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Jumping before being pushed?


Richard Harman reports via his email newsletter:

Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson QC has announced that  Solicitor-General Michael Heron QC has decided to  to step down from the role after serving three of his five years appointment. Both Mr Finlyason and State Services Commissioner Ian Rennie have praised Mr Heron for his work. But in May  Court of Appeal acquitted former Auckland Mayor and MP John Banks  for allegedly filing a false electoral return relating to the 2010 Auckland mayoralty race.Mr Banks’ acquittal was the result of the Court of Appeal finding that the Crown had withheld evidence form the defence  leading to a miscarriage of justice.Mr Banks said that “Some of the mistakes made by the judiciary going through were outrageous” and “the solicitor-general has a lot to answer for.”

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Chris Finlayson says he is not a “crypto-fascist” stealthily imposing “secret courts.”

Chris Finlayson is in full ‘explaining is losing mode’.

But he says he is not a “crypto-fascist” stealthily imposing “secret courts.”

Note how careful he was not to mention anything about being a shape-shifting lizard man though…very careful.

Security services minister Chris Finlayson says he is not a “crypto-fascist” stealthily imposing “secret courts.”

A last-minute change to new health and safety laws would have allowed hearings behind closed doors to protect national security. The Law Society said the Crown could introduce evidence which could be withheld from a defendant or their lawyers.

Finlayson – who is also the Attorney-General – says the amendment was scrapped a week ago. And he doesn’t like the term “secret courts” describing it as “hyperbolic.”

But although the Law Society were commenting on an old version of the legislation, it appears their original fears still stand.

Finlayson told reporters: “I saw some article in the Dominion Post that suggested I was some sort of crypto-fascist behind this particular secret court. But it was nothing of the sort.    Read more »

Finlayson tells King of Huntly to naff off

Chris Finlayson has told the former truck driver and King of Huntly to naff off over his ridiculous idea that Tainui can claim Auckland under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson has one message for Waikato-Tainui if it wants to begin negotiating a claim over parts of Auckland – get a mandate and specify your claims.

He said he had given Tukoroirangi Morgan the same message about five times in the past.

“He nods and then nothing happens,” Mr Finlayson told the Herald.

“Mandates don’t last forever.”    Read more »

“But this isn’t really about that” – Hauraki Mayor wants $200m taxpayer trough for the region

You got love the spin here.  

Maori go off to discuss the finer points of something related to the settlement process, but it’s the government’s fault for holding it all up.

The Hauraki District’s mayor says it is hugely disappointing that the Hauraki Collective’s treaty settlement negotiations have been stalled since last December.

Mayor John Tregidga is urging Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson to get on with settling the claims in the Hauraki-Coromandel region.

The mayor said the negotiations were around 99 percent complete, but the minister had refused to negotiate since some Hauraki iwi went to the Waitangi Tribunal over a separate issue of representation on a pan-iwi governance forum in Bay of Plenty.

Mr Tregidga said the delay was a missed opportunity for the region, as he understands the Hauraki iwi would have a balance sheet of about $200 million once the settlement was complete.

“That would make them the biggest business people within the Hauraki District, the Hauraki region, so it is significant,” he said.

“But this isn’t really about that – this is about actually fairness, and the fact that the whole community was expecting settlement by the end of last year, certainly at the latest early this year, and here we are still on hold.”   Read more »

Once a fan of german sausage…

I'm coming to steal your democracy

I’m coming to steal your democracy

Oh look, David ‘Tainted’ Fisher has taken a fresh bit of dictation from Kim Dotcom:

Did the United States try to cut a deal with Kim Dotcom?

He claims it did – and New Zealand’s Attorney General Chris Finlayson has not ruled it out.

Instead, Mr Finlayson’s office has refused to talk about confidential discussions between lawyers “that may or may not have occurred”.   Read more »

Banks saga continues: Attorney-General to review what happened

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson is “taking a close look” into the prosecution of John Banks following a ruling which found the Crown misled the court.

Mr Banks was scathing of the conduct of scathing about the conduct of Crown prosecutor Paul Dacre, QC, and Solicitor-General Mike Heron, QC, following a Court of Appeal decision which acquitted him yesterday of filing a false electoral return.

“I was held to account when I was told by the judge, ‘the prisoner can take his place in the dock’. I was held to account…I’m saying the Solicitor-General has a lot to answer for,” Mr Banks said yesterday.

“Withholding evidence from the Court of Appeal is a serious breach of process. Having the evidence in the briefcase but, for whatever reason, not giving it to the court is a very serious error of judgment at the very least. Read more »

Finlayson mans up, Vance gets more shrill

While Murray McCully is cuddling terrorists, Chris Finlayson is manning up at a conference that has just wrapped up discussing Islamic terror.

Andrea Vance has her knickers in a bunch over it too, so it must have been a good thing Finlayson attended.

Security services minister Chris Finlayson has confirmed his attendance at an anti-extremism summit widely criticised for singling out Muslims.

He is on his way back from a ministerial meeting at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.

Finlayson, the minister responsible for the Government Communications Security Bureau and the Security Intelligence Service, spoke yesterday on “the importance of strengthening the role of civil society in preventing violent extremism”.

The meeting was chaired by Secretary of State John Kerry and followed terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen.  Read more »

Another NewstalkZB staffer goes feral

There seems to be a cancer eating away at NewstalkZB…one of a lack of courage too, because Rachel Smalley and  now James Robins are both giving me a good  kicking.

You have to wonder if an edict has gone out from NZME.

But neither of them have the courage to say these sorts of things to my face…like many in the media they are spineless cowards.

James Robins goes on a defamatory rant…it really is quite funny. Dallas Gurney will be loving the ratings and traffic that a stoush with me brings.

The Labour Party’s new leader Andrew Little may believe that the Prime Minister should “stand up, take responsibility…apologise” and “move on”. But there’s little chance of turning away from an ever-increasing barrage of evidence against the Government’s deeply disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions.

Inspector General Cheryl Gwyn’s inquiry sought to uncover allegations made against Warren Tucker (former head of the Security Intelligence Service), staffers in the Prime Minister’s office (like black-ops man Jason Ede), and Cameron Slater (a “toxic” hatemonger and terminal “reprobate” blogger) prior to the 2011 Election.

What disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions….this is politics you numpty.

As for calling me a toxic hatemonger, have you been swallowing the seed of Martyn Martin Bradbury? I bet Larry Williams and Leighton Smith don’t agree with you…or even your own boss.

Then-Labour leader Phil Goff, mistakenly convinced that he hadn’t received an intelligence briefing about the actions of a few Israelis after the Christchurch earthquake, found himself under attack not during Question Time or from his enemies during a media stand-up but from the fly-blown pages of a deranged blog.

Released on Tuesday, Gwyn’s report entirely confirms (as if Nicky Hager’s claims needed more affirmation) that Slater received a tip-off about Goff’s folly, was coached through making an OIA request by Key’s staffer Jason Ede, received his politically-damaging treasure in record time thanks to Tucker’s inability to stay “politically neutral”, and proceeded to lambast the Labour Party alongside the Government who gleefully kept their hands ‘clean’ of the entire affair.

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Employment Court bogged down by Bridges inaction


It’s no wonder party donors are expressing dismay with the Nats when businesses are being bogged down in employment courts thanks to the inaction of Labour Minister Simon Bridges.

Simon seems more at ease camping up for a farewell to Tony Ryall than worrying about little things like his legislation clogging up the Employment courts

Take the Employment Court case Matsuola v LSG Sky Chefs NZ. This case has been bogged down by lawyers fighting over the complicated and confusing Part 6A since early 2011.    Read more »

So much for the “sledge pledge”, Clare Curran carries on with the Nasty party plan

David Cunliffe made a sledge pledge in line with his party’s “Vote Positive” slogan.

The Sledge Pledge has been ignored, in what can only be a slight against David Cunliffe’s leadership.

Yesterday it was Grant Robertson getting nasty on John Key.

And today it is Clare Curran proving Labour remains the Nasty Party.

It seems Labour leader David Cunliffe’s “sledge pledge”, in which he promised a “positive” election campaign, hasn’t got through to Dunedin South MP Clare Curran.

Curran has branded rival MPs nasty, homophobic and foul-mouthed in an interview with a student newspaper.

The article was published online on Sunday – as Cunliffe was delivering a keynote speech.

“This election campaign is not about dirty tricks or dodgy deals; smear campaigns and a personality cult,” Cunliffe told delegates, including Curran.

Later, he told reporters the public was fed up with political debate centred on personal attacks rather than policy.

“We want to run a clean, positive campaign.”   Read more »