Two thirds of EQC “customers” unhappy, and that’s not high enough

Natural disasters are natural, and disasters.  The fact that some people find that they have taken a hit on their equity, or their bird bath is listing to one side isn’t a sufficient reason to get pissy.  

The EQC system isn’t a 100% fix-it-as-new insurance scheme.  As long as people are living in their home, are safe and dry, then the minor stuff is what they should take on the chin.  Welcome to living on the Ring of Fire.

Customer satisfaction with the way the Earthquake Commission (EQC) handles claims has dropped.

The commission set itself a target for this year’s annual report of getting a tick from at least 50 percent of its customers, but the result was well short of that.

Its report for the year to June (PDF, 2.8MB – part two of two) showed about 34 percent were happy with their experience – a fall from last year, when 44 percent said they were satisfied.

Jennifer Dalziel is among the two thirds of clients unhappy about their experiences, after she approached the agency about its failure to properly repair her home.

“What they do is just keep fobbing people off, that it’s gone to the engineers, that it’s gone for a review and now we have to send someone else out, and there’s a six-month time lag between each of those things happening.

“So after three years people are no further ahead.”

Ms Dalziel had now decided to take EQC to court.  Read more »

Bludgers will be bludgers

Some people can never make a positive change in their life.

More than 200 beneficiaries who accepted a $3000 grant to work in Christchurch have been forced to return the money.

The 3K to Christchurch scheme was introduced July 2014 in an effort to help Work and Income job seekers relocate for full-time employment. They were offered a one-off $3000 payment.

Figures released to RNZ showed one out of every 10 who took the grant had to give money back.   Read more »

Karl du Fresne feels let down by John Minto

by Karl du Fresne

Minto had me fooled

I’ve tended in the past to take a charitable view of John Minto. The worst thing I could find to say about him was that his devotion to left-wing causes was so wide-reaching and so passionate that he had become an almost comical fixture – a caricature – in the political landscape.

In a Dominion Post column in 2012, I wrote that I almost felt sorry for him. “His brain must hurt when he wakes up every morning. So many downtrodden people, so many heartless capitalists, so many injustices – which one will he deal with today?” I described him as a compulsive serial protester and said that images of him addressing rag-tag gatherings with a megaphone were one of the few constants in a chaotic universe.

Beneath this mockery I felt a degree of respect for him. There was no doubting the sincerity of his convictions, or his commitment. Besides, a democratic, pluralist society needs to make room for people of every political shade. There might even have been times when I felt Minto had a valid point to make, even if he did himself no favours by coming across as intense and uncompromisingly dogmatic.

Now I realise I’ve been wrong all this time. What caused me to reassess Minto was a column he wrote for the far-left Daily Blog last week on the result of the Brexit referendum.

It reveals him as an unreconstructed Marxist, which is hardly surprising. He uses the tired, anachronistic rhetoric of class warfare – language that I thought had died with the passing of the People’s Voice. But more tellingly, it’s the language of malice and hate. Read more »

Poor Christchurch – the worst thing to happen since the earthquakes

Veteran activist John Minto has put up his hand to run against Lianne Dalziel for the Christchurch mayoralty.

The well-known political agitator, who ran for the mayoralty in Auckland three years ago, is standing for the Keep Our Assets group.

He will go up against incumbent Dalziel, a former Labour MP who succeeded Bob Parker as mayor in 2013.

Keep Our Assets is a Christchurch-based coalition of community groups, political parties and individuals campaigning against the sale of state and local assets.

The group has been demanding an end to secret Christchurch City Council meetings, and has asked for the renegotiation of the council’s cost-sharing agreement with the Government to be delayed.

Minto would not comment ahead of an official announcement, which is due tomorrow morning.

Speaking from Singapore, Dalziel said: “I welcome the announcement. It will be good to able to debate these issues with John.”


Do you think Phil Goff is looking forward to debating the issues with Penny Bright? What a stupid thing to say.  Read more »

Hands across the sand? They barely managed the length of a football field

Seventy people dressed in scarves, woolly hats and coats in late Autumn have held hands to show they worry about climate change and a warming planet [snigger, snort].

In a sign of solidarity, men, women and children held hands on a wintry morning in Christchurch.

