I have found the new leader of the Labour Party

A bit of humour to sell the Canadian Film Festival


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USA and Canada Rail Network Map

Fairfax go on media charm offensive for Graham McCready

McCready is suffering the consequences of his actions.

Normally people are discharged from bankruptcy after three years but Mr McCready said he was pursuing early release primarily so he could renew his relationship with his two adult daughters – aged 37 and 40 – who both live in Canada and who he has not seen for 20 years.

Bankruptcy prevented him from travelling and was stopping him from getting on with his life.

Far be it from me to deny McCready his insights and regrets, but if he couldn’t be assed to go see them for 20 years, and (my presumption), they haven’t taken the time to come here, I’m afraid that I see this as nothing more than a cynical ploy.

The boy has form – being convicted for blackmail being one of the list of colourful events in his life. ¬† Read more »

Crispy Canadian criminals caught

PR counter terrorism playbook Rule 1: Discredit the messenger



The journalist that broke the Mayor Rob Ford story in Toronto Canada was pilloried. ¬†It’s something I’m not unfamiliar with myself.

“But as she became the face of the story, Doolittle also endured a¬†surprising amount of hostility. “I understand how someone can say, ‘I¬†don’t care what the mayor does in his personal time.’ That’s¬†completely valid,” she says. “But you don’t need to say, ‘I bet you’re¬†a heroin-using prostitute.’” ¬† Read more »

Canada’s response to Russian Winter Olympics homophobia


At least he isn’t getting duck calls!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in trouble again…this time for jay walking. Still beats getting constant duck call heckles.

The Herald reposts an AP report.

¬†It seems that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford can’t cross the street these days without getting into trouble.

The mayor’s spokesman, Amin Massoudi, confirmed Saturday that Ford received a jaywalking ticket Friday night.

Ford was in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, where he’s attending the funeral of a friend’s mother.

Toronto’s embattled mayor last year made international headlines when he admitted to having smoked crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor.¬† Read more »

The good news keeps on rolling, this time it is tourism

Thjs news won;t make the Labour party party happy as they want to trash talk the New Zealand economy, and john Key.

He is the tourism minister so can rightly claim this piece of good news.

A record 2.7 million overseas visitors touched down in New Zealand last year, providing a shot in the arm for retailers, tourism operators, the hospitality industry and the economy.

Tourism New Zealand estimates the extra 114,112 holiday makers last year from abroad spent $365 million.

In addition to a bumper year, December also recorded the highest number of arrivals in any month with 381,000 clearing immigration controls.

Tourism NZ chief executive Kevin Bowler says the growth for the year was driven by traditional long-stay markets and the biggest source of tourists – Australia.¬† Read more »