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Credit: SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Vanguard Military Partnership School

I have noticed that many of your readers are supportive of Partnership Schools however I am sure most would not have seen exactly what is going on that makes us different from most other schools. Here is a short clip that can give some insight into what we have achieved in a few short weeks. If you ever require any further information I will be happy to supply it.

Nick Hyde

Nick, I’d be interested in something a little more meaty than the vid.  Feel  free to tell my readers how your school is different and how this is delivering results.  Are teachers on performance pay?  How do you balance NCEA needs with the less orthodox delivery of the curriculum?  Has the PPTA been actively involved and are any of your staff union members?

Save Our Schools: How Absolutely Pathetic

Little protest site – SaveourSchools  – opposes changes for kids like Charter Schools – while, one assumes, supports the status quo that sees things like fraud and child abuse within the system.

One can only assume they support that kind of behaviour as it is never mentioned. But…now it has really gone over the top. As in raving mad.

The site has taken the great Holocaust quote from Martin Niemoller:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

And changed it to:   Read more »

Te Ururoa Flavell calls out the teacher unions

Te Ururoa Flavell has called out the teacher unions who are boycotting a charter school in Whangarei.

Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori Party Co-Leader, has expressed disappointment at the influence of PPTA in advising Whangarei Boys High teachers to not teach students who attend Te Kura Hourua Te Kapeha Whetu.

“As I understand it the Board of Trustees at Whangarei Boys High was happy to support Kura Hourua students in specific areas such as the visual arts. That type of cooperation has been modelled in the relationships that many other kura establish with general schools, wananga, polytechnics and other education providers across New Zealand. It represents a dynamic relationship that we should surely be fostering in our communities – that the education and learning of our students impacts on us all,” says Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori Party Co-Leader.

“I recognise that Partnership Schools is a major political issue and teachers have a right to their views on educational policy, but what about the kids? Surely we should be putting the best interests of our young people ahead of our politics.”

“I was a teacher for many years and I know that the profession prides itself on putting the interests of our children first, but this flies in the face of those values. I would have thought as teachers, that what matters is that every student experiences success. That’s what Te Kapeha Whetu want. That’s what the Maori Party wants. Come on PPTA – surely there are other ways of making political statements that do not impact so immediately on our kids.”  Read more »

Cry Baby of the Week

Cry Baby:  The  New Zealand Labour Party

"Who do you trust?" - a bit of nostalgia

“It’s about trust” – a bit of nostalgia

The incident:

Charter schools need staff.  They’ve advertised for staff.  Teachers are leaving non-Charter schools to take up positions at Charter schools for better salaries.

The appropriate response:

Staff move about between employers all the time.  The appropriate response is to consider this situation normal and go do something else.

The actual response:   Read more »

Will Labour ban funding to this charter school as well?

Labour and the teacher unions hate charter schools and Labour  has promised to ban them and repeal the legislation.

But will they ban funding to this charter school?

For diplomatic reasons he might have a big problem with halting the following. MFAT via the NZ Embassy in Washington annually pays US$10k to outfit aspirational rugby players at a charter school in one of DC’s ‘meanest’ suburbs.

The secret was already weighing on him as the team bus pulled out of Washington and headed north.

Tal Bayer, coach of one of the District’s most unlikely athletic success stories, sat at the front, his pale bald head a beacon to his roster of two dozen teenagers. He called them his boys, and the physical expression of their relationship — cleats, gym bags, rugby balls — were strewn all over the bus.

Bayer liked taking his rugby players out of the city, where so many of their lives are defined by struggle. “Every mile you get away from D.C., away from school, from the pressures of home, you can see the kids open up,” he said.

It was early March, and the Pride rugby team was headed to Philadelphia for its first real test of the season. Bayer had been making these trips since founding the program 14 years ago at what was then Hyde Leadership Public Charter and is now Perry Street Prep Public Charter. Pride is one of the only high school squads in the country composed entirely of black players, an inspirational story that in recent years had intrigued documentary filmmakers and Hollywood screenwritersRead more »

Puts the Partnership Schools $19 Million in Perspective

Maybe PPTA, with this news, will stop crying a river of tears.

The $19 million being spent on Partnership Schools is a tiny programme that the PPTA have out of perspective and continue to make fools of themselves and the teachers they represent.

This sort of news keeps the rest of the world in perspective.

A $300 million school property project has begun to roll out, starting with two high-growth Auckland facilities.

Repairs for leaky buildings at Freemans Bay Primary, and improved infrastructure for Southern Cross Campus in Mangere are the first redevelopments to be announced in the project.   Read more »

What has The NZ Herald got planned for opposing Charter Schools?

If the senior reporters at the NZ Herald are going to spend a month running hatchet jobs on rest homes then I shudder to imagine what sort of things they are planning to do to perform a hatchet job on the 5 organisations who are starting the first Charter Schools.

I imagine they are speaking extensively with the NZEI, PPTA and the Labour party about how they can create a month worth of “the most shocking stories” they have.

Anytime we see this type of campaigning from the Herald we will now know that the stories are manufactured in collusion with unions, Labour and the Greens.

The NZ Herald is compromised, political and biased…at least we now know what they are up to.

NZEI agree with themselves in unanimous debate on Charter Schools

teacher-unionNZEI have taken to quoting themselves in press releases on Partnership schooling because what they say cannot be stated credibly to any semi-intelligent human.

In their latest diatribe they continue to bang on about the $19 million going towards charter schools.

No one argues the new schools should be accountable and indications are that they have to report back to the Minister four times a year (i.e more accountable than the state) with set targets. But what NZEI and long term professional unionist Paul Goulter deliberately leave out is that $19 million is to the state school budgets like a dehydrated man piddling into the Pacific.

If you take an average of the ten schools from this selection - their total funding is $87.5 million (averaging a cool $8.7 million each per annum). Their average NCEA Level 1 failure rate is over 45%.   Read more »


John Banks talks to Willie Jackson on Partnership schools

The PPTA are unhinging over Partnership schools.

Meanwhile the government and those involved are getting on with setting them up.

John Banks was on Radio Waatea with Willie Jackson and explains just precisely why he is implementing Partnership schools.

It is a wide ranging discussion and well worth listening to.

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