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The Huddle at 1740


It’s Monday and I’m on ZB with Larry Williams to do The Huddle with Jock Anderson

Our topics will be:

  • First up we’ll cover off the ongoing siege in Sydney. Who knows where it will be at by the time we get to talk on the wireless….but PLENTY to discuss.
  • NZ First now taking the Labour party’s free GP visits for seniors. Sounds like Winston making a play to continue his troughing till well after he retires from parliament.
  • Issues Labour’s not sticking with. It’s dropping Maryan Street’s euthanasia bill. Not sure that’s a wise move.

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal methods.

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Rodney Hide on what would have happened if Winston had been given the hacked information

Rodney Hide uses his column in the NBR to explain what would have happened if Winston Peters had gotten his hands on the documents of the illegal hacker/criminal who attacked me.

Mr Hager took the emails and made quite a story. Post-election, his claims haven’t stood up. But no matter. It was big news ahead of the election. The media loved it. Dirty Politics dominated the election campaign.

Now imagine Mr Peters with the same material. He could weave a far better story. He would make it sound truly shocking, terrible and totally corrupt. With Mr Peters it would sound believable.

By comparison, Mr Hager lacks gravitas. He was good – he convinced people he was an investigative journalist – but he’s nowhere near as good as Mr Peters.

More than that, Mr Peters had the protection and platform of Parliament. He could have said anything.

He would have been the news every night

And he would have sustained the attacks day in, day out. He would have done so for months. With that material, and that story, no matter that it wasn’t true, Mr Peters would have brought the government down. Every page of Dirty Politics would be another day’s shocking news. And when he ran out of pages he would be busy alluding to what was to come.   Read more »

Rob Hosking on Hager and his motivations and failures

The mouth breathers of the left would have you believe that every prognostication of Nicky Hager is gospel…they are wrong.

Rob Hosking at the NBR explains the disconnect and why Dirty Politics failed.

This confusion over hats was also, ultimately, why Nicky Hager’sDirty Politics – which dominated so much of politics since August – was ineffective.

Mr Hager’s supporters claim the book is factual, rather like a documentary. “Nicky Hager has never been proved wrong!” is not an uncommon claim made by his more mouth-breathy adherents.

Setting aside the fact that anyone claiming this sort of perfection in  another human being is in the grip of religious fervour rather than arriving at any sort of rational assessment, it actually isn’t correct.

A number of the claims within ‘Dirty Politics’ turned out to be quite dubious: the result of Mr Hager getting a hold of communications from Mr Slater at a time Mr Slater was wearing his “I’m Exaggerating Through My Teeth” hat.  Mr Hager can’t be blamed for the blogger’s overblown fulminations but it is hilarious he took so many of them at face value.

But the problem with Mr Hager’s approach, politically, is it asked – nay, demanded – to be taken as something other than it was. Read more »

Garner’s winners and losers

Duncan Garner has published his list of winners and losers for 2014.

I will be talking with Garner at 1545  about this on Radio Live.

My political winners and losers of the year.



For all the obvious reasons. He is still the PM and he is still widely popular according to the polls. He had the kitchen sink thrown at him and he almost won the election outright. He’ll have to watch it doesn’t go to his head.


Couldn’t win a fight in a kindergarten but ends the year on top. His caucus didn’t want him, his party didn’t want him, his electorate didn’t want him. Yet he ends the year looking strong and competent as Labour’s new leader.


He beat Hone Harawira and therefore beat Kim Dotcom – do I have to say anymore?


She knew Dotcom and Harawira were in an unholy alliance and she put her principles before it all. She called it right – she has values and principles that are beyond reproach whether you agree with her politics or not.


Yes he’s a dirt-bag, muck-raking, scum-bag attack blogger, but he likes it that way. He doesn’t play by any rule book yet he’s been judged a journalist by the courts. Despite having his dirty laundry aired for the world to see he remains talked about, his blog gets more hits than ever, he breaks stories and the PM returns his texts. Oh and he wins mainstream media awards.

Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


It’s Monday and I’m on ZB with Larry Williams to do The Huddle with opinion-for-hire Matthew Hooton.

