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Barnett backs Robertson, slowing down Cunliffe supporters joining

Regular readers will know that Cactus Kate is no longer a member of any party, having quit Act some years ago. She also famously donated $1000 to Labour at the last election after I lost a bike race against Trevor Mallard.

After David Shearer quit Labour decided to hold a leadership contest and made a pitch for new members…Cactus likes the cut of Cunliffe’s jib, a rich prick living in the leafy suburbs and proposing all sorts of changes that would benefit her as a lawyer arranging peoples financial affairs. So she signed up to be a member online.

There is a slight problem though. Labour are nearly at the voting stage and she hadn’t received her voting information so she emailed Tim Barnett.

From: Cactus Kate
Date: Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 8:55 AM
To:[email protected]


Still waiting for my vote paper


Tim Barnett’s reply;

From:¬†[email protected]
Date: 10 September, 2013 19:41:01 PDT
To: Cactus Kate
Membership Application

I acknowledge receipt of your application for membership to the New Zealand Labour Party. However, membership to our Party is not automatic. ¬†Under Rule 6 of the New Zealand Labour Party’s Constitution, a member must “subscribe to the Constitution and policy of the Party”. ¬†From your well publicised positions, I have reason to believe that this is not the case.

As a result, I have decided to refer your application to the New Zealand Council of the Labour Party, which next meets on 28 September 2013, for a decision about whether to accept you as a member in accordance with our Constitution.  The decision of New Zealand Council is final and binding.  Should you wish to make a submission about your membership, please email me directly and I will pass it on to the New Zealand Council for their information.

Yours sincerely

Tim Barnett


Is the take over complete?


Labour have appointed Tim Barnett as their General Secretary. That makes three if not four of the most powerful positions in the Labour party all part of the Rainbow faction.

Grant Robertson as Deputy Leader, Alistair Cameron as Chief of Staff, now Tim Barnett as General Secretary and of course Jordan Carter, a key policy influencer. Of course there is also Charles Chauvel, Louisa Wall, and Maryan Street.

Labour certainly looks decidedly top heavy in the Rainbow stakes, not that it should affect the votes of Waitakere Man in the slightest. Perhaps now Labour will have the courage to actually use the words same-sex marriage in their policy rather than skirting around the issue.

Little wonder (if you will excuse the pun), that Shearer has bought off the union faction by ceding control of the party to them with their constitution changes.

The Labour Party has appointed former Christchurch Central MP Tim Barnett as its new general secretary.

He takes up the position on July 26 replacing Chris Flatt who has been appointed secretary of the Dairy Workers’ Union.

For the past year Barnett has been a consultant in Southern Africa “developing political leadership to address the HIV epidemic”, Labour said in a statement.

Labour president Moira Coatsworth said Flatt had been a very strong leader during challenging times, and left the party in a stronger financial position and in good health.

“Tim comes to this role with considerable experience as a political representative and manager of organisations, at a fascinating and exciting time in our history. He will be driving implementation of our Organisational Review, forging a campaign-ready Labour machine nationwide and spearheading our fundraising. All key tasks towards achieving Labour-led government from 2014,” she said.

Labour wants an extra day to break more Electoral Law

ŠĒ• NZ Herald

The Labour party already has enough trouble keeping within the guidelines set out by the Electoral Act, but now they want to get an extra day which they will no doubt use to continue flouting and breaching the Electoral Act safe in the knowledge that the Police won’t ever prosecute:

The Labour Party wants a ban on electioneering on election day to be scrapped, saying it was “puritanical” and “from a bygone era.”

Labour’s General Secretary, Chris Flatt, told the justice and electoral select committee it was time for the ban to be reviewed and there was no logical reason for all election advertising to disappear by midnight the night before.

He said provided there were laws to prevent intimidation of voters, there was no reason why electioneering should not be allowed on election day as was permitted in Australia and several European countries.

