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Even the Australian media publish the good Charter School news

The left-wing media and their pals in parliament constantly harp on about charter schools on behalf of their union buddies.

They are patch protecting and can produce no real evidence to support their claims.

On the other side of the argument, though, there is building evidence that should start to hush them up.

The problem is in getting that information out there through the filters of the media…like the new Stanford University study of charter schools that even Australian media has highlighted but remains untouched by NZ media.

Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) has a new study out finding urban charter schools outperform traditional public schools (TPS) in urban areas.

The results are the latest in mounting evidence that many charter schools provide tremendous benefit to students — particularly those located in urban areas.

“The charter school sector has gotten to a point of maturity where it’s dominated by established charters that have stood the test of time and are operating a lot more efficiently and effectively for kids, and so we’re starting to see now this general positive impact of charters on student achievement,” Patrick Wolf, PH.D., a distinguished professor in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, told Business Insider.

The study looked at 41 urban areas in 22 states. Here’s what it found:     Read more »

State School Cost vs Charter School Cost

The PPTA/NZEI/Labour and their apologists continue to try and promote the myth that Charter Schools are over funded.

While some good results are coming here and brilliant results for urban Charters in the USA it is worth thinking of comparative costs.

A Charter school in NZ costs approximately $1 million to set up.

As a recent State example Ormiston Senior College cost $50 million and currently are spreading that over only 400 students while getting nearly $8,400 per student per annum too.

Ormiston Senior College is a decile 10, Co-Educational Secondary school, located in Auckland. The school has 396 Year 11-15 students including 8international students. The school receives $3,313,403.55 in direct government funding, which translates to a budget of $8,367.18 per student.

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Charter School Gains: Time for NZ Parents to Demand This

As the Charter School model begins to mature in parts of the USA high quality researchers like Stanford are making some startling discoveries. This time in Boston (and US wide).

Boston charter school students outperformed their counterparts at traditional public schools and at charter schools in other urban areas by a striking margin over a recent six-year span, a Stanford University study found.

The strides at Boston charter schools — in both math and reading — equaled what students would have learned if they had been in school hundreds of additional days each year, researchers said in the report, released Wednesday.

The disparity held true for black, Hispanic, and low-income students in both math and reading, and was particularly strong for black and Hispanic students who live in poverty.

“Boston charter schools have done exceptionally well improving the academic growth of their students,” said James Woodworth, a research analyst with Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes.

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Union tries to run a Charter School and Fails

This has to be embarrassing for the United Federation of Teachers, after their charter school experiment failed after consistently poor performance.

Candace goes to kindergarten at the United Federation of Teachers’ Charter School. She’ll have to attend first grade somewhere else.

“It took her some time to get warmed up to the school when she started, and now for her to start another school, it’s very outrageous for me. I was tearful when I heard the news,” says parent Sunita Ramdath.

The union sees charter schools as a threat because most charters operate without strict union rules.

When the UFT found this school a decade ago, it was determined to show how a unionized charter could thrive. Union leaders promised high test scores, but just the opposite happened.

Plagued by some of the lowest test scores in the city, and high staff turnover…the union is being forced to close its elementary and middle school charter. Now UFT leadership says test scores don’t matter.    Read more »

Good lord, another two good reports from charter schools

Of the five foundation charter schools 4 of them have had good reports after their first year in operation…one has some problems and will likely be closed down.

If only we could close down non-performing state schools.

Radio NZ reports:

Two more charter schools have been given positive reviews by the Education Review Office.

The office has published its first reviews for the Rise Up Academy in Auckland, and Te Kura Hourua o Whangarei Terenga Paraoa.

The reviews are new-school assurance reviews, which are normally made in the first year of any new school.

They say both of the publicly funded private schools have made good starts.   Read more »

And she was registered

Labour opposes Charter Schools for many reasons but one of the biggest is because there is no requirement for all teachers at Charter Schools to be registered.

Apparently registration protects the kids…despite the long line of registered teachers before the courts on fraud, drugs, and kiddy fiddling charges.

Now another registered teacher has been busted.

