Newbie reporters accidentally report the facts

In Canada there has been a cover-up. Girls in an elementary school have been kicked, choked and hurt by refugee boys. The mainstream media with one exception showed no interest in covering the story. The newspaper that did cover the story quickly edited facts out after the story went viral and eventually removed it all together.

I was  curious as to why the newspaper had covered the story  in the first place given that no other media was interested in the story and the reason was as sad as it is fascinating.

Insiders at the Chronicle Herald noted the paper’s staff has been on strike for 12 weeks, with many inexperienced reporters taking their place. They suggested managers may have missed the holes in the story’s reporting because of overwork and exhaustion. In a Facebook post, Martin O’Hanlon, the president of CWA Canada, the union representing the paper’s staff, said, “This would never have happened if real journalists were on the job instead of scabs.”

In my mind those ‘inexperienced’ reporters recognised a genuine public interest news story. Their crime was not knowing that media organisations  these days are more interested in political correctness than telling the truth.

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The story that never was


A news story was reported on. It involved a school covering up the truth. People reacted to the news story. The news story was edited and key information was removed. People continued to share the story online; in fact it went viral. The story was removed completely because the news organisation decided it was too sensitive. By this time it had already been shared all over the world.

Here is the story that never was. The story that a news organisation decided was too sensitive for people to know about.

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I wonder if we can swap him for Gerry?

Gerry Brownlee and his custom tailored ballistic vest that cost three times the standard vest worn by Kiwi troops

Gerry Brownlee and his custom tailored ballistic vest that cost three times the standard vest worn by Kiwi troops

This is Gerry Brownlee; he is our current Minister of Defence.

He can’t be bothered going to see the NZSAS, lied in an Official Information Act response about it, won’t turn up at Defence conferences and is generally a fat bastard.

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Child marriage in Bangladesh, through the eyes of a runaway bride-to-be

Tania Rashid is a freelance correspondent and producer for Al Jazeera’s 101 East, and she narrowly escaped becoming a child-bride while living in America. Tania is one of very few girls from Bangladesh who has been able to escape her arranged marriage. Child marriage is illegal in Bangladesh but it still has the highest rate of child marriage for girls under the age of 15 in the world.

When I was a little girl growing up in Bangladesh, my mother would tell me that going to school was okay, but if I didn’t do well, she would marry me off to a rich older man who could take care of me. It is many years later, but those words still affect me.

She wasn’t the only family member trying to marry me off young.

My grandfather had plans for me to marry my first cousin who was 20 years older than me, but he passed away before he could make it happen. All of this marriage talk is part of a deep-rooted tradition to keep women under control and maintain family honour.

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Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police now endorse Sexism

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have worked hard to be a place of equality for all Canadians. A leak to Ezra Levant of from the RCMP has revealed that this month they are going to announce a change. A new uniform for policewomen is going to be unveiled and it will be the sharia-compliant head covering for women, the hijab.

Canada is not the first Western country to let Sharia law creep into its police force or military or prison security. Our nearest neighbour Australia, for example, has it in their navy. It can also be found in America and Britain.

Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy

Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy

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The Auckland Mayoral Candidates’ Vacuity


The current Auckland Mayoral candidates are trying to convince us they are serious, without having any firm policies or intellectual rigour behind their campaign. They seem to want to be mayor because they think they would be good at the job, rather than any burning ideological reason for transforming Auckland.

It is a shame we do not have mayoral candidates with the ambition of Canadian Maxime Bernier who is running for the Conservative Party leadership.

“I’m in politics for the ideas,” says Maxime Bernier. And with that line alone he may be starting something of a mini-revolution in the Conservative leadership process.Bernier, who’s been the Conservative MP for the Quebec riding of Beauce for a decade, has confirmed he’s testing the waters for a potential leadership bid. In a phone interview, Bernier laid out what would be his philosophical underpinnings as leader.“If I run I will run for more freedom and less government intervention in our day-to-day lives,” says the man viewed as the most libertarian-leaning Conservative caucus member.

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Canadians want to buy weed from the government


VICE reports that Canadians, contemplating legalisation of cannabis after the election of Justin Trudeau, would prefer that the government be the provider of legal cannabis.

Canadians, known for their sensibility (a.k.a. boringness) and love of weed, want the Trudeau government to legalize pot and sell it through government-run stores, a new poll says.

The Forum Poll, made available exclusively to VICE, shows 40 percent of those polled want a legalized model where a few large companies grow cannabis and then distribute through government run stores where it can be taxed.

The most popular answer for what to do with those green tax dollars is to put the money into Canada’s debt (21 percent), followed by drug addiction programs at 17 percent. Putting the money into law enforcement or government surveillance didn’t make the cut as an option.   Read more »

And this is Labour’s poll guru?

Rob Salmond is Labour’s polling guru. For most of last year he was exclaiming that the public polls of the media companies were wrong and that David Cunliffe and Labour were actually polling at least 10 points higher.

Then the election results came in.

A few weeks ago Rob decided to impart his considerable polling wisdom over the coming Canadian elections.

In his words the:

“New Democratic Party (NDP) stands proudly for the progressive left in Canadian politics. Very few would accuse the NDP of being “Blairite.” (For one thing, it opposed the 2003 Iraq war.) While there’s a tight election campaign on in Canada right now, next month the NDP is most likely to head the Canadian government for the first time.”

He goes on:

[T]he NDP is finding another way to win. In an actual, nationwide election, not just a intra-party contest. And when it wins, using traditional reach-to-the-centre methods, it will deliver real progressive change for Canada.

The Canadian left may not get everything it wants, but it will get a lot of things it wants. That’s what victory looks like in a modern democracy.

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Just how bad is the Canadian voting system?

In an earlier post I wrote about a 6 foot tall male reporter who voted in a Niqab in Canada. He was given a choice. Take off the face mask to prove his identity or swear an oath promising that under the mask he was the same person on the photographic identity card he had with him. He chose to swear the oath and was allowed to vote even though his face had not been compared to the ID card he had with him.

That was bad enough as the whole point of an ID card is to establish identity but another undercover sting by Rebel Media has discovered that a woman under a Niqab gets even less scrutiny.

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Rebel media send a man undercover to vote in a Niqab


Last month, the Federal Court of Appeal ordered Canadian citizenship courts to allow people to wear full, face-obscuring, Muslim niqabs while taking the oath of citizenship. Rebel Media believe that by allowing this the Federal court is letting Sharia law creep into Canadian culture making it normal for women to be seen as second class citizens as it hides their identities and dehumanises them.

Wondering what would happen if someone attempted to vote while wearing a niqab Rebel media sent a reporter to attempt to vote.

We sent David Menzies, a six-foot tall man.

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