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The political retardation of the Conservative party


If you thought Andrew Little telling us that he had only read 8.5% of the TPPA text was an exercise in political retardation, then consider this press release from the congenital idiots at the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party are by no means opposed to trade agreements with other countries, but the secrecy surrounding the negotiations and the lack of disclosure of real detail with regard to the TPPA, accompanied by the fobbing off of serious questions by Government Ministers since agreement was met, has created wide spread concern in the populace.

In November 2015, the poll conducted by Consumer Link showed 65% of New Zealanders thought the Government should make the contents of the agreement public before the negotiations were completed and the agreement signed. The current public outcry seems to indicate that little has changed.   Read more »

Two of me, two of him, two of us


Colin Craig’s poem, allegedly to Rachel McGregor, that he charged royalties for from Whaleoil in arrears for use in a news story where the poem was central to the news item, not as a creative work, but as a politically and allegedly criminally related news story.

Readers might recall that Mr Colin Craig likes to use the court system as a weapon.  With his significant wealth he is able to manage a lot of problems away.  Most people cut and run, because it’s cheaper to give in than to win.

Completely separate from all the defamation actions flying about concerning the Craig and Craig publication of Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas, Mr Craig also told me he was going to take me to the Disputes Tribunal over the use of his intellectual property – the poem “Two of me” written by Creative Colin.   Read more »

Colin Craig is ready to return as leader of the Conservative Party

Colin Craig gave a generous Christmas donation to the Conservative Party, despite stepping down as its leader.

The party declared a $22,000 donation from Mr Craig on December 22, on top of earlier donations of $3000, $6000 and $8300 last year.

Political parties must declare individual or separate donations which amount to more than $30,000 within a 12-month period.

The latest donations come despite Mr Craig taking a back seat in the party’s operations. He stepped down as leader in June after admitting to inappropriate conduct with a former staff member.

“Obviously I’m out for the moment … but I will continue to be supportive of the party and I will continue to give to the party,” Mr Craig said yesterday.

Funding was needed to cover staff costs and a large leaflet drop last year, he said.

Mr Craig has spent close to $3 million of his personal income on the party over two elections, without winning a seat in Parliament.

The party’s board announced in November that it was seeking a new leader.

Mr Craig said the donations were not an attempt to maintain control of the party or influence its leadership decisions.

He has ruled himself out of contention until he resolved two legal cases he was involved in – a defamation case and an allegation that he broke electoral laws ahead of the general election in 2014.

Well, he’s got five defamation cases he’s personally involved in.    Read more »

There is that word ‘ inappropriate’ again


Colin Craig loves to use the word’ inappropriate.’ He claims that what he did was ‘ inappropriate ‘ but that it was not sexual harassment. We the general public, are expected to believe that inappropriate is to sexual harassment, what paddling is to swimming. Both involve the same thing but one is more involved or serious than the other.


In Australia a junior minister Jamie Briggs has quit the front bench after an incident involving a female public servant. He described his actions as inappropriate but not illegal.

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God forbid, a National-Green government?

Rodney Hide makes a bold prediction about the future NZ government, but first some commentary.

The other amazing thing is how stable our politics has become. The parties have grown comfortable with their roles and us with them.

Colin Craig set about to shake it up but only succeeded in shaking out himself.

This year will be the end of Colin Craig. He bit off more than he can chew suing and defaming three people with the resolve to stand up to his bullying. The fact we all have the facts on our side seems to be escaping poor old Colin. The long drawn out court battles will see the awful truth revealed.

Throughout the year, we were told it was all about to change for Key and National. I might have been guilty of saying that myself.

But it never did. The great ship of National steamed on, no matter the troubled water. Even losing the true-blue seat of Northland didn’t rattle the cutlery or spill the tea.

In the New Year those of us in the commentating business will continue to declare tipping points and a change. And one day we will be right. Not everything lasts forever, not even Dunne.

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2015 – Our losers (I claim two as scalps)


A jury couldn’t convict him on charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice, but Cairns said it himself: “Reputationally, I’m completely scorched, burnt completely”. He’s vowing to fight on and redeem himself, but in many respects, the damage has already been done. The marathon trial in London’s Southwark Crown Court featured a prosecution witness list that read like a who’s who of New Zealand cricket: Daniel Vettori, Brendon McCullum, Chris Harris, Lou Vincent, Shane Bond, Kyle Mills and Andre Adams. Despite the not guilty verdicts, Cairns’ status as a cricketing great has taken a hit.