More than 70 people, and a handful of dogs, lined New Brighton beach for Hands Across the Sand.

University of Canterbury student Bridget White, 18, co-ordinated the event at New Brighton pier, which was part of an international action that called for a halt to deep sea drilling and the use of more sustainable energy sources to protect the planet from climate change.

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Christchurch’s innovative idea to rid itself of beggars: classify them as buskers

If they represent the face of poverty in New Zealand then poverty has a very fat lazy face. New Zealand has the fattest beggars in the world.


A Christchurch City Councillor wants a group of homeless people who have set up camp in the central city to be moved on like buskers.

The homeless people have set up a campsite next to department store Ballantynes, and between 30 to 40 people a day are begging in the central city.

Christchurch City Councillor Paul Lonsdale said although a review of the Public Places Bylaw was needed, a ban on begging was not the answer. Read more »


Christchurch was never going to be rebuilt quickly or entirely

Christchurch was never going to be rebuilt quickly or entirely.

Half a decade later it’s still looking like the remains of a city. It’s a shell of its former self with most of the CBD looking like a car yard or a tidier Chernobyl waste land.

In a way, the CBD is the perfect back drop for a post apocalyptic zombie flick: desolate and abandoned.

That some people are upset Christchurch hasn’t much transformed and are now lamenting the fact doesn’t surprise me. What did they expect?

Did they really think the city would be rebuilt in five years? Surely not? But apparently so.

What people in Christchurch are discovering is the grim reality that property developers all over New Zealand have known for a long time – that nothing happens quickly. For lots of reasons.

One reason is that everyone moves, including businesses that shift in the weeks after disaster to any working accommodation that can be found….. to become locked in long-term leases and unable to return to their old locations.

Homeowners discover more exciting new suburbs or decide to quit the city and haunting memories. Old suburbs lay forgotten.

Sure, lots of stuff has happened in Christchurch. This isn’t to ignore that. But it’s not back to its former glory. The CBD isn’t rebuilt. Key projects aren’t done.

But a lot of people were promising it.

The fact is that cities don’t transform quickly. It’s more like a slowly dripping tap.    Read more »

Dalziel “mentally exhausted” as mayor, but realises she wants more of it

Lianne Dalziel is “mentally exhausted” but she is up more punishment.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel says she will “not walk away from the city”.

Dalziel confirmed on Monday afternoon that she would seek a second term as Christchurch’s mayor in October’s local body election.

She had been overwhelmed by positive feedback from the public in recent weeks, which helped make her decision, she said.

“The challenge of bringing about the change that we have managed to achieve in the last two-and-a-half years hasn’t come without its cost, but I am prepared to continue to serve the city for another three years if that’s what the city chooses.”

Dalziel’s announcement, which was not planned, followed speculation about whether she would seek a second term as the city’s mayor.

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Well Christchurch, it is time to stand on your own two feet

via 3 News

via 3 News


Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has been given a new title, effective immediately.

He’s become Minister Supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration, a change Prime Minister John Key says makes the Government’s responsibilities clear.

“The passing of the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act and the disestablishment of CERA marks a new phase,” Mr Key said today. Read more »

Herald “reveals” something our readers knew weeks ago


The NZ Herald has put up an article today about the guy who threw muck at Gerry Brownlee…as you can see from the headline they are claiming to have “Revealed” the child pornography charges he has faced before.

The man convicted of throwing muck over Minister Gerry Brownlee at a memorial service for victims of the Christchurch earthquake can today be revealed as a convicted sex offender.

John Andrew Howland, whose 14-year-old son, Jayden Andrews-Howland, was killed by falling masonry in the February 22, 2011 earthquake, tipped an ice cream container filled with “pretty mucky stuff” over Mr Brownlee’s head at the five-year anniversary service last month.

Howland, 41, pleaded guilty to assault at Christchurch District Court and today was sentenced to 80 hours of community work.

Now it can be reported that Howland was sentenced to eight months’ home detention in 2013 after being caught with thousands of images of child pornography on his computer.

Depression triggered by his teenage son’s death – just a day before his 15th birthday – was behind his descent into the world of child pornography, Greymouth District Court heard.

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