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Turns out the car wash story is real

It turns out the car wash story is real and because of Andrew Little’s telling it a former union man is made to look a fool.

An embarrassed former union organiser has come forward to verify Andrew Little’s yarn about a man who opened his car door in a carwash to lower his aerial – and got himself and the vehicle drenched.

The Labour leader used the tale in his State of the Nation speech on Sunday to make a point about the future of the economy – “the machine’s started, there’s nothing we can do to stop it, it’s coming towards us and we’ve got to decide what to do about it.”

He made a point of saying it was all true, and that as a union boss he had received “an incredible insurance claim form to sign off”.   Read more »

Labour’s dirty politics being organised out of Leader’s Office

Matthew Hooton tweeted last night:


He’s been leaked an email sent by Matt McCarten, arranging for two insane, embittered, extreme left-wing lunatics to speak with Labour’s caucus.

Here is the content of McCarten’s email.   Read more »

INCITE: Politics launching 15th, pre-order now

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new premium report called INCITE: Politics. Pre-orders are being taken from today ahead of the first edition which will be released 15 December.

This is a new initiative and we will be producing a monthly insiders report on politics in New Zealand.

I have commissioned exclusive polling information and will be adding comprehensive analysis and political insight from across the political spectrum.

This is an exclusive report. None of the information contained in INCITE: Politics will be available either on this blog or in any other publication.

We have also secured commentary from insiders across the political spectrum and the first MP we are featuring will surprise some.

The report will be delivered on the 15th of each month and will be forward looking…it is time for a change in our political discourse. Instead of focussing on what has happened we will attempt to look at what is going to happen.

The next two years will be exciting politically with the local body elections and the general election. Subscribe Now  to INCITE: Politics and be amongst the best informed in New Zealand on politics, policy and insider knowledge.

If you thought it was bizarre that Mr X was Colin Craig wait until you read this

Colin Craig (both of them) with the interviewer and Mr X

Colin Craig (both of them) with the interviewer and Mr X   Photo/NZ Herald

When Colin Craig held his press conference and announced that he was suing me for defamation and had also printed a pamphlet and sent it to every household in New Zealand, I saw there was something familiar in the pamphlet.

He had used one of my photos. Initially I thought it was a Getty Image but I checked with them and they confirmed that it wasn’t one of their images, but was one of the five images their photographer took that I own the rights to exclusively. Colin Craig had taken one of my photos, edited it in the background then used it twice in his defamatory pamphlet to attack me. He never asked for permission, nor would it have been given.

So I invoiced him for it. It is my intellectual property and I own all the rights to it. He can’t use my property to attack me.

His response was to tell me to nick off and to threaten me to drop my claims or he would charge me for ‘using’ his poem “The Two of Me“. Understandably I thought he was crazy even suggesting that.

I didn’t think he could be any more crazy but yesterday he went full retard and actually did bill me for ‘use’ of his poem…a poem he has previously said that I fabricated. Well that little falsehood is well and truly busted.

I replied to Colin Craig and copied in media who have now picked it up.

Stacey Kirk at Fairfax covers the story best.

Colin Craig appears to have admitted a poem allegedly written for his former press-secretary Rachel MacGregor, is one of his original works.

He is now attempting to invoice WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater $15,000 for it, after Slater published the leaked poem on his site.

In the latest twist of a drawn-out series of events, Craig is also demanding Slater retract the blog post, and “provide written apology to me for using my work without permission”.

The poem, called Two of Me, spoke of how there could be two of the author; “that would be one for all the others and one of me, for you”.    Read more »

Chris Trotter gets it on Dirty Politics

Chris Trotter writes at Martyn Martin Bradbury’s hate speech blog about the failure of Dirty Politics:

There’s no disputing that Hager’s Dirty Politics reveals an unprecedented amount of information about what was going on behind the scenes of New Zealand politics in 2014. The wealth of material contained in Hager’s book could not, however, have been acquired outside of the thoroughly digitalised society we’ve become. Thousands of hacked e-mail communications to and from Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil blogsite had been passed on to Hager, revealing a host of startling connections between Slater, the Prime Minister’s Office, Justice Minister Judith Collins, numerous journalists, and a strange coterie of behind-the-scenes movers and shakers calling themselves “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”.

That similar exercises in political character assassination, media manipulation, and influence-peddling went on in the past is equally indisputable. It was only very rarely, however, that evidence of such dirty deeds ever came to light. The shrewd operators of the pre-digital era took care to leave no paper trails for pesky journalists to follow. Granted, telephone landlines could be tapped, but not, in the usual course of events, by the Left. Nor was there an Official Information Act to trouble wayward civil servants and Cabinet Ministers. Dirty politics was easier to get away with in those days – and investigative journalism much harder!

The result, paradoxically, was that public trust and confidence in our political institutions was much higher in the past than it is today. What the journalistic eye could not see, the electorate didn’t grieve over.

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And so we begin

Remember these words from Nicky Hager?

Investigative writer Nicky Hager said he kept some journalists out of the dirt in his latest book Dirty Politics in hope of a cleaner future.

In a small Wintec lecture theatre, Hager let student journalists pick his brain about investigative journalism and his book.

During the intimate Q and A, Hager talked about the Kiwi journalists named in his book.

“If you see a name of a journalist in the book, they are the ones I don’t think have done anything wrong, they’re just incidental to the story. Every journalist who had been taking stories in dodgy ways from David Farrar, one of the bloggers, or Cameron Slater or from the prime minister’s office, I actually left their names out. I decided not to do the journalists basically.

All apart from Rachel Glucina, who Hager described as “despicable”.

