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Kim Dotcom stops talking to imaginary people

I can’t believe the twists and turns this farce has provided.  Kim Dotcom says he has a sitting electorate MP in his pocket  (later he dropped the “electorate” from the claim).  Yesterday he told us

Talks between Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party and a sitting MP who had been thinking about jumping ship have been called off.

The Internet Party says following Mana’s decision to continue negotiations over a possible alliance, the MP and the Internet Party have “mutually agreed to end further discussions”.

“Respecting the confidentiality agreement entered into by the MP and the Internet Party to allow for free and frank discussions, Kim Dotcom, who led talks with the MP on behalf of the Internet Party, advises that no further comment will be made on this matter,” the party said in a statement.   Read more »

Hone Harawira on investments


A reader writes

Dear Cameron,

I don’t usually get involved in political stuff, but the following Herald article had me scratching my head.   Read more »

Who are the Internet Party using as their “visionary”?


Let’s face it, if the law allowed it, Kim Dotcom wouldn’t be a “party visionary”, but he would be the Winston Peters of the Internet Party.

Instead, the law keeps him at arms length.  Only his money, and of course all his direct orders will be implemented.  A bit like being a bankrupt that has his wife running the company… on paper.

So it behooves us to look into Kim Dotcom’s aka Kim Schmitz’s past and see what where foundations of his visions lie.  People tend to be able to point into their past to explain how they came to their current world view.

Schmitz’s biography is the stuff of local tabloid legend, beginning with his arrest six years ago for allegedly hacking into corporate computer systems and stealing telephone calling-card numbers.

Schmitz spent several months in pretrial detention, an experience that inspired him to try using his skills to make a legal profit.

“That’s where I decided to use my knowhow and skills to become the world’s most successful businessman,” says Schmitz, with characteristic modesty.    Read more »

Who are in the ‘Dirty Dozen’?

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen

Kim Dotcom claims he has met with a dozen MPs…to discuss becoming traitors and joining his Internet party.  Read more »

Calling bulldust on Dotcom’s claims of a sitting MP

Kim Dotcom, well used to making outlandish claims and false statements has claimed he has talked to 12 MPs and has one signed up but has a confidentiality agreement in place that prevents him naming this traitorous MP.

Stuff reports:

He repeated his claim that it would be represented in Parliament, whether or not it achieved the 5 per cent MMP threshold for list seats, because a sitting electorate MP would join.

He would not name the person or say which party he or she represented, because of a confidentiality agreement, but it was not Harawira. The MP’s name would be revealed in June.

I don’t think he will get to June. It will become apparent in short order that he is F0S.

David Farrar doesn’t think he has a traitor MP signed up either.

There are 70 electorate MPs. 42 in National, 22 in Labour, three in Maori Party, and one each in ACT, United Future and Mana. He says it is not Harawira. Well with respect, I’d say the claim is bullshit, and designed to make them seem relevant and undo the damage done from his vow to wind up the party and endorse another if not at 5%.   Read more »

Internet Party needs to distance itself from Kim Dotcom


Tracey Watkins gets it

Kim Dotcom’s political aspirations have taken a hit after he admitted owning a rare piece of Nazi memorabilia, a signed  copy of Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto, Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

He rejected suggestions it made him a Nazi sympathiser – but right wing blog Whaleoil last night quoted a friend, Alex Mardikian, saying Hitler was Dotcom’s ‘‘idol’’.

‘‘It’s not so much the book but more the fact of his awe and the powertrip of it all,’’ Mardikian told Whaleoil.

This is an assessment from someone who lived and breathed Dotcom’s life.

“The Whaleoil piece, timed as it was to coincide with the call for members for the Internet Party, demonstrates the bad faith and fear of the Key machine.

If this abject lie of Whaleoil is not enough to demonstrate the fictional nature of the recent attacks on me, nothing is.”

Fictional nature of the attacks?

I accused you of not paying your creditors – you admitted not paying them

I accused you of bullying your security guards and not paying them – you have admitted not paying them and continued to bully them

I accused you have having Nazi sympathies – you have admitted being obsessed with a WWII computer game, and collecting all sorts of memorabilia including Mein Kampf signed by Hitler himself.

How fictional are we so far?


When it comes to politics Kim, let me quote your own words back to you

Don’t hate me because I beat you. Respect me because I teach you :-)
-  Kim Dotcom

The major problem for the Internet Party is how they can survive this being so closely associated with Dotcom and the Coatesville cheque book.

Very few people have survived the court of public opinion after being outed as Hitler fanboys.

You can be assured that Russel Norman, Winston Peters, Clare Curran, Shane Jones and others are currently thanking their lucky stars that they’re far away enough from the carnage not to get drawn in by the inevitable.

