Brian Tamaki

Failed Prophecies – Brian Tamaki

In 2003 Brian Tamaki made this prophecy:

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Click Farms getting outed

We have covered click farming here at WOBH, especially with the Pakeha Party and the daughter of Brian Tamaki, Jasmine McPhee. Both had quickly garnered Facebook likes in an unnatural time frame.

The Guardian looks into the phenomenon of “click farming”.

How much do you like courgettes? According to¬†one Facebook page devoted to them, hundreds of people find them delightful enough to click the “like” button ‚Äď even with dozens of other pages about courgettes to choose from.

There’s just one problem: the liking was fake, done by a team of low-paid workers in Dhaka,¬†Bangladesh, whose boss demanded just $15 per thousand “likes” at his “click farm”. Workers punching the keys might be on a three-shift system, and be paid as little as $120 a year.

The ease with which a humble vegetable could win approval calls into question the basis on which many modern companies measure success online ‚Äď through Facebook likes, YouTube video views and Twitter followers. ¬† Read more »

Like? What’s not to like? Be more popular than your dad!

As part of my research into the dodgy area of boosting Facebook Likes in relation to the Pakeha Party this morning, I also came across this curious anomaly.





So, if Jasmine has 52,000 followers, how many do you think The Bish has?

Want to guess?

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Has Bishop Brian Tamaki been a bad boy?


I wonder what Mrs Bishop has got on him.

‘Cause that’s some major groveling.

The real Mother of the Nation?

What does that even mean?

Truth on Sale Now

The latest Truth is on sale now:

What has Brian Tamaki been up to in Las Vegas with the “first fruits”?

Who got kneecapped over a drug debt?

What on earth is First Union doing with their member’s money?

Has NZ been Conned with NZ’s Got Talent?

A guest article from Imperator Fish as well.

All in this weeks Truth, plus regular favourites like the Bin Man

Comment of the Day

Liberty Scott left this long comment yesterday.

It is a very good commentary on Colin Craig and his dog-whistling on marriage equality:

Most of all, why should any adult give a damn what two other adults do in their private lives with each other’s bodies?

So much that is wrong about the post-modernist culture of moral equivalency, identity politics and victimhood politics, so many good targets for conservative politicians around welfare, around education, around a vacuous culture of celebrating mediocrity, of sneering at individual success, of celebrating group identity and ancestry over individual achievement, of denying responsibility for one’s actions and of treating humanity as a disease rather than a species of enormous achievement and potential.

He could damn Islam, but no he hasn’t he courage to do that.¬† He could damn Maori mysticism and collectivist identity politics that has bred a generation demanding entitlement, accusing their actions on what happened to their ancestors and promoting faux pride on ethnicity not achievement.¬†¬† He could damn a welfare state and centralised education system that promotes the idea that people who succeed do so at the cost of those who don’t, and those who don’t succeed or make foolish decisions should be bailed out by everyone else, time and time again.¬† He could really start to damn the results of decades of welfarism, structuralism (the people abuse their kids because of poverty or cultural oppression) and radical feminist denial of the importance of fatherhood, all in ways that raise questions without baiting the collective left.

No, he prefers ot churn out cheap unscientific stereotypes and to focus his attention on what consenting adults who haven’t initiated force against anyone else, do with their lives.

He doesn’t have evidence that proves he is right, but most importantly even if it WAS right, who cares?¬† What does he want the state to do?¬† Should the criminal justice system focus on abused boys more than girls?

Like the shaman conman Brian Tamaki and the unspeakably vile hypocritical creep Capill, Craig is obsessed with gay sex.

The last generation of his ilk said, when I was 16, that Homosexual Law Reform would result in an AIDS epidemic in NZ and thousands of boys being corrupted by men – oddly enough it didn’t turn me, or anyone I know to be gay.¬† He’s wrong now, and those who want a new Conservative Party need only look back in 1996 when the last really formidable effort to have such a party fell short – because it was vulnerable on this one issue.

Whoop, Whoop, pull up

ŠĒ• Sunday Star Times

Brian Tamaki is in danger of becoming like Jim Jones. Destiny Church has already morphed into a cult, now all they need is the compound and the mass suicide:

Bishop Brian Tamaki has raised the stakes with his Destiny Church followers, exhorting them to leave behind houses, jobs ‚Äď even family members ‚Äď to join him at a “City of God” he is building in South Auckland.

