samples from Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Iselin, New Jersey.

The focus groups were asked about their willingness to use an autonomous vehicle every day, and rank their trust in the company producing the car on a scale of one to 10. While high-end automakers like Mercedes-Benz received a median score of 7.75, tech companies like Google and Apple scored an eight, and mass-market brands (Chevrolet and Nissan) came in at five.

“We believe that self-driving cars will be profoundly disruptive to the traditional automotive ecosystem,” said Gary Silberg, KPMG auto expert and author of the report. The company’s polling bears that out, although KPMG is quick to add the caveat that while “focus group discussions are valuable for the qualitative, directional insights they provide; they are not statistically valid.”   Read more »

Gayest ute ever, gayer than Fossy’s gay ute for sure [POLL]

This is surely the gayest ute ever…even gayer than Fossy’s gay ute.

I can imagine Farrar test driving this next.

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Ninho Ninho Ninho Ninho Ninho Ninhooooooooo!

BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology


An email from a reader

via the tipline:


Cam, I’m a long time reader of both yours and the Wellington based Discovery Channel’s Travel writer David Farrar Blogs. However I’ve been concerned about his foray into the world of Top Gear presenter as he writes rave reviews about BMW’s offerings.

I also noticed that his quiz’s which feature on the blog often are political, where he boasts of getting all 12 out of 10 right in nanoseconds. Where as most of us Kiwis have difficulty finding Wellington on Google maps, little alone understanding if Jim Bolger or David Lange is the current Prime Minister.

However, I found this quiz that will prove he knows very little about the automotive world.  Read more »

BMW designs car for 4yr old kid

A great use of Social Media here

Last week, a Jalopnik reader posed a challenge to the automobile-enthusiast site, as he wanted someone to design a custom car per his four-year old nephew Eli’s instructions.


His uncle wrote:

Last night my 4-year-old … nephew Eli and I had a serious conversation about the car he wants to build. I know there are a lot of talented artists out there in the Jalopnik [community], and I would like to ask them all if they would consider drawing up their “Artist’s Concept []” of the car according to the carefully considered specifications he came up with.   Read more »


How to avoid the arse card for having a sook online about your boss

With more and more people using social media it is becoming increasingly frequent that people get the arse card from work because of intemperate comments on Facebook or Twitter.

In the US the National labour Relations Board has said you have a right to have a sook, but there are some boundaries you need to keep within.

The right of workers to get together and moan about their bosses has been enshrined in U.S. law ever since 1935, when President Roosevelt signed the landmark National Labor Relations Act. The heart of the statute, known as Section 7, guarantees employees the right to organize, collectively bargain, and “engage in other concerted activities” for their “mutual aid and protection.” That basically means you’ve got permission to whine about management at a bar without getting canned.

These days, that right also extends to the (often whiny) free-for-all that is social media. In a series of reports and rulings this year, the National Labor Relations Board clarified that you are indeed entitled to log onto Facebook or Twitter and gripe about your employer without facing retribution.

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Bugger Xmas in the Park, this is the Fastest Xmas Song In The World