“The puritanical view in New Zealand could be reviewed, especially in light of the number of people who make up their mind to vote in the last week of the election campaign, and the 12 per cent who make up their minds on the day itself.”

However, Chief Electoral Officer Rob Peden told the committee that it had been part of the political culture since the late 1800s.

“New Zealanders may not be experts on many aspects of electoral administration but one thing most know is that you can’t electioneer on the day.”

The effectiveness of Chris Flatt

Chris Flatt is the General Secretary of the Labour party. He is the flea lawyer that wrote to me over the exposure of Labour’s membership database.

There is talk amongst Labour folk that it is time for him to go and that he is ineffective and useless.

When you look at some of the more public footprints of Chris Flatt you can see why:

Take the Socialist International organisation of which Labour states it is proud to belong….except Chris Flatt has failed to pay Labour’s membership fees resulting in them being demoted to observer status only. Even Wikipedia is up to date on their status.

Jacinda Ardern will be aghast. She was of course the President of the IUSY, the feeder organisation to Socialist International, in 2008.

Helping Grant out

Grant Robertson is seeking some help. He wants suggestions on how to improve Wellington.

It is an interesting site. It carries an authorisation statement, but not a single logo of the Labour party, nor a parliamentary crest so he must be paying for it himself which would be a first for a socialist.

It also asks for contact details. Grant has done this before. There is¬†no privacy statement about what he plans to do with people’s emails? ¬†Is this another of Grant’s email harvesting exercises?

If you sign up to give Grant suggestions for Wellington then expect to be spammed with begging letters from Chris Flatt and Labour.

As for ideas, here are some of mine:

  1. Do something about Wellington’s shithouse location
  2. Same for the shithouse weather
  3. Remove 50% of the bureaucrats to improve the general populace
  4. Shift the government departments to Palmerston North to improve rent rates for the productive sector businesses
  5. Make all politicians who promote public transport catch the airport bus instead of taxis ir crown limos

Labour: broke and broken

Labour have abandoned a challenge against Paula Bennett, for cost, time and legal reasons.

Labour will not mount a challenge against the cliff-hanger election result in the west Auckland seat of Waitakere, confirming National’s Social Development Minister Paula Bennett in the seat.

“We have made the decision against seeking an electoral petition,” Labour secretary Chris Flatt said today.

“We have considered all the options; legal, cost, time.”

Bennett was in the lead by 349 on election night but lost to Labour’s Carmel Sepuloni by 11 votes after specials were counted.

But that was overturned after Bennett sought a recount that gave her the seat by nine votes.

Flatt said the party had discussed the possibility of a challenge with those involved in the recount.

“We have confidence in the Electoral Commission and the process they took.”

A petition could have cost $30,000-$50,000 and possibly more than $100,000 if Labour had chosen to challenge on the basis of malpractice.

There is of course absolutely no suggestion of¬†malpractice¬†on National’s part. Labour are more nervous of what an electoral petition would show on their side.

In short, it’s proof that Labour are both broke and broken – they can’t afford the challenge, and they haven’t got the heart.

With David Shearer absent and disinterested in helping the interests of the union workers over Ports Crisis, and now in charge of a party with no money and no balls, it’s like John Key has Shearer’s mojo in a little box on the mantlepiece, ready for Key to take out and be amused by whenever he feels like it.

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q4 – November

November 2011 – 755 posts

It was my birthday on 2 November.

I leak Trevor Mallrd’s begging letter.

I blog about Phil Goff and the billions of assets he sold, Labour was of course campaigning in 2011 against the sale of assets.

Trevor Mallard like attacking people who can;t defend themselves. He makes it his personal mission in life. During the election campaign he epitomised nasty by attacking an academic and media commentator because she dared to voice an opinion she was paid for.

Clare Curran made good on her promise to look at regulating ad volumes by incorporating it in Labour’s broadcasting policy. Labour once again showed that when it comes to nanny statism they rule supreme.

