Another property owner being held to ransom by protestors

We saw the vested interests of a neighbour create a storm of protest about the chopping down of a Kauri tree. The landowners’ rights were ridden roughshod over and the terrorists holding them to ransom won.

Now, in the Village of the Damned, a similar thing is happening.

Residents of a Christchurch subdivision plan to keep using their cars to block the delivery of a controversial house to their neighbourhood.

A relocatable house was due to be delivered to a property in Travis Country Estate in Burwood on Wednesday night, but was a no show after the moving team had problems with a trailer. Residents had parked their cars around the property boundary to prevent access.

Another house was shifted to the site last week, drawing the ire of neighbours, who claimed it breached a covenant in the area.

Resident Kevin King said they would repeat the blocking process as long as they could.

“Most of the residents are overwhelmingly pleased that it didn’t get there last night.

“We’ll keep doing this as long as we can.”   Read more »


Underpants stealing strategy always fails

Normally it is Labour that fails with the underpants stealing strategy.

This time it is a Christchurch man who was literally stealing underpants.

A Christchurch man has today denied being behind a string of underwear thefts from washing lines in the city.

Shane Andrew Brady, 44, is accused of stealing women’s underwear off washing lines in the Christchurch suburb of Riccarton.  Read more »

When will the coroner ban Killer Jugs?

We now have killer houses…the coroner said so, so it must be true…and the Herald reported it.

Now it seems we have killer jugs.

A mother and her two sons are in custody for a violent home invasion after a clean sweep of guilty verdicts by a Christchurch District Court jury.

The trio were flanked by seven police, Corrections staff, and court security officers as they heard the verdicts, about a day after the jury began its deliberations.

They stood impassively as Judge Brian Callaghan remanded them in custody for sentencing on September 2 and were escorted quietly out of the court.

The mother, Sarah Janine Godkin, 48, appeared to turn aside and wipe away a tear after she had heard the verdicts.

She was also convicted of sexual violation of a woman who received internal injuries during the episode of what the Crown said was frenzied violence at a house in Wainoni, Christchurch.  Read more »

Finally – somewhere – a Council planner’s head might be chopped off. About time!

For too many years developers, builders, property empires, land owners and home owners have ​suffered at the hands of local government dunces. It would appear that they operate with a degree of impunity and with complete disregard for professional expertise let alone the law.

Now that at least one goon is going we might only hope that the same will happen in Auckland. What New Zealand doesn’t need – is more of these useless control freaks doing whatever they want.

For some, it is black and white. Christchurch City Council’s planning department has been doing a useless job for years. And it is about to get what’s coming.

It failed early on after the earthquakes because Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee had to take over the council’s draft central city plan and create his own recovery blueprint.

It failed again in taking too long to get going with a general rethink of the city’s planning map. Brownlee had to set in motion the fast-track Land Use Recovery Plan (Lurp), followed by an equally accelerated District Plan review, to impose certainty on a quivering landscape.

Now it has failed even this test, judging by the rough words of the Government-appointed independent hearings panel charged with pushing through the District Plan before the Earthquake Minister’s statutory powers disappear next year.

Every resource management lawyer in town is talking about what the panel chair, former Christchurch High Court judge Sir John Hansen, said about the council’s chief planning officer Mike Theelen, when ripping into the suggested draft version.

After blasting the council’s work on a new manual of planning regulations for the usual reasons – vague, wordy, ineffective – Hansen went much further in singling out Theelen personally, saying he seemed surprisingly ill-informed about the draft’s contents given he was meant to be in charge.  Read more »

Delicious irony: ex Labour MP turned mayor can’t sell people on Asset Sales

Lianne Dalziel cracks me up.  Having been part of the “Asset Sale Bad” crew for a couple of decades, at the first opportunity she fell back on the idea of asset sales to deal with Christchurch’s problems.

But Labour have been so successful at pushing the idea that you never actually sell anything you own, she’s discovering she’s hamstrung by the same poisonous policies she used to foist on the public.

Christchurch City Council may look to sell-off road maintenance company City Care and public transport provider Red Bus to salvage major assets like the port and airport.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel wants the companies removed from the council’s list of strategic assets, increasing the likelihood of a sale as they work to save millions of dollars.

