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WARNING: Offensive Content

Martin Martyn Bradbury aka Wrongly Wrongson has come up with a brilliant idea:

I am suggesting MediaWorks a saviour – why pretend to be anything other than what Mark Weldon and Julie Christie really wants TV3 to be – an unquestioning mouthpiece for the National Government.

Put hate speech merchant and part time fascist Cameron Slater on with pretend journalist Rachel Glucina to host the 7pm timeslot and call it ‘Open wide’. Each weeknight Cam and Rach spit on poor people and laugh at books. Pebbles Hooper can join in half way through with fashion advice for the homeless which always ends in her making jokes about dead babies.

For MediaWorks they can drop the pretence of being a reputable news organisation and for Rachel, Cam and Pebbles, they get to do what they love, voice ill informed right wing nonsense which is so hip with the kids these days.

Between climate change denial and kissing John Key’s arse, they can cut the crap and get to the big issues like ‘why are feminists hairy trolls’, ‘why are Unionists commie scum’ and ‘why are Maori’s so smelly’.

It’s brilliant…but his name for the show is a bit gay.

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Quote of the Day

From Judith Collins and her transcript from the Chisholm Inquiry:

Ms Collins previously said she was “disappointed” at Mr Feeley over the champagne story, which came to light in September 2011.

She told the inquiry his actions were a “disaster” because they emerged two days before an important PR release on crime statistics.

“My crime stats, I say with absolutely no modesty whatsoever, were the best crime stats we had ever had. It was a really, really good news story.

“It was my shining glory, so the last thing we needed was leaks out of the Serious Fraud Office talking about champagne being used that wasn’t actually owned by the person who was using it. It was a disaster.” 

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Yes it does, John

John Armstrong obviously doesn’t get out much from the cloistered and rarified atmosphere of the press gallery.

He thinks that Colin Craig’s foolishness does not a fool make.

One perverse plus for Craig from what is otherwise a sorry turn of events for him and his party is what might be termed the end of innocence.

That he has turned out to be as much the flawed politician as any other makes it more difficult for his critics to continue to paint him as politics’ version of the village idiot.

Sure, an aura of geekiness still drips off his wiry frame and makes him the perfect modern-day version of the 44kg weakling who many moons ago inhabited the now legendary adverts for Charles Atlas’ “dynamic tension” body-building regime.

His opponents have likewise sought to portray Craig as hopelessly naive by ridiculing his penchant for swallowing some of the world’s most ludicrous conspiracy theories.

The notion that Craig is a political innocent is a misnomer, however.

Some of his thinking might make the Flat Earth Society appear to be the paragon of scientific method.

At the same time, no one becomes a self-made multi-millionaire without treading on more than a few toes.

Craig may have been foolish in seeking MacGregor’s affections. But he is no fool.

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David Cohen on Metro’s most influential list

David Cohen at NBR takes apart Metro’s pathetic attempt at defining the most influential Aucklanders list.

Do media consumers need another extended best-of list?

No, we most certainly do not. You get to the end of these damn things feeling none the wiser about anything in particular, realising as you do that that’s 30 or so minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.

But hey, they’re harmless fun, as much so for the readers as compilers of exercises such as this month’s cover story in Metro of the “most influential” Aucklanders.

Talk about quick and easy. An editor and his senior writers sit around in an office. Presently they are joined by some senior contributors. The secretary serves coffee. Together they trawl their files and memories. Soon enough, hey presto, a new ranking is born.

Does any of this actually matter? Well, yes and no.

Reputations are important. People constantly make judgments on the basis of available information – some of it accurate, some not – and what they decide has consequences.

Yet measuring influence is a messy affair.

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Halfwit mayor Andrew Judd thinks being called a halfwit is hate speech, now he is just being a dickhead

The halfwit Mayor of New Plymouth has gone full retard thinking that me calling him a halfwit is hate speech.

A right wing blogger has labelled New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd a “halfwit” following the referendum on Maori wards.

Establishing a Maori ward for the district was voted down in a landslide on Friday, with 83 per cent of people voting against and only 17 per cent in favour.

Online commentary and debate came quick in wake of the decision with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater even calling for Judd’s head to roll.

