Never mess with Russians

(Reuters) – Kush the cat was quarantined in central Florida after her owner called 911 over the weekend for help, saying the ferocious feline had her trapped in her home.

“I can’t get out. She’s got us trapped in our bedroom,” Teresa Gregory, 50, told the emergency police dispatcher, according to the record of the call.

‘She’s just sitting outside my bedroom door right now. We don’t know what to do.”

Gregory told the dispatcher that Kush, a 4-year-old Russian Blue, began behaving badly earlier in the day so her husband James locked the cat in the bathroom for a while.

Gregory said she might have accidentally stepped on the cat, sparking the aggressive behavior.

When the cat was released, “she freaked out on us,” hissing, scratching and scaring them, Gregory said.

Gregory said both she and her husband were bleeding from scratches to their arms and legs but both later declined treatment.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I love this cat to death,” Gregory told the dispatcher.

Man and woman cards need to be revoked over this.   And I do suspect that there may be a history of  mistreatment.  That cat’s had enough.   Read more »

Invercargill’s Crazy Cat lady finally has a name

Some other crazy cat lady

Some other crazy cat lady

Not that we need to know her name.  But the fact it was suppressed in the first place, make this important.

Allison Beckham reports:

The Invercargill woman charged with keeping too many cats on her city property can be named as Averil Maree Gardiner.

Gardiner, who has pleaded not guilty to failing to reduce the number of animals on her property to comply with an Invercargill City Council bylaw, and creating a nuisance under the Health Act, 1956, has been fighting to keep her name private.

Last month, in the Invercargill District Court, Judge Michael Turner ruled she had not met the high threshold required for continued name suppression and ordered it be lifted. Through her counsel, Simon Claver, she immediately appealed to the High Court.

The appeal was to have been heard in Invercargill yesterday, but in the afternoon the court issued a statement saying the action had been abandoned.

It was always absurd to demand name suppression on such a minor civil case.

Fern and Rachael Webber are among many neighbours who have complained about Gardiner’s animals roaming the area, upsetting other cats and fouling and spraying on nearby properties.

Mr Webber said after Gardiner moved in, he and his wife did not realise for some months just how many cats she owned.

”Then we began to see them sitting on her driveway in the sun. The most I ever counted was 25.”

Mrs Webber said she did not care if Gardiner owned 10 or 20 cats but was only concerned about the health of her own family.

”The cats were using our entire lawn and garden as a toilet … and digging up my seedlings.

”Before our children went out to play we had to go round with a plastic bag and pick up the poo.”

Since news of Gardiner’s cats broke about three months ago, the cats had been kept inside ”virtually 24/7”, Mr Webber said.

”It’s been awesome for us, but what the smell is like inside her house I don’t know.”

Averil Maree Gardiner, you must go through a few cubic meters of kitty litter a week!


- Otago Daily Times

I have no idea what’s going on here


So, start putting them down

No one wants cats, except crazy cat ladies, evil little creatures that they are…so much so that the SPCA is over run with unwanted cats.

The cat population at Auckland SPCA has reached critical levels and families willing to adopt pets are urgently needed.  Read more »

Cam would shoot it, I would drown it

Why do people put up with pets that attack their owners?


Photo Of The Day


The Cat Knew What She Was Doing …

She Didn’t Even Try to Call 911

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Time for someone to be checked in…

To an asylum…

Dr Gevil? What a dick.

Dr Gevil from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo.

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Is it wrong to pick on crazy cat ladies?

One reader certainly thinks so.

Here is his dissenting comment to yesterday’s post.

Re: Your blog “crazy cat lady”. Everyone soon or late needs a little compassion but if we want it we need to foster it.

TV3’s entrapment of the cat lady wasn’t. They vilified her. If TV3 were outside our door we’d be upset too? Especially if neighbours had hurt our cats. It’s persecution! The lady didn’t hurt anyone.

She’s adopted cats that were abandoned. She did it out of care. Many poorer folk have cats. They love them. They’re trying to make the rent and their cats provide love. I think it’s an intolerant law that lets a person hurt neighbours and cause heartbreak when they find their wee mates dead due to hate. This is cruelty.

Re: the picture of a cat dead in a Timm trap, it’s not humane. It’d be terrible for the family that loved this cat to see this! The SPCA list of shame shows what the some  are capable of. This encourages it. Cats are companions for the aged, families with kids, all kinds of people.

I’m for decent approaches to problems not persecution

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Gareth Morgan is right, cats are jerks


A Bloody good Mayor

Given all the problems with the crazy cat lady down in Invercargill at the moment, maybe Tim Shadbolt could learn a thing or too from a Melbourne Mayor  Fiona McAllister who imposed a 24 hour cat ban with the Yarra Ranges councils zone.


A few people were rather upset though as you’d expect, but if every other animal is required to be contained then why not cats? Why should someone else put with someone elses pet on their property?

A Melbourne council’s decision to ban roaming cats from its streets has been met with a fierce backlash, pet owners branding the decision ”cruel” and ”unjust”.
The Yarra Ranges council last week voted for a new policy to require cats to be confined to their owners’ property at all times. The move was supported in a 234-person online poll.
But since the announcement hundreds of other residents have complained they were not consulted and have dubbed the council ”a bunch of cat-haters”.
A petition calling for the permanent curfew to be abolished has received almost 900 signatures in four days, dwarfing the council’s original poll. Montrose video producer Peter Brewer began the campaign after reading about the curfew for the first time in The Age.

Before the vote, proposed changes to cat and dog regulations were advertised on the council’s website, community newspaper, social media and articles in the local paper.
But Mr Brewer said it was clear the message had not been received by many. He said it was ridiculous a law could be introduced after a poll of 234 people, in a municipality of 145,000.
His two cats are allowed to wander during the day, wearing their bells and a collar, before they are locked inside at night. ”I don’t know how we are going to keep cats inside that have been outside all their life,” Mr Brewer said.
The council’s planning, building and health director, Andrew Paxton, said since the vote 40 letters opposing the curfew and 14 letters supporting the policy had been received.
It is also understood one councillor has since written to the petition saying they did not support the curfew, but believed the council was committed to it and ”won’t abolish it soon”.
In the meantime angry residents, including Nathan Rees, have taken to the council’s Facebook page telling the council to ”get a grip”. ”Good luck with the 24-hour cat prison,” Mr Rees wrote. ”How about I lock up your children in my laundry all day?”

Cat owner Sandy Lee is concerned cats could be abandoned as the result of the policy and complained about the cost of installing outdoor enclosures.
”As a renter, we can’t just install outside enclosures, apart from the fact that it costs thousands people like me don’t have,” she said.

Oh well, who’s problem is that? Get rid of the cat, problem solved.

Montrose retiree Ray Huxley is upset he did not get to have his say before the policy was passed. His family had adopted an ”interloper” cat who likes to wander outside.
The council said there would be no financial assistance to help low-income residents construct outdoor enclosures.
”However, some cat owners have been successfully confining their cats to their properties without enclosures,” Mr Paxton said. – The Age Victoria

Pity we don’t impose the same thing here and punish those people that think it is their god given right to own dozens of cats roaming the neighbourhood squirting and crapping everywhere.