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Tweet of the Day

Following on from or post about David Cunliffe misleading the public over the involvement of the government in the whaling legal case Chris Finlayson posted this.

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The trouble with deals like SkyCity

The Attorney General, Chris Finlayson is in a spot of bother – but Labour are too busy re-announcing what they’re not going to do to pick up on it.

In order for the former bankrupt’s private prosecution against morally bankrupt, Len Brown, there is the small hurdle of the Attorney General.  Stuff reports:

Retired accountant Graham McCready has filed affidavits supporting a private prosecution against Auckland mayor Len Brown. …

McCready said that Brown’s acceptance of the gifts led to “favourable consideration” towards SkyCity and he would prosecute the mayor under section 105(1) of the Crimes Act - corruption and bribery of an official.He was expected to appeal to the Attorney General to allow the case against Brown to proceed.Earlier this week, McCready backed down on an announcement he would file papers against Brown’s wife, Shan Inglis.    Read more »

Great job or get over yourself?

Andrea Vance is onto the hard hitting Stuff today

Here’s a heads-up to staff in Chris Finlayson’s office – he is passionate that they should not sloppily split infinitives, or use Oxford commas.

Ten pages of guidelines have emerged, setting out the language the culture minister expects officials to use in correspondence and briefing papers.

It is accompanied by speech-writing instructions, with a list of more than 20 banned expressions.

Staff are forbidden to use “heads-up” and should instead plump for “early” or “preliminary indication”.

Also out in his language jihad are “process”, “outcome”, “community”, “stakeholder” and “cutting edge”.

Mr Finlayson, who is also attorney-general, harbours a special dislike of Oxford commas, split infinitives and any extraneous uses of “that”.

“The minister has commented ‘commas hunt in pairs’. This would, for example, look like this’,” the memo instructs bureaucrats.

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“Race-Hustlers” in action

Yesterday I blogged about Thomas Sowell and his contention that young disaffected are being lead around by “race-hustlers”.

It is no surprise then to see an exact case of this in the Herald on Sunday.

A teenager, who says she was forced to her knees at police gunpoint during the 2007 Urewera terror raids, is suing the Police Commissioner for $200,000.

The teen’s barrister, Charl Hirschfeld, said she told him she was taken from her grandmother during a dawn raid of their South Auckland home. It’s claimed the then 12-year-old was on the ground with her hands behind her head for up to 50 minutes.

Hirschfeld is also acting for five adult members of the teenager’s family who are suing the Attorney-General for $100,000 each for a breach of civil rights after being detained during the same incident.  Read more »

Like murdering people to prove life is precious

Anonymous is threatening MPs who voted for the GCSB Bill. The Gurnard reports breathlessly without noting any irony at all with their threats:

Politicians who were instrumental in the passing of the controversial GCSB law are being targeted by an international hacker group which wants to dump their secrets online.

The Anonymous group of “hacktivists” say they will give the politicians who voted the bill in the chance to prove they truly have nothing to hide – and nothing to fear.

In an interview with the Herald, carried out through encrypted chat services, an Anonymous member named Prime Minister John Key, his deputy Bill English and Attorney-General Chris Finlayson as top of the hit list. United Future leader Peter Dunne and Act leader John Banks were also named.

“Releasing such personal information sends a message that they’re not very hard to find, they aren’t the only ones who can gather intelligence.  Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Christopher Finlayson’s entire speech was really one long sledge, enjoy it knowing that Grant Robertson was so very upset by it.

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Joining the Media Scrum: Privacy? What about objectivity? Or plain honesty?

Now this is just getting plain ridiculous.  Check this out



Here is a larger version

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Environment Court to close?

Policy Parrot says:

Recently this Parrot has been amused with the idle chit chat coming from members of the wig and gown fraternity where it concerns the future of the Environment Court. Apparently some from the Resource Management Sect are not happy that Chris Finlayson is casually discussing the possibility of getting rid of the Environment Court and merging it with the District Court.

Nobody knows if this is a credible discussion or merely a man thinking of ideas aloud but it has caused a flutter and some are filing their teeth to have a little fight in support of the Court. Cherish the loyalty.

The Environment Court has in the distant past a dim legacy of delay. But that was a very long time ago and in the last 5 years or so Acting Chief Judge Laurie Newhook has done much to eliminate the issues of delay so that it can be fairly said that the Court is now swift and responsive.

It is certainly clear to those who frequent the hallowed halls of justice that the process is as quick as it can be given the lack of expedient conduct by parties such as Councils and appellants who are notorious for dragging the chain whilst blaming everyone else including the Court for said delays.

This Parrot has heard that certain corporate heavy weights have been whinging to the Government about the Court process and scathing their distaste for RMA lawyers. What is particularly unusual is that these whinging suits happen to be on a list of corporates who rarely venture into the Environment Court system and for whom unfettered rights to do whatever they want is impinged by a Court process. They can’t stand the thought that a democratic nation might impose a system that upholds natural justice.    Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Yesterday in the General Debate Chris Finlayson started with a history lesson.

Does Wellington’s mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, have any political nous at all?

Wellington employment specialists, Cullen Law, hosted one of its regular breakfasts for the city’s leading business figures at the Wellesley Club yesterday (Wednesday) with The Hon Chris Finlayson QC as guest speaker.

The hapless Celia Wade-Brown – possibly unaware of his formidable reputation as a litigator, wit and wasp – bemoaned Wellington City Councillors’ poor relationships with the Government.

Chris Finlayson verbally lacerated CWB, highlighting the shortcomings of many of Wellington’s Flat Earth councillors; identifying, in particular, Iona Pannett (Green) and Andy Foster (Independent, but considered erratically green-tinged under his suit and tie).

Celia was publicly humiliated. It’s now the No 1 subject at the Wellington Club gym; the source of a great deal of mirth. Can’t Wellington find someone to stand against Celia? Before the city becomes another Canberra?

Consensus is that “CWB made a complete tit of herself”; and she knew it.