A Hamilton high school teacher who gave pass grades to students whose work had been assessed as “not achieved” has been banned from the classroom.

It was the second time Maria Joan Bernadette Leyden had come before the Teacher’s Council disciplinary tribunal on a similar charge.

Ms Leyden, a textiles teacher, was charged with serious misconduct during her time at Hamilton’s Fairfield College in 2013.

The charge said she issued a credit grade to students that previously had been notified as “non-achieved”, and published grades without the authorisation of her head of faculty, against policy.

When work that she had graded as “achieved” was moderated as “not achieved”, she published the grade as “achieved”, despite being instructed otherwise.

Ms Leyden also told students their grades before moderation, and despite being told not to, tried to amend grades that had already been entered.

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Charter schools what do they offer?

Graphic showing how AMERICAN Charter schools intersect with public schools

Graphic showing how AMERICAN Charter schools intersect with public schools


Cards on the table, I have been invited to visit two Charter schools in Auckland. I suspect that I have been invited because of frustration at both Politicians and the MSM who discuss/ criticise  Charter schools but refuse to actually visit any.

I will be visiting them to find out for myself their points of difference. I have never before been to a Charter school and at present know no more about them than any average person on the street. I know that they offer an alternative to mainstream schooling and that they have more flexibility in how they deliver their education to their students. What that flexibility actually translates to is what I will be finding out.

I do not have an agenda to either make them look good or make them look bad. My task is to report back to our readership what exactly they do offer and how they are different to Mainstream. I am taking my home schooled 16 year old daughter with me to interview the primary school students. She will be asking them what she as a teenager wants to know about Charter schooling. What a teenager values in education may be different to what I as a parent, a home schooler and an ex mainstream High School teacher and tutor in Alternative education values.

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A Challenge to Chris Hipkins

Hipkins! ...eyes front and pay attention!

Hipkins! …eyes front and pay attention!

Chris Hipkins, apparent opposition spokesperson for Education refuses to visit New Zealand’s successful Charter Schools.

Instead he prefers sitting in parliament, being fed nonsense by Tom Haig of the PPTA and taking pot shots at the one Charter School that has struggled. The best he has managed is to follow the teacher union’s 2011 talking point – i.e. the  “failed model overseas” nonsense.

Tennis great Andre Agassi is putting his heart and soul into the model and runs a highly acclaimed Charter School in Las Vegas. He aims for 99 more.

The challenge to Hipkins – please publicly tell Agassi that his is a failed model and that he isn’t really helping all of the kids who are going to college through the education he is helping to provide.

Call him up, send him an email, take a delegation to his school and tell him to his face, invite him here.

Do what ever it takes to lift from him his misapprehension before he damages thousands more children.

It is time to take a stand Mr Hipkins.   Read more »

Being able to choose proves a winner for kids & parents at Vanguard Military School


Vanguard Military School this morning released the results of last years academic year.

They are impressive and shows that while the media and opposition wishes to ankle tap charter schools they are just getting on with providing excellence in education for their students.

A quick summary of their results shows that from their official results from NZQA 96.2% passed at NCEA Level 1 and 100% at NCEA Level 2. 

I’m sure opponents will try to discredit these results but I note the following also:

  • 31 students had previously failed NCEA before attending Vanguard and have now passed.
  • All students at Vanguard get enrolled to sit NCEA regardless of baseline testing data, an example of this are students who still don’t know their full times tables are enrolled in NCEA Level 1 Maths.
  • They teach the NZ Curriculum.  Read more »

US Charter Growth 14% in one year

While PPTA, NZEI, the LAbour aprty and other assorted loons are still holding to their “failed model overseas” lines, while producing no evidence to support their claims, it appears no one appears to have told parents who are voting with their feet and sending their =kids in increasing numbers to charter schools.

The Washington Post reports:

The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools estimates in a new reportthat 2.9 million children now attend U.S. charter schools, up 14 percent from last school year.

More than 500 new charter schools opened in the 2014-2015 school year and 200 charters were closed for reasons ranging from poor academic performance to financial problems, according to the organization.   Read more »