“The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth just can’t accept the result of a referendum he forced,” Slater said on his website.

“Instead of resigning, which an honourable man would do, he is now proposing other half baked solutions which will likely end up in the same place as his previous one…He should just resign and go lick his wounds in private – this wailing about a democratic result is pathetic,” Slater said in a post on his website.

Slater was one of hundreds who posted their thoughts across social media platforms and, like the poll results show, many were happy with the way it went.

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A reader emails Jim Hubbard


Jim Hubbard penned a disgusting cartoon about me and my travels to Gallipoli to honour my great-grandfather Harry Crozier.

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Comment of the Day

The other day Brian Rudman took a break from imploring ratepayers to pay for his hobbies to attack Super 8 and the charity boxing matches that go along with the sport.

John McRae had this to say on Super 8’s Facebook page.

Ryder vs Slater generated the most pr, tab bets and raised the most funds for the cause. Not the result Cameron wanted but he won some hearts and minds and dropped 17kg’s on the way. The professional athletes benefitted from the additional profile. Funnily enough it was a leading sports editor who said we should add in a celebrity fight to get into general news. I’m told by my lawyer Rudman’s comments against me are personally defamatory. His statement on Jessie’s “head injury” are incorrect and generally he’s kicking the sport we love because of his political bias. It’s sad that people in a privileged position such as him do not focus on the positive aspects of the sport. Bet he wasn’t calling for the banning of cricket when Philip Hughes tragically died. Slater has indicated his desire to enter the ring again – this time we will look to match him against someone within media or politics…. pity Rudman is a light weight. 

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Brian Rudman has his panties in a bunch

Brian Rudman has his panties in a bunch attacking charity boxing matches and ignoring salient facts.

Of all the winners and losers of last weekend, the memory that lingers is the sight of blogger Cameron Slater slumped on the floor of the boxing ring like a beached pilot whale, while all around, a liquored-up, “formally dressed” crowd bayed for more blood.

Slater is an unloveable character. He makes his living hunched over his keyboard, smearing and belittling people he dislikes. But the organisers of this one-minute mismatch are no better.

“Hunched over a keyboard, smearing and belittling people”…you mean like Brian Rudman is fdoing in this article?

Here is the thing that Brian Rudman forgets…I had a challenge and I rose to that challenge…I got fit, lost a significant amount of weight, and overcame my fears and got in a ring to fight a professional sportsman. I reached outside of my comfort zone and I am better for it despite a couple of bangs.

Along the way I found a new respect for the professional athletes and those who coach and train them.

The only people who criticise boxing are the panty-waists who have never got in the ring.

As is usual these days, Rudman, like many Herald writers, never bothered to ask the promotors for a comment before tapping out his little hit piece, so I took the liberty of contacting John McRae for comment (You know like a real journalist would do).    Read more »

My Boxing Journey: From Fat to Fit

Well, now that I have had my first real fight, and loss, in the ring it is time to reflect on what I went through and why.

When I was asked by the promoter to jump in the ring with Jesse Ryder I thought it through a fair bit, consulted with friends and family…mostly they said no, and “don’t be daft”.

But deep inside I have wanted to do something about my weight, and wanted a new challenge.

How hard could it be I thought to myself.

Well it turns out that boxing is very hard. It is technically difficult, and requires a significant effort just to get to the ring.

I started on an 8 week journey where I could barely run, hated being in togs, couldn’t enjoy the sun and beach or my love of hunting due to my weight.

When I rocked up to the gym to start training with Henry Schuster and Nigel Andrew they told me to start running…just walking around the block was hard enough…but running? Were they serious?

Turns out they were…it took me 4 weeks to shed the kilos to start doing that without risking shin splints and injury from carting around over 120kgs.

But at the end run I did, and run and run and run…twice a day plus gym/boxing.sparring sessions, 6 days a week.

The guys I trained with were awesome.

From all walks of life, builders, sparkies, painters, office workers, factory hands…all with a love of a sport I barely understood.

The thing is they barely fight…maybe once a week…the rest is incredible fitness and stamina training…these guys are fit and hard. They love the sport for the release that it gives. No one has any time for politics or work in the gym.    Read more »

LIVE BLOG: Cameron Slater v Jesse Ryder