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A million dollars for a website? Christchurch City Council have got to be nuts


The Taxpayers’ Union has revealed that the Christchurch City Council has spent more than a million dollars of ratepayers’ money on a flash new website.

The Taxpayers’ Union is labelling Christchurch City Council’s spending of $1.2 million on their new website as irresponsible. Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

“Rather than spending ratepayers’ money on the rebuild effort, Christchurch City Council have splashed out $1.2 million on a website.”    Read more »

Finally – somewhere – a Council planner’s head might be chopped off. About time!

For too many years developers, builders, property empires, land owners and home owners have ​suffered at the hands of local government dunces. It would appear that they operate with a degree of impunity and with complete disregard for professional expertise let alone the law.

Now that at least one goon is going we might only hope that the same will happen in Auckland. What New Zealand doesn’t need – is more of these useless control freaks doing whatever they want.

For some, it is black and white. Christchurch City Council’s planning department has been doing a useless job for years. And it is about to get what’s coming.

It failed early on after the earthquakes because Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee had to take over the council’s draft central city plan and create his own recovery blueprint.

It failed again in taking too long to get going with a general rethink of the city’s planning map. Brownlee had to set in motion the fast-track Land Use Recovery Plan (Lurp), followed by an equally accelerated District Plan review, to impose certainty on a quivering landscape.

Now it has failed even this test, judging by the rough words of the Government-appointed independent hearings panel charged with pushing through the District Plan before the Earthquake Minister’s statutory powers disappear next year.

Every resource management lawyer in town is talking about what the panel chair, former Christchurch High Court judge Sir John Hansen, said about the council’s chief planning officer Mike Theelen, when ripping into the suggested draft version.

After blasting the council’s work on a new manual of planning regulations for the usual reasons – vague, wordy, ineffective – Hansen went much further in singling out Theelen personally, saying he seemed surprisingly ill-informed about the draft’s contents given he was meant to be in charge.  Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending Competition, Ctd


The people of Christchurch have been nominating all sorts of silly spending by their council and Mayor Lianne “Patsy” Dalziel. In the midst of a massive budget shortfall, in the vicinity of $1.2 billion dollars, the Christchurch City Council is making some very silly decisions.

Solar Powered Dunnies at $125,000 a time seem a bit expensive, but they are a lot cheaper than the exceptionally useless piece of art that you can’t even take a dump in.

ElZorrodePlata commented:

And yet they spend $2M on …

It’s downright ugly and the worst thing is that in the afternoon sun, the spinny thingy’s reflect the sun, so there is quite a bit of real distraction when you are driving.

Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending, Ctd


Lianne Dalziel has managed to grow up as a mayor, maturing enough to understand that a childish reaction to “Asset Sales” is inappropriate when your city is rooted. So she has been given a lot of credit for being willing to sell assets to help Christchurch rebuild.

This makes everyone wonder whether she went on a bender when some halfwit proposed spending a million dollars on fancy solar powered toilets.

The Christchurch City Council is spending nearly $1 million on eight new state-of-the-art solar-powered toilet blocks.

Brightly-coloured “Exeloo” units will be installed in parks across the city and Banks Peninsula during the next six months at a cost of $970,000.    Read more »

Lianne Dalziel cries a river of tears

Lianne Dalziel reckons she is sorry…for doing nothing.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel has made a tearful apology to residents of east Christchurch, who feel she has let them down.

Dalziel made the emotional apology on Saturday in response to hundreds of submissions from east Christchurch residents on the council’s proposed 10-year budget, known as the draft Long Term Plan. The submissions expressed frustration at the slow pace of recovery and the lack of proposed spending in New Brighton and the eastern suburbs.

Dalziel’s voice cracked with emotion as she apologised.   Read more »

Gee, this is timely

Gee, this is timely as we countdown to the 5th anniversary and 1000s of examples on how useless the Christchurch City Council is.

Wonder if the announcement is coinciding with when big pay rises for pretty inept councillors are announced.

The rebuild is winding down so perfect timing…typical of a council coming too late to the party and a few dollars short.

City councillors have unanimously approved plans to set up a one-stop shop for investors and developers keen to be part of the rebuild.

