Colin Craig

What do Kim Dotcom and Colin Craig have in common?

Is money important in elections? New research suggests it is

In New Zealand, despite no evidence to support the contention that money has a massive influence in politics the Labour party passed the draconian and anti-democratic Electoral Finance Act.

The evidence in NZ is actually contrary to the opinion that money in politics can sway results. The Act party for instance spent a great deal more than any other party for a negligible return, same with Colin Craig. On the other hand the unions pour money into Labour’s coffers and get a good return on their investment.

In Fiji the news electoral laws forbid anyone or organisation other than natural persons from donating to political parties or candidates. This stops corporates and the unions donating.

Meanwhile the left wing continues to push for state funding of political parties, a system that rewards incumbency. They don;t want to have to bother with pesky things like members and sausage sizzles and cake stalls.

And of course there is Kim Dotcom who is making the mistake many wealthy business people make in entering politics, thinking that money can buy you votes.

In the United States however there is building evidence that big money, and by big I mean BIG, can and does make a difference in campaigning. Apparently 91% of the time the better resourced candidate wins.

There are few talking points more beloved by underdog political candidates (and their aides) than to declare that money doesn’t matter. (If it did, Steve Forbes would be the president!)

Well, they’re wrong — at least most of the time.

Take a look at the chart below, created last month by Jasper McChesney, a designer at United Republic, a nonpartisan nonprofit that tries to spread awareness about the influence of money in politics.   Read more »

National’s strategic stupidity, Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about how MMP hands defeat to John Key, yesterday Andrea Vance also wrote about the exact same issue.

Chin up, Labour. So far most of the polls suggest you are doing a rubbish job at winning this election. But there are five reasons why David Cunliffe can cling to hope that he could still be prime minister this year.

1. The electoral system.

Well, duh. Obviously. Under MMP, post- elections negotiations are a bit like a nail- biting penalty shoot-out. Until now, Winston Peters has hammed up the role of kingmaker to dramatic effect. Now we’ve got a whole new crowd of mavericks on the field: who knows which way Colin Craig, Kim Dotcom and his mystery MP will swing. National can’t even rely on its old pals. The Maori Party is a shadow of itself, likely to take a huge hit in September. ACT’s Jamie Whyte is failing to live up to expectations – with no significant lift in polling since he took over as leader. Last week’s Roy Morgan poll is the first of the year where the left-bloc have regained a lead over National.  Read more »

Bill Clinton channels his inner Colin Craig


Bill Clinton appears to be sharing information with Colin Craig:

Bill Clinton is intrigued by space aliens.

The former United States president appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He ended up discussing, among other things, extraterrestrial life.

Clinton admitted that soon after becoming president, he had his aides research Area 51, the Nevada military facility, “to make sure there was no alien down there.” He was also interested in Roswell, N.M., the site of a reputed UFO sighting in 1947, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary during Clinton’s presidency.

“I had all the Roswell papers reviewed – everything,” he told Kimmel.

“If you saw that there were aliens there, would you tell us?” Kimmel asked.

“Yeah,” Clinton said, nodding.   Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Kim Dotcom’s political foray

Fran O’Sullivan explores Kim Dotcom’s stable of bought politicians:

Kim Dotcom bought his New Zealand residency with a $10 million cheque; now he wants to buy off Hone Harawira to try to secure the balance of power at the September election.

That’s the most important development relating to the birth of the Internet Party.

It’s certainly not his pledge to bring internet equality to New Zealand. Who’s going fund that, Kim?

Nor the fact that Dotcom owns a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So what? Mere ownership doesn’t make him a Nazi sympathiser. (I own a Chinese tract signed by the disgraced Bo Xilai and that doesn’t make me a Communist either).

This issue will remain a red herring unless evidence is made public — not merely hinted at — that Dotcom is a closet Nazi and anti-Semitic to boot.

Until then there is no game-changer.  Read more »

Colin Craig’s $550,000 vs Dotcom’s Millions

It will be interesting to see the mandatory Party Return to be submitted to the electoral commission for the Internet Party, and how much money Kim Dotcom is really throwing into his Cult Party.  Colin Graig has stumped up with just over half a mil.

