Cartoon of the Day

Once again from Emmerson:


Cartoons and images of the Len Brown Affair

Bryce Edwards has a collection of images of what may actually be the largest scandal in NZ political history.

My favourites are:




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It’s a dirty job…

Second day in a row…looks like Emmerson is earning a good crust from me.


Caption Contest

This was Emmerson’s cartoon in the Herald today.

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Knitting a stab proof vest?

Emmerson is on his game again. Keeping Stock suggests he should be knitting a stab proof vest.

Shearer knitting

Offensive? Not much actually

The left wing media and their flunkies in the blogosphere are beating up a storm over some hard hitting cartoons.

But are they offensive? Probably…to the grievance mode liberal elites, but not to many.

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Heh, Emmerson knifes Shearer

The more things change the more they stay the same

ᔥ the tipline

A reader emailed this cartoon of Tom Scotts from 1992:

Emmerson on Jones fiasco

ᔥ NZ Herald

Emmerson is brilliant…Shane Jones movie viewing pleasures, carpet cleaners and dodgy behaviour…nice.

Cartoon of the Day

ᔥ NZ Herald

Emmerson skewers Shearer: