Chester Borrows

Government clamping down on wrong sort of bludgers

The other day the DomPost ran a piece on corporate welfare.

I’ve only just now had time to blog about it.

Spongers and parasites the lot of them. While decent Kiwi battlers get stuck in and work hard to earn their keep, this bunch are always on the take for someone else’s tax dollars.

Government programmes are supposed to be there to help the less fortunate – a safety net for the needy. But there are always a few who think they can play the system and take the rest of us for mugs. Millions of dollars goes to waste on these buggers while kids go hungry. It’s a bloody disgrace.

Chalkie reckons it’s time we stopped pussyfooting around with these companies and gave them a short, sharp shock.

You want examples? Chalkie will give you examples.

Chalkie does give examples, loads of them and lots of detail in the piece but below is the conclusion.    Read more »

Creepy Labour tactics in Whanganui

Chester Borrows has an alarming Facebook post where it appears that Labour bully boys re following people around, recording their registration numbers and taking photos of attendees at political meetings.

Why would they do this?

We are supposed to live in an open democracy but but seems that the worse aspects of third world politics are now infesting the country and mostly on the left.

Boycotts of advertisers for daring to advertise where the eyeballs are, shooting down political opposition, and now voter intimidation.

Labour voter intimidation Read more »

It’s not beneficiary bashing when they are fraudsters


Seems you can find fraudsters at both end of the wealth spectrum.  On the one hand, they are given residency and are allowed to run a political party.  On the other, they’ll get fined and may go to jail.

A joint operation between Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Social Development targets those that are found to be in work and earning income other than a benefit.

Associate Social Development Minister Chester Borrows told the Social Services committee that of the 6000 found to be illegitimately receiving the benefits over the past year, 95 have been prosecuted for fraud.

Overall, in 2012/13 there were 906 convictions for benefit fraud, totaling more than 32 million, Mr Borrows said.

906 people who are now qualified to move to another country and try and topple their prime minister, president or premier.

Who says we don’t train our people for the marketplace?


Another Cunliffe cockup


David Cunliffe reputation for telling the truth took a battering over his dodgy CV, then his secret trusts and on top of that almost every announcement he has made on policy or comments on government policy has contains mis-truths, deception or lies.

Yesterday was no different when he accused the government of going soft on tax dodgers while at the same time creating the impression that Labour like to hug beneficiaries.

Chester Borrows was quick to kick him in the slats.

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Another Cunliffe balls up

David Cunliffe has developed a truthiness problem.

He told Gordon Campbell in an interview:

We’ve got ten minutes. I haven’t asked about your welfare policy, so I’ll make it specific. We all oppose fraud. Does Labour oppose the government’s new welfare fraud policy whereby the partners of welfare fraudsters will be criminally liable for the fraud, and for the repayment of the entire amount – and not simply for the amount from which they might have indirectly benefitted. If re-elected will Labour retain this provision or scrap it ?

Scrap it.

Later in the day Labour voted to support the legislation. Chester Borrows has issued a press release that says:

Associate Social Development Minister Chester Borrows says Labour needs to be clear on where they stand on welfare fraud.  Read more »

Corrupt Labour candidate to be stripped of JP status


Chester Borrows has recommended that corrupt Labour candidate Daljit Singh be stripped of his JP status.

His press release states:

Associate Justice Minister Chester Borrows has today indicated that he will be recommending that the Governor General remove Justice of the Peace Daljit Singh from office, following his conviction in the Auckland High Court for electoral fraud.  Read more »

Chester Borrows finally finds his balls

Nah, not really. It’s just the usual election year cynical tune-up of being “tough on crime”

The tens of thousands of Kiwis who have failed to pay traffic fines could be banned from driving under strict measures announced by the Government today.

Around 136,000 New Zealanders owe a total of $48 million in traffic-related fines and the Government says many are making no effort to pay.

Courts Minister Chester Borrows will announce today that from February 17 those drivers could be issued with a Driver Licence Stop Order, which would prevent them from driving and could see cars seized for 28 days.

“A lot of [fine dodgers] have chosen to ignore repeated reminders and if they remain unco-operative they’ll pay for it with their driver licence.”

Borrows said the initial focus would be on the worst offenders but it was a warning to all those who owed money to get it paid quickly.

You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?  The worst offenders will still be driving around, but Erica who has a $30 parking fine outstanding will have the family car taken away Sunday night so she can’t get the kids to school the next morning.   Read more »

Bomb Detection skilz in Wanganui

Our roving reporter, Pete, is currently in Wanganui. There is a Telecom wireless hotspot right outside Chester Borrows office…so he is catching up on his chores.

Is it a bomb or a rubbish bag?

Is it a bomb or a rubbish bag?

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Speaking of data and privacy concerns…

The Herald, no less, seems to think it important enough to report the concerns people have with Government access to private data

New powers for the Ministry of Social Development which would allow officials to secretly approach beneficiaries’ banks or workplaces if they suspected them of committing welfare fraud have been questioned by women’s groups.

As part of reforms to recoup $20 million in relationship fraud each year, ministry staff would not have to inform a beneficiary if they were investigating whether they were wrongly claiming welfare.

Of course we need some decent rules, guidelines and penalties for breaches of privacy.

But we also need to let the Government do its job, especially in identifying those that are stealing from the tax payer.   Read more »

Cracking down on Welfare cheats

The government new measures to crackdown on welfare cheats take effect tomorrow.

New measures to crack down on beneficiaries who have previously cheated the system will begin tomorrow.

The ‘low trust client’ rules are aimed at preventing those with a history of benefit fraud from repeating the abuse.

It will apply to people who have been convicted of welfare fraud in the past or had overpayments established following a fraud investigation.  Read more »