The private prison operator has managed to see out the year without its contract to run Auckland’s Mt Eden prison being torn up – just. A full-blown scandal erupted after footage emerged online of prisoners allegedly taking part in organised fights clubs. Further serious allegations emerged about the behaviour of inmates at the prison and a full independent investigation was ordered. Serco bosses were called in for a “please explain” with the Corrections Minister, who hasn’t fared well either, and not long after the Corrections department took over the day-to-day management of the facility. But whether Serco gets the boot is a question that will remain unanswered until 2016.

The Corrections union, Labour and the Media worked hand in hand to put Serco at the kerb using the same style of politics they have denounced Dirty Politics to be.  Brutal, and efficient.  Serco were dumped.   Read more »


What are the current Conservative Party finances, and where will donations end up? [UPDATED]

The Conservative Party sent out an update making things sound all under control and sunny.   But they need money.  (Don’t they all?)


A political party asking for donations isn’t remarkable, but in the case of the Conservative Party, this may actually be a bit of a problem.   Read more »

Season’s Greetings from the Conservative Party

craig-defamationSeasons Greetings [member],

Even the Conservative Party doesn’t dare call it Christmas

It has been an “eventful” year for the Conservative Party of New Zealand, a year of mystery, intrigue and a whole lot of disruption.

The media may have announced the death of the Conservative Party, but this is not so. There is a new team at the helm, a new leader to be found, new policies to confront and an ever increasing need for a Conservative voice in Parliament. It is exciting to see some Conservative policies being adopted by the current Government, like binding referenda. Now we just need it applied to significant decisions!

The government hasn’t adopted binding referenda, and actually, the media have not declared the Conservative Party dead.  It’s those other pesky people: the voters!   Read more »

Colin Craig – a “19-year-old male who was desperately in love with someone but didn’t quite dare say it out loud”

The Herald has got Bill Manhire, a real poet, to analyse Colin Craig’s ‘inappropriate’ poem.

With Colin Craig asking for a fee of $3000 a month for the display of his poem Two of Me on a blog, it begs the question – is it really that good?

New Zealand’s inaugural Poet Laureate, Bill Manhire says the poetry – penned by the former Conservative Party leader, which was allegedly written for his ex-press secretary Rachel MacGregor – is not the worst he’s ever seen.

“It’s certainly better than David Cunliffe’s Harvard poem.”

Yes well that poem by David Cunliffe was pretty bad, and although Colin Craig’s poem is not the worst, but it sounds like it is getting there.

Two of Me has been published on Cameron Slater’s blog Whale Oil since July.

But in an email to the blogger yesterday, Mr Craig requested a retraction, a written apology and $3000 per month for its display on the site, calling it a “clear breach of copyright”.

He has threatened to take Slater to the Disputes Tribunal over the issue next year.

Part of the poem reads: “There is only one of me it’s true, but I wish this were not the case, because I wish that I could have you.”    Read more »

Invoicing and Creative Colin


This morning I let you in on Colin Craig’s bizarre email exchange resulting in an invoice for the use of his intellectual property, a poem called “Two of me”.  A poem he 1) denied writing, 2) won’t comment on as to the ownership of it, and 3) is invoicing royalties for its use.

Confused?   There may be some consistency there, if you have a larger picture.  John Stringer analyses it over at coNZervative.

1. WHY is a business partnership entity of Colin and his wife Helen Ruth Craig invoicing Slater for a romantic poem Colin wrote privately to the press secretary of the Conservative Party? Does CC not see that as ironic?

The poem discusses wishing to share himself around with women not his wife, and there are forlorn sentiments about his marriage. Is that a service, a function, of his registered partnership with Helen Ruth Craig? Do they publish romantic poems of Colin’s to women not his wife? Does he not care about Helen?; is he contemptuous of her feelings, her needs, her honor? The contempt of invoicing his romantic poem IN HER NAME to a third party beggars belief (that disconnect from reality thing).

2. Colin has been accused of “creative accounting” by some people who’ve worked with him over many years (in fact, that is being actively investigated by the Police on top of Police file 150-921/0239 and Police file 150-807/9750, one of which also looks at other accounting irregularities in realign to over matters). It’s odd that the ACTUAL cost of the poem + Gst comes to a round $3000.oo How can that be?

2. $2608.70 + Gst 391.30= $3000.oo. Read more »