Climate Change

Everest could be closed due to climate change


…”some climbers believe”.

It’s over 62 years since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to climb Mt Everest.

But last year, for the first time in four decades, nobody scaled the world’s highest peak.

Experienced climbers say climate change could make Everest more dangerous.

It’s one of the world’s greatest challenges for mountaineers, but it was virtually unconquerable last year after a major earthquake struck Nepal, causing an avalanche which killed 19 people at Base Camp. Read more »

UN continues to help Climate change “refugee”, ignoring he is unsuitable and violent

Another person cuddled by Labour despite being a violent ratbag is still harping on about being a “climate refugee” and the stupid United Nations is entertaining his forlorn efforts to return to NZ to bludge off us.

A second United Nations appeal is set to be filed for a Kiribati man who unsuccessfully battled to become New Zealand’s first climate change refugee.

Ioane Teitiota, 39, was deported in September after a long court battle to stay in the country.

He argued for years that his family’s health would be at risk if they returned to Kiribati, which is endangered by rising sea levels and water supplies contaminated by salt and sewage.

His wife Angua Erika and their three New Zealand-born children followed Mr Teitiota back to Kiribati after his deportation.

Now his Auckland-based lawyer Michael Kidd is set to file an application on his behalf, under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“By deporting he and his family back there, both New Zealand and the Kiribati governments have breached his rights because of impending catastrophe,” he said.

Since their arrival back in Kiribati, Mr Teitiota’s young son had caught an infection and had been completely covered in boils – evidence the family was already suffering, Mr Kidd said.

He had not heard from his client for a month, as he was only contactable via Facebook, but at last contact Mr Teitiota and his family were staying with relatives on Tarawa Atoll.

“They’re just living hand to mouth….they sounded pretty desperate.”

Mr Teitiota had not found a job, he said.

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Delingpole declares war on warmists

James Delingpole has always been at war with warmists, now he has declared that he is going to advance the fight against them.

Let’s start the New Year as we mean to go on: by dancing joyfully and triumphantly on the grave of man-made global warming.

Climate change is over. It’s a busted flush. The alarmists now have all the credibility of bewildered Harold Camping followers shivering on a mountaintop the morning after the night before, looking all shifty and embarrassed as they realise the Rapture their models so confidently promised just ain’t going to happen…

He then goes on to highlight three pieces of information that people should make themselves familiar with.

The first – modestly titled The Most Comprehensive Assault On Global Warming Ever – was written by a US physics professor called Mike van Biezen. It lists ten of the reasons (though there are many more) why man-made global warming theory no longer has any credibility.


Then there are two pieces on what, for me, is the single most persuasive argument against man-made global warming theory: the (considerably more dramatic) fluctuations of climate long before mankind was in any position to influence it.

Here are the key points of an essay on the subject by Ed Hoskins…

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What’s all this nonsense about warming then?

As the world’s nations slap themselves on the back for a job well done at the COP21 talkfest about Climate Change there is some news that is slow coming to the fore…and it should be out there considering the big lies we are constantly being force fed about “climate change”.

Want to know the latest global warming news? Don’t bother looking in U.S. media. They can’t be bothered with stories that contradict the man-made climate change narrative. But the truth is out there.

Let’s start with a new paper from NASA — a distinctly American organization — that was covered by the British Express.

The newspaper tells us that our space program has “found the Earth has cooled in areas of heavy industrialization where more trees have been lost and more fossil fuel burning takes place.”

This is, of course, the opposite of what we’ve been told for decades.

The Express reports that the findings confirm that the aerosols from fossil-fuel combustion “actually cool the local environment, at least temporarily,” as they reflect “solar radiation away from the planet.”

A NASA official said solar radiation is similarly bounced away from Earth when “deforestation in northern latitudes” results in bare land that “increases reflected sunlight.”

The Express further reports that the NASA paper’s lead author said the findings show the “complexity” involved in estimating future global temperatures.

