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Whaleoil readers not fooled by Craigs’ Show

Rebecca speaks her mind

I’m glad for Mrs Craig that she has found it in herself to behave as a good Christian wife. But this legal action is not about impressing your congregation or electorate. Mr Craig was both employer and party leader, with special responsibilities in both roles.

By way of example: John Key was pilloried for tugging on a pony tail, but he didn’t accidentally kiss his secretary and then send her yearning poems before scorning her, which is Craig’s version of events. Imagine if Key had done that. This is the sort of mirror Craig needs to hold up for himself rather than tortuous tales in which he was only a little bit naughty (and is forgiven) unlike all those others who were very naughty indeed so deserve 1.6 million pamphlets and/or to be sued.

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Oh, so that’s why the Police and security guards were at court

steve-taylorWhen Rachel MacGregor was giving evidence the other day the courtroom for some reason had a Police presence and a security guard in place.

Now we know why. It also explains why he turned up on the first two days and then disappeared.

Anna Leask from the NZ Herald reports:

Details have emerged in court about a restraining order granted to Colin Craig’s former press secretary against a counsellor she alleges posted confidential information about her in a blog post.

The Herald can reveal that Rachel MacGregor was granted a restraining order in the Waitakere District Court against Steve Taylor in May this year.

The order and the reasons for it were discussed in open court today, during day 12 of Craig’s High Court defamation trial.

Craig is accused of defaming Taxpayers’ Union director Jordan Williams – also a friend of MacGregor’s – in the Dirty Politics pamphlet he paid to publish and distribute to 1.6 million households across New Zealand.

Taylor is an associate of Craig and a former Conservative Party candidate.

He was the moderator for his allegedly defamatory pamphlet “Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas”.

He is also a counsellor and the director of 24-7 Limited which, according to the company’s website, offers counselling and mediation to individuals, couples and families.

Sometime after MacGregor quit and following the speculation that followed about her shock departure a blog post appeared on the internet containing extremely personal information about her, including information she alleges she disclosed to Taylor.

The author of the post has never been firmly identified but MacGregor, when applying to the courts for the restraining order, alleged it was Taylor.

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They say Dirty Politics like it is a bad thing

Radio New Zealand is continuing on the witch hunt in Marlborough and Nelson. Instead of focussing on the issues they want to shoot the messenger and root out a whistle-blower.

Nelson councillor and mayoral candidate Pete Rainey said it amounted to gutter politics, which was unbelievable in local body elections.

The blog run by Cameron Slater was described in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, as having a history of running smear campaigns against MPs, health campaigners, environmentalists and others on behalf of Mr Slater’s political allies.

Mr Rainey, a city councillor for three terms, and co-owner of a local events management business, was recently accused of profiteering from his dealings with the council. He said the deputy mayor Paul Matheson asked for information on his business dealings with council, but Mr Rainey said it was later found to be wrong.

Whale Oil published the information.

“Look there’s definitely untrue claims made by Slater about a company I own and its dealing with the council. The information is incorrect – it’s quite clear it’s incorrect but the information is out in the public arena and I think the people of Nelson will have to make their own mind up about how that happened and who stood to gain from it,” Mr Rainey said.

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Creative Colin exposed in Mr X fiasco

As I wrote earlier, yesterday in court was excruciating.

Yvonne Tahana from TVNZ gets right to the bottom of the Mr X fiasco.

Mr McKnight was blunt to Mr Craig about the pamphlet which took a question and answer form with himself: “This is you just making something up?”

“I’ve based it on conversations and thoughts of other people,” Craig answered.

Mr McKnight is working systematically through major sentences in the pamphlet.

He asked Craig to read where Mr X denies any sexual harassment against Craig’s former press secretary Rachel MacGregor and a “second victim”.

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From despicable, to evil genius, to master of political games…all in a day

Yesterday I was described as despicable by ratbags in Marlborough who have come under some much-needed scrutiny.

And Colin Craig called me an evil genius and a master of political games under cross-examination.

The cross-examination of Craig was awful in its entirety as his words were picked over bit by bit. From the love letters to the booklet, every phrase was read out by Craig and he was asked what he meant by the sentence.