The suggestion was part of a suite of mayoral recommendations around the council’s long-term plan, and follows submissions from more than 3000 people.

Ms Dalziel has also suggested removing Lancaster Park, Horncastle Arena and all off-street parking facilities owned and operated by council from the list of strategic assets. Read more »

Lianne Dalziel cries a river of tears

Lianne Dalziel reckons she is sorry…for doing nothing.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel has made a tearful apology to residents of east Christchurch, who feel she has let them down.

Dalziel made the emotional apology on Saturday in response to hundreds of submissions from east Christchurch residents on the council’s proposed 10-year budget, known as the draft Long Term Plan. The submissions expressed frustration at the slow pace of recovery and the lack of proposed spending in New Brighton and the eastern suburbs.

Dalziel’s voice cracked with emotion as she apologised.   Read more »

A sensible councillor

The Village of the Damned appears to have at least one sensible councillor.

Ensuring homeless people have a roof over their heads this winter is not the Christchurch City Council’s issue to solve, Ali Jones says.

The city councillor has spoken against a plan by Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck for the city to spend up to $400,000 underwriting the leasing of private rental properties to homeless people.

“At the risk of sounding cold hearted, I cannot support it,” Jones said.

Read more »

Cry Baby of the Week – Tell your filthy hipster son to shave

Once again the media are pimping out a story of a kid whose mother doesn’t think the rules of a school to apply to them.

This time it is a whacko mother crying a river of tears because her precious little darling doesn’t want to shave and thinks growing a beard is his human right.

A Christchurch mother is fighting an “archaic, discriminatory and sexist” rule that meant her 16-year-old son has been banned from school for more than a week.

Kay Peebles says her high-achieving Year 12 son was sent home from Hornby High School about noon on April 30 and told not to come back until he removed his facial stubble. Its school rules state that pupils must be clean-shaven.

She met with the school hoping for a “change of attitude against the discrimination of the hairy” but had no luck.

A Ministry of Education spokeswoman said a school’s Board of Trustees had “complete discretion” to manage the school as it saw fit, including bylaws that prohibited facial hair.

However, she said stubble was not “of itself” grounds to stand down or suspend a student.

“If a student repeatedly refuses to comply with school rules, that can amount to continual disobedience,” she said.

“For this to result in a stand-down or suspension, the continual disobedience must be a harmful or dangerous example to other students at the school.”

Peebles said people her son’s age could drive or decide to be parents, she said, “but are treated like kindergarteners when it comes to their facial hair”. “It’s important to me that he be allowed the choice at his age what he does with parts of his own body.

“There is nothing more natural than body hair.”

The school allowed her son – who Peebles did not want to name because he was “just a kid” with good job prospects – to sit an assessment in a time out room this week. “But he was to show up to school and leave immediately.”

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Asset Sales backfires on Dalziel


The leftie mantra that asset sales are evil under any circumstances as come to haunt ex-Labour MP and Christchuch mayor Leanne Dalziel

Six Christchurch City Councillors are pitching an alternative budget in a bid to avoid asset sales.

The Christchurch City Council is facing a $1.2 billion dollar funding shortfall and is considering a partial sell-down of its assets, including Christchurch International Airport, Orion, and Lyttelton Port. Read more »

When hypocrisy turns into a spectator sport

The Labour and Green parties have vehemently been anti-asset sales for decades.    The Christchurch mayor was a Labour MP against asset sales only a few years ago.

The Greens believe Christchurch’s assets are going to be sold, although the city council insists no decisions have been made.

It’s been discussing selling assets to help pay for the rebuild, and a consultation document has been released which proposes raising $750 million.

The council yesterday announced it had appointed financial consultants Cameron Partners to provide commercial advice on asset sales.

“The council is approaching the option with an open mind and will not make a decision until it has completed consultation on the plan,” Mayor Lianne Dalziel said.

“Asset sales are only on the table because we face an estimated $1.2 billion shortfall in funding, the proposal is to sell shares to strategic partners that have the community’s long-term interests at heart.”

The council owns assets including Lyttelton Port Company, Orion and Christchurch International Airport.

The Green Party’s Christchurch spokeswoman, Eugenie Sage, thinks it’s a done deal.

“Why on earth would Christchurch City spend money for financial advice on asset sales that may not even happen?” she said. Read more »