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Invoicing and Creative Colin


This morning I let you in on Colin Craig’s bizarre email exchange resulting in an invoice for the use of his intellectual property, a poem called “Two of me”.  A poem he 1) denied writing, 2) won’t comment on as to the ownership of it, and 3) is invoicing royalties for its use.

Confused?   There may be some consistency there, if you have a larger picture.  John Stringer analyses it over at coNZervative.

1. WHY is a business partnership entity of Colin and his wife Helen Ruth Craig invoicing Slater for a romantic poem Colin wrote privately to the press secretary of the Conservative Party? Does CC not see that as ironic?

The poem discusses wishing to share himself around with women not his wife, and there are forlorn sentiments about his marriage. Is that a service, a function, of his registered partnership with Helen Ruth Craig? Do they publish romantic poems of Colin’s to women not his wife? Does he not care about Helen?; is he contemptuous of her feelings, her needs, her honor? The contempt of invoicing his romantic poem IN HER NAME to a third party beggars belief (that disconnect from reality thing).

2. Colin has been accused of “creative accounting” by some people who’ve worked with him over many years (in fact, that is being actively investigated by the Police on top of Police file 150-921/0239 and Police file 150-807/9750, one of which also looks at other accounting irregularities in realign to over matters). It’s odd that the ACTUAL cost of the poem + Gst comes to a round $3000.oo How can that be?

2. $2608.70 + Gst 391.30= $3000.oo. Read more »

If you thought it was bizarre that Mr X was Colin Craig wait until you read this

Colin Craig (both of them) with the interviewer and Mr X

Colin Craig (both of them) with the interviewer and Mr X   Photo/NZ Herald

When Colin Craig held his press conference and announced that he was suing me for defamation and had also printed a pamphlet and sent it to every household in New Zealand, I saw there was something familiar in the pamphlet.

He had used one of my photos. Initially I thought it was a Getty Image but I checked with them and they confirmed that it wasn’t one of their images, but was one of the five images their photographer took that I own the rights to exclusively. Colin Craig had taken one of my photos, edited it in the background then used it twice in his defamatory pamphlet to attack me. He never asked for permission, nor would it have been given.

So I invoiced him for it. It is my intellectual property and I own all the rights to it. He can’t use my property to attack me.

His response was to tell me to nick off and to threaten me to drop my claims or he would charge me for ‘using’ his poem “The Two of Me“. Understandably I thought he was crazy even suggesting that.

I didn’t think he could be any more crazy but yesterday he went full retard and actually did bill me for ‘use’ of his poem…a poem he has previously said that I fabricated. Well that little falsehood is well and truly busted.

I replied to Colin Craig and copied in media who have now picked it up.

Stacey Kirk at Fairfax covers the story best.

Colin Craig appears to have admitted a poem allegedly written for his former press-secretary Rachel MacGregor, is one of his original works.

He is now attempting to invoice WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater $15,000 for it, after Slater published the leaked poem on his site.

In the latest twist of a drawn-out series of events, Craig is also demanding Slater retract the blog post, and “provide written apology to me for using my work without permission”.

The poem, called Two of Me, spoke of how there could be two of the author; “that would be one for all the others and one of me, for you”.    Read more »

Uh oh: Mr Craig not cowed by Granny’s response

Just to keep an eye on proceedings, this is what Granny received from Colin Craig

From: Colin Craig <[email protected]>
To: [redacted]
Cc: ‘Helen Craig’ <[email protected]>; ‘Steve Plummer’ <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, 19 November 2015 10:42 AM

Good Morning [name redacted].

Thank you for responding.

Just to be clear:
1. We do hold evidence that you have been corresponding with Mr Stringer.
2. The allegations have not been taken off the coNZervative blog.
3. I have explained the context in which the allegations are being made public.
4. I have also explained the allegations are now part of legal proceedings that will be covered by media.

Also to be clear we do indeed hold evidence that you have made these statements (and others) and I appreciate the honesty in your response below, in that you have not denied making them. Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: “Grandma” strikes back. Your move, Mr Craig

If you didn’t catch last night’s article where Colin Craig sent a rather impressive letter to someone, you’ll need to catch up first.   Then come back and read this.