No journalist managed to capture the sheer embarrassment of it all. You had to be there.

Adam Hollingworth has some of it.

Jordan Williams’ lawyer has gone on the attack in cross-examining Colin Craig, at the defamation trial against the former Conservative Party leader.

Peter McKnight questioned Mr Craig in depth on Monday morning about his decision to use the literary device ‘Mr X’ in pamphlets he sent to hundreds of thousands of households last year.

Mr Williams took the defamation case against Mr Craig after the latter called him a liar for spreading “false allegations” about him to other members of the Conservative Party, particularly regarding his behaviour around former press secretary Rachel MacGregor.

On Monday, Mr Craig told the jury ‘Mr X’was a nom de plume in his Dirty Politics leaflet at the centre of the defamation trial.

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The origin of “cock tax”


Yesterday in court Colin Craig read one of my posts about him having to probably pay a lot of “cock tax“.

Everyone laughed…but I was asked afterwards by a few people what the term meant and where the term came from.

I can’t claim to have invented the term, but I can claim to have used it extensively.

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Do you know what dodgy means?

Rachel MacGregor was devastating in court yesterday and is still under cross-examination today.

Her evidence was damning and we have now found out that despite Colin Craig’s repeated denials of anything untoward and then his back pedal to suggest that it was only inappropriate, that Rachel MacGregor alleged he had actually sexually harassed her repeatedly over a long period of time.

Colin Craig’s former press secretary Rachel MacGregor has labelled the former Conservative Party leader a “dodgy” liar who lacked integrity.

She says she resigned from her job because Craig allegedly sexually harassed her and “repeatedly refused” to discuss her pay rate.

MacGregor was speaking in the High Court at Auckland on Tuesday, where she is the final witness to give evidence in the defamation case Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams has taken against Craig.

MacGregor was being cross-examined by Craig’s lawyer Stephen Mills QC, who asked her if she was surprised that Williams felt Craig wasn’t fit to be a leader of the party.

“(Craig) was dodgy.”

Asked what she meant by that, she continued: “Well, I mean, dodgy to be fair. He was sexually harassing me. Do you want me to use another word other than dodgy? Do you know what dodgy means?”

Her evidence prompted laughs from people sitting in the public gallery.

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Colin Craig – a superb long summary of a day at court

Anna Leask is a rose among thorns at The NZ Clickbait.  A solid reporter.  And listening to the testimony personally and then seeing it written about, I can confirm this is solid reporting:  this is a fair representation of the day.

I’m going to do something I haven’t done for years:  send you off to read a NZ Herald article.

Rachel MacGregor on Colin Craig – in her own words – by Anna Leask

(Just one niggle:  douchebag is one word)

EXCLUSIVE: Colin Craig’s Castle Commode

It all makes sense now.



Williams v. Craig – Week 1 summary

I have spent the week in court observing, as media, the Williams v. Craig defamation trial.

You have all seen the other media coverage But I thought I would give my observations in a quick reference format of what has been revealed this week. Nothing is suppressed so far, so it is safe to publish these details.

Only two witnesses have given evidence so far. The evidence in chief of Jordan Williams and evidence from Christine Rankin. Jordan Williams was cross-examined for more than the time he gave evidence.

What we have found out:

  • Colin Craig told the board that there were no allegations of sexual harassment, and it was an employment dispute only.
  • Colin Craig repeatedly told the media that there was no inappropriate conduct. He stated numerous times on camera and in radio interviews that any allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” were “scurrilous baseless and just wrong and retractions would be demanded”.
  • Craig’s defence is now claiming there was a relationship and it was consensual.
  • Colin Craig repeatedly told the board that there was no inappropriate conduct.
  • Colin Craig has asserted in sworn affidavits in other proceedings that he is not a Christian.
  • A video of the sauna interview and another news clip shows Mr. Craig clearly claiming he is a Christian.
  • Colin Craig has asserted in sworn affidavits in other proceedings that the Conservative party did not stand on moral values.
  • Christine Rankin informed the court of regular Thursday morning prayer sessions, the fact that Colin Craig often took days off to read the bible, and that he used to fill his press releases with bible quotes that were removed by Ms MacGregor or Christine Rankin herself.   Read more »