Bryce Edwards

The toxic Greens

David Cunliffe needs the Greens to make him PM.

However his focus groups and internal polling are showing that the voters are nervous, especially about the toxic Greens. Which is why he won’t say publicly that he needs them.

That’s why there’s been this pretend break up.

Winston’s worked that out, even if Bryce Edwards can’t;

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Wishful thinking doesn’t make it so

NZ Herald

NZ Herald

Edwards is a bit like a player taking the field for the first time in the 80th minute, with all the muscle around him spent, and the score board several tries out of reach of a win:  he’s full of enthusiasm, but it really doesn’t matter any more.

This full court press against the government orchestrated by the Labour Party based on Winston Peters’ filthy rumour files, and gleefully pushed in Parliament, TVNZ, TV3, the Herald and Fairfax for close to a week still didn’t deliver a win, and Edwards thinks joining the ruck hoping to force a last minute penalty is going to make all the difference.

Half the audience have turned off, and people are already leaving the stadium.

Just when it seemed that the Judith Collins-Oravida milkgate scandal might be dying down, Prime Minister John Key now looks to be implicated further in the drama. TV3′s Patrick Gower now says that the latest revelation ‘raises so many questions about the connections between Oravida and the National Party that go all the way to John Key himself’.

John Key is clearly concerned about being tied to the so-called Milkgate scandal, as can be seen in his strong reaction to another situation in which he might appear to endorse a China-based company.

Apart from the shameful doorstepping that Gower did in China, the real issue here is that Chinese people place a high value in having their people, officials and companies associated with “celebrities” such as overseas MPs, mayors and Prime Ministers.

What is just another photo to you and me, is deep and meaningful inference to the Chinese mind.  Which is why John Key, upon being told that a Chinese “Immigration consultancy” was using one of him, has insisted it was taken down.

There never was an “Oravida milkgate scandal” beyond the wishful thinking of those wanting to see a decent straight arm tackle on Collins and Key get past the video ref for a penalty try.

This particular game is over now.  Back to the sheds.


Herald busted manufacturing immigration story

This morning the NZ Herald ran a story by Jared Savage.

Investigations by WOBH can reveal that the Herald has sat on this story since October 2013.

A wealthy Auckland businessman was given New Zealand citizenship against official advice after a Government minister lobbied the colleague who made the decision.

Maurice Williamson, the Minister of Building and Construction, and Prime Minister John Key then opened the first stage of a $70 million construction project launched by the Chinese-born developer after he became a citizen.

The following year, one of his companies made a $22,000 donation to the National Party.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) recommended that the citizenship application of Donghua Liu be declined on the grounds that he did not spend enough time in New Zealand or meet English language criteria.

At first blush this looks bad, but is it?

Well not really. Some pertinent facts have been left out from the story.

For a start there is nothing wrong with the Minister of Immigration or Internal Affairs exercising discretion – it is their right to do so is and it is written into the legislation. Members of Parliament advocate for that discretion to be used constantly, and in some famous cases like Taito Phillip Field used as a matter of course by Labour’s immigration ministers.

But in order to obtain citizenship you must first have permanent residency, which is a much harder barrier to overcome. Read more »

Herald and Bryce Edwards manufacturing news again

Bryce Edwards is always one of the first to climb into me…on almost anything, like most sanctimonious commentators he should perhaps remove the log from his own eyes.

Here he was two nights ago begging for bloggers to write hit pieces against the National party.

So there wasn’t any copy for him to use on his chosen topic so he went out and begged for it…to create the impression that there was over confidence and arrogance amongst National. He had nothing..and so begged for copy. And so his dutiful obedient left wing followers all piled in to help him with his column.



Bryce Edwards was then able to announce his column yesterday..which was on guess what?    Read more »

Bryce Edwards summary on Dotcom and his corruption of NZ politics

Bryce Edwards summarises just how bad it has become for kim Dotcom, the Green party, Russel Norman, Winston Peters and all the Labour MPs who have trotted out to sit on Kim Dotcom’s lap.

Political chickens are coming home to roost. Having Kim Dotcom on speed dial is now a political liability and career ending.

