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Yes. David Cunliffe was widely touted as the saviour for Labour.

Seems he’s not so much “Jesus Christ Superstar” more “Life of Brian”.



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Last night, the Daily roundup started with this:


Congratulations to Abigail, Heidi and the 74 other new Constables who graduated from Police College yesterday. #poltwt #nzpolice

This photo caused the following remarkable conversation:   Read more »

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A bit early to call it, but it is rather on point

This year I have stepped out of my comfort zone… I will support a Kelvin Davis Labour seat and a John Banks acquittal. The alternative seems offensive, and morally corrupt.  – Planesailor

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Voters that previously considered Kim Dotcom’s political ambitions as likely as snow on the sun are coming to grips with the fact that the Mana Party leader has been bought by Kim Dotcom, and the Mana Party/Internet Party merger is now a reality.

Bart67  comments

OK, when this started, I was a little bemused, however, as KDC’s merging with Mana appears to be gaining traction, my bemusement (Is that a word?) is starting to morph in to outright anger. Here’s why!

What we have here is one person, an immigrant of dubious moral character, who is attempting to influence the outcome of an election in order that he does not have to face the consequences of actions which are at best morally ambiguous, at worst serious copyright infringements.

In order to do this, this one man is using his money and influence to try and take down the government that WE elected! 

Let that sink in for a minute. Read more »

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Bit early for a comment of the day, but the early bird catches the worm

WAWG wrote

Cam’s writing reflects his political worldview, and by the stats, resonates with many people.

Some of those who are moaning about this seem to suffer from the “Everyone is Wrong but Me” syndrome. At times the left leaning blogoshpere seems more intent on making sure the message is unified and “moderating” dissent as opposed to putting forward a cogent argument for their case.

The team at the Standard and like-minded blogs certainly do not seem able to allow a reasoned argument against the line they are trying to promote. Here we have discourse, where opposing views are encouraged and allowed to remain, providing they do not get vulgar.

In fact, it got so bad at one point, those against Cam and WOBH engaged in a DOS attack to silence him, as we all remember. (I had withdrawal symptoms!)

I’d forgotten about that.

I read a quote last night highlighted by a reader that said

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising

On that basis alone, what Whaleoil does meets the standard.

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I really love my readers.  They have such keen insight and sharp wit.

Here, Justsayn comments on the odd parallels of The Internet Party’s birth and Kim Dotcom being exposed as a Hitler signed Mein Kampf fan on the same day


and if that wasn’t sharp enough for you, Justsayn follow it up with


Stranger things have happened, and many true things have been said in jest.

Comments of the Day

From the Dear David post:

Dear Mr Cunliffe

You have made much about bringing the lost 800,000 voters back to Labour. I was a former Labour activist driven out of the party because I refused to recant from Rogernomics and supported Mike Moore.

The Labour Party I spent many hours in meetings and canvassing for was a broad church – small business owners rubbed shoulders with war vets widows, church going Catholic white men with a social conscience were as welcomed as feminist lesbian academics. Pro union sentiment was tempered with the knowledge that the capitalist system generated the profits that socially aware governments could use to help the 10% that capitalism can’t. There was a time when senior cabinet ministers and MPs understood this. When you were elected as leader I thought your time in the business world would help you see that rather than hate and envy John Key’s success that political leaders should encourage as many NZers as possible to emulate this level of success – in much the same way you have achieved in your life.

Instead you have engaged in a left wing bidding war with the Greens that appeals to what is now left of the Labour Party – a harder left activist rump comprising unionists, beneficiaries, academics and the rainbow coalition – constituencies that on a good day comprise 15 – 20% of New Zealand’s population. You have deserted the vote rich centre ground – a place that a man of your background should’ve been comfortable in – more so that the all the three previous Labour leaders.

You are articulate and understand the discipline of government and some of the intricacies of the market economy but rather than offer an aspirational vision of a vibrant New Zealand economy you plump for poorly thought out, market distorting but fleetingly populist government interventions that in your heart you must know will never achieve their stated goals.

The path to power for Labour is not to pander to your left wing base and fight for the left side of the isle with the Greens but to restore Labour back to the broad church it once was when small business owners, white heterosexual males, people of faith and people who desire to succeed in business so that they can use their profits to do humanitarian things feel at home because I can tell you now that there is no place in modern Labour for such people.

Sincerely yours

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Chancey wrote

Auckland Councilor Arthur Anae wants to license windscreen washers and have them sign up to a code of conduct

WTF – he can’t even hold the mayor to a code of conduct.

Comment of the Day – Mrs Whaleoil’s view

If the dead person was the driver ( as was assumed at the time ) I admit that I would not mourn his passing as I am a stranger who doesn’t know him and just deplores his actions.

As a mother I would feel for his family as I will mourn my children’s deaths no matter the circumstances of them. If my son killed his passengers as well as a sleeping person in a house he crashed into because of his actions I would still love him and mourn him if he died as well.

I would not however call it an accident as driving at speed and drunk is no bloody accident. Many of us are guilty of thinking what Cam said in that headline. Many of us talk about the Darwin awards. We would never deliberately hurt the families by bringing our thoughts or comments to their attention like the Otago Newspaper did. That would be cruel.   Read more »