I was on NewstalkZB with Leighton Smith and John Pagani in the lead up to the election. This is episode one.

John Key slaughtered Phil Goff in the second leaders debate in Christchurch. Show me the money became the catch cry of the election:

The second show with Leighton Smith and John Pagani on NewstalkZB.

David Cunliffe makes sexist comments about Judith Collins, comments he later has to apologise for.

I blog about the defining moment of the election.  The defining moment of the election was on Wednesday 2 November 2011 at about 8:30 PM. That was the moment that Phil Goff lost the election.

I busted Colin Craig’s dodgy polls and dodgy polling company. I challenged Roger Larkin to a $1000 bet on the results of Rodney and the Conservatives. He didn;t take me up on it.

I complained to the Electoral Commission about Jim Anderton’s illegal letter to constituents. The Electoral Commission¬†referred¬†it to the Police. The Police are yet to announce any progress.

Labour and Trevor Mallard counted on their massive use of social media to win the election for them. unfortunately it involved Trevor Mallard talking to people which usually resulted in him abusing them. Like small business owners.

Another appearance on NewstalkZB with Leighton Smith and John Pagani.

I leak an email from Chris Flatt where he tells Labour supporters that “the shift has begun” off of the back of one poll. The next day more polls are released showing that Chris was a bit premature with his joy.

National’s signs are vandalised across the country one month after I suspected this would be the case. The day after I surmised that the vandals were Greens.

The Greens are indeed behind the vandalism with a key Green staffer and her boyfriend involved. Russel Norman was forced to admit their involvement just hours after I published motorcycle number plates that identified Jolyon White.

I appeared on Leighton Smith’s show to talk about the Green’s Vandalism.

Trevor Mallard even got nasty about one of Labour’s own candidates.

Another appearance on Leighton Smith’s NewstalkZB show with John Pagani.

Jolyon White, the Green party vandal, was referred to Police.

I blog the 1500 words that are banned in txting in Pakistan.

David Cunliffe proves Labour is nasty by threatening kids that Santa’s sleigh would be sold by National.

I appeared on 60 minutes with that awful Martyn Bradbury.

Labour plays the State house Eviction card again in a  redux of 2005.

Cactus Kate and I did a Live Chat. Anything the politicians can do we can do better. I will do more of these in the coming year.

David Cunliffe really goes to town against the “greasy little fella in the blue suit”:

The last appearance on Leighton Smith’s show before the election.

I appeared on The Nation for post election analysis.

I blog about the Moroney Effect: the effect that happens to candidate majorities whenever Sue Moroney stands against them.

I discuss the problems of campaigning using social media. Looking at the reviews of the year int hese posts the sheer weight of opportunity gifted to bloggers by inept people like Trevor Mallard is staggering.

The post election wrap up with Leighton Smith and john Pagani.

I review the results of Labour’s nasties.



Whaleoil Redux 2011 – The Labour party website story

In June I released the details of several months of investigation into the Labour party website which was left wide open with no security.

I started by releasing the minutes of a meeting of Labour North. In those minutes it revealed that Labour planned to use the resources of parliamentary services to campaign, and the attendence of an ALP strategist to assist.

Then I released an email that Labour party General Secretary Chris Flatt sent to members once they realised what was about to happen to them. They were in full damage control mode. They spun and  lied from the get go. I already had and still have all their data. There was no system vulnerability and no hacking. It had taken me several months of analysis to be ready for this week and I was going to make them lie and prove they lied.

I posted several videos during this story, usually to lead into the next stage.

But I was under attack from the leftwing, sho started the smears almost immediately. I reminded them of their own words about Wikileaks, not that they cared. It seems that it was more important to smear the messenger rather than wonder at the parlous state of Labour’s information security.

Then it got serious. The Labour party threatened me. It is ironic now given the amount of posts they have written about John Key and Bradley Ambrose. Even more ironic as I did nothing illegal.

