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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

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Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery has my grateful thanks for opening the MSM’s eyes to what has been plainly obvious to the rest of us.
It must be incredibly frustrating for her trying to manage Kim Dotcom’s Media image when the egotist cannot keep his big mouth shut.

Yesterday the strain finally caused her to snap, attacking the very Media that it is her job to manage. Read more »

The topsy turvy world of “Tainted” Fisher

Kim Dotcom’s tainted and embedded journalist David “tainted” Fisher is still revelling in stolen and hacked data.

His latest “outrage” is that people comment on my blog…and some of them are staffers in Parliament.

The press secretary of Cabinet minister Gerry Brownlee has admitted posting anonymously to the Whale Oil blog as the impact of Dirty Politics continues to hit the election campaign.

Nick Bryant was named in Dirty Politics as the person who had used the pseudonym “Former Hack” to post anonymous comments encouraging blogger Cameron Slater’s campaign against a public servant which resulted in death threats.

The Herald was able to confirm the use of Mr Bryant’s ministerial computer through details obtained from an individual other than the hacker who also accessed information from Whale Oil during the Denial of Service attack.

Under “Former Hack”, Mr Bryant told Slater “well done” on a post which attacked Simon Pleasants. He told others he agreed calls should be placed to ask why Mr Pleasants was still employed and told Slater “you might have one for the harpoon gallery there” – the so-called Whale Oil roll call of sacked officials.

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PM John Key

PM John Key


The media have been in such a lather determined to find dirt on John Key in the stolen e-mails. They kept failing to get any traction and then finally, FINALLY they had him. They waved their evidence around wetting their pants with excitement. They had him in a corner, he was dead as a Dodo, there was absolutely NOTHING he could say that would get him out of the corner they had painted him into.

Breathlessly we waited to see how John would reply………………..

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Our Friends: Cameron and John Slater, by David Slack

Now, don’t be shocked or anything, but David Slack just regurgitated a 2010 METRO hit piece on me through my father.

Just in case you were wondering where he stood.  He’s also posted it to the Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page (couldn’t even find a friend to do it for him – self promotion – so ugly), so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me showing you too

Credit:  Daron Parton.

Credit: Daron Parton.

John: The boy’s not an embarrassment, not at all.

He can get a bit confused, though. But then he grew up with cabinet ministers traipsing through our house and hitting the gin. Let’s be honest, our people can be a bit confusing.

First, we think you should leave the Yarpies alone, then we agree apartheid was terrible. First, compulsory saving is communism, then it’s policy. First we like the warships, then nuclear free’s the way to go. Except at lunch in Washington, of course!

And of course we think the gays are perfectly okay these days, although the boy still gets a bit toey about that.

He’s 40 years old but some days I look at him and I still see the kid who came home from school with a sore bum and a story to tell.

He was 11. Some little bugger had copied his work and they’d both got a D. I said to him, “Did you put around some rumours about him? That’s how we do it in the party.” He said, “No way. I whacked him, then I got on his desk, pulled down my trousers and dumped on his books.”

Well that wasn’t my way, but I thought good on him. He got stuck in.

He’s had a bit of bad luck, of course. Read more »

Trotter on politics, no surprises we are all nasty

Chris Trotter is once again the sensible and reasoned commentator of the left.

He reckons there are two kinds of politics, foul and fouler.

The sanctimony of many on the left is astonishing to watch…and Chris Trotter in his usual manner softly points this out.

Nor is the dark anti-hero of Hager’s Dirty Politics, Cameron Slater, without precedent when it comes to the New Zealand Right’s long history of doing damage to its political enemies.

As Listener journalist (and now Bill English’s press secretary) Joanne Black wrote in her review of Redmer Yska’s study of the newspaper Truth (of which, ironically, Slater was the last editor): “For nearly 40 years [James] Dunn, as Truth’s in-house censor, read almost every word of every edition before it was printed. But his influence was not only on what not to publish for fear of defamation suits. He also played a backroom editor-in-chief role and was himself the source of many stories, including those that satisfied his virulent anti- Communist beliefs, which were shared by editor Russell Gault.”

The great Prussian military theoretician, Carl von Clausewitz, famously described war as “the continuation of politics by other means.”

I would argue strongly that the reverse of that famous formulation is equally true. That politics is the continuation of war by other means.    Read more »

Face of the day


Wayne Tempero

Wayne Tempero

You have to be made of sterner stuff than most to be a body guard.
It also takes courage to stand up and be counted when the personal cost is so great.
He knows that this interview could damage his career but he did it anyway.

More Hypocrisy from Palmerston North’s Nasty Stenographer Rooter

Iain Lees-Galloway is a hypocrite as well as a stenographer rooter.

This was his facebook post.

Iain Lees-Galloway MPlabour_takes_hardline_approach_to_alcohol_5
5 hrs ·
What I find most depressing about National’s response to Dirty Politics is that they think it is politics as usual. It’s not, or at least, it doesn’t need to be. NZ has a proud history of open, transparent and relatively clean politics. This venture into American-style attack campaigns is unbecoming and hopefully the recent debate will help keep a lid on it.

Yet he is as guilty as anyone of dirty politics as well as being a dirty rooting ratbag.

by Cameron Slater on November 3, 2009 at 8:24am
Apparently Iain Two-Fathers has learned his lesson of being involved in Labour Party shenanigins.

Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway says he has learned a political lesson after being caught up in the Labour Party’s polling controversy.

Mr Lees-Galloway recruited volunteers for the polling and was in the room when senior MP Rick Barker advised using a phony company name and false personal names if that would make the volunteers feel more confident. Read more »

Who are you again? Gilmore to take Nats down where Labour failed

I see the idiot Aaron Gilmore still has not realised that no one cares who he is.

Ex-National MP Aaron Gilmore is considering legal action against the party, following allegations in Nicky Hagar’s latest book.

The book claims John Key’s close aide Jason Ede provided damaging material about Mr Gilmore to blogger Cameron Slater.

Mr Gilmore says it could provide the basis for action over his dumping from the party, and he’s now considering his options.

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Now we get to see the real dirty politics

wewwwwwwwwNicky Hager reckons that playing politics hard is “Dirty Politics”.

Well I reckon having political operatives emails hacked and published in a book is pretty low dirty politics, and illegal to boot.

So too is breaking into an MPs office and rummaging through it and nicking two laptops and hacking his private emails.

The dirty politics saga has taken a fresh twist with the offices of a National Party politician burgled.

Rodney MP Mark Mitchell had a laptop and phones stolen in the burglaries — and his email hacked.

In response to Herald on Sunday inquiries, Mitchell confirmed:

• His parliamentary office in Wellington was broken into on September 16 last year. Police investigated and swept the office for bugs but none was found.

• His Rodney constituency office in Orewa was broken into in early October and a laptop and two phones were taken. Police investigated but no arrests have been made.

• His personal email was hacked.

The revelations come after the release of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, which claims that National colluded in smear campaigns by right-wing blogger Cameron Slater.

So, what we have here is a vocal opponent of Kim Dotcom, who along with me, has been hacked and had his office ransacked and laptops stolen.

This is the dirty politics, not playing politics hard.   Read more »