Half a dozen protestors and it makes the front page of The Press?

Half a dozen people walk up a busy road in the freezing cold wind and rain all worried about non existent global warming and it’s front page news.

Protesters marched in Christchurch today to encourage people to think about climate change when they vote in next week’s election.

Several environmental groups have banded together and are trying to encourage people to consider climate a top priority when casting their vote.

Timed to encourage people to think about climate change when they vote in next week‚Äôs election, protestors marched in Christchurch today. ¬† Read more »

Is The Press fair and balanced?

From The Press today, letters to the editor.

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Impenetrable protest at Christchurch John Key appearance yesterday



The Nasty Party supporters are out in force

These are from Botany:

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Ratbag flees cops on motorbike, no surprises he is now dead

A ratbag motorcyclist has fled from cops and smacked himself up in the process, resulting in his demise.

Let’s hope he is an organ donor so some good may come of his poor decision making.

The motorcylist killed while fleeing police in Christchurch today has left behind a young son, his distraught friends say.

The incident began about midday when an unmarked police car was travelling away from New Brighton on Hawke St.

The motorcyclist rode past the unmarked police car at speed and on seeing the car accelerated towards Marine Parade.

The two officers then saw him travel through a stop sign at speed, police said.

They made a U-turn and activated their lights and siren and had just reached the intersection with Marine Parade when they saw the motorcyclist, about 150-250m further down the road, crash into a vehicle travelling in the same direction but turning right into a carpark.

The red Nissan, with two elderly occupants who received minor injuries, had indicated to turn right into the car-park of New Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club.

As they were turning in, the rider hit their vehicle and was thrown some 10m, police said.

The male motorcyclist, in his 20s, died at the scene.

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Labour’s Christchurch bribes now include chucking cash at the uninsured

Labour has released yet another Christchurch policy that is so totally ill thought through it is stunning to think it made its way through the Labour Party policy council.

Why bother having insurance if the taxpayer is going to bail you out. The Labour Party is bribing voters in their hundreds so they can still hide behind the fig leaf that is they are fiscally responsible.

Labour would offer to buy all red-zoned bare land at the full 2007 rateable value.

The Government is offering to buy out uninsured properties at 50 per cent of the land value.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Spokesperson Ruth Dyson said the policy was not only affordable, but the “right thing to do”.

“A 100 per cent buy-out offer is the right thing to do for people who were unable to obtain insurance cover on bare-land or commercial properties before the earthquakes.”

Dyson said it would cost $23.4 million – “a drop in the ocean in the context of the rebuild”. ¬† Read more »

David Cunliffe upsets Chief District Court Judge


It is very, very, VERY rare for the legal profession to take to the media. ¬†Part of their job is to take things silently on the chin, no matter how unfair the situation. ¬† Read more »

Is this what happened at the Christchurch mosque?

This came in via a trusted source, who says it requires confirmation before it is considered factual

A friend in Christchurch told me about a co-worker of hers (I got no name, he does not want to end up with a fatwah against him). She considers him a morally upright individual.

About 10 years ago he went to the mosque in Christchurch that is making all the news.

He had no interest in converting to Islam, he was simply curious.

I am not sure over what time period he attended the mosque, but he felt sufficiently concerned about what he saw and heard, with regards to extremism, that he went to the NZ Police to ensure they knew what was going on.

He also said that Kiwi converts to Islam were being offered over $30,000.

Paid for by the Saudi’s (I don’t know exactly who, government or charity or quasi-govt-charity).

I don’t know what the provisions or the requirements were to get this payout.

I must admit I am shocked that they are using money.

As someone who takes a great interest in the history of world religions, I had never heard of this.

It strikes me as a flawed method of long-term conversion. Read more »

Fighting, killing… not the Muslim way?

Christchurch Muslims go into damage control

Usman Afzali is one of just over 2600 people living in Christchurch who identify as Muslim.

He moved to the city from Afghanistan in 2011 to be with his refugee wife and became a member of the Christchurch mosque on Deans Ave.

“Our religion teaches us we should be very peaceful, with our neighbours, with all of our society,” Afzali said.

Mr Usman Afzali is probably a picture of Muslims that integrate.

Unfortunately, it’s not the Mr¬†Usman Afzalis of this world that are the problem.

It was at the Christchurch mosque that [ Mr Afzalis ] met a man known as Saleem Khattab.

Khattab, born Christopher Havard, was killed during a US drone strike in Yemen last November, alongside dual Australian-New Zealand national Daryl Jones.

Authorities believed the pair, who reportedly met in Christchurch, had links to terror group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Havard’s parents told Australia’s ABC news last week that their son first encountered radical Islam in Christchurch.

The city’s Muslim leaders vehemently denied the allegations, with many saying they were disturbed by the claims and the effect they could have on how people viewed their community.

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No radical Islam in New Zealand

No terrorist training camps.   No militant Imams.   Nothing at all.

Two men killed by a drone strike in Yemen were reportedly introduced to radical Islam at a mosque in Christchurch, but the prime minister does not believe the city is a base for radical Islam.

Daryl Jones, who had dual New Zealand-Australian nationality, and Australian Christopher Havard were killed by a missile fired by a US drone last November.

Australia’s ABC news has reported the pair were had been on an Australian Federal Police watch list because of their links to the banned Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) terror group.

ABC said Havard and Jones – who went by the name Muslim bin John – met in Christchurch.

Havard’s mother, Bronwyn Dowrick, and his stepfather, Neill Dowrick, said Havard moved to Christchurch after converting to Islam.

He joined the local mosque and told his parents that was where he first encountered radical Islam.

“When he moved into the mosque he realised what they were trying to convert people to,” they told ABC.

“That’s when he left and went to Dunedin. He didn’t agree with what they were teaching.”

So we have nothing to fear, it isn’t happening here. ¬† And everyone is denying there is a problem. ¬† Read more »