Former Mediaworks tea lady gets her knickers in a bunch

Ex-Mediaworks tea lady, Tara Merriman aka Bitch-pants McCrabby, has got her knickers in a bunch.

She may have become a lady of leisure, leaving to commence “study”, after scoring the talent, but she really seems to have caught a dose of the nasty.

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UN Official calls for boycott of Jerusalem Post, UN then say he didn’t say boycott…uhmmm…yes he did

UN official Chris Gunness has called for a boycott of the Jerusalem Post because he got his knicker in a twist that he wasn’t asked for a quote in an article about he ineffectiveness of UNRWA.


There it is in black and white…”Boycott the JPost!”

Can’t get much clearer than that.

The story was an op-ed by a Palestinian Arab. Op-eds obviously don’t require quotes.  The Jerusalem Post is centrist in its editorial line and hardly ultra-right. And none of that had anything to do with Bassem Eid who is neither Israeli nor right wing.

Now, the UN is far from perfect and UNRWA has been spanked of late for promoting hate and violence as well as allowing their hospitals and schools to be used by Hamas to conduct combat operations.

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It is deja vu all over again

I am teaching my daughter history at the moment. We have looked at the origins of WWII and are now looking at the Holocaust.

We have been studying a timeline from when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

As we looked at each item and discussed it my daughter brought up the fact that some of the techniques Hitler used to destroy the Jews bit by bit were similar to those used to try to destroy Whaleoil. I am not talking about the concentration camps or genocide of course but the steps he used to turn the German people against the Jews and to render the Jews powerless to defend themselves. I had to admit that she had a point. It made me realise that these techniques were probably not invented by Hitler but in fact have been used to hurt people since the dawn of civilization.

They are perhaps the guidelines for destroying an individual or a group of people.

Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.


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Auckland University goon squad defends Hamas


Yesterday the Auckland University goon squad were out in force  dribs and drabs protesting against Hamas..oh….I mean Israel. It did make me wonder though, as one of their chants were “Boycott genocide”. Juliet Moses confronted the rowdy teenagers and tried engage some sensible dialogue with their adult supervisor and enlighten them to a few facts about Hamas, only to be shouted down with petulant behaviour, abuse and more chanting because they didn’t like what she had to say to them. It just goes to show one thing from ‘that side’, that freedom of speech is tolerated, as long as it’s theirs.

Billy Hania the adult representing the rowdy toddlers blurted out a  delusional rant which stated that all the killing was a result of the Super Fund and other companies. It has been alleged that an Israeli chemical company that the Superannuation Fund invests in is “killing people” with white phosphorus. The trouble with that is, the IDF haven’t used it since 2009 and it is only used for smokescreens because its use as a weapon is now illegal.

Even David Shearer doesn’t know what’s going on, as is evident in his comment:

Labour defence spokesman David Shearer, who worked for the UN in some of the conflict zones where white phosphorus was allegedly used, this month called for the fund to sell its Israel Chemicals stake.

“We should be divesting from that [shareholding] immediately,” he said.

“New Zealand should not be investing in any type of munitions that can be used in the way Israel is using them at the moment.

“It is absolutely unacceptable and I think most New Zealanders would agree. I don’t believe it is right.

“There are plenty of good investments in the world without having to invest in armaments.” – source

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Politically neutral protest?

Whenever there is a protest against national the main instigators go out of their way to say they are politically neutral. We saw this when Rochelle Rees pulled her Google Bomb stunt. They always get caught though, because these pinko liars think that Google doesn’t exist, or people don’t remember them or their past. There is no such thing as politically neutral protest, why can’t they just be honest instead of getting caught out and looking like the liars they are.
Using Google it was relatively easy to expose the “politically neutral” Jane Forrest who projected in her interview the other day all of her political neutrality.

Yet here she is also protesting the government’s student loans policy in the 1990s.

Evidently this is not the politically neutral image she projected in her interview the other day. And clearly her proposal that she is non-aligned can not be taken seriously.

The money quote is this;

“Until we actually start getting unions, student associations working together and mobilising their membership and giving genuine leadership in a struggle opposed to the government policies then we won’t actually be successful, that is to say that we can’t be successful when those things happen.”

Remember this when you hear them say they are non-political, they are actually lying to you.

Another day, another leaked email

I have obtained another email, this time from Iain Taylor, the Chair of the Auckland Primary Principals Association. This email shows clearly that the APPA along with Perry Rush have been orchestrating the so called BoT boycott of National Standards, essentially behind the BoT’s backs.

This email sent out earlier, sometime in September directly contradicts the emails that I leaked yesterday between Iain Taylor and a parent.

