The story that never was


A news story was reported on. It involved a school covering up the truth. People reacted to the news story. The news story was edited and key information was removed. People continued to share the story online; in fact it went viral. The story was removed completely because the news organisation decided it was too sensitive. By this time it had already been shared all over the world.

Here is the story that never was. The story that a news organisation decided was too sensitive for people to know about.

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So what is Zionism and why has the UN censored an exhibit about it?

Zionism is about indigenous people’s desire to return to their country of origin. Specifically Jewish people.

Imagine that most of us were thrown out of New Zealand after a war and our land, houses and businesses were all taken over by Australians rendering us all nationless. Imagine the loss of our identity as a nation and how that would feel. Now imagine that the name of our country was changed to reflect the new occupiers and New Zealand was claimed as part of the State of New South Wales and Australian territory. Would our desire to come back generations later be racist? If our return made us the majority again would our desire to rename our country New Zealand be racist? Unbelievably the UN has decided that Zionism is racism and have censored an exhibit about it.They even have deemed the displays about Israeli Arabs and Jerusalem to be ‘inappropriate’. With this in mind I have included a couple of examples of these allegedly inappropriate displays so that you can form your own conclusions.

History is a strange thing considering that it was the UN who gave Israel back to the Jewish people in the first place! If that isn’t supporting Zionism I don’t know what is.

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More cartoons about BDS that the censors don’t want you to see

 Happening now in Jerusalem- the Yediot Aharonot conference for the war on BDS featuring the TICP Exhibition.

Happening now in Jerusalem- the Yediot Aharonot conference for the war on BDS featuring the TICP Exhibition.

In a follow up to my post ‘Ten cartoons that the censors do not want you to see,‘ here are some more cartoons. They expose some uncomfortable truths about the BDS movement and are censored by many social media and mainstream media outlets. Buzzfeed took down an entire post of the TICP that contained ten cartoons. I have reproduced all of them here because Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter and the main stream media need to learn that freedom of speech will not be denied.

 By: Amir Avni Cartoons and Animation Makes Sense... From the TICP - The Israeli Cartoon Project Exhibition at the ידיעות אחרונות Yedioth Ahronoth conference.

By: Amir Avni Cartoons and Animation
Makes Sense…
From the TICP – The Israeli Cartoon Project Exhibition at the ידיעות אחרונות Yedioth Ahronoth conference.

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Ten cartoons that the censors do not want you to see

TICP (The Israel Cartoon Project) is a platform for the best Israeli cartoonists and pro-Israeli cartoonists from around the world. It was created with one simple goal in mind; to tell the rest of the world the truth about Israel.
The BDS is an example of one of the many global Anti-Israeli Campaigns that Israelis and Jews face world wide. TICP was created as a creative new approach to addressing these kind of campaigns.

TICP like Israel is heavily outnumbered. This morning when I first received notification of the 10 cartoons on my Facebook feed the link to the very first cartoon on buzzfeed had been removed by buzzfeed. The only version I could find on the Internet was this very small one.


This is the TICP cartoon removed by Buzz feed almost immediately after it was posted on Facebook




This is what TICP is up against and it is why I want to spread the cartoons as far and wide as possible. Cartoonists are being silenced all over the world. In Paris they were massacred, in America they are forced to go into hiding because of death threats and on the internet entities like facebook, twitter and buzzfeed remove their cartoons.Western news organisations refuse to publish cartoons out of fear.

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San Francisco is a bastion of free speech — provided you have the right opinions

The only man who can defeat ISIS.- Milo facebook

The only man who can defeat ISIS. Milo Yiannopoulos -Facebook


Milo Yiannopoulos was my face of the day a while ago. Like most people I admire, he has strong opinions and is capable of holding his own during a debate. He is also funny. He plays fair and does not talk over others, allowing them their turn to speak even though, consistently, he is not given the same respect. He is, not surprisingly, a strong advocate for free speech, while those who disagree with him want to silence him. Milo is a gay man and while on his Dangerous Faggot tour he arranged to speak at an event in San Francisco, a city known as the ” queerest city  in America”. To his great surprise he was prevented from attending. It seems that, like Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, his special minority status  is not enough to cancel out his conservatism.

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Shhhh don’t mention Whaleoil, Checkpoint censorship goes full retard


There is moderation and then there is censorship. By my definition moderation removes abuse or threatening comments. Sometimes it removes comments that break the rules of the forum. Censorship, on the other hand, is removing views that you do not want seen no matter how polite, logical, or well argued they may be.

Last night I put a comment on the Checkpoint Facebook page  that was critical of the lack of moderation. I was not alone in my criticism as others did the same. This morning my comment has been removed and theirs has been allowed to stay.

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Is New Zealand business friendly?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will get me arrested

Freedom of speech in the West seems to be a dying concept.  When governments make bad decisions and the citizens complain, they have two choices. Rectify the bad decision or shut down their citizens’ freedom of speech.

In another chilling example of how free speech is being criminalized, police in Scotland arrested a man after he made an “offensive” Facebook post about Muslim migrants arriving in his area.
Police Scotland confirmed today that they had arrested a 40-year-old man under the Communications Act for a post in which was critical of 12 Syrian families who recently arrived in the seaside town of Rothesay.
“I hope that the arrest of this individual sends a clear message that Police Scotland will not tolerate any form of activity which could incite hatred and provoke offensive comments on social media,” remarked Insp Ewan Wilson from Dunoon police office.

