More good news, job growth rises as economy continues to expand

The economy continues to pick up with more jobs being advertised.

The way the economy is growing it is squeezing out the opposition’s plans for a negative campaign talking about National’s handling of the economy. When they exclaim “where are the jobs?” they will be pointed at these sorts of statistics.

Job listings on Trade Me increased 21 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter, according to the auction website.

Trade Me says the new figures follow a 17 per cent year-on-year increase in listings in the final quarter of 2013, reinforcing the upturn in the economy.

The company wouldn’t say how many jobs were listed in the three months to March 31 due to “commercial sensitivity”, but it said the number was more than 50,000.

The figures show all the major centres had strong year-on-year growth in the first quarter. Listings were up 25.5 per cent in Wellington, 24.1 per cent in the Bay of Plenty, 23.9 per cent in Canterbury, 20.1 per cent in Hamilton and Auckland and 19.0 per cent in Otago.

Southland (up 41.3 per cent) had the strongest growth, while only three of the 15 regions (Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay and Manawatu/Whanganui) saw listings growth of less than 10 per cent.

The improving job market is a good sign for human resources and recruitment, which was the fastest-growing sector with a 45.7 per cent year-on-year listings increase.¬† Read more »

Is more red-tape and bureaucracy the answer for Christchurch?

Apparently the Christchurch City Council thinks more red-tape and bureaucracy will solve the housing problem in the city.

City councillors have voted unanimously to explore options for setting up a register of residential rental properties in Christchurch.

The proposed register is the idea of the Tenants Protection Association (TPA) and is part of measures that are being considered to help address the crippling shortage of rental accommodation in the city.

TPA manager Helen Gatonyi told the council’s housing committee that New Zealand was one of the few countries that did not have a register of residential rental properties.

“It has been said there is more legislation required to house pigs than there is to house people in this country. We need to register our car, our dogs, we need to register our businesses, so why is there so much resistance to registering our residential rental housing,” Gatonyi said.

In view of the housing crisis in Christchurch a rental register was critical as authorities needed to have a comprehensive understanding of the rental market so they could plan to meet the accommodation needs of the estimated 10,000 workers who would be coming into the city to assist with the rebuild.

“It is absolutely necessary for planning,” Gatonyi said. “We need to know what residential accommodation is available and where it is.”

The level of homelessness in Christchurch was a “great deal bigger than any of us want to contemplate” and a key to changing that situation was having accurate information on where the gaps were. ¬† Read more »

Map of the Day

Christchurch 1875


City of Christchurch – 1875

Countdown not the only one with dirty tricks

Life’s tough in the big city, that’s for sure. ¬†Nichole Mathewson reports

Thousands of Christchurch residents have signed a petition to save their popular suburban dairy from being forced out by a supermarket giant.

About 2650 people signed the “We want Willy Dairy in new Halswell Shopping Centre” petition, after Foodstuffs confirmed it would not offer the dairy a space in its rebuilt shopping complex.

Owner Keun Mook Yook, also known as William, has run the dairy from the centre for 13 years.

“Lots of people want [me] to stay and lots of people are angry about the whole thing,” Yook said.

Foodstuffs said the New World supermarket next door would “fill the void”.

The shopping complex was damaged in Canterbury’s earthquakes and it was deemed uneconomical to repair by owners Foodstuffs and its insurers. Foodstuffs offered leaseholders space in its rebuilt centre, but told Yook there would be no room for his shop.

A letter from Foodstuffs property manager Clayton Young, dated May 13, 2013, stated the company did “not have the space available” for a dairy as the neighbouring New World supermarket would “fill this void”.

That’s pretty cold faced from Foodstuffs. ¬†But there isn’t much love in business.

Mind you even if there was room for his Dairy at the new mall, here’s the other problem

Another letter, dated January, said the company’s demolition plans would be under way soon and Yook’s shop would have to be vacant by the end of this month.

Work to rebuild the complex is due to start in two to three weeks and will take 15 to 18 months to complete.

Local MPs Amy Adams and Megan Woods and city councillor Jimmy Chen wrote to Foodstuffs urging it to reconsider its decision, but had no success.

Woods said the many residents found it hard to understand Foodstuffs’ decision when the dairy and the supermarket had co-existed for more than 12 years.

“Mr Yook is well respected and supported within the local Halswell community and would be a sad loss.”

Instead of fighting the inevitable, Mr Yook had plenty of time to come up with alternatives.

There are times to make a stand, and there are times to recognise you can’t stop the tide.


- Stuff

A working girl gets punched as she solicits on church grounds


Brair Ensor reports

An experienced prostitute will not be on the street tonight because she fears for her safety after “disgusting and appalling” attacks on two sex workers.

Police are looking at the possibility the same person is responsible for the separate incidents in central Christchurch.

A prostitute was sexually assaulted on an empty section in Bealey Ave, between Manchester and Madras streets, about 3am yesterday.

Two hours later, another prostitute was punched in the grounds of the St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, next to St Mary’s School.

Both attacks involved a Maori or Polynesian man. ¬† Read more »

Weather = Climate, if you’re a Green Taliban MP

H/T Deon Swigg via Twitter

H/T Deon Swigg via Twitter


And these people also want to have their leader as Minister of Finance.


Ground Crew report: road lice and parking fleas

Nothing like a bit of courtesy to your fellow man and woman

 Look at this arsehole today in New Brighton. I had about 20 cars behind me and the prick was only doing about 25kph because the road was as rough as guts. The cones go from about 400m behind where the photo was taken and finish about 300m ahead of me.

God some of these road lice are pricks. Vile lycra clad gimps.

2014-02-18 18.24.01

Read more »

NZ blogger fined $5000 for contempt of court

Well, they finally managed to knock a New Zealand blogger on the head



A blogger who uploaded a leaked email containing private information about 83,000 Christchurch homeowners has been found guilty of contempt and fined $5000. Marc Krieger blogged under the name EQC Truths. ¬† Read more »

Fact checking is irrelevant

The Maruia Falls are as “near Nelson” as…

Let’s see how this goes wrong

A search has resumed this morning for a man missing after being sucked over a waterfall at Maruia Falls, near Nelson, last night.

About 6pm two men became trapped in the water due to strong currents and one of the men, a 55-year-old from Christchurch, was rescued by onlookers and taken to Nelson Hospital.

The Police Dive Squad is expected to assist with the search today when they arrive from Wellington about midday.

Let’s have a look how “near” the falls are to Nelson


They are in fact closer to Westport ¬† Read more »

Empire building by Dalziel in Christchurch

Bob Parker was a bit of an arse, but he only had two staff, there was a mayors office secretary and he had a PA.

Lianne Dalziel meanwhile has appointed (according to an email sent around on Wednesday confirming the appointments)

Chief of Staff – Cate Brett
Press Secretary – Chris Rennie
Senior Advisor – Eric Assendelft
Community Advisor – Nicola Shirlaw
Visits and Ceremonial Co-ordinator – Louise Walton
Information Co-ordinator – Ruth Close.¬† Read more »