Game of Thrones out now, but not at Warehouse


The latest season of Game of Thrones is out now and people can buy it everywhere…except The Warehouse. I went down to the local store and they don’t have it…I asked about it and was told they won’t be stocking it because it is R18.

Barack Obama is a fan and he has asked HBO for an advance copy so he can watch it on the weekend…lucky he doesn’t have to ask The Warehouse or he’d be disappointed.

The Warehouse seem to have decided to become censors and moral arbiters of what we can or can’t buy and watch Their stance that it is because it is R18 might be valid if it wasn’t for they hypocrisy.¬† Read more »

Censorship is alive and well on Whaleoil

There.  Bet that got your attention.

I implemented the need for¬†verified email addresses to be used when commenting on Whaleoil. ¬†This process isn’t needed if you use Twitter or Facebook to log into Disqus, but if you only use Disqus, and you don’t verify your email address, your comments will be held.

And this is why ¬† Read more »

Right you lot, time for some navel gazing

A Whaleoil reader, we’ll call Paul, writes

I am a Subscriber to your Blog, and as such I appreciate your comments, fact finding and your opinions.

The whole issue is well put together and informative and sometimes fun to read.

However, increasingly I find that I am offended by the silly comments¬†and messages left by some of the readers….most of whom seem to have¬†personal opinions, but are often expressed in an offensive and¬†childish manner.

I really feel that they detract from your publication.

Have you ever thought about “reining them in a little” as it were? ¬† Read more »

They may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!

More and more of the Internet is being beaten down by trolls and destructive commenters.

Mix blatant bigotry with poor spelling. Add a dash of ALL CAPS. Top it off with a violent threat. And there you have it: A recipe for the worst of online comments, scourge of the Internet.

Blame anonymity, blame politicians, blame human nature. But a growing number of websites are reining in the Wild West of online commentary.

Companies including Google and the Huffington Post are trying everything from deploying moderators to forcing people to use their real names in order to restore civil discourse. Some sites, such as Popular Science, are banning comments altogether.

The efforts put sites in a delicate position. User comments add a lively, fresh feel to videos, stories and music. And, of course, the longer visitors stay to read the posts, and the more they come back, the more a site can charge for advertising.

What websites don’t want is the kind of off-putting nastiness that spewed forth under a recent CNN.com article about the Affordable Care Act.

“If it were up to me, you progressive libs destroying this country would be hanging from the gallows for treason. People are awakening though. If I were you, I’d be very afraid,” wrote someone using the name “JBlaze.”

We get our share here, including death threats, although most of those come via email. ¬†But for however long we can, Whaleoil will let the community look after its own standards. ¬† Read more »

Gutsy decision to rein in Aussie Human Rights Commission

Judith Collins could learn from Australia’s Attorney-General George Brandis who has just set the cat amongst the pigeons with a new appointment to their Human Rights Commission.

Senator Brandis said Mr Wilson’s appointment would “restore balance to the Australian Human Rights Commission” which, he said had “become increasingly narrow and selective in its view of human rights” under Labor.

He praised Mr Wilson’s credentials for the role.

“He has published and broadcast widely on the topics of personal freedom, liberal democratic values and the rule of law. He was at the forefront in thwarting recent attempts to erode freedom of speech, freedom of the press and artistic freedom – rights and freedoms Australians have always held precious.” ¬† Read more »

Millions of New Zealanders attempt to access Child Porn sites – Ben Heather [UPDATED]

Yes, that’s what I though too: ¬†What?

See for yourself:


This doesn’t pass the BS test. ¬†MillionS of Kiwis means about one in two, perhaps one in three of us are trying to access Child Porn web sites.

What the hell is going on here? ¬† Read more »

Craig Ferguson plays with the censors

Finding out about dodgy Chinese ratbags

Cina has one of the strictest censorship regimes in the world but little by little information about their dodgy ratbags still seeps out:

Visitors from mainland China climb the narrow stairs to a cramped room here filled with forbidden delights: shelves of scandal-packed exposés about their Communist Party masters.

The People‚Äôs Recreation Community bookstore and several others on Hong Kong‚Äôs teeming shopping streets specialize in selling books and magazines banned by the Chinese government, mostly for their luridly damning accounts of party leaders, past and present. And at a time when many Chinese citizens smolder with distrust of their leaders, business is thriving.¬† Read more »


State censorship. Don’t be a dick


The People’s Daily¬†is the main state-owned newspaper of China’s communist party, and everyone was pretty psyched about the paper’s new Beijing headquarters. The building is massive, imposing, and, uh, currently shaped like a colossal penis. Now, as construction workers try to finish the engineering, the country’s censors are working overtime to stop Chinese people on social media from laughing at the expense of the very paper in charge of controlling the country’s message.¬†According to¬†The International Business Times, the nearly 500-foot tower won’t be finished until this time next year, but the war on mocking it has already begun.

You can’t control what the people decide to call it. ¬†The Cake Tin is a good example of that. ¬†No matter how much they now pretend it’s cute, be assured that there remains a deep down resentment about that name by the people who prefer it to be called by the proper sponsorship name, er… Cake Tin. ¬†See?

Read more »


These are not bouncing Swedish fun bags so what is all the fuss about?

These are not bouncing swedish fun bags so what is all the fuss about?

These are not bouncing Swedish fun bags so what is all the fuss about?

Topless women refuse to take ban lying down

The big question is not about public censorship, it is what the f*** is the public doing funding art anyway?

It is just the guilty pleasure of the liberal elite paid by our tax dollars, and if we don‚Äôt watch out we will all be kicking in for Brian Rudman’s theatre.

This is the theatre that the market says isn’t needed because theatre acting is legacy technology super-ceded by technology like TV and Movies that actually makes money, and allows mass distribution, proving people like and want them.