There was a time when speech that incited violence, or called for harm to be done to someone, was censored.  Now, ‘offensive’ comments, which are totally subjective and comments that  someone else considers hateful, are not only being censored: they are being criminalised.

That “message” is a shot across the bow for the 6,000 residents of the tiny Isle of Bute in the Firth of Clyde, who are about to be inundated with around 1,000 migrants. Negative opinions about the influx will not be tolerated, despite a nationwide rape and crime epidemic that has followed the migrants to countries like Germany.
Citizens across Europe are now facing fines and imprisonment for speaking out against the millions of Muslim migrants flooding into the continent.

As we reported last week, a Danish man was convicted and fined for a Facebook post in which he compared the religion of Islam to Nazism.
Facebook has also teamed up with the German government and an ex-member of the Stasi to track down and punish Germans who make anti-migrant posts on social media.
A Dutch man also received a home visit from the police after he criticized his country’s open borders refugee policy as a “bad plan” on Twitter.
“You tweet a lot. We have orders to ask you to watch your tone. Your tweets may seem seditious,” the man was told.
Broadening online definitions of “harassment” and “hate speech” are now being met with real world consequences.


If all this isn’t scary enough, in Britain people are getting arrested for what they wear because someone, somewhere has arbitrarily decided that it is a political uniform.

Britain First

Britain First

The leaders of the political group Britain First, have been arrested under a law from the 1930s that bans the wearing of  ‘political uniforms’.

Paul Golding, 34, and Jayda Fransen, 29, were questioned by police after the pair led a “Christian patrol” through Luton on 23 January.

They were detained on Monday (15 February) under the Public Order Act 1936, which was originally passed to control far-right political movements like Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (also known as the Blackshirts). It was also used against IRA and Sinn Fein demonstrations in the 1970s, even fining them from wearing berets in Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner.
…They are both banned from entering Luton and have been ordered to present themselves at a police station every Saturday. Fransen, who also had her Britain First lapel badge confiscated by detectives, claimed they were being harassed by the police and vowed to challenge the bail conditions in the courts.

She told IBTimes UK: “It begs the question as to whether Bedfordshire police will be taking similar action against Labour party activists wearing ‘Vote Labour’ T-shirts or those wearing a Conservative party rosette.”

An IBTimes UK interview saw Fransen warn “civil war” between British Muslims and Christians was coming to the UK…

Fransen said: “The bail conditions are inordinately restrictive and state that, not only are myself and Paul banned from entering Luton but we must also report to a specific police station every Saturday between 12noon and 14:00.

“The former of those conditions illustrates an unbridled desire to appease the Muslim community of Luton, several of whom attacked Britain First activists when we last visited the town. The latter exposes the utter contempt that Bedfordshire Police have for Britain First as a political party; by demanding that the leader and deputy leader must report to a police station on the most common day for political activity.”

Britain First … policies include wanting to bring back national service, completely halting immigration and reinstating the death penalty for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers.

…Fransen said: “The indigenous people in Britain don’t want their towns turned into Muslim ghettos. It doesn’t look like Britain anymore. Dewsbury has Islamic extremists coming out of the woodwork so we want to march through the town centre. I’m not concerned about any negative reaction, I’m concerned about my country. We always behave impeccably on the marches, it’s the opposition to us that’s the problem.”

…It was uncertain whether the arrest meant the group would be banned from wearing their branded clothing in the future.


Another nail in Twitter’s coffin; they are silencing conservative voices deliberately

When social media companies embark on subjective censoring they are headed for trouble.

Rumours that Twitter has begun ‘shadowbanning’ politically inconvenient users have been confirmed by a source inside the company, who spoke exclusively to Breitbart Tech. His claim was corroborated by a senior editor at a major publisher.

According to the source, Twitter maintains a ‘whitelist’ of favoured Twitter accounts and a ‘blacklist’ of unfavoured accounts. Accounts on the whitelist are prioritised in search results, even if they’re not the most popular among users. Meanwhile, accounts on the blacklist have their posts hidden from both search results and other users’ timelines.

Our source was backed up by a senior editor at a major digital publisher, who told Breitbart that Twitter told him it deliberately whitelists and blacklists users. He added that he was afraid of the site’s power, noting that his tweets could disappear from users’ timelines if he got on the wrong side of the company.

Shadowbanning, sometimes known as “Stealth Banning” or “Hell Banning,” is commonly used by online community managers to block content posted by spammers. Instead of banning a user directly (which would alert the spammer to their status, prompting them to create a new account), their content is merely hidden from public view.

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Face of the day

screenshot from youtube-Whaleoil.co.nz

screenshot from youtube-Whaleoil.co.nz

Today’s face of the day is a girl from Germany. She expressed her fear of fake refugees on facebook in a video this week and was censored by Facebook. She made it clear that she was not referring to genuine refugees as she felt that genuine refugees do not act in the way that many fake refugees act.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT -pamellageller.com

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment.

And I am so scared everywhere. For example, if my family and I go out together, or if I see a movie with my friends. Usually I stay at home, but sometimes I stay out until 6 pm in winter, and it is so scary. It is just very hard to live day-to-day life as a woman.

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