Child sexual abuse

The cost of doing the right thing

There is very little more abhorrent than the sexual abuse of children but there is a ‘ culture ‘ that permits it. When American soldiers are stationed amongst this ‘ culture ‘ they are ordered to ignore it and to not stop the abuse. One soldier could not do that. He did the right thing and now he is facing the consequences.

U.S. soldiers were instructed to ignore the sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies, even when it occurred on military bases, according to a report in the New York Times. The policy of looking the other way was designed to maintain good standing with the U.S.-trained Afghan police and militia in a country where the practice of bacha bazi (boy play) is widespread. In some cases, the U.S. ended up arming suspected pedophiles.

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Phillip Smith’s legacy actually includes something that’s good

It was clear the whole temporary release thing was poorly monitored and put the community at risk.  

When criminals get sentenced, they should serve their time, and not be allowed out on excursions, day trips and long weekends.

The number of prisoners on temporary release has fallen dramatically since Phillip John Smith flew to South America last year, Corrections says.

Smith, a convicted murderer and sex offender, used a system of temporary release of prisoners to flee to South America,

Official figures from the department said the number of prisoners being approved fell from 806 in the 2013-14 year to 466 in the past year.   Read more »

“Step up or Step Aside” says social worker on dealing with child abuse

A reader emails:

Good morning,

I have been sent this YouTube clip of Paora Moyle.  She is speaking about the sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by Maori in and out of the home and how it is covered up by the “close ranks” mentality.  It’s a powerful message and she is brave to be saying it in light of the powerful male Maori who dominate in her culture.  You may want to post it or do a Face of the Day piece on her as it is very topical in light of the recent CYF review?   Read more »

Pope says all the right things, but ultimately disappoints

He’s been in the job long enough now to start kicking some serious butt.  By their fruits ye shall know them… and it’s become clear that this pope is as incapable or disinterested as his predecessors.

It may very well be that the pope is nothing but a titular PR head of an organisation that simply can not be compelled to give up its criminals to the authorities.

On the final day of his visit to the United States, Pope Francis met with five victims of clergy sexual abuse at a Philadelphia seminary.

“God weeps,” Francis told a gathering of bishops on Sunday (local time), departing from his prepared speech. “I commit to a careful oversight of the church to ensure that youth are protected, and I promise that all those responsible will be held accountable.”

Pope Francis met later Sunday morning with about 100 inmates at the largest of Philadelphia’s six prisons, telling them “all of us need to be cleansed, to be washed”. He waded into the audience of prisoners in light blue uniforms, grasping their hands and touching their heads and hugging at least one.

The two meetings served as a reminder of a great tension within the Catholic church: Its handling of sexual abuse has been one of its most profound failings, but its message of redemption and forgiveness holds an enduring moral power.  Read more »

Pedo time bomb allowed to run free

The critical part here is that the sicko still denies wrong-doing.  

A man who had more than 1700 objectionable images and films on his computer of children being sexually abused has been sentenced to serve seven months’ home detention.

Jason Oliver, 22, was sentenced in the Wellington District Court on 30 charges of knowingly possessing objectionable material.

Judge Barbara Morris said the images included videos of very young children being raped and other images of children performing sexual acts with animals.

She said Oliver did not view his offending as particularly serious, saying the images existed anyway.    Read more »

Might I suggest a couple of sturdy river stones would be cheaper

The Aussies are investigating whether or not they should chemically castrate pedo scumbags.

A new government task force in Australia is considering whether to force child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration as a judicial alternative to prison sentencing.

Western Australia and Victoria courts have the authority to mandate libido-reduction treatment for sex offenders who are deemed particularly dangerous while they’re in prison, as part of the conditions of their release.

In New South Wales (NSW), the location of this new task force, convicted child sex offenders can volunteer to undergo the treatment.   Read more »

How thick do you have to be to enter the country with child porn, child rape, torture and real murder images?

Why are we keeping this guy in our jail?  

An Australian man who brought “horrendous” images of mutilated female bodies and child-abuse material into New Zealand has been jailed for more than two years.

IT consultant Thomas Arpad Meyer, 56, flew into the country in April expecting to do a week of contract work but instead he was stopped by Customs who found more than 4000 offensive images on his laptop and USB drives.

Some of those files were classified in the highest possible category of offending of its kind and he was charged with eight counts of importing an objectionable publication.

The court heard there were pictures of women – alive and dead – being burned, mutilated, tortured, bound and raped; as well as photos of children also being sexually abused.

Meyer’s lawyer Shardae Oliver argued for a reduction in her client’s sentence because of his “genuine remorse”, even though he had previous similar convictions in Australia and had undertaken therapy.    Read more »

When will we start to put the victims and the community first?

Look.  I get it.  Criminals do their time, they pay their ‘debt to society’, and they deserve a chance to prove it.

But the pendulum has swung too far.  To have some deviant living next door without anyone knowing also isn’t acceptable.

And on the balance of which needs are more important – the community or the sicko, I would have thought the answer was quite obvious.

Neighbours of the high-risk sex offender who went on the run were in the dark about his past, something they say is unacceptable in an area children often visit.

Daniel Livingstone sparked a huge manhunt when he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and left his Upper Hutt flat.

He lived in a block of three attached flats on Ward St, a few hundred metres away from secondary school Heretaunga College, following his release from jail last year.   Read more »

Well now Maria and Andrei… I’ve foretold this. And where are you now?

Catholic ratbags fiddling with kids seems to be on the rise again.

They are certainly giving teachers a run for their money.

In the four years to the end of last year, 58 complaints were laid, with 25 lodged in 2014 alone.

The church only began keeping a centralised record of complaints in 2010.

Of those made since then, 26 have been proven and 24 are still under investigation.

The man in charge of handling the complaints for the church, Bill Kilgallon, said the alleged perpetrators included 21 priests, monks, nuns or teachers.    Read more »

Sledge of the Day

National are jittery at the moment and Anne Tolley reacted poorly to the proposed bill to remove name suppression for filthy pedo scum.

Darroch Ball of NZ First sledged her out hard.

After refusing leave yesterday for the Rt Hon Winston Peters, the Member for Northland, to introduce a Bill removing the right of paedophiles to name suppression, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley has today described that Bill as “a knee-jerk reaction”.

“I never thought I’d see the day when a National Party Minister would be so soft on crime and the causes of crime, that she would block victims from having the right to lift paedophile name suppression,” says New Zealand First’s Spokesperson for Social Development Darroch Ball.   Read more »