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A political commentator from the radical right: on the Budget


No problems with disclosures from Cactus Kate, who writes for the NZ Herald

For political tragics, Budget days are the most exciting outside election days. The uninterested 99 per cent will remain more passionate about Queen’s Birthday traffic queues.

This offering is the “Pollsters Budget”, smelling as if National pollster Curia conned a committee of confirmed Labour voters to meet for pizza and $50, then appointed a moderator and banged together Billy’s Budget.

Election budgets should lob lollies to potential voters, not Opposition true believers. Again Bill English acted like the quintessential smug Kiwi farmer content with increasing wealth on unrealised tax-free capital gains. He bottled it.

English has morphed into a less witty Michael Cullen. That transformation is complete in accepting that Cullen’s Super Fund was not such a bad idea after all. Oh, to go back to the day English was secretly taped mumbling he wanted to sell Kiwibank.

Don’t worry Cactus. ¬†6 kids, 6 budgets. ¬†The message is clear: ¬†Unless Bill gets another baby on the way, this will be his last budget. ¬† Read more »

Sledge of the day

What is it with wealthy people who are also socialists and their propensity to act like sanctimonious, all knowing oracles, and worse their propensity to tell us they know better than the rest of us.

Once such person is Gareth Morgan, but his son isn’t far off.

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Rolling Stones Concert Review – Macau

If David Farrar can get away with reviewing boring plays then for my election year comeback to blogging I can warm up by reviewing the best show in the world. - Cactus Kate 

There was an horrific moment when in Sunday nights epic Macau Rolling Stones gig we saw what the band would have been like if Mick Jagger was hit by a bad eight ball and Keith Richards became front man. It was the stuff of nightmares with the only suitable remedy a quick trip to the concession stand.

I first heard the Stones music when the third man with a twenty (mumble) year age gap I semi co-habited with made me listen to them every second I was with him. In the morning most “older” men read the paper in a polite ritualistic request for silent time originating ¬†from too much time alone with the first wife. He would regurgitate Stones trivia. As a result of environmental necessity I absorbed quite a bit but never questioned his claim to have seen the Stones in Auckland in 1966. ¬†The maths didn’t add up.

When relationships are over less fortunate and far needier women often get a too large home, European car or beachfront bach.  Some of them even get custody of high maintenance things like children. I got something way cooler Рnot only an almost complete education but all of his Rolling Stones CDs. With the advent of iTunes I was eventually able to respectfully courier them back to their home.

During this past decade of OE I’ve never been in the right place to watch a Stones concert. As luck would have it this time I was. ¬†It did mean going to the Mainland sewer of sin and trekking through the smoke filled Venetian casino floor in a quest to seek my more than adequate accommodation. It was so adequate that but for the concert downstairs I would never have left. ¬†As it was true to Macau form I never left the hotel complex I stayed at.¬† Read more »

The Uncle Bully Syndrome

I have watched with increasing incredulity as the left wing and Maori have rounded on the kid who posted a video of a drunk 9 year old on Youtube and attacked him and his integrity…blaming him for all sorts of crimes in their mind ignoring the fact that there was a 9 year Maori kid drunk in a skate park, clearly without any supervision or anyone remotely interested in his wellbeing.

Tau Henare had a rush of stupid:

Then there was this woman:

Then the left wing apologists like kitchen-ware blogger Russell Brown who was angry that someone was using social media to highlight an issue…which Cactus Kate pointed out he’d spent all day talking about himself. Russell Brown even went on a social media witch hunt against Bradley Goudie taking screenshots of his Facebook. ¬† Read more »

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Happy Birthday Spanish Bride and Cactus Kate

Juana Smith, at the age of 17, painted by an unknown artist 1815 in Paris

Juana Smith, at the age of 17, painted by an unknown artist 1815 in Paris

It is Spanish Bride’s birthday today.

My father in law was reading a book by Georgette Heyer called The Spanish Bride. He liked the name of Harry Smith’s wife.

The book is about the true story of  Harry Smith and his wife Juana María de los Dolores de León Smith.

The town of Ladysmith is named after her.

In 1812, at the age of fourteen, she found herself orphaned and only with a sister, when her home town Badajoz was besieged for the fourth time during the Peninsular War. After the siege ended in a successful but very bloody storming by the British and Portuguese forces, the sisters sought protection from the plundering and pillaging soldiers by some British officers they found camping outside the city walls. One of them was Brigade-Major Harry Smith, of the elite 95th Rifles scout regiment, whom she married a few days later.

Instead of letting herself be sent home to her husband’s family, she chose to accompany him with the army. She remained with him throughout the rest of the war, accompanying the baggage train, sleeping in the open on the field of battle, riding freely among the troops, and sharing all the privations of campaigning. Her beauty, courage, sound judgment and amiable character endeared her to the officers, including the¬†Duke of Wellington, who spoke of her familiarly as Juanita; and she was idolized by the soldiers.¬† Read more »

Guest Post – Cactus Kate Open Letter To David Cunliffe Re: John Tamihere

Dear David Cunliffe,

Your inherited minion Tim Barnett has completely ignored my application with supporting evidence to be a member of the Labour Party. ¬†Even after a follow-up email I have received no response from Mr Barnett since my correspondence was reported on New Zealand’s leading blog.

I can accept the silence from a man on his way out after he backed a failed candidate for Leader.  What I cannot accept is your silence based on requirements that I seem to have to meet to become a Labour Party member that others have clearly not.

Your Party hierarchy  eventually endorsed John Tamihere as a member but Mr Barnett wrote in an email to me:

Under Rule 6 of the New Zealand Labour Party‚Äôs Constitution, a member must ‚Äúsubscribe to the Constitution and policy of the Party‚ÄĚ. From your well publicised positions, I have reason to believe that this is not the case. ¬†¬† Read more »

Aaah, I was wondering what Cactus Kate and her friends were up to since LA