Boris Johnson

There was a young fellow from Ankara, Who was a terrific wankerer…


Boris Johnson wins sledge of the year for his limerick about Recep Tayyip Erdoğan:

Boris Johnson has won a £1,000 prize for a rude poem about the Turkish president having sex with a goat.

The former mayor of London’s limerick, published by the Spectator as a rebuff to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s efforts to prosecute a German comedian’s offensive poem, also calls the president a “wankerer”.

Johnson, a former editor of the magazine, won the Spectator’s “President Erdoğan offensive poetry competition”, despite judge Douglas Murray saying the contest had received thousands of entries. The prize money has been donated by a reader.

The limerick was written off-the-cuff by the Conservative MP during an interview with the Swiss weekly magazine Die Weltwoche.  

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Great sledge from Boris

Boris Johnson is sledging out David Cameron easily.

Boris Johnson’s dispute with David Cameron over the EU deepened on Friday night after he called the Prime Minister and his allies the “Gerald Ratners of modern politics”.

In a major speech to mark the opening day of EU referendum campaigning, Mr Johnson accused Mr Cameron and his colleagues of pretending to be a eurosceptics despite “loving the idea of a federal Europe” and said that they do not have a “shred of idealism”.

But television viewers watching events in Manchester were treated to bizarre scenes as the London mayor demanded that a reporter stop broadcasting on-air from the back of the auditorium.   Read more »


Sledges of the Day

David Cameron is under pressure supporting the campaign to remain in the EU.

His party is divided on the issue though and Boris Johnson has come out in support of Brexit.

Cameron has reacted badly, but put in a veiled attack on Boris Johnson.

David Cameron had come to the Commons to make a statement on the EU referendum. At least, that was his official purpose. His real purpose, quite nakedly, was to treat Boris Johnson to the thrashing of his life.

It was extraordinary. In political journalism we often refer to “thinly veiled attacks”. Here, there wasn’t even a veil. Not even the flimsiest wisp of gauze.

Since the Mayor announced his decision to campaign for Brexit, some commentators have inferred that he doesn’t really want Britain to leave the EU; rather, he thinks a Leave vote would prompt the EU to offer Britain more favourable terms of membership, enabling us to stay after all.

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Boris slams BDS activists as “corduroy-jacketed lefty academics”

Boris Johnson continues to speak his mind, this time attacking anti-Israeli BDS activists.

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories hit a glitch Wednesday as meetings with Palestinians were called off following the mayor’s comments opposing a boycott of the Jewish state, which offended some supporters of the boycott movement.

The mayor on Tuesday dismissed those who support the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, known by its BDS initials, as “corduroy-jacketed lefty academics,” comments which caused anger on Palestinian social media.

“I cannot think of anything more foolish” than to boycott “a country that when all is said and done is the only democracy in the region, the only place that has in my view a pluralist open society,” Johnson said.

A number of Palestinian groups then refused to meet him while he was also informed his comments had led to additional security risks if he were to visit the West Bank, Johnson’s office said.

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A proper politician

Boris Johnson is supposedly in trouble for telling a rude and obnoxious cab driver, who was yelling abuse at him, to ‘fuck off and die’.

When a black-cab driver offered Boris Johnson the benefit of his worldly wisdom the other night – as they are inclined to do – he got a robust answer back.

The London Mayor and Tory MP told the cabbie to ‘f*** off and die’.

In case he had been misunderstood, the mayor reiterated his position on the matter, saying: ‘Why don’t you f*** off and die – and not in that order.’

It was just after midnight and Mr Johnson was cycling home along St John’s Street in Islington, North London, after attending a dinner, when the cabbie saw him driving the same way and decided to heckle him.

The driver was apparently irate over the mayor’s perceived lack of support for black-cab drivers in their battle with controversial minicab booking firm Uber.

He seized the opportunity to give Mr Johnson his opinion by leaning out of his cab window and gesticulating vigorously with his hand, while simultaneously shouting: ‘You’re one of them, mate.’