At the church’s annual conference in Rotorua on Friday night, Tamaki spent his entire two-hour sermon talking about how God had told him to build the city and why his followers had to lose their “parochialism” towards their home areas, even if it meant leaving behind loved ones.

Cult expert Mark Vrankovich said the speech was designed to “soften up” Tamaki’s followers and the real pressure to move to South Auckland would come with one-on-one sessions with local pastors.

“Saying that the church family is more important than your physical family, that you must go with the spiritual family, is a classic cult idea. This will put great pressure on families and break up families.”

Vrankovich was also concerned that Tamaki appeared to be encouraging people to sell their homes. “They’ll be pressured to give the money from the house sale to the church, and they’ll never see it again. He’s extracting money from people for his dream, and something that he will effectively own. He wants to be mayor or king of this ‘city’ so he’s softening them up to get them to move [to Auckland] so he’s guaranteed not to be losing money on the deal.”

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Mythbusting – Destiny’s Town, Ctd

ŠĒ• Auckland Now

The media has done a rehash of Brian Tamaki’s plans for his “city” in Druces Road in Manukau.

Controversial plans for a South Auckland Destiny Church community are set to come to light early next month.

The church’s annual conference is titled the City of God and promotional material for the event feature leader Brian Tamaki in front of Auckland’s city skyline.

In a video Tamaki calls the development “the new Jerusalem”.

Tamaki announced at a New Year’s Eve ‘MegaService’ the church had permission to build schools, a university and a massive auditorium at a property in Wiri.

It is expected to move its Mt Wellington headquarters to the $7.65 million property in December.

A presentation on the vision for the city will lead the Queen’s Birthday weekend conference, to be held at Rotorua’s Energy Events Centre.

Yes well the plans are already released...I blogged about them on January 13 complete with council documents.

Is Brian Tamaki the new Ratana?

So yesterday political leaders with the exception of a dignified John Banks all prostrated themselves at the feet of Ratana, a maori psuedo-christian cult.

Can you imagine the fuss and furore if the nations leaders, not some backbench numpties went and prostrated themselves at the feet of another cult, that of Destiny Church and Brian Tamaki?

There was enough wailing about Tau Henare and some others going to Destiny’s conference, but imagine if they were treated the same as Ratana.

Brian Tamaki is really going to have to try harder to be taken more seriously. Perhaps he could ask Len Brown to broker a deal between Destiny and Labour since it appears that Labour is on the outer at Ratana.

The howling about a school for Destiny was deafening, they only way it could have been worse were if Chinese were the joint venture partners for Destiny.

So why is there no outrage when politicians crawl to other cults.

Mythbusting: Destiny’s Town

Brian Tamaki has hit the press with fantastic and extravagant plans for a new base for his church, a university and a “city” in South Auckland. He says he has got a resource consent from the Council to do it all.

In Parliamentary “speak”, he is a stranger to the truth. He could almost qualify himself as a political spin-doctor. Alternatively his statements might qualify him for a Tui billboard! (You could suggest this to Tui, but the company would probably not use the idea.)

The site at 25 Druces Road, formerly the site of Quik-Stik NZ Ltd label plant, has an area of 3.1159ha.

The media have variously spouted the opinions of the Teachers Union, and other opinions in attempting to attack Brian Tamaki. What they should ahve done is trot down to the council like I did and ask for the resource consent details. It is far easier to attack Brian Tamaki using the truth and facts provided by the council.

The Council decision provides a “certificate of compliance” with the rules in the district plan in very precise terms, the terms on which he sought the answer. The certificate states that the specified activities are permitted activities. Note that there is no mention of a “city” nor a university, at least not in the terms Mr Tamaki is publicising. There is not room for either on the site!

You can use Google Earth to match the photo evidence with the plan РI think all the buildings shown are in existence already.

Destiny Church plans

As stated the decision is a deemed resource consent, confirming the information his advisers could have obtained directly from the district plan, however it does provide assurance that the activities stated may be undertaken within 5 years even if the rules in the plan are changed in that period.

It is a shame Brian Tamaki has to always speak woth hyperbole because his organisation despite all the grandiose adherence of loyalty and silly titles actually does do some good things. But when you bluster and talk big it makes the truth that much more damaging.

What astounds me is that the media just blindly repeated the spin from various organisations including the NZEI, Destiny Church and other opinionated dribblers without actually bothering to check with the council. Now they can just cut/paste my post.

I don’t know what is worse, Brian Tamaki’s lies or the media’s laziness.

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