Our topics will be:

  • First up we’ve got Len’s loo behind a book case. If it weren’t behind a book case it wouldn’t come across as creepy. It’s a bit odd to hide an ensuite isn’t it?
  • Then we’ve got this chap looking like he’s going to face a firing squad in Bali after being sucked in by an online scammer.
  • And last but not least, we’ve got the bigoted Christians urging suicide if you’re gay. Nice.

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal methods.

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An email from a reader


Another fine email from a reader concerned about freedom of speech.

It is astonishing that those ont eh left who cry about democracy are the ones moving to shut down who people speak to, creating lits of approved people who people are allowed to speak to.

This is a nothing short of group think…the very thing that George Orwell warned us of.

In defence of John Key, Cam Slater, et al.

Who do the neanderthals, tree huggers and social engineers of the left think they are?

By what divine right do they believe that they can determine who, and who not, the PM can text with?

In the melee that passes for intelligent debate in Parliament they seem to have lost sight of on the most most fundamental principles of our nation, the right to unfettered dialogue. They would take unto themselves this right but try and deny that same right to us, the peasants. Read more »

An email from a reader – Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

I love my readers…all of them.

Sometimes they email…I try to answer them, some I ignore and the best get published.

Here is a superb email I received late last night.


Cam , I’m probably on of the folks that read your website regularly but don’t post to it, I have sent a couple of emails though. It’s increasingly clear that some form of well orchestrated crusade against WOBH is under way. Tui’s/No bull, you might say – it’s been going since way before the election. The theme adopted by the perps is to attack JK and yourself using any means possible – and without paying lip service or reference to facts, indeed trying to dictate who can speak to you even though you have done nothing wrong. Would be interesting to apply that same diktat to the opposition, but then again they are held to a different Standard.

While vacuuming on Sunday morning, I happened to catch Q + A. Then for some unknown reason watched The Nation. (I know – a sucker for punishment; much like firing staples into my fingers again and again) Sick of that, I switched to National Radio. Another mistake.   Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


It’s Monday and I’m on ZB with Larry Williams to do The Huddle with pinko attack blogger David Farrar

Our topics will be:

  • Dotcom’s bail
  • John Key and Cam and TXTing
  • Student loan defaulters (if we have time)

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal methods.

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Ever wondered why I want Kim Dotcom gone? I’ll tell you…

Everyone know I want Kim Dotcom gone…and this is why;

In conversing with Slater – the second most-despised figure in New Zealand politics after Kim Dotcom – Key has compromised his assurance that he had no knowledge of the dirty tricks operation.

See, there is no way ever that I’d want to come second to anyone, let along a fat German crook.

John Armstrong has just hurled an appalling insult at me…surely after 155 mentions in parliament, wall to wall coverage in all media and a vilification campaign across the political spectrum I must be the MOST despised figure in NZ politics.

But seriously Armstrong has a hard on for me, it is probably more a fit of rage that I am more effective and influential in politics than he is.

Watching journalists, normally the guardians of free speech and freedom of association are all out there demanding that no one talks to me…they of course all still do…especially when they want a story they know I can get them.

It is a long, long list of journalists…are they suggesting that they will stop talking to me too…or is it just the Prime Minister who shouldn’t speak to me?   Read more »

Good on John Key for telling Goff to naff off over apology

Regular readers will know that I’m not one for the current epidemic of drop kicks on twitter being outraged and demanding apologies.

It seems John Key is like me in that respect and has basically said Phil Goff isn’t going to get one from him.

Prime Minister John Key says he will not offer an apology to Labour’s Phil Goff and is defending his office against any claims of wrongdoing over the involvement in the OIA request by Whaleoil blogger Cam Slater to SIS head Warren Tucker.

A report on Dirty Politics allegations released this morning found former SIS director Warren Tucker failed to take adequate steps to maintain the spy agency’s political neutrality.

Speaking soon after the report’s release this morning, Mr Key said the Inspector General’s report had cleared his office of any wrongdoing and no apology was necessary.

“The report makes it absolutely crystal clear that my office did nothing that was either unprofessional or breached any of the requirements on them.”

He also countered Labour’s accusations he was using SIS information for political purposes, accusing Labour of leaking selected parts of the Inspector General’s report to the media yesterday in advance of its release.    Read more »