WARNING: The Breastapo are back and they are outraged and offended

Some people just will never get it. Case in point the $416,250 taxpayer funded The Breastapo.

They’re all in a flutter about Lewis Road Creamery repackaging its milk “breast milk” for charity.

3,2,1 and out comes the Breastapo representative Julie Stufkens who says “the move was disrespectful towards women” and “labelling a cow’s milk product as breast milk is not acceptable.”

But then Stufkens said something that demonstrates how out of touch she really is.

“she was concerned mother’s could mistake the product as breast milk”

Really? Does she think mothers are that dumb? Or is it just Stufkens that’s dumb?

Here’s some feedback for Stufkens;

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Now that got your attention didn’t it. Boobs tend to have that effect for some strange reason even if they are being used for what nature intended, to feed a baby.

Women breastfeeding

Women breastfeeding

If I had used the word ‘ Hands ‘ as my heading I doubt as many of you would have read the post but it is women’s hands that are now having legal restrictions put on them rather than women’s breasts.



Islam is an idology that loves to control every aspect of a woman’s life and body. In Saudi Arabia a woman has been kicked out of a shopping centre for not covering her hands with gloves and in total contrast in Australia an Australian male who told a breastfeeding mother to cover up was kicked out of the cafe.

All I can say is, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

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Remember Josie? Go on, the one woman wrecking crew. She’s at it again

1413295800931_wps_8_Jordan_wannabe_Josie_CunnI’ve covered the adventures of Josie Cnningham before.  She got boobs paid for by the tax payer.  At some point she felt she should return the money to the tax payer, but found that she could only make sufficient cash through prostitution.  THEN she fell pregnant and didn’t know which client was the father.

That Josie.

Check out the latest installment

Would-be glamour model Josie Cunningham has called breastfeeding ‘vile and borderline incest’ in an online dig at new mother, singer Kimberley Walsh.

Cunningham, who sparked outrage after undergoing a £4,800 ($9600) breast enlargement on the NHS, gave birth to her third child, daughter Grave Neiv, last month, but she went onto Twitter this morning to say she was not breastfeeding her.

In an apparently unprompted jibe, the 24-year-old from Leeds told her 58,700 followers: ‘Wish people would stop asking if I’m breastfeeding like Kimberley Walsh.

‘No I’m not! I think the idea is vile and borderline incest!’

It takes a while to get your mind around it.  At first, I’m thinking… well, drinking human milk is more akin to cannibalism, she’s got the wrong word.  And only then it sank in:  she thinks breast feeding has a sexual component to it.   Read more »

Putting your breasts on the line

Most of us these days concede that ‘ Breast is best ‘ when it comes to feeding a newborn baby but most of us also do not judge or have a problem with Mothers who choose to bottle-feed for whatever reason. It is so sad when the most natural and the most beautiful thing in the world, (breastfeeding) is seen as some how obscene or dirty because a boob is involved in the process.

Breastfeeding i


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The only truly organic baby milk is breast milk

A careless mother has fed expired milk to her kid and it is all the fault of the supermarket.

If she’d ben breast-feeding then this issue would never have arisen…and how snobby buying”organic” milk for her kid…yeah the cows haven;t been treated with antibiotics, dosed, milked days earlier,m processed, pasteurised or anything else…but it’s organic…bullshit, the only organic milk is breast milk.

A child was sick for 48 hours after her mother inadvertently fed her baby milk from Tesco that was ten months out of date.

Jerri Lee gave two-month-old daughter Milan a bottle of organic milk she had bought on the way home from work.

But within moments the baby was sick and then remained ill for two days.

Photographer and model Miss Lee checked the bottle as Milan had never been sick before and had been healthy since she was born.

To her horror she found that the milk she had just given her was from a box of six small bottles whose sell-by date had expired ten months earlier.  Read more »

Cry Baby or Not?

A woman is complaining about not being fed at Waikato Hospital. When you read the article you are led to believe that the breast-feeding nazis are at it again, but then when you think about it some more you get the feeling that this woman seems to have an entitlement mentality that is so prevalent in New Zealand.

The mother of a sick baby in hospital was told she didn’t qualify for meals because she wasn’t breastfeeding.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she would complain to the Waikato District Health Board over its policy.

She is staying at Waikato Hospital’s paediatric ward in Hamilton while her premature 5-month-old son recovers from a lung infection.

On her first night in the ward, a nurse told the mother of three that she would not receive meals because she did not breastfeed her baby.

“It was the way she worded it. She said, ‘Because you’re not breastfeeding, you won’t get meals here’,” the mother said.

The 32-year-old said it hurt because she wanted to breastfeed all three of her children but had struck severe food allergies and reflux, making bottlefeeding with prescription formula the only option.  Read more »

Always been a breast man myself

Now there is evidence to suggest that breast really is best.

Mothers have been urged to breastfeed for longer, with new research indicating it improves child intelligence and language.

Scientists have found that longer breastfeeding, even when it is not exclusive, leads to higher intelligence scores at age seven.

