Brooklyn Lee

Maybe Chris Trotter could unionise them

It seems that porn superstars have disappeared, because of an overĀ abundanceĀ of enthusiastic try-hards:

“The market is oversaturated now,” says Brooklyn Lee. Lee is pornā€™s latest It girl. At the AVN Awards, Lee, 22, won five awards, including Best New Starlet. She says: “There used to be a few hundred girls and now there are thousands. So porn superstars have fallen by the wayside. There arenā€™t girls like Tera and Jenna, who transcend the boundary of the industry anymore.” Jesse Jane agrees. “The industry is so oversaturated with girls,” she says. “Iā€™ve been in the business nine and a half years, and I can barely tell you who is in now.”

Perhaps the porn industry could the use the services of Chris Trotter and Garry Parsloe to unionise to improve pay and conditions.