Caption Contest

Caption Contest


You know how it works, just keep it nice and not nasty

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Caption Contest


You know what to do but don’t upset the moderation monsters.

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Meme/Caption contest


You know what to to.  Make yours here and put it in the comments below.   Read more »

It’s been a while: Meme / Caption contest


Here’s Mr Twyford breaking parliament’s rules about not taking photos while on the floor of Parliament, but then Labour are all about breaking the rules when it suits them – the end justifies the means.  Something that the Media Party as well as the left deeply hold to be true.

That aside, have fun making your own meme here, or photoshop your entry – place them in the comments below.  Remember, we’re looking for clever and funny.  Keep it family friendly.   Read more »

Caption Contest


Colin likes the exposure, so let’s help him out.  Funny, not nasty.  Definitely not defamatory!   You can do yours here, and then post the results in the comments below.   Read more »

Caption/Meme Contest [FIXED]

You could have bet your house on this one coming along.  It just needed a good photo.


You know the drill.  Make your own here, then share it in the comments below.   Remember the moderators, and I’m looking for laugh out loud funny, not nasty.    Read more »

Meme/Caption contest

Andrew little

Hey, you know what to do.  And you can do it here.  Share the results in the comments.  But please, don’t do anything that would upset the moderators.  Ta.   Read more »

Caption/Meme/Photoshop contest


Photo taken at the Helensville “debate”, it is now the basis for you to have some fun.  Please, funny, not nasty – and within moderation and commenting standards.  You can do your own meme here, just drag and drop the image into a comment (you’ll have to reload the page to see it)   Read more »

Cunliffe visits Greymouth Meme Caption Contest


Cunliffe visited Greymouth yesterday where he had this shameless shot taken to lock in both the toddler and police vote.

Make your own Meme from this photo, then share in the comments.  We’ll run the winner (or winners!) as a post.

Make them here.

Remember the moderation rules.  Smart, clever, witty… Good.

Vile and nasty will be deleted.

Caption Contest


Remember the language restrictions… ;)