Whaleoil has obtained “Grandma”‘s reply to Mr Craig’s letter.

19 November 2015

Mr Craig

Re your email of 18 November 2015.

LEAVE ME ALONE! I consider your post-litigation email between us, which decided in my favour, a re-opening of matters already decided by the court and you harassing me because you did not like that result. This appears to be the case, from your reference too!

“You will recall that you previously made allegations of fraud (or theft) at the ERA hearing between us and you were required to retract these allegations at the hearing after we had independent auditors show you were wrong.” You are silly re-litigating the Court’s decision which was in my favour

I would suggest that you do not contact me in any way, not by phone, txt, email or visit me. In failing this I will have no alternative but to go to the Police. You are therefore on notice from today, being 19 November 2015. Read more »

Conservative Party: The victor writes the history books


The rewriting of history has begun.

Earlier this year, on 19th June, it was announced that the Board of the Conservative Party would undertake a review of the leadership of the Party. The former Leader of the Party, Colin Craig, stood down to allow the board to explore all possible leadership options going forward.

The newly elected Board has decided, in agreement with Mr Craig, that as we move forward we will be looking to appoint a new leader to take us through to the next election. …

Mr Leighton Baker has been appointed Party spokesman as the Board looks at the leadership options.

What actually happened:   Read more »

Face of the day

Mr X

Mr X

Mr X is not seeking re-election as Conservative Party leader for now. In the meantime the party funded by him is keeping the throne warm until he has got those pesky ‘allegations’ tidied away. He is hopeful that this will be achieved before the 2017 election.Without his money the Conservative Party has very little funding and this may explain why they are in no hurry to find a replacement for Mr X.

there was “no hurry” to appoint a new one, as the new board looked to settle in and rebuild its membership first.


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I’ve been a naughty girl

When your husband is being sued by Mr X for hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to have a sense of humour. I went looking for some cheap thrills yesterday and found them on the following facebook page.

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Media Party ratify latest Conservative Party as genuine

The Conservative Party could be on the road to recovery.

It elected a new board at the weekend, the first positive move since the party collapsed earlier this year following the controversial resignation of leader Colin Craig.

The brief annual general meeting held on Saturday wasn’t without drama, however.

Mr Craig’s erstwhile colleague and now bitter foe John Stringer tried to get in but was turned away.

Police were called and defused the situation.

Mr Stringer says he and his wife were evicted.

“Mrs Stringer was shoved from the room by Craig’s staff.”

He has previously claimed the meeting was organised by Mr Craig’s supporters and employees.

The meeting elected a board and an interim chairman, Leighton Baker.

“The new board was democratically elected,” Mr Baker said after the meeting.

“Colin Craig stepped down from the leadership on June 19 and is not involved in the new board.”

Under the party’s constitution, the board elects the leader.

It hasn’t reached that point yet, but Mr Stringer believes Mr Craig will be asked to again lead the party.

It’s kind of remarkable (it isn’t?) that the media are folding.   Well, I know it’s boring.  It’s been boring from the beginning.  It’s only the sheer level of banality that’s made it worth following.

On what basis did Stringer get trespassed?   Read more »

An exclusive interview with Mr X

Mr X


Interviewer: So Mr X, can I call you Colin?

Mr X: No you certainly can not. Using a nom de plume is a literary device to make this interview more interesting.

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A tale of lies and literary devices

When is a lie not a lie? When it is a literary device ( according to Colin Craig) Does his explanation hold water or is it just another literary device lie?

Being an ex-High School English teacher I am very familiar with literary devices. When my students were working on creative writing I encouraged them to use them and also when they were writing a speech as persuasive language uses them.

Colin Craig has claimed that using a Nom de plume is a literary device. I have searched a long list of literary devices for nom de plume and  it was not included as a literary device.  A nom de plume is a writer’s pseudonym. Other common words with similar meanings are pen name, assumed name, incognito, alias, false name, professional name, sobriquet, stage name and nickname.

What Colin Craig has done is not accurately described by the word nom de plume, as that word is for the writer of a narrative. In this case the false name was used to describe the person interviewed by the writer not the writer himself. The writer of the ‘interview ‘ is still unknown. We do not know their name let alone have a nom de plume for them.

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