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What does today’s face of the day and this cat have in common?


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War on cats: 2,000,000 to be killed by 2020

You cat lovers can breath a sigh of relief – it’s in Australia.  For now.

The Washington Post reports

The Australian government announced plans to cull up to 2 million feral cats by 2020 in a bid to preserve dozens of native species that authorities claim face extinction because of the cats’ predatory behavior.

Speaking to a national radio station, Gregory Andrews, the country’s first threatened-species Commissioner, said Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt “is declaring war on feral cats, and he’s asked me to take charge of that program.”

Hunt unveiled the five-year plan at a Melbourne zoo on Thursday, vowing to protect Australia’s native mammal and bird populations.

“We are drawing a line in the sand today which says, ‘On our watch, in our time, no more species extinction,'” Hunt said.

A line in the Australian sand.  No. More. Cats.

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Face of the day

Andrew Little in cat apron PHOTO-facebook

Andrew Little in cat apron

Today’s face of the day is sticking with his winning strategy. After all, according to all our detractors Whaleoil is only popular because of all our click bait cat videos, so why shouldn’t Andrew Little use click bait?

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What’s worse than a cat cafe?


If you thought a cat cafe was a really dumb idea then be prepared to be astonished.

It seems there are more stupid people out there and they have started a competitive cat cafe. Auckland now has two.

Who knew there were so many cat recipes?

Having become something of an unofficial cat reporter, the task of reviewing New Zealand’s second cat cafe naturally landed in my all-too-obliging lap.   Read more »


Westport ferals are at it again

There is something wrong on the coast.

The Westport SPCA is appalled a rabbit and a guinea pig were removed from their cage at a Westport property and decapitated recently.

Westport SPCA secretary Robyn Nahr said the SPCA was horrified to hear that someone had decapitated the animals.

She appealed to anyone with information regarding the sadistic act to come forward.

“This has been reported to the police as well.”

That wasn’t the only act of animal cruelty to happen in Westport lately, she said.

Over the past week, a whitebaiter had seen three dead cats floating down the Buller River on three separate occasions. He managed to grab two of them, one which was in a plastic bag, she said.

The third cat he couldn’t reach.

“We don’t know if the one in the bag was dead when it was put in [the river].” She hoped for the cat’s sake it was.    Read more »

Are they going to serve up those cat recipes from Switzerland?


New Zealand’s first cat cafe is going to open this week.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the first New Zealand cat cafe will be opening in Auckland at the end of the week. Co-owner of the Cat Lounge Mike Jones talks about how he came up with that idea and how the project developed.

In the video he says that there will be psychics available as well for readings…and he says it with a straight face.

But what I want to know is if this Cat Cafe is going to be serving up those cat recipes that seems to be making a bit of noise out of Switzerland.

A man who boasts about eating pet cats because he likes the taste of their meat has outraged animal lovers in Switzerland.

Controversial Martin Buhlmann, 72, from Lucerne, has confessed his appetite for cats – which he says taste ‘just like chicken’ – in an upcoming programme on Swiss TV.   Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Mary giving birth to Rabbits.

Mary giving birth to Rabbits.

How To Give Birth To Rabbits

 It was September 27, 1726, and Mary Toft was going into labour. The 24-year-old peasant, who worked in hop fields of rural England, called out for her neighbour, Mary Gill. Gill rushed inside Mary’s house and found her squirming in pain. Then something unusual happened. Mary hovered over a bucket and gave birth to a monster.

It was a ghastly but miraculous birth. Gill ran to find Mary’s sister-in-law—a midwife by trade—and told her the baffling news. The “baby” looked like a rotten jumble of animal parts. The family quickly sent the remains to a local surgeon, John Howard, a man with over 30 years of experience delivering babies. Howard inspected the remains, writing that they resembled “three legs of a cat of tabby colour, and one leg of a rabbet . . . in them were three pieces of the Back bone of an Eel.”

Yes, an eel.

Howard was skeptical, but he begrudgingly visited Mary. He complained that she was difficult to work with. “[Mary is] of a very stupid and sullen Temper,” he later wrote. But then it happened before his eyes: Mary gave birth to a baby bunny. It was like magic. Except the rabbit wasn’t coming out of a hat.

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New Science Fact: 10,000 volts kills all of cat’s nine lives in one go

Cats are evil and a waste of space and a pain in the butt, but at least this one went out in style – creating maximum inconvenience to human beings.

Nearly 10,000 homes and business in Tauranga lost their power for an hour after a cat was zapped at a substation.

The cat climbed on to outdoor electrical switchgear at the Otumoetai substation last night, lines company Powerco says.

Power was restored about an hour later at 8.25pm.

The cat did not survive.

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As seen in the wild

From the Cat Site forums:

Do Male cats kill kittens?

We had three little kittens in our backyard .We were feeding them and their mother for a week. They were so tiny and beautiful and playful. Actually, other strays were even afraid to come near he mother. But y’day night, we saw a huge cat, it was twice the size of the mother and unlike any stray we had seen. The mother cat was out on a hunt and the three kittens were frightened and hiding. (They were too little even to mew). We chased the big one away. But it looked exactly like one of the litter. ( a striped grey that we called Tiger). So we thought may be it was the father of the litter, and so it would not harm them. But this morning, the mother came back and sat staring stiffly at something behind a bush. When my brother went and saw, it was little Tiger, (Oh God!) bitten in half with its lower part missing. We searched for the others, but could not find them. But then later we saw the other two in our neighbor’s house. But Tiger was our special pet, the most beautiful of the litter, a shy kitty, that would peek around a bush or a wall and make sure none of us were near before it came to lap up the milk we gave them. Just yesterday, all of them, including Tiger started coming near us and played with us when we shook little twigs at them. It was so delightful to watch.

The first expert comments:

Yes Toms will kill kittens because the grief in the momcats throw the females back into heat quickly and the toms can mate again. Normally the Tom will put the kitten in their mouth and shake them violently and not leave a mark. But I have known some Toms that will kill more violently than that.

Apparently this behaviour disappears once the tom cat is neutered…

Now bearing all that in mind this was the news on Fairfax from  yesterday:    Read more »


Pets at work? Or Pests at work? [POLL]

Research suggests allowing people to bring pets to work is beneficial for productivity and general harmony.

Allowing workers to bring their animal friends to work could increase workplace productivity rather than prove a distraction, a pet care advisor believes. …

“The benefits are huge, it’s not just the amount of fun we have and the pets have, but there’s really good research to say it reduces the stress of people whose pets are in the office on a regular basis.

“People think it must be chaotic but we know productivity increases…maybe because you’re taking more regular breaks so the time you spend at the desk is more productive.”

Research also showed that employees began to enjoy their jobs more and even liked their bosses more for allowing them to bring their pets in.

But it was important good guidelines were set down, as not every pet and not every workplace would be suitable, she said. Read more »