Although Hager highlighted the problem of media being played by Slater and others, he also said he understood the demands of the industry.

“I think that a whole lot of people had done things which were dodgy and wrong. In other words they knew that their prime minister’s office was feeding them information and you could get really easy stories.

“You were being used but it was giving you another headline in a job which is very busy and competitive, where people want to get stuff, so there’s a ton of horrible temptation to keep being an outlet for Cameron Slater and people.

The people I’m talking about are in the press gallery, senior journalists. Basically I didn’t want to humiliate them, I wanted to give them room to think again and do it differently. That was the reason. Because we’re a small country and there are only going to be the same senior journalists the year after and the year after that, so let them change their minds on it.”

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Michelle Boag is a bitter old bag and wrong as usual


Michelle Boag went on Radio Live with Sean Plunket and Mike Williams and made all sorts of allegations about me and my good mate Carrick Graham.

She really went to town on it and then threatened to take me to court using the cyber-bullying laws if I slagged the old bag off. She of course forgets that her comments went out via streaming and have now been broadcast, also via Facebook. If she wants to go down that path then let’s have at it.

She has said she knows someone who has paid me not to say anything on my blog about them. That is a lie…because there is not a single person who has ever paid me to keep their name out of the blog…but she needs to come clean with the name of this person so I can invoice them for these services she claims I am providing. Read more »

Craig can’t see the forest for the trees – a secondary school student’s response

I love feedback from my readership and none is better than from a previous Craig Supporter that has given me significant insight into what Colin Craig is up to, and how he has likely destroyed his ability to maintain that he has been defamed, and that he can proceed to trial given that he has conspired with others to breach my right to a fair trial before a panel of my peers.

Here is what I received from a Year 13 student:

Dear Sir

Having previously been a supporter of the Conservative Party, its leader, and its stated values, I must report that I have, once been in receipt of the pamphlet titled “Dirty Politics and Hidden Agenda’s – Colin Craig VS Dirty Politics Brigade ….And their campaign of Lies” formed the view that Mr Craig has been in receipt of some egregiously incompetent legal advice.

I say this for the following reasons.  I am a year 13 student who attends Baradene Catholic Girls College in Victoria Ave Auckland and have an interest in the “justice system”, wanting to study law somewhere else other than New Zealand.

Colin Craig was subject to what he terms as a strategised defamatory “attack” from persons within his party and from the Internet media.  He has called press conferences wherein he has made serious allegations against Cameron Slater, Jordan Williams, and John Stringer of effectively “criminal slander” under the Crimes Act 1961 [repealed in 1992 when the Defamation Act was updated].

I wish to refer the allegedly aggrieved Mr Craig and his allegedly erudite counsel to the defamation cases of Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation [1997] 189 CLR 520, Lange v Atkinson [1997] 2 NZLR 22 [HC], [1998] 3 NZLR 424 [CA] , [2000] 1 NZLR 257 [PC], [2000] 3 NZLR 385 – defamations in tort.

The other cogent cases to be considered are numerous but include inter alia;  Horrocks v Lowe [1975] AC 135, 150, Invercargill City Council v Hamlin [1996] 1 NZLR 513, and the Law Commission Report, preliminary paper 33 DEFAMING POLITICIANS – A RESPONSE TO LANGE V ATKINSON – a discussion paper.  In the Court of Appeal decision [unreported, 25 May 1998, CA, 52/97, Richardson P, Henry, Keith, Blanchard and Tipping J held in Lange;

We hold that the defence of qualified privilege applies to generally published statements made about the actions and qualities of those currently or formerly elected to Parliament and those with immediate aspirations to be Members, so far as those actions and qualities directly affect or affected their capacity (including their personal ability and willingness) to meet their public responsibilities. The determination of the matters that bear on that capacity will depend on a consideration of what is properly a matter of public concern rather than private concern. (para 1)    

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A letter from Colin Craig’s lawyers

I received this letter (below) late on Friday afternoon from Colin Craigs’ corporate lawyers.

It has all the hallmarks of a rush job following a very public press conference.

As you will see, he is threatening to take action unless I apologise for unspecified defamations.

I stand by everything I have publicly said and published, but more importantly I reject the allegations contained within his booklet that he shilled to the media in a press conference.

Observant readers will have noted that the Conservative party has removed not only the defamatory document, but also the defamatory press release from Colin Craig from their website. NewstalkZB has also removed the defamatory booklet. Other outlets have been and are being contacted for the removal of this defamatory booklet.   Read more »

Will David Parker now apologise after Police reject his vexatious complaint?

The police have cleared me of any wrong doing over David Parker’s vexatious complaint to Police.

A scumbag reporter at a newspaper reports:

Not so Dirty Politics after all.

That’s the message from police over a blogger accessing Labour Party computer systems to gather financial and membership details.

The country’s most senior detective Rodney Drew today told the Labour Party that “there is no evidence of criminal offending”.

“While the matter may raise privacy and ethical issues, these are not the domain of criminal law.”

It’s almost a year since details of the 2011 intrusion were described by journalist Nicky Hager in the controversial pre-election book Dirty Politics.

Hager wrote how Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater conspired with a staff member in the Prime Minister’s office, Jason Ede, to access Labour Party information through a hole in its website. He reported how Ede had avoided being identified by using a “dynamic IP address” which meant efforts to track him failed.

The details revealed in the book led to the Labour Party complaining it had been hacked, among other claims. The other matters were dismissed by police last year. The reason, in a letter from Mr Drew, was that the “only evidence being relied on was contents of Mr Hagar’s (sic) book and the entities and persons named did not want to pursue any action”.   Read more »