Development Christchurch will be set up under Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL), the council’s commercial arm, and provide advice to the council on unsolicited development proposals and look after some of the major capital projects the council has on its books. It will also help progress the council’s suburban master plans.   Read more »

Lianne Dalziel comes good

Lianne Dalziel kept herself out of the Labour party for years in the eighties because she opposed asset sales.

Now she is running one of the biggest asset sales programs ever seen in New Zealand, flogging off the silverware in Christchurch to fund the rebuild.

“We are committing to go back into the capital programme and have a really good look at it again,” Mayor Lianne Dalziel said. “Every councillor is committed to making savings within the capital programme and committed to finding savings within the organisation.

“We are not going to be selling anything that doesn’t need to be sold,” she assured.   Read more »

When will Local Government stop telling porkies?

Local government is spinning like a top, this time it is Craig Stobo trying to pull the wool.

New Zealand territorial authorities have assets of $117.4 billion yet extremely low debt levels of only $10.8 billion, says a financial chief.

Craig Stobo, chairman of council funder the Local Government Funding Agency which finances many councils, revealed the numbers at a briefing yesterday, saying those ratios proved councils were extremely financially cautious.

“Councils in New Zealand are conservatively geared. That indicates they’re prudent financial managers and their communities should be grateful,” Stobo said.

Firstly this is nothing but PR spin by a local government organisation. They know that they are under attack for crap financial performance and high debt.

But assets of $100b plus? I don’t think so.

The NZ Govt Treasury definition of an asset is something that will provide economic benefits. Other definitions by Audit NZ for example say that it is something that can generate income or be sold to generate income.

Most of what Local Government calls ‘assets’ are actually a value applied to land that sits under roads or parks. These can’t be sold and they can’t generate income. So they aren’t assets.   Read more »

Bludging farming ratbags want to pour more poo into our rivers

Farmers are the biggest pack of socialists out there.

They always stick their hands out wanting more and more, whether it is free water, tax breaks or a free right to pollute.

They want society to pay their costs, rather than pay the costs they incur.

Silver Fern Farms wants to discharge up to 3500 cubic metres per day of waste water containing “fats, oils and greases; faecal coliforms; ammonia; suspended solids and BOD” into the iconic Waimakariri River.

Dropping industrial waste into the Waimakariri River is “just not okay”, leading open water swimmer Dan Abel has told a consent hearing.

The country’s biggest meat processor Silver Fern Farms (SFF) wants five more years to discharge tertiary-treated effluent to the river from its Belfast beef plant on Christchurch’s northern flank.

SFF wants to permanently link to Christchurch City Council’s Bromley treatment site but the quake-damaged pipe and separation pond system can’t handle the company’s biggest discharges.

The farmer owned co-op is frustrated it can’t fully use the CCC network until Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Team re-configures residential red-zones.

Meanwhile, river users have pilloried SFF for using its outfall below the old Waimakariri River bridge.

Abel, a holder of the 4th fastest time for a Cook Strait swim, said SFF’s discharges could no longer be tolerated.

The Kaiapoi-based tutor told his overseas clients “unfortunately New Zealand is too often good at observing mistakes the world makes and then copying them. Why do we have to be a world follower? Why can’t we be a world leader?”

Abel estimated the 292 submissions against SFF’s application represented more than 10,000 people, most of whom were “Jill and Joe average”. Read more »

Ex Labour MP wants to commence asset sales – “Don’t!”, says Labour MP

I thought asset sales were something the left could never actually permit to happen?

Opposition parties are urging Christchurch City Council not to sell assets to solve its funding shortfall.

A Cameron Partners report, released yesterday, says it may need to find an extra $783 million to $883m by 2019.

The authors put up four options for closing the gap: increase rates, borrow more, get money from insurance payments and sell assets.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel says the council can’t borrow any more money and will look at the other options.

That article would have been so much better had it said “ex-Labour MP Lianne Dalziel…”, and also a lot more honest.

Labour’s Canterbury recovery spokeswoman, Ruth Dyson, says her party will vigorously oppose short-term solutions.

“Asset sales would leave the city worse off financially and strategically in the long term,” she said.

Lianne Dalziel has discovered that once you actually sit there in the seat of power and you don’t have the luxury of chanting thoughtless pre-prepared protest slogans but actually have to solve a problem using practical means, asset sales aren’t of the devil after all.

They never were, of course.  We all sell assets in our private lives and think nothing of it.


– NZN via 3 News