When hypocrisy turns into a spectator sport

The Labour and Green parties have vehemently been anti-asset sales for decades.    The Christchurch mayor was a Labour MP against asset sales only a few years ago.

The Greens believe Christchurch’s assets are going to be sold, although the city council insists no decisions have been made.

It’s been discussing selling assets to help pay for the rebuild, and a consultation document has been released which proposes raising $750 million.

The council yesterday announced it had appointed financial consultants Cameron Partners to provide commercial advice on asset sales.

“The council is approaching the option with an open mind and will not make a decision until it has completed consultation on the plan,” Mayor Lianne Dalziel said.

“Asset sales are only on the table because we face an estimated $1.2 billion shortfall in funding, the proposal is to sell shares to strategic partners that have the community’s long-term interests at heart.”

The council owns assets including Lyttelton Port Company, Orion and Christchurch International Airport.

The Green Party’s Christchurch spokeswoman, Eugenie Sage, thinks it’s a done deal.

“Why on earth would Christchurch City spend money for financial advice on asset sales that may not even happen?” she said. Read more »

Rate payer at fault for not providing toilets for prostitutes

Why is everything always the problem of tax and rate payers?

Sex workers told The Press in a year long investigation into the lives of prostitutes, the top thing that could improve their welfare on Manchester St was having a toilet – even just a portable one.

The nearest are in Cathedral Square but are locked at night. Women have to ask clients to drop them at toilets at service stations, or go behind bushes.

Auckland University associate professor in sociology Tracey McIntosh said the lack of facilities reinforced to sex workers that they are “seen as a blight on the city scape”.

She said street workers knew they were held in “poor regard” by the population. Read more »

Rock stars we are

The New Zealand economy is still a rock star, according to Paul Bloxham, the man who originally coined the phrase.

In a New Zealand economics comment, Mr Bloxham, the chief economist for HSBC Bank Australia, said despite lower dairy prices and lower growth in its major trading partners, New Zealand’s economy continued to be supported by a construction boom and the story had further to run.

As a result, interest rates were at high levels when compared with the rest of the developed world and the currency was high.

The New Zealand dollar was nearing parity against the Australian dollar for the first time in 42 years. Some early signs of domestic price pressures picking up suggested the New Zealand Reserve Bank was unlikely to cut rates this year, in contrast to current market pricing, he said.

Mr Bloxham said there were a range of indicators showing the New Zealand economy was still booming.

The broadest economic indicator of gross domestic product, or GDP, showed growth was broad based across industries with 15 of 16 sectors showing expansion over 2014. Overall GDP was running at a well above annual trend of 3.5%. The more timely indicators confirmed the strength had continued into 2015. Read more »

My Boxing Journey: From Fat to Fit – Part Two

I wasn’t going to write a part two, but there are so many things that I have experienced over the past 8 weeks that I really should do more.

Since the fight there have been more than a few nasties out there, plenty on the left who are too gutless to step through the ropes themselves, and all of whom forget that what I did was for a charity.

None though are prepared to say to my face what they say on Twitter or Facebook.

But here is the real reason why I share things about my battle with depression, or weight-loss or boxing…so that others may learn and not allow what it is that is hampering their own progress to impede them any longer.

I feel that if I share then they should be able to, and especially for dealing with depression this is very important.

For every hater who is so consumed with their personal beef with me when they don’t even know me there are plenty of others who quietly write me heart-felt emails about changes that have come about for them as a result of what I have written.

I write this blog for me and no one else…but sometimes what I write or do helps others.

Let me tell you about after the event…I was walking out to the car where my gear was…the event was over and people were leaving.

It was Christchurch and the media had created a negative frenzy about me…problem was I was being congratulated by everyone…it was humbling…there was certainly not any animosity or so I thought.

As I walked over to the car a guy called out from across the car park. He waved me over….uh oh…Christchurch…big massive guy…more big massive guys nearby…just me…where’s my mates?     Read more »

The Rockstar Energy Drink SUPER 8 Redemption – less than a week to go


The Rockstar Energy Drink SUPER 8 Redemption

Less than 1 week to go!

In under a week the Horncastle Arena, Christchurch will bear witness to the biggest line-up of professional boxers ever seen in Christchurch in The Rockstar Energy Drink SUPER 8 Redemption on Saturday 28th March!

The SUPER 8 last man standing fighters featuring American Brian Minto are
Kiwi fighters, Monty Filimaea, Lance Bryant, Asher Derbyshire, Israel Adesanya, Samoan Farani Tavu’i, Ghanaian Joseph Kwadjo and Australian Daniel Ammann.   Read more »

Give a Little so I can Cop a lot


As you all know I am doing a charity boxing match on March 28 versus Jesse Ryder.

We are fighting to raise funds for Kidscan.

They have created a Givealittle page to assist…I have agreed to fight the red corner if more than $10,000 is raised.

Cameron Slater and cricketer Jesse Ryder will go toe-to-toe in the ring in Christchurch. These two sometimes controversial and polarising figures say getting into the ring for KidsCan is a huge motivator.

• People who donate $500 or more, will receive a ‘Super 8 Redemption’ t-shirt signed by Jesse and Cam.

• If Cam raises over $10,000 he will fight in the red corner of the boxing ring. Anyone who knows Cam understands that his political leanings are blue, so this will be a big deal for him!

• But wait there’s more, everyone who donates will go into the draw to win a lunch with Cameron and three friends at the ‘White Rabbit’ in Auckland’s Britomart – transportation at their own cost.   Read more »

A good keen man

Cam spent some time with Josh Fagan from the Sunday news.


Read more »

Face of the day

A slimmed down Cameron Slater

Cameron Slater

Today’s face of the day traveled to Christchurch yesterday to help promote the Kidscan charity but the reporter was more interested in Scum.

The mainstream media, ( in this case TV One ) have focussed not on the charity that he is promoting but in a repeat of the ‘ feral ‘ controversy  have instead attempted to whip up anger in Christchuch towards him because he used the word scum in a private facebook chat.Their headline is deliberately misleading as it reads,’ Cameron Slater says Christchurch quake victims still “scum”‘

The actual article makes it clear that the comment was referring only to those who chose not to insure their homes ( a small minority ) but the headline deliberately makes it look as if was about all home owners whose homes were damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes. They also fail to mention that the comment was obtained by criminal means and made public without his permission.

As well as being deliberately deceptive with their headline, the quoted words they are using to try and whip him with were not published on Whaleoil or spoken on radio or television. They were never in the public domain or intended for public consumption.

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Lianne Dalziel comes good

Lianne Dalziel kept herself out of the Labour party for years in the eighties because she opposed asset sales.

Now she is running one of the biggest asset sales programs ever seen in New Zealand, flogging off the silverware in Christchurch to fund the rebuild.

“We are committing to go back into the capital programme and have a really good look at it again,” Mayor Lianne Dalziel said. “Every councillor is committed to making savings within the capital programme and committed to finding savings within the organisation.

“We are not going to be selling anything that doesn’t need to be sold,” she assured.   Read more »

Minor Losers, Ctd – Clayton Cosgrove


Clayton Cosgrove’s career is all but over, even if he hasn’t realised it yet.

Despite a lifetime of trying to emulate Mike Moore he has succeeded only as matching his girth.

He got out muscled for the nomination in Christchurch East, then Christchurch Central, then he managed to lose in Waimakariri.    Read more »