Colin Craig

Colin Craig loses email trawling bid

Colin Craig has been taking diabolical liberties in his various court cases, but one in particular should send a shiver down the spine of anyone involved in politics.

His bid to silence three people who told the truth about him had a turn for the worse for him with the court rejecting his attempt to go trawling through emails after he tried to execute third-party discovery on Vodafone.

An application by former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig to have Vodafone New Zealand release correspondence between former Conservative Party Board members has been rejected by a court.

Colin Craig made the application in March as part of an ongoing discovery process in one of a string of defamation cases.

In this particular case he’s suing former Conservative Party board member John Stringer for defamation after the party fell to pieces during the Dirty Politics saga.    Read more »

How long can a Political Party survive without a leader?

Leaderless Team

Leaderless Team

The New Zealand Conservative party was founded in August 2011. Its leader, Colin Craig, resigned as leader on 19 June 2015. The party have been managed by a board for 12 months now. On 19 November last year they stated on the Conservative party website that the newly elected board was looking to appoint a new leader. Six months after that announcement there is still no leader in charge of the New Zealand Conservative party.

Despite the lack of a leader the Conservative party have continued to issue press releases. Their latest release was on 8 April regarding Child Youth and Family changes by the government. How long can this unorthodox situation continue? If Political parties are boats, the leaders are their rudders.

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If it’s Craig or Brown flush it down

Personally I think both Craig and Brown are finished politically but only Len Brown seems to have accepted that fact as he has stated that he will not be standing again. The two men are an interesting study in how to handle a scandal. Len Brown didn’t even try to deny his affair. He immediately fronted up to Campbell Live and apologised for letting everyone down. In contrast Colin Craig went down the denial route. That is not my poem he claimed. It was inappropriate behaviour not sexual harassment he retorted.

Just one of the bad eggs that need to be exited

While their approach to being caught out was totally different what they have in common is that they both failed to react in the way one would expect.

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Crazy Colin rides again


Colin Craig really doesn’t like having the truth told about him. He has decided to sue me for publishing an excerpt of his poemThe Two of Me” that he sent to Rachel MacGregor.

Colin Craig has tabled legal papers seeking more than $13,000 from blogger Cameron Slater for publishing the former politician’s romantic poetry on his blog.

Craig, who identifies himself as a secret songwriter, poet and fiction author, says he wants to set the record straight after suffering humiliation when his poem The Two Of Me was published on the Whaleoil site last year.

In a statement of claim provided by Slater, the former Conservative Party leader states only two copies existed of the poem. One Craig kept stored in his “personal literary archive”, the other was owned by his former press secretary, Rachel MacGregor.

Jordan Williams, the executive director of the Taxpayers Union, is named as a second defendant.

“Mr Craig has elected to forego publishing his creative writing for consumption by the public in order to, amongst other reasons, preserve his privacy,” the document states.

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Winston wins in court, another of Colin Craig’s pamphlets found to be dodgy

Richard Harman at Politik reports on the news of Winston’s court win:

Winston Peters has won a claim against the Electoral Commission over anti-NZ First advertising from the last election.

And in the process he has persuaded the High Court to tighten up the limitations on advertising in the lead up to an election.

Mr Peters complained about two advertisements – one from ACT which was a video recorded in Mandarin for Kenneth Wang, the Deputy Leader of the Party.

It commented on a speech which Mr Peters had made about the opening of a brothel in Auckland owned by the Chow brothers.

The commentary in the video was to the effect that Mr Peters was “anti-Chinese” and believed that Chinese people had turned Auckland “evil” and into “the Capital of Sin”.

The second was about a Conservative Party pamphlet which Mr Peters claimed wrongly reported his attitude on alcohol reform.

The New Zealand First Leader’s complaint was that both ads breached a section of the Electoral Act which prohibits anybody publishing “a statement of fact that he or she knows is false, with the intention of influencing the vote of any elector”  at any time on polling day or the two days immediately preceding polling day.    Read more »

Good money after bad

Colin Craig continues to tip cash into his pet project.

Colin Craig has poured more money into the Conservative Party, including a loan worth $94,000 which he has written off as a donation.

The party declared $130,000 in donations from Mr Craig to the Electoral Commission earlier this month, most of which came from a forgiven loan for election campaign costs in 2014.

The latest donations meant the party’s founder has given nearly $180,000 to the party since resigning as leader in June.

Mr Craig denied that his ongoing contributions were a way of maintaining some influence over the party now that he was no longer leader. He said he forgave the large loan so the party was not “beholden to him” at a time when it was searching for a new leader.

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The political retardation of the Conservative party


If you thought Andrew Little telling us that he had only read 8.5% of the TPPA text was an exercise in political retardation, then consider this press release from the congenital idiots at the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party are by no means opposed to trade agreements with other countries, but the secrecy surrounding the negotiations and the lack of disclosure of real detail with regard to the TPPA, accompanied by the fobbing off of serious questions by Government Ministers since agreement was met, has created wide spread concern in the populace.

In November 2015, the poll conducted by Consumer Link showed 65% of New Zealanders thought the Government should make the contents of the agreement public before the negotiations were completed and the agreement signed. The current public outcry seems to indicate that little has changed.   Read more »

Two of me, two of him, two of us


Colin Craig’s poem, allegedly to Rachel McGregor, that he charged royalties for from Whaleoil in arrears for use in a news story where the poem was central to the news item, not as a creative work, but as a politically and allegedly criminally related news story.

Readers might recall that Mr Colin Craig likes to use the court system as a weapon.  With his significant wealth he is able to manage a lot of problems away.  Most people cut and run, because it’s cheaper to give in than to win.

Completely separate from all the defamation actions flying about concerning the Craig and Craig publication of Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas, Mr Craig also told me he was going to take me to the Disputes Tribunal over the use of his intellectual property – the poem “Two of me” written by Creative Colin.   Read more »

Colin Craig is ready to return as leader of the Conservative Party

Colin Craig gave a generous Christmas donation to the Conservative Party, despite stepping down as its leader.

The party declared a $22,000 donation from Mr Craig on December 22, on top of earlier donations of $3000, $6000 and $8300 last year.

Political parties must declare individual or separate donations which amount to more than $30,000 within a 12-month period.

The latest donations come despite Mr Craig taking a back seat in the party’s operations. He stepped down as leader in June after admitting to inappropriate conduct with a former staff member.

“Obviously I’m out for the moment … but I will continue to be supportive of the party and I will continue to give to the party,” Mr Craig said yesterday.

Funding was needed to cover staff costs and a large leaflet drop last year, he said.

Mr Craig has spent close to $3 million of his personal income on the party over two elections, without winning a seat in Parliament.

The party’s board announced in November that it was seeking a new leader.

Mr Craig said the donations were not an attempt to maintain control of the party or influence its leadership decisions.

He has ruled himself out of contention until he resolved two legal cases he was involved in – a defamation case and an allegation that he broke electoral laws ahead of the general election in 2014.

Well, he’s got five defamation cases he’s personally involved in.    Read more »

There is that word ‘ inappropriate’ again


Colin Craig loves to use the word’ inappropriate.’ He claims that what he did was ‘ inappropriate ‘ but that it was not sexual harassment. We the general public, are expected to believe that inappropriate is to sexual harassment, what paddling is to swimming. Both involve the same thing but one is more involved or serious than the other.


In Australia a junior minister Jamie Briggs has quit the front bench after an incident involving a female public servant. He described his actions as inappropriate but not illegal.

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