Gareth Morgan is right, cats are jerks


A Bloody good Mayor

Given all the problems with the crazy cat lady down in Invercargill at the moment, maybe Tim Shadbolt could learn a thing or too from a Melbourne Mayor  Fiona McAllister who imposed a 24 hour cat ban with the Yarra Ranges councils zone.


A few people were rather upset though as you’d expect, but if every other animal is required to be contained then why not cats? Why should someone else put with someone elses pet on their property?

A Melbourne council’s decision to ban roaming cats from its streets has been met with a fierce backlash, pet owners branding the decision ”cruel” and ”unjust”.
The Yarra Ranges council last week voted for a new policy to require cats to be confined to their owners’ property at all times. The move was supported in a 234-person online poll.
But since the announcement hundreds of other residents have complained they were not consulted and have dubbed the council ”a bunch of cat-haters”.
A petition calling for the permanent curfew to be abolished has received almost 900 signatures in four days, dwarfing the council’s original poll. Montrose video producer Peter Brewer began the campaign after reading about the curfew for the first time in The Age.

Before the vote, proposed changes to cat and dog regulations were advertised on the council’s website, community newspaper, social media and articles in the local paper.
But Mr Brewer said it was clear the message had not been received by many. He said it was ridiculous a law could be introduced after a poll of 234 people, in a municipality of 145,000.
His two cats are allowed to wander during the day, wearing their bells and a collar, before they are locked inside at night. ”I don’t know how we are going to keep cats inside that have been outside all their life,” Mr Brewer said.
The council’s planning, building and health director, Andrew Paxton, said since the vote 40 letters opposing the curfew and 14 letters supporting the policy had been received.
It is also understood one councillor has since written to the petition saying they did not support the curfew, but believed the council was committed to it and ”won’t abolish it soon”.
In the meantime angry residents, including Nathan Rees, have taken to the council’s Facebook page telling the council to ”get a grip”. ”Good luck with the 24-hour cat prison,” Mr Rees wrote. ”How about I lock up your children in my laundry all day?”

Cat owner Sandy Lee is concerned cats could be abandoned as the result of the policy and complained about the cost of installing outdoor enclosures.
”As a renter, we can’t just install outside enclosures, apart from the fact that it costs thousands people like me don’t have,” she said.

Oh well, who’s problem is that? Get rid of the cat, problem solved.

Montrose retiree Ray Huxley is upset he did not get to have his say before the policy was passed. His family had adopted an ”interloper” cat who likes to wander outside.
The council said there would be no financial assistance to help low-income residents construct outdoor enclosures.
”However, some cat owners have been successfully confining their cats to their properties without enclosures,” Mr Paxton said. – The Age Victoria

Pity we don’t impose the same thing here and punish those people that think it is their god given right to own dozens of cats roaming the neighbourhood squirting and crapping everywhere.


Feral cat lady and feral son assault cameraman

Hey, they can’t all be Kim Dotcom stories, but here we go again, getting you real news: ¬†Raw footage of the TV3 cameraman being abused and assaulted by the Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady and her delightful son.

Crazy Cat Lady war in Invercargill heats up

You may recall our report on the Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady that is upsetting her neighbours with her 37 (estimated) cats.

Things are getting tense…


Louise Berwick gives us the update

An Invercargill woman whose three dozen cats are infuriating her neighbours is now keeping them inside her house, a move that could result in a prosecution under the Health Act.

Invercargill City Council chief executive Richard King sparked outrage and attracted an onslaught of national media after suggesting in¬†The Southland Times¬†her neighbours get rid of the cats by trapping them in council-provided traps and disposing of them. ¬† Read more »

Raw Jurassic Park footage – before CGI is applied


Your affection is not wanted here

This is looking like a good option for Auckland too

A cat has been mayor of Alaskan town for 15 years – option for Aucklanders too?


Mayor Stubbs has been at the helm of the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years – an impressive feat for any elected official, but even more so considering Stubbs is a cat.

The part-manx is popular among residents, who voted him into office in a write-in election a decade and a half ago when he was a kitten, after rejecting the human candidates on the ballot.

“Lo and behold, Stubbs the cat won the write-in that year,”¬†one resident told NBC affiliate WBBH. “And he’s been our mayor ever since.”¬† Read more »


5 seconds, people just don’t know how to cook cats properly

5 seconds in a microwave is nowhere near enough to cook a cat

5 seconds in a microwave is nowhere near enough to cook a cat

Five seconds is nowhere near long enough to cook a cat.

A cat that suffered serious burns and ‘acute stress’ when her twisted owner microwaved her in retaliation for scratching him has been re-homed.

When RSPCA inspectors found the black and white cat, named Nancy, she felt hot to the touch, her head was hanging low and she was breathing heavily.

She was rushed to the Stubbington Ark rescue centre, near Fareham, Hampshire, after being placed in the cooker for five seconds.

However, Nancy has now been nursed back to health by new owners Taff Jones, 64, and his wife Pam, 41, from Southsea.

The couple adopted Nancy after Mrs Jones said she wanted a cat for her 40th birthday.¬† Read more »


I’m going to let you make your own mind up about this one


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