Should the left boycott America, China, Bangladesh and Morocco?


On this blog we have written about young children being trained from birth to hate and posed with knives in photos on social media with slogans inciting others to stab Jews and Israelis. Literally every day there is another report on my Facebook page about a stabbing in Israel.

Above: Store mannequins in Gaza

Above: Store mannequins in Gaza

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Tell me why we should do something about climate emissions when China has just pulled a VW on us all

The leftwing would have us all taxed and living in the stone age in order to save the planet from ourselves.

Some leftwing blogs have even suggested that the SIS are stupid in saying the biggest risk to NZ for security is Islamic terrorism, and not climate change.

They implore us to lead the world even though our emissions are just 0.2% of the world’s emissions.

Meanwhile China has pulled a Volkswagen emissions scam on us all.

China has shown the world how much it truly cares about global warming by burning significantly more dirty, carbon-unfriendly coal than it previously pretended.

According to shock data  released, without fanfare, by China’s statistical agency, its coal use has been about 17 per cent higher per year than earlier official figures admitted. This may have pumped an extra billion tons per year of CO2 into the atmosphere – more than the total house gas output of the entire German economy.

In 2012, China burned through an extra 600 million tons of coal: about 70 per cent of the amount used annually by the US.

The new figures make a nonsense of China’s publicly-expressed commitment to wage war on climate change.    Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Poon Lim sitting on a reconstruction of his raft, built at the request of the U.S. Navy.

Poon Lim sitting on a reconstruction of his raft, built at the request of the U.S. Navy.

Poon Lim: Lost at Sea

On the morning of April 5, 1943, about ten miles off the coast of Brazil, a fishing family in their small boat spotted a Chinese man on a much smaller wooden raft bobbing up and down in the Atlantic Ocean. Waving a shirt and jumping, the man was clearly in distress, so the Brazilian family turned their boat around and picked him up. Climbing aboard, he was overjoyed, hungry, and very grateful.

As they set sail again, the man danced and ate whatever was given to him. After three days, they landed in Belem, Brazil, a town at the mouth of the Amazon River. Authorities were waiting for him as the man, unassisted, walked off the boat. Considering his ordeal, this was an amazing feat. You see, Poon Lim had been stranded at sea for 133 days, a record for a lone human.

Born in Hainan, China, the main island of a series of islands in the South China Sea, Poon Lim attended school, unlike many other kids his age, thanks to his brothers sending money from their factory jobs.

At 16, Lim’s father, believing that life would be better elsewhere and out of fear that Lim would be drafted to fight against the rapidly advancing Japanese, sent him to join one of his brothers on a British passenger freight, working as a cabin boy.

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Yeah, go on Andy, keep talking up Labour’s links with the Commies

Andrew Little is clearly not self-aware, nor is he aware of how his statements regarding Labour’s close links with the Communist Party in China will look to middle voters in New Zealand.

He quite simply is a political retard, simply mouthing off what ever comes into his head at the time.

He and Li also spoke about the links between the Communist Party of China and New Zealand Labour.

In 1955 former Labour MP Warren Freer became the first Western politician to visit China after the Communist Party gained power in 1949.

It was Labour governments which set up formal diplomatic relations with China in 1972, recognised China as an open market economy for the purposes of the World Trade Organisation and signed the New Zealand-China free trade agreement in 2008.    Read more »

Little goes to China and talks up the benefits of an extended FTA

Andrew Little has found he does actually like free trade agreements.

Mr Little told Li Labour supported an upgrade to the China-NZ free trade agreement and believed that agreement had been beneficial to both. The Government is expected to start negotiating on that upgrade in 2016.

It is an important message for China in case there is a change of Government after the 2017 election.

Mr Little has concerns about the Trans Pacific Partnership, which China is not a party to and is seen partly as President Barack Obama’s bid to outflank China on trade.

Mr Little said he believed China had always recognised that the free trade agreement had to deliver benefits to New Zealand.

“The TPP looks less about mutual benefit between the big parties and small parties and more like domination and control.”

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After insulting their public transport Andrew Little tells the Chinese all about his anti-chinks housing policy

Andrew Little is showing us daily what a complete tool he is.

Last week he suggested we sell beef to Hindus in India, and try for a FTA with a country we already have one with. Two days ago he complained about Beijing traffic and suggested that they needed a rail loop despite Beijing have 18 lines of quality metropolitan rail services.

And yesterday on The Nation he explained to China’s vice-president all about Labour’s racist anti-chink housing policy.

I just want to ask what did you talk about in this meeting with the vice president?