I responded to Chris Flatt in typical Whale fashion:

Dear Chris

In response to your letter of 12 June 2011, I will show the same compassion to private individuals as Labour showed when using The Hollowmen.

The exception will be that I will do it in full public view not hiding behind the privilege of parliament.

Then I started to drip feed information about Labour’s credit card donations. This information was in the clear for anyone with mild interest to gather up. I was pretty interested and so I did. Initially I was sceptical that these were production system transaction but then as I scanned through them I found the proof I needed.

Cactus Kate had donated to the Labour party as a result of a sledge on Trevor Mallard. But the real result was that I now had all of Labour’s credit cards transactions taken from their website.

Just to mix it up I released the information I had gathered about ALP consultant Sandy Rippingale. Trevor Mallard had run a massive, defamatory attack on political consultants int eh preceding week and yet we now had evidence that Labour too used consultants. The leaks form the website were proving what many already knew, that Labour lies, cheats and does everything that they accuse others of doing.

Labour and their proxies try to blame me for the information being made public. I tell people to complain to the Privacy Commissioner. Labour said they were going to yet for some reason I¬†haven’t heard a squeak out of them in more than 6 months.

Donors to the Labour Party have every right to be angry, but not with me.  The Labour Party failed in their duty of care to protect your information, not me.  If anything I have done a great service to highlight the Labour Party’s inadequacies in their security of information.

I would advise all Labour Party members to complain to the Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff for a full investigation, and to ensure the Labour Party has appropriate systems in place to protect any information you provide in the future.

I am now openly mocking Labour. It is hard not to when they blatantly lie about simple details.

What I can tell you is that Labour continues to tell lies. They claim they are contacting more than 18,000 donors. There aren’t that many, there are only 452. Labour can’t be trusted to keep your data secure and they certainly can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

One thing Labour have failed to understand is that I have known about and planned this story fro a couple of months. I float teasers to see how they react. They have choices, they can tell the truth or they can lie. I predict to my friends and confidants who have helped me with this information (none are in political parties) that they will lie. I have war-gamed each possibly issue. So far Labour is proving me right, they are liying and I am showing them they have.

I post another teaser video:

I have to admit this now but I was having fun, but mostly that was because of the way the Labour party were reacting.

Suddenly though Labour and their proxies, including John Pagani start getting into the media accusing me of hacking and other illegal behaviour. I let it run for a couple of days then I post the video of how I did it. Again their lies are exposed for all to see. Every step of the way Labour has lied about salient details and every step of the way I have proved their lies. As I said I war-gamed every aspect of this story so that I could predict how they would react and so I could be prepared for their attacks. They wrongly thought I couldn’t prove how I did it because they took down the sites. I had kept telling people from the get go that I had been in there for months. That I had prepared and one of my preparations was a video to show how I did it:

Labour says they are appealing to the Privacy Commissioner. Funny thing is I¬†haven’t heard a word from them. Is this another Labour lie?

Malcolm Harbrow has a go at The Standard and he isn’t happy about it either.

Then Greg Presland, the third rate flea lawyer from West Auckland, craps his pants and emails me. I publish his email as it is my policy to publish all correspondence of this type. He stupidly insists that I publish his email in it’s entirety including his email address, phone numbers and website.

Then I show how labour had left passwords in the clear in the code of their website. Passwords to their credit card processing provider. Once again Labour has lied to people, once again I knew they would and prove it.

Labour again writes to me, this time they are begging. They make demands of me and I respond with my own set of demands.

It all started with the “Let’s Not” campaign website, now I am using that site to openly mock Labour:

One of the things that has never adequately been answered nor investigated is the use of parliamentary staffers to process financial transactions. We already had seen that labour planned to use Parliamentary Services resources in campaigning and the leaks from their website showed that parliamentary staffers were active in processing financial transactions. This is one of the reasons why I constantly call for the opening up of parliamentary services to the Official Information Act.