This is something we’ve been saying for years. While the mainstream American press can’t get off its carbon-dioxide fixation, we’ve noted that far too many variables affect global climate to focus on a single influence.

The British Daily Mail also wrote about this NASA paper, which clearly has high news value.

But the U.S. press couldn’t get out of bed to cover the story. As far as we can tell, the legacy media in this country ignored it entirely.

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Guess what people want in China, other than a good salary and holidays?

Daycare?  Dental?  Health insurance?


It’s not only about salaries, promotions and career prospects – many companies in China have found they need to offer cleaner air within their offices to lure and retain staff.

Air quality has deteriorated badly in China’s north and east, including in Beijing and Shanghai. Companies, especially multinationals, based in these cities are spending tens of thousands of dollars to install air filtration systems and real-time pollution monitoring devices in their offices.

International market research company J.D. Power has installed new clean air systems at its Beijing and Shanghai offices, an executive said. Auditing firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers and British advertising firm WPP Plc are doing the same in their premises.

“If a company is willing to reduce pollution inside, it shows it is responsible and will have good growth,” said Shanghai resident Yao Hui, who has decided to leave a Chinese furniture company where she has worked for four months after finding its office had the highest category of pollution on a measurement device she used.

It seems extreme, but breathing that polluted air all day is very bad for your health, and people are not willing to work in such environments.   Read more »

Lascivious Len signs Aucklanders up for even more climate change gum flapping

via 3 News

via 3 News

Rubbish, Roads and Sewage.   That’s all we want.   What the hell is Auckland going to sting its ratepayers for to save the planet?   Read more »

Get a haircut and get a real job


New Zealand’s greenhouse gas obligations will be much tougher than they are now under new rules agreed at the Paris climate change talks, according to carbon traders. …

However, Greenpeace executive director Russel Norman warned the battle for real-life carbon reduction had not been won for certain as a result of the Paris agreement.

Dr Norman said goodwill had to be turned into reality.

“I think there is no question that the intention of the treaty is to try to push governments to actually cut emissions rather than to buy fraudulent carbon credits which has been the strategy of the New Zealand Government,” he said. Read more »

Obama marginalises “Climate deniers”, otherwise known as Republicans

Republicans don’t deny climate change, they deny man-made climate change, or significant man-made climate change, or they deny the world can actually reverse a natural trend by taxing people.

US President Barack Obama has scolded Republicans for denying climate change exists, unlike the majority of right-wing parties in the developed world who have admitted its importance, The Guardian reports.

“The American Republican party is the only major party that I can think of in the advanced world that effectively denies climate change,” he said on Friday (local time). “It’s an outlier.”

He says many key developers of the climate deal, agreed by almost 200 countries in Paris, come from centre-right governments.

But Republican presidential contenders have criticised the focus on climate change instead of terrorism in Tuesday’s debate, while Donald Trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz all question the science behind it, according to The Guardian.   Read more »

Think of the planet…eat bacon

It seems that lettuce is three times worse for the environment than bacon.

No surprises there from me.

Eating lettuce could be three times worse for the environment than bacon, scientists have claimed.

Despite calls from celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sir Paul McCartney for people to eat less meat to help save the planet, new research suggests that ‘healthier’ diets with more fruit and vegetables could actually be worse for global warming.

The study, by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, compared the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of 1,000 calories of different foods.

“Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon,” Professor Paul Fischbeck, one of the report’s authors, concluded.    Read more »

What a load of hot air

The New Zealand Government has hailed a historic deal on climate change, saying it is “the first truly global agreement on climate change”.

Climate Change Minister Tim Groser described the agreement as a huge and historic step forward because all countries had agreed to take ambitious action on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

United Nations officials and delegations from around the world concluded the deal in Paris this morning after two weeks of negotiations.

The Paris Agreement, which includes the biggest emitters the United States and China, set out a path to reducing emissions and limiting global temperature rise to 2C this century.

Low-lying Pacific countries which were worst-affected by climate change had argued for a 1.5C target, and this was included as an aspirational goal in the agreement. Read more »