Well, it was quite an extended meeting. It went way over time, but we talked about the importance of the relationship between the two countries, talked about the relationship between the Labour Party and the Communist Party, talked about the free-trade agreement because we’ve got the upgrade being talked about there at the moment. We talked about a couple of sensitive issues. I raised the issue about land sales, both house sales and farm sales and how New Zealanders are feeling increasingly sensitive about that, and also the issue about human rights, and I raised that with Vice President Li in the same way that I raised it with President Xi Jinping at the end of last year in New Zealand and just say that New Zealand’s expectation of countries they are getting closer to is that we see that their people are treated fairly and properly and good judicial systems. And I made a comment about it was interesting seeing a human rights award being given to Robert Mugabe, because most New Zealanders would not see Robert Mugabe as a champion of human rights but quite the opposite. But it was a good discussion, very warm and friendly, and I was very pleased to have the time I had with Vice President Li.

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This is turning into a bit of a clusterpanda

Eh?  We now have Wellington City Council back peddling like mad saying they want nothing to do with the panda unless it is completely funded by John Key.  Well, you and me, really.

Wellington’s mayor says no ratepayer money has been spent on a business case to bring a panda to Wellinton Zoo.

Prime Minister John Key is a big supporter of the panda plan and has pledged taxpayer money, but one local councillor who is opposed believes the project could cost up to $100 million.

It was reported last month that Wellington City Council would look at a business case for bringing the animals from China to Wellington Zoo. Read more »

Chinks no good, but Seppos OK

The opposition have mounted their race based attacks on farm and other real estate ownership, decrying people with Chinky sounding names from even bidding on the real estate offered.

But it turns out that Seppos are the largest foreign owners and we haven’t heard a squeak about them owning farms.

United States interests were the biggest foreign investors in New Zealand dairy land in 2013 and 2014, followed by China, according to a report by KPMG.

The consultancy’s analysis of foreign direct investment decisions by the Overseas Investment Office showed the US accounted for 54.4 per cent of the freehold hectares sold over the two-year period, followed by China with 11.7 per cent and Sweden with 5.9 per cent.

By value, the breakdown was 26.5 per cent for the US, 21.3 per cent for China and 10.8 per cent for Britain.    Read more »

Thanks Paula and Louise, you’ve scared off investors, well done

Shanghai Pengxin has decided to can another farm purchase because of the inane decision of Paula Bennett and Louise Upston.

Another person’s private property rights and value has been eroded due to their idiocy.

A Chinese company has withdrawn from an agreement to buy 10 farms in Northland for about $42.7 million, citing delays and uncertainty from the government’s Overseas Investment Office.

Dakang New Zealand Farm Group, which is 55% owned by Shanghai Pengxin, this morning confirmed the deal was off.

The company had signed a sale and purchase agreement to buy seven dairy farms and three support farms in the Mangakahia Valley district just south of Kaikohe from Mervyn and Cara Pinny.

Dakang  [SZ:002505] chief executive Gary Romano says the decision to cancel was partly based on the government’s decision to veto Pengxin’s purchase of Lochinver Station last month.

“We lodged an application with the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) in April 2015 believing five months would be sufficient time to enable a rigorous and objective review of our plans for the farms, compared to the 70 working day guideline the OIO has for turning around applications,” Mr Romano says.    Read more »

Trotter has gone Deep retard. Never go Deep retard

Someone should have a sit-down with Chris and tell him to stop thinking so hard

IT IS NOW CLEAR that Helen Clark’s Trans-Pacific Partnership advocacy in New York was just the beginning. The opening move in a chess game that will end with the Labour Party knocking over its King and returning to the bi-partisan fold on the issue of Free Trade. To achieve this turnaround will require the mobilisation of all of the non-elected elements of the New Zealand political system.

Applying the maximum of public pressure to Labour will be the responsibility of the news media and the numerous business lobby groups. Behind the scenes, however, Labour MPs will find themselves on the receiving end of one-on-one briefings from old friends and colleagues (senior civil servants, leading academics) “deeply concerned” that Labour has positioned itself in the wrong place, on the wrong issue.

These “old friends” of the Labour Party will warn Caucus members that their failure to support the TPP will only end up driving Labour further and further to the Left. Just as they were beginning to make up much-needed ground, the party will spurn Middle New Zealand for the tin-foil-hat-wearing brigade. Not only will this render Labour unelectable, but it will also serve as an invitation for the news media to start casting about for a Caucus member who’s prepared to act in a more responsible fashion.

That such individuals exist within Labour’s caucus is indisputable. That money and resources will, very swiftly, begin flowing in the direction of these TPP supporters is equally certain. Metaphorical megaphones will also be handed to TPP supporters within the wider labour movement. Expect to see them popping-up again and again on radio and television.

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