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has donated more than half a million dollars towards his party’s war chest this week alone, party returns show.

According to the Electoral Commission website, Craig donated $550,000 to his party on Tuesday – that’s on top of a $36,000 donation made by him on February 28.

The wealthy property developer had also made four donations to the party between October and January, ranging between $10,000 and $50,000.

In October he gave the party $50,000, in November $10,000 and in December a further $20,000.

Craig added another $45,000 to the tally in January, which was used to cover the cost of a billboard campaign.

Other donations were added to cover the cost of new staff.

It was widely reported Craig funded the party’s 2011 election campaign himself.

Let’s face it.  These aren’t political parties, are they?  They are mere play things by people who have the cash to carry it off.   Read more »

Jones unrepentant, keeps on kicking Greens

David Cunliffe probably thought last week was going to be his low point.

Now we are getting a peek behind the curtains on what a Labour/Green government would look like, it’s a constant theme that the Greens are a huge turn off for potential Labour voters which Jones clearly grasps.

For a point of reference you should have a look at what the ousted Labour politicians from Tasmania are saying about their time with Green coalition partner.

in the meantime we get to enjoy Shane Jones kicking the Greens in the cods.

Labour MP Shane Jones says Greens are too thin-skinned after the party laid a complaint about his attack on one its MPs.

Greens’ head of staff Ken Spagnolo said he had raised Mr Jones’ comments with Labour head of staff Matt McCarten.  Read more »

Who is managing Labour’s social media campaign?

Settle down children, I’m about to tell you a story!

Let’s say a political leader, let’s call him Conservative Party leader Colin Craig, says that a woman’s place is in the home.  And to make this more fun, another political leaders, let’s call him Green party co-leader Russel Norman, refers to this in a allegedly derogatory sense in a speech.

Now, Colin doesn’t like it and decides to sue Russel for defamation.

This is all over the media, and it looks like a mess.  The whole concept of women belonging in the home is somewhat ridiculous to most voters.

Apparently, neither Colin nor Russel think the Woman’s place is in the house, but they are going to court to fight over it anyway.  The proper place for a woman is a hot political issue in 2014.

Meanwhile, in a political party, far, far, faaaar, away, some social media genius is thinking: “How shall I make an impact in this election?”

“Oh, I know!” Read more »

Stuart Nash responds to media bias claims coming from the left

shoot-self-in-foot copy

The main cry coming from left wing commentators and paid bloggers and spin weasels is that the media is bias and hates David Cunliffe.

They claim this is the media’s fault without critically examining why such a situation may exist in the first place.

Stuart Nash responds to Chris Trotter’s attempts to blame media in the comments at The Daily blog. [Edited as to formatting, not content]

Chris, this is an interesting piece (and I am going to write my own tonight), but complaining about the media is the same as MPs complaining that MMP has added a rural hump into their once-safe electorates. So what.!

The stories in the media piss me off as much as they do the next person, however, we know this is now the game. If you don’t like the heat then get out of the kitchen.

We all know the media hunt as a pack, and if they smell blood they go hard.  Read more »

Hosking on Cunliffe and his dodgy donations laundering through secret trusts

Mike Hosking has a good editorial about David Cunliffe and his use of a blogger at The Standard to launder donations through his secret trust.

I know hindsight is always a good thing, but what on earth David Cunliffe was thinking when he decided to run his donation money for the leadership of the Labour Party through a trust is anyone’s guess.

Was he always going to end up having to explain it? Yes.

When he was, was he ever expecting a trust to be a transparent, open and honest way of doing business? No.

Was he ever thinking that when he could say things like ‘it’s a perfectly legal way of doing business’, the opposition was going to go ‘oh ok, that’s alright then’? No.

Was it always going to look a bit suss? Yes.

And given he’s all about transparency and given all the comments he’s made about the National Party and deals and mates and ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ arrangements, was that always going to make him look ever so slightly hypocritical?    Read more »