Clare Curran

Clare Curran chucked under the bus in Labour plagiarism scandal

Clare Curran has drawn the short straw for Labour’s plagiarism scandal, admitting it was her who cut/pasted whole paragraphs from other media to claim as their own thoughts and ideas.

Accusations of plagiarism have been levelled at Labour, with passages in the party’s flagship “Future of Work” document appearing to have been copied directly from the Economist.

In his first major speech as Labour leader, Andrew Little announced a commission to look at the future of work and prepare the economy for the impact on jobs and job security of automation and technology.

Led by finance spokesman Grant Robertson, the commission released its technology paper on Thursday which, after feedback, will help form its policies for the 2017 election campaign.


A team of independent expert advisers was helping 10 MPs to investigate themes including the impact of new technology and demands for greater workplace flexibility.

It’s understood the passages in question were contributed by the party’s ICT spokeswoman, Clare Curran, who has apologised.

“A large number of documents were used during the research for this paper, from many sources over a period of weeks and months.

“These paragraphs should have been cited in the final text and I apologise for the oversight. The document has been updated on our website.”

Robertson did not immediately return calls for comment.

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Government slowly killing Red Radio. Not quickly enough, really

Clare Curran should worry more about where to park her caravan than Red Radio's funding

Clare Curran should worry more about where to park her caravan than Red Radio’s funding

The Labour party is whinging that the government is slowly choking their broadcasting wing off.

Not fast enough I say.

The National Government’s seven year funding freeze on Radio New Zealand has put its vital public broadcasting services in serious jeopardy, Labour’s Broadcasting spokesperson Clare Curran says.

“The axing of 20 jobs at our only publicly funded broadcaster shows the stress it’s under.

“It has been starved by being kept at around $31.8 million in funding since 2008/9; that’s a 25 per cent funding cut in real terms.

“In response to questions at a parliamentary select committee earlier this year RNZ board chair Richard Griffin said cost cutting could not go on ‘much longer’ and it would have to seriously look at cutting back on core functions if its situation did not change.

“Despite proclaiming in Parliament earlier this month that Radio New Zealand is one of our most respected and indispensable cultural institutions, Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams sits deliberately idle while the broadcaster is forced to make yet more cuts to stay afloat.   Read more »

Labour wants a law that’s flawed, but will fix it once it is in place?

Labour are starting to realise the poison chalice that the Harmful Digital Communications Bill represents.

They are backing away slowly, but in doing so they appear to actually want a flawed Bill and are promising to fix it later.

That would be a fine thing if only they could credibly claim that they have a chance at being the next government.

The Harmful Digital Communications Bill is likely to pass its third reading today, the final step before it is signed into law. It will create a new offence of sending messages or posting material online that were intended to cause harm, and did so.

Another new offence will be incitement to commit suicide in situations where the person does not then attempt to take their own life. Internet service providers or companies such as Facebook or Google could be asked by a New Zealand agency to remove a harmful communication.

Labour has reluctantly supported the bill, but wants a review once it is in place. Communications spokeswoman Clare Curran said in debate that the definition of harm – serious emotional distress – was very broad.

“That is going to have to be tested in the courts to see what it actually means … How long is it going to take before there is a 14 or 15-year-old hauled before the courts?”    Read more »

Why don’t National Use Scott Simpson Properly?

My oldest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson, is the best dark arts practitioner I know.

He is an absolute genius at ratf***ing opponents, and makes even people like Murray McCully look second rate.

So why don’t National use Scott properly?

He is wasting away on the back benches while National try silly plays that get them nowhere.

The usual dumb play is to start implausible rumours about opponents that will never happen or are easily debunked. National have been trying to promote the “Rats jumping off the sinking ship” meme, claiming that multiple Labour MPs are looking to run for local government and resign their seats.   Read more »

Cut it more I say

Well done National, Labour and Clare Curran are saying that National has cut public broadcasting by 25%

That has to be up there with John Key’s best work.

Public broadcasting funding has been cut by 25 per cent in real terms since the National Government took office in 2009, leading to the erosion of our once world-class news and current affairs culture, says Labour Broadcasting Spokesperson Clare Curran.

“A seven year funding squeeze for Radio NZ and NZ on Air, after accounting for inflation and population growth, means public funding of broadcasting is now at an all-time low.

“While it appears there’s been a tiny increase to public broadcasting funding in Budget 2015, the amount is actually unchanged from last May, as the Government reduced NZ on Air funding following Budget 2014.

“Given the increased size and diversity of New Zealand’s population over the last six years, Budget 2015’s provision for public broadcasting is now at the lowest level of any Budget in modern New Zealand history.