The story is by now not only mainstream in New Zealand but it has also gone global. Labour have had two weeks of embarrassment, lies and subterfuge as they try to weasel out the predicament they are in. So far none of their attacks on me have any merit or substance. But I am not finished yet with them.

The information contained on their site showed collusion with the NZEI, Sue Moroney and the Labour party. Labour had harvested more than 18,000 email addresses and personal details from an NZEI petition to the government. They kept those details and stored them on an unsecure server.

I published an email from the NZEI to those 18,000 where they lie about the connection between Labour and the NZEI. Unfortunately for Paul Goulter I also have an email from Chris Flatt to those same people outlining a slightly different story.

LAbour and the NZEI then concoct a story for the media but again instead of telling the truth they lie. Again I prove the lie. They are all slow learners. The damage is now running into its second week.

The supporter database software, logs and email trails show that Labour is tracking where its emails end up. They have spent nearly two weeks moaning about privacy and yet they track emails just like Blue State Digital do.

Labour are now starting to feel heat from mainstream media sick of their lies. They are now full out lying about where they got the NZEI mails from. Labour now stand accused of the very thing they were pointing the finger at me for.

Then Phil Goff lied. Not a subtle lie, an outright full blown false-hood. Again I prove he has lied. Labour keeps giving the story legs by lying. Each time they do I produce documents to prove it. I am now simply reacting to each of their lies, drip feeding the truth.

Phil Goff has decided then to continue to lie, to tell even bigger whoppers, but then I guess at this stage he was being closely managed by parliaments biggest liar of all, Trevor Mallard.

All along I have followed my own rules. I never ask a question unless I already know the answer. Labour still haven’t worked that out. I continue to be gob-smacked that they haven’t conducted an audit of just exactly what I have.

The NZEI claimed that they were non-political but on their website they have documents that outline attacks against National MPs. It makes their excuses for the harvested emails rather hollow.

The final chapter in the whole Labour website saga was when a couple of hackers around the country contacted me to tell me that Labour affiliates were recruiting someone to have a go at my website. It never happened.

With this story I outlined fully exactly how I obtained the data, at every step I published documents or proof to show how labour, Phil Goff and the NZEI lied about various aspects of the scandal. At the very least though I showed that Labour were¬†lackadaisical¬†about internet security, treated the privacy of their donors, members and contacts with the flimsiest of security and that if they couldn’t run a website then they surely couldn’t be trusted to run the country. I ahd also proved that when in a corner Phil Goff will lie. This would come back to haunt him in coming months.

Friend, The shift has begun, Ctd

Chris Flatt told the base that the “shift has begun“. He was right. In all 5 polls last week Labour shifted down:

Fairfax/Research international poll, November 9: Labour 25.9% DOWN 5.4%

One News/Colmar Brunton poll, 10 November: Labour 28.0% DOWN -2.0%

Herald Digipoll, 11 November: Labour 28.7% DOWN -1.2%

Roy Morgan Poll, 11 November: Labour 26.0% DOWN -3.5%

3News Reid Research, 13 November: Labour 29.9% DOWN -0.3%

5 polls in 4 days all showing the same thing, Labour is down

Chris Flatt was right the “shift has begun”, down and out for Labour.

And the pain starts all over again on Wednesday with the next series of polls.

Friend, The shift has begun, Ctd

Chris Flatt, the General Secretary of the Labour party, sent out an email off the back of one poll in the past week, The Herald Digipoll. In his email he told the faithful that “The Shift Has Begun“.

Tonight we can see that he is right. In the 5th poll in a week Labour has slipped in support.

3News Reid Research poll shows that National still has a commanding lead over Labour:

National: up 1.0 to 53.3%
Labour: down 0.3 to 29.9%
Greens: up 0.8 to 10.2%
NZ First: 2.4%
Maori: 1.4%
Mana: 1.0%
ACT: down 0.8 to 0.7%
United Future: 0.0%

No mention of the Conservatives in yet another reputable poll.