Compared with bottle-fed children, seven-year-olds breastfed for the first year of life were likely to score four points higher in a test of verbal IQ.  Read more »

Sucking on the Taxpayers’ Tit, Ctd

All this talk about troughers got me thinking about what they’re really wanting. Wet nursing and milk banking is all fun and games, but the one that has serious implications on New Zealand is their idea of plain packaging of infant formula.

Problem is that some of these Brestapo groups in their push to have all mums breastfeed their babies, ignore (or are paid to discourage mums that struggle to breastfeed.

This harassment of mums is now threatening to reach a whole new level as the Brestapo take on the manufacturers of the product they so loathe.

They’ve clearly taken on the lessons of those troughers in the anti-tobacco industry and jumped ahead of the game.

The Brestapo don’t seem to care about how limiting (destroying) the branding of, for example, New Zealand’s largest company and other New Zealand companies infant formula brands will impact on this country’s global competitiveness.

The Brestapo certainly don’t care about the Government’s efforts to have Tim Groser’s head up the WTO or how Tim’s trying to explain though the laugher of our trading partners why NZ is limiting the IP rights on one of our country’s key exports.

The Brestapo don’t care.

It’s bordering on time Ryall storms into his health ministry and informs his officials that the National Government stands for Competitive Enterprise, Individual Freedom and Choice and Personal Responsibility.

Sucking on the Taxpayers’ Tit, Ctd

If you were spitting out your cup of warm milk at the post yesterday exposing Breastfeeding NZ and the amount of dosh those troughers were tucking into, then you’d better sit down.

Topping the list of Brestapo groups is one called the Women’s Health Action Trust or Women’s Health Action for short.

Having gouged out over $1 million from the public trough they clearly feel as though they’re untouchable.  They’re clearly not worried about some contract they have with Jo Goodhew’s Ministry of Health, in which the work they undertake is meant to be “consistent with and maintain the actual and perceived political neutrality of the MoH”. Hell no, we’re the Brestapo.

They’ve agreed with the Ministry to fund them for, wait for it… to make complaints about the WHO Breastfeeding Code (i.e. lodge complaints against infant formula).

Hang on a second. Do you mean to say that the Ministry of Health is funding this group to make complaints about manufacturers producing infant formula for NZ mothers who struggle to breastfeed? Well yes!

But wait there’s more.

Troughers are well known for lobbying the Government – despite the so-called MoH ‘actual and perceived political neutrality’ get out of jail card, inserted into every contract. Here we have the Women’s Health Action contract stating that they are to lobby the Government.


So what you say. It doesn’t say lobbying in here, so you’re winding this up. Sadly no. Look what they state on their website right at the top of their activities…

So, yet again here we have troughers sucking up over $28,000 per month (and have been for the last 4 years at least).

I bet Tony Ryall may be starting to wonder what is going on in the bowels of his Ministry and why his Associate Ministers’ aren’t all over this like a rash.

Looks like a razor gang is needed once again to dive into the Vote Health budget.

Sucking on the taxpayers’ Tit, Ctd

The other month I ran a series of posts Sucking on the Taxpayers Tit. This followed exposure of a state funded Breastfeeding hui in Wellington that ran on 5 July 2012.

The Minister responsible Jo Goodhew, didn’t seem to know anything about the trougher’s hui (complete with its own resident stunt feeder) so I thought I’d help her out with Sucking on the taxpayers’ Tit, Ctd where they pushed for wet nursing and milk banking.

The next post followed information dripping into the tip line exposing groups behind these calls and what sort of coin they tuck from the Ministry that Goodhew oversees. To top it off, and clearly hating infant formula manufacturers’ as much as big tobacco, they started pushing for plain packs for infant formula.

These posts resulted in a torrent of comments from the female members of the WO army.

Even MSM whored into the issue with claims of Brestapo tactics that were happening around the country with new mums’ outraged at the behaviour of the breastfeeding police.

Since then, the dripping of information about these groups into the tip line has increased to a near torrential flood. I promised I’d continue to look at this and I’m a man of my word.

Let’s start with the NZ Breastfeeding Authority as they seemed to defend the brestapo tactics being utilised around the country.

These smiling troughers have been tucking into a whopping $416,250 each year for the past 6 years from Jo Goodhew’s Ministry of Health for providing ‘Baby Friendly Co-ordination’.

So where does the dosh go? The biggest chunk, $210,000, naturally goes into paying the salaries. $112,000 pays for their computers, travel costs, meals and accommodation as they race around the country looking busy. To top it off, $94,000 helps to pay for their office rent, rates, power, insurance, Board meetings and the good old cleaner.

It’s no wonder then that the NZ Breastfeeding Authority’s Julie Stufkins and Raeleen De Joux seem quite happy to attend breastfeeding hui in Wellington and talk about more restrictions on infant formula manufacturers, when $37,000 is being pumped into their bank account each month.

That money is supposedly meant to be spent on the coordination and support for the implementation of a so-called Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. But as we’ve seen, this initiative is anything but friendly.