“While the slashing of funding is bad enough, the quality of decision-making regarding the use of public broadcasting money has also been highly questionable under National.  Read more »

Clare Curran and failure go hand in hand

Labour has failed in its bid to set up a commission of inquiry into privacy breaches.

Clare Curran introduced her Electronic Data Safety Bill last year.

She wanted an inquiry into several serious privacy breaches, including one in which a member of the public downloaded 7000 sensitive Ministry of Social Development documents through a Work and Income self-service computer kiosk.

Under the terms of her member’s bill, the commission would have investigated the breaches and recommended how best to prevent further unauthorised access to private information held by government departments. Read more »

Argggh…the stupid…it burns [GRAPHIC IMAGE]

The stupid is strong in this one.

How stupid can you get? Clare Curran opposes forces being sent to Iraq but wants Kiwi journalists to provide news for her because she is so anti-American she loathes journalists doing their job if they are Americans?

She carries on after that slapping too…just to reinforce her stupidity.

Does this stupid bint not know what happens to aid workers…


For someone who claims to be smart he sure looks like he is dumber than a bag of hammers

Kim Dotcom is forever claiming that he invented this or that…the reality is far from ti, usually he is the used car salesman pimping the good idea as his own.

But for someone who claims he is smarter than most he sure acts as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Kim Dotcom has spoken out about his long battle over copyright with the US government and his regrets about the events that have led to his arrest ahead of his bail breach hearing on Thursday that could see him return to jail in New Zealand.

“Would I have done things differently? Of course. My biggest regret is I didn’t take the threat of the copyright law and the MPAA seriously enough,” Dotcom said via live video link from his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand at the Unbound Digital conference in London on Tuesday.

“I thought that due to court decisions we were monitoring from our competitors like RapidShare who did exactly what we did and were winning in civil court proceedings, and YouTube was winning against Viacom – our sense was that we were protected by the DMCA law.

“We never for a minute thought that anyone would bring any criminal actions against us. We had in-house legal counsel, we had three outside firms working for us who reviewed our sites, and not once had any of them mentioned any form of legal risk, so I wish I had known that there was a risk.”

Sounds like his in-house lawyers were tits and the three external firms weren’t much better. Of course given Dotcom’s history with bill paying they probably have ended up working for free…and you get the advice you pay for.

“The US government has taken all my assets up until the raid in all jurisdictions and after I invested money into the Internet Party, the MPAA sued me civilly to try to seize those assets too, so I’m officially broke right now.”

Well not all of them eh Kim? That’s why you have bail problems…some of your hidden assets have been found?   Read more »

Labour’s dirty politics on display

Labour’s dirty politics is on display and it involves a couple of the more nasty characters in the Labour party.

The weeping sores of Labour Party divisions following a devastating election defeat are not confined to the Wellington Beltway. Political editor Dene Mackenzie finds Dunedin South MP Clare Curran is fighting her own opposition.

In most cases, the revival of a Labour Party branch which says it has doubled its membership since August, and aims to have 100 members early next year, would be welcomed by the sitting MP.

But Dunedin South MP Clare Curran is anything but thrilled by the resurrection of the Andersons Bay-Peninsula branch in her electorate.

She says the branch was reconstituted without official approval, with the aim of undermining her bid to be re-elected.

”This is dirty tricks and dirty politics in Dunedin South,” she told the Otago Daily Times this week.

The man behind the revival, former candidate and branch organiser Tat Loo, denies the allegations.  Read more »


We all know by now that I had my emails hacked in February.

We also know that David Farrar has had his intellectual property stolen, and that Mark Mitchell had his personal emails hacked and his office broken into.

What I can also now reveal is that Tony Lentino, the businessman who formerly financially  supported Kim Dotcom also had his office broken into.

On top of that Travis who works for the blog was also hacked along with another media person who has been a vocal critic of Kim Dotcom.

Until now we haven’t had the proof, only a bunch of dots to join but we now have the complete picture.

Nicky Hager this morning admitted on Q+A that he didn’t have the full emails, that they were filtered as we suspected. Nicky Hager has become the latest victim of the puppet master.

Do I feel sympathy for him? Not one bit. He let his politics blinker his analysis and as a result it has destroyed his journalism.

Earlier today I received a call from Wayne Tempero.

He is Dotcom’s former personal protection manager and he was concerned.

Tempero was contacting me despite the early hour in Israel concerned about something that transpired on 17 June this year.

He had only now worked out what was meant by a text conversation he had with Dotcom on that date.

He had watched this week unfold and couldn’t believe what he had seen. Then he remembered the texts.

Remember just two days ago we released a text message from Kim Dotcom where he implied he was the one responsible. That text was sent to  Wayne Tempero.


We can now reveal that there was an earlier text conversation in June. Here are screenshots of the text messages.


IMG_4190-1 IMG_4190 IMG_8400 Read more »