What is becoming totally clear is that the BoT’s in many of the schools that are part of the boycott have been hoodwinked by the principals.

My understanding from many emails that I have received is that there is now a revolt on against the principals and their actions and many urgent, extraordinary board meetings are being called to reverse the boycott. As early as next week we should start seeing announcements that schools previously listed as supporting the boycott by APPA and Perry Rush are actually in support of National Standards and they do not the support the actions of the APPA, the NZEI or NZPF.

Parents are seething and the Principals and teachers are going to cop it.

Iain Taylor email to APPA Council

Never argue with a Teacher, they just obfuscate

I have emails pouring in now via the tipline regarding the boycott of National Standards by politically motivated principals pretending they have BoT approval.

Here is an email exchange with one such principal who denies that a “boycott” is in place. He is of course merely using semantics and although they haven’t used the word boycott, it is certain that boycott is the only way to describe “Option 1″ in their board minute suggestions for resolutions.

There are certainly a lot of parents that are now rounding on the activist principals.

Note how Iain Taylor backs away from the email sent under their banner as merely passing on information from “another source”.

Emails with Auckland Primary Principals Association

Crime Tip of the Week: How to spot a real boy-racer

Whaleoil’s spies have been busy. So busy that I have more than information now to start a regular column of Crime Tip of the Week.

This weeks Crime Tip is how to spot a real boy-racer.

Boy-racers are actually the motor racing equivalent of cruising poofs looking for a random hookup. The secret to their communication is actually quite simple and similar in many ways to cruising poofs who put bananas a certain way in their shopping trolley or who cruise by the well known “gloryhole” public conveniences.

What the boy racers do is have a For sale sign on their car, have you ever noticed how many of them do? the For Sale sign has two distinguishing features;


  1. the For in For Sale is actually a number 4 but written backwards
  2. Their cellphone number

So there you have it. How to spot a boy racer. They are like cruising poofs, looking for random shag, always with an eye out for a reversed 4 on a for sale sign on the car. Next time you pull up beside such a vehicle wind down the window and calling them cruising poofs….that’ll soon put an end to the boy-racer phenomenon, that and crushing the cars.


A little birdy told me

A few of interesting bits of gossip have come in over the Tip Line.

Clark on the Bludge in New York

It seems that Helen Clark was on the bludge recently in New York. Turns out that despite a salary of over $500,000 USD there is no accommodation supplement and she had to find her own accomodation.

Yes it is hard to believe but this veteran trougher from the public purse, despite a lifetime of troughing and owning a multi-million dollar property portfolio herself was trying to score free accommodation in New York by requesting accommodation in the UN Ambassador’s house until she found one.

Her request was politely declined.

Pork Chop and Gilda K troughing it up at Yum Char…plus the cat fight amongst the witnesses

The other story involves one of the biggest Pigs in Auckland. Pork Chop and Gilda K were seen troughing up large, and I mean large at Grand Harbour, one of the best Yum Char’s in Auckland. The two of them looked positively miserable. I wonder who the nasty person was who sent BBQ Pork Buns, Roast Pork and BBQ Pork to the table?

Perhaps Pork Chop as seeking solace after the down-low bust-up of the relationship between the Chop’s and their star witnesses in the Saunders/Chop case. Firstly the word is that a bit too much snooping went on when the Chops were looking at one of the witnesses laptop for the emails. The other interesting thing is Mrs Chop’s lawyer seems to have ditched the case leaving Drew without representation.

Ohhh…I wonder why that happened. Perhaps it is the same old problem that Mrs Chop always has…the little issue of paying ones bill.

Shayne and Stephen up a tree….

This is really interesting considering the ongoing Employment Dispute between HoS and StePhen Cook.

StePhen Cook who has sued for unfair dismissal after apparently being accused of selling class A’s in the bogs at HOS is having a good whack at Shayne Currie. His affidavit against Shayne apparently contained sexual harassment claims (obviously not towards Pork Chop – we know Shayne is not that desperate).

Eye Spy

Is it true that Jonathan Marshall to be the new About Town guy? Could this be the end of Pork Chop, after lying about being offered the job, as Marshall is way nasty, hard working and gay so knows all the goss. He also doesn’t eat as much so will be welcome at more events than the woman with the ever expanding arse.

Don't bet against the house

The old saying in gambling is to not bet against the house and a quick check around the Aussie betting establishment confirms that you’ll do your dough if you back Labour.


National $1.30

Labour $3.00

National $1.38

Labour $3.00

Sports Bet

National $1.50

Labour $2.50