Vikram Kumar must publicly denounce Kim Dotcom this week.  Leave it any later, and it will be seen as a politically cynical decision.  Do it now, and it will gain the credibility it totally lacks right now.

The Internet Party is seen as Kim Dotcom’s plaything.   Unless they split, the party is doomed, and all the people associated with it will walk around with the dirty stain for the rest of their careers.

Internet Party launch at Coatesville Reichstag


Chief executive Vikram Kumar, party secretary Anna Sutherland, legal counsel Graeme Edgeler and press secretary John Mitchell / Photo: Herald

Adam Bennett’s once-over-gently piece in the Herald today says

Internet Party chief executive Vikram Kumar said Mr Dotcom’s admission [ of collecting Nazi memorabilia ] would not affect today’s party membership launch.

The Internet Party will formally launch its bid to sign up the 500 members necessary for registration at midday today and will be the first party approved to use online and smartphone technology to do so.

Mr Kumar said the launch at Mr Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion will also see the release of a 10-point “Action Agenda” giving prospective members the first detail of the party’s policies.

It may pay to remember which parties have cuddled Fuhrer Dotcom to get a slice of the money so far:


I warned people for months and months not to cuddle up to Kim Dotcom.  I know the REAL secret life of this man inside and out.

Which makes you wonder why the likes of Vikram Kumar and his merry band of men and women are still willing to be the public face of Dotcom and his naked ambition to break New Zealand politics for his own personal needs.



What do Winston, Russel, Hone, Clare, Shane and David have to say now?

Kim Dotcom has been busted as a nazi sympathiser.

Don’t believe the lines about him being a collector because he likes to play WWII games. It’s a lie as I have shown already. There is more to come which will prove his lies out.

In the meantime all those politicians of the left who traipsed out to the Dotcom mansion need to now face some serious questioning.

Winston Peters went 3 times to take dictation for questions to ask in parliament on behalf of Kim Dotcom. What does he have to say now?

Clare Curran went at least twice, and spoke frequently to him on the phone as my insiders at the mansion have told me. Labour’s ICT policy was largely written by Kim Dotcom, what does she have to say now?

Russel Norman went out there twice. What does he have to say about an accommodation with Kim Dotcom and the Internet party? He was prepared to cut a deal to prevent Dotcom’s extradition…what about now?

Shane Jones went out there too…and his real close pal who lives at the Metropolis hasn’t yet been revealed but that will prove embarrassing too. What does he have to say?

Hone Harawira was pulling back the covers ready to jump into bed with Kim Dotcom until he was busted. What does he say now?

Then we have the fawning and compliant media. there are many, many questions there now. Why were these details left out of the hagiography, dictated to David Fisher and approved, every word and line by Dotcom? Why wasn’t Kim proud enough of his ownership of Mein Kampf and a Nazi flag that he didn’t mention it for the book?  Read more »

Shane Jones outed as another Dotcom visitor

Shane Jones has been outed as yet another politician who has been out to the mansion, and more importantly is it was a recent visit as Jones informed his leader David Cunliffe.

Adam Bennett reports:

Labour’s Shane Jones said he visited the mansion late last year. But the discussion was limited to rap-music – and he had told leader David Cunliffe about the visit.

This confirms information that I have received from business interests concerned about Shane Jones’ actions with regard to Kim Dotcom. Labour insiders assure me that Jones is not doing any sort of deal with Dotcom, but I’m not convinced yet. After all who travels from their luxury accommodation at SkyCity all the way out to Coatesville to talk about rap music….surely they could have done that over Skype or the phone?

Journalists though now have further confirmation of Dotcom’s meddling in the politics of New Zealand and also confirmation that David Cunliffe has been aware of visits by his own MPs.   Read more »

Mana nervous of Kim Dotcom, while Hone tells us all lies

The wheels seem to be falling off the Dotcom trolley as it heads faster and faster down Extradition Street.

Last week the Supreme Court told the dodgy German that he can’t see all the evidence the FBI has amassed against him, that the Extradition Act applies and his date in court will be the extradition hearing.

With him living in the leakiest house north of the bridge it come as no surprise to him that his plans to rort the electoral system and fund or accommodate Hone Harawira’s Mana party have been leaked in full detail.

Mana activists aren’t happy. Vernon Small reports:

The Mana Party is taking a rain check on linking up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party until it sees its candidates, its policy planks and gets an assurance it is committed to a change of government.

The Megaupload founder is expected to launch his party on Thursday, and will need to secure 500 members to register it with the Electoral Commission.

He has floated the idea of a deal with the Hone Harawira-led Mana Party to help both of them secure more MPs after the September 20 election, but Mana remains wary.  Read more »