Allegations of ‘corruption’ and ‘dirty deals’ are being thrown around over the relationship between some of our political party leaders and wealthy internet businessman and wannabe politician Kim Dotcom. It all relates to the fact that various politicians have been courting Dotcom’s favour, while at the same time discussing whether they would intervene to help prevent Dotcom being extradited to the United States by fighting in government to overturn any judicial decision. According to some commentators there is, at the very least, an issue with the perception of inappropriate and opaque electoral deals being made.

The strongest condemnation of the potential links between party policy and support for Dotcom have come from rightwing blogger David Farrar, who claims that some politicians are ‘saying they will over-turn the courts in his favour at the same time as they meet him to discuss political strategy. That is pretty close to corruption’ – see: Would Labour and Greens over-rule the court for Kim Dotcom?

Farrar explains the problem, as he sees it: ‘Russel Norman has been out twice to meet Dotcom, and ask him to support the Greens instead of setting up his own political party. And in return he is offering that a Labour/Greens Government would basically corruptly over-turn the decision of the court in Dotcom’s favour. Cunliffe is not ruling out that he would also over-turn any court decision. We also learn Winston Peters has been out to meet DotCom multiple times’. Farrar warns that ‘We head towards corruption if people can buy themselves a different decision’.  Read more »

Deception and integrity in politics

Bryce Edwards the ‘Pope of Politics’ is having the time of his life.  Blogs are dirty and he’s lovin’ ittm

New Zealand politics is ‘a dirty, disgusting, despicable game. And it involves dirty, disgusting despicable people at all levels’.

That’s the view of National Party-aligned blogger Cameron Slater.

Is he right?

Some areas are obviously cleaner and more principled than others.

The blogosphere – although a particularly valuable part of the ‘public sphere’ – is often also one of the dirtiest and more deceptive.

This reputation will be further cemented by revelations yesterday that one of John Key’s spin-doctors, Jason Ede, has supplied content to Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil blog.

You might say that Bryce, but I couldn’t possibly comment.   Read more »

Len Brown sex scandal goes global, CNN reporting

The Len Brown scandal has now gone global with CNN reporting the scandal.

 Months after sexting revelations dashed Anthony Weiner’s hopes of election in New York, a mayor on the other side of the world is battling for political survival following a lurid sex scandal that has electrified the usually sleepy world of local politics.

The crisis engulfing Len Brown, the recently re-elected mayor of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, involves sex in the mayoral chambers, a former mistress who says she also shared a bed with an adviser to his rival, intrigue as to whether the mayor was victim of a political smear campaign, and a hunt for the sender of a mystery text message that triggered the revelations.   Read more »

Awesome…bring it

Bryce Edwards writes at the Herald

The Len Brown scandal could be dismissed as ‘just another silly politician affair’. However, it might end up having significant ramifications if the episode initiates an escalating war of allegations in New Zealand politics. As I discuss in my video interview, What next for Len Brown?, this controversy might lead to retaliations from the political left, some of whom could take Cameron Slater’s blogposts as well as the huge media coverage, to be a ‘green light’ that ‘anything goes’.

All I can say about that is ‘O’ for Oarsum…bring it on…politics isn’t tiddlywinks, let’s get the blood flowing, it will help clean out some ratbags on all sides.  Read more »

Isn’t it interesting?

…when you get 68% voter turnout and a centre-right candidate is elected that it is a”worrying trend” and cause for an enquiry.

The Green party are calling for a post-election inquiry to zero in on the low voter turnout at Saturday’s election.

Only 68 per cent of eligible New Zealanders cast a vote  – the lowest voter turnout in 120 years.

About 222,000 didn’t even enrol.

Parliament’s justice and electoral select committee holds an inquiry after every election. Green MP Gareth Hughes says it should look at ways to reverse the declining turnout.

“The low voter turnout continues a declining trend in New Zealand, which has seen every election since 2002 make a new historic low,” he said.

He has written to all party leaders asking for support to expand the terms of reference of the inquiry. He said only ”minor changes” have come out of the last three elections.  Read more »

Lefties enraged about a tweet


The left wing have got all outraged because Bryce Edwards tweeted this yesterday.

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