A video filmed by a passerby reveals the foul-mouthed response from Mr Johnson, who is tipped as a future leader of the Conservative Party.   Read more »


Lynton Crosby explains how British voters were betrayed by the political classes

Lynton Crosby in an interview with The Telegraph tells it how it is…and when you are the guy who designed the strategy that won I guess you do get to tell your story.

After all who wants to hear from Ed Miliband’s strategist other than Andrew Little?

The architect of David Cameron’s election victory has savaged Britain’s political class for badly misjudging the result, saying it was their “judgment day and they lost”.

In his first interview with the Telegraph, Lynton Crosby, Mr Cameron’s Australian election strategist, suggests that public opinion polls be banned during the final three weeks of future campaigns.

He also takes aim at the political commentators who accused him of running a “negative” campaign saying that the incorrect “wall of noise” produced by experts and public pollsters had threatened to derail the ultimately successful campaign.

Mr Crosby accused political commentators of just wanting “entertainment” from politics and said that the “last time they met a punter was when they picked up their dry cleaning”.

“They were tested and found wanting,” Mr Crosby said.

Reminds me of this clip:

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Spot on Boris, he is a nasty little back-stabber

Boris Johnson sorts out the limp-wristed left-wing in Pommy land.

Boris Johnson took the fight directly to Nigel Farage on Tuesday as he made his first campaigning appearance in the UK Independence Party’s leader’s target constituency.

The Mayor of London spent Tuesday morning campaigning in Ramsgate in the heart of South Thanet and said that people considering voting Ukip are now “focusing” on the “choice” at the election between David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

He also rejected claims about negative tactics used against Mr Miliband in recent weeks, saying the criticism of attacks on the Labour leader has been “namby-pamby”.

Mr Johnson also renewed his own attack on Mr Miliband, warning that the Labour leader “thinks the only problem with Socialism is that it hasn’t been properly tried and that he just needs one more go”.

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Boris Johnson calls jihadis ‘sexually frustrated losers’

Boris Johnson is awesome.

He is sticking it to jihadis with gratuitous insults about their lack of manhood.

London’s mayor had some choice words Friday for Muslims who turn to radicalism, calling them sexually frustrated losers who turn to terrorism out of a deep-seated lack of self-confidence

“If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally wankers (masturbators). Severe onanists,” Boris Johnson told UK tabloid The Sun, citing an MI5 report.

“They are tortured. They will be very badly adjusted in their relations with women, and that is a symptom of their feeling of being failures and that the world is against them,” said the Conservative Party member, adding that they sought others forms of spiritual comfort because they were not “making it with girls.”    Read more »

David Cameron promises to reduce benefits to get people off their arses

David Cameron is seeking to show a clear difference between his party and the opposition parties and is moving to reduce the levels of benefits.

He has done it once before and it was remarkably successful….now he is set to reduce the benefits cap even further.

David Cameron will reduce the annual benefits cap to £23,000 as the first act of a new Conservative Government, the Prime Minister has pledged in an interview with The Telegraph.

The move follows the “stampede to the job centre” caused by the original introduction of the £26,000 benefits cap which was heavily opposed by Labour and will form one of the key battlegrounds of the general election campaign.

In an interview to mark 100 days until the general election, Mr Cameron said that his reform of the welfare system is a “deeply progressive programme” that is “changing people’s lives”.

The policy will pay for thee million apprenticeships and everyone in Britain is given “the chance to make the most of their God-given talents”, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Cameron said that the promise of an immediate law after May’s election “tells you everything you need to know about our values”.   Read more »

Muslim of the Year – Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam tells Islamists to f*ck off on live television


Breitbart reports on the Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam who told Islamists to f*ck off on live television.

The mayor of an ethnically diverse European city has earned the praise of London mayor Boris Johnson after expressing exasperation with fellow Muslims who failed to appreciate the freedoms enjoyed in the Western world, telling them to “pack your bags”.

Speaking to the NewsHour current affairs programme just hours after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, Mayor Aboutaleb became angered by the failure of some Muslims to adapt to their new homes, as he himself had done.   Read more »