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Comment of the Day


Mac50 wrote

My only “complaint” about Whaleoil is how much time it takes out of my day, every day! I try to spend less time here, but cannot help it, it is so informative. My wife just rolls her eyes and says “not on there again ….”. Being enlightened with an alternative view from what is otherwise given by so called journalists has been quite illuminating.

Previously I may have considered voting further left, but now see how critical for NZ’s future that National do win and carry on their good work. Read more »

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One thing about the debate that is starting to come out. During the ad breaks, Cunliffe conferred with his entourage. Apparently he came in with 5 minders, who kept giving him talking points, information and the like, while Key only came with a press secretary, who he didn’t run to every ad break.

I have been listening to Tim Foulkes on ZB, who has said that when Cunliffe comes in for an interview, he is always with a minder who feeds him information and lines.

Cunliffe is a puppet. Get him away from his minders, and watch him flounder. One on One, he would be toast. He needs his posse with him.

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Whaleoil regular MAWG writes

I have a question for the MSM. In 2011, private info from the ACC were inadvertantly released due to a failure to secure private information. As a result, the ministry, and the minister concerned, Judith Collins, were castgated in the media for weeks, while the person who received the information, and used it to their own ends, got off scot free.

in 2012, Kieth Ng, a freelance journalist using MSD self service kiosks found ways to access unsecured private information. As a result, the ministry, and the minister and the PM were castigated in the media for the failure of the system, just as they were with the ACC. Ng was not challenged in any way by the media.

But when Labour fail to secure private data, and people who are aligned with the political right access information in the SAME WAY, the story line is slanted against the receipient of the information, and not the owner of the database. In each case, the political right is the bad guy. Why? This double standard needs to be explained.

Credit where it is due, I’ve seen Andrea Vance highly uncomfortable with this. ¬† Read more »

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Ghost said

OK, so on one hand we have a rich man, started poor, worked his way up the ladder of life, has Jewish ancestry, and is referred to as a Hitler type by some people who are cuddling up to a rich man, who worked his way up by theft and other illegal means, is of German decent, has a Nazi flag and book, SS uniforms [not confirmed] etc who is being touted by these same people as the liberator of the poor and down trodden…

Is there a some form of mental retardation going on here that is far too sublime to be recognized? (and don’t say by left, everyone is allowed some follies in life)

1522540_604038833000447_1766392077_o-560x791New Zealand politics for the 2014 election has come down to who is more Nazi-ish.

Will rational debate return?

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Yes. David Cunliffe was widely touted as the saviour for Labour.

Seems he’s not so much “Jesus Christ Superstar” more “Life of Brian”.



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Last night, the Daily roundup started with this:


Congratulations to Abigail, Heidi and the 74 other new Constables who graduated from Police College yesterday. #poltwt #nzpolice

This photo caused the following remarkable conversation: ¬† Read more »

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Comment of the Day

A bit early to call it, but it is rather on point

This year I have stepped out of my comfort zone… I will support a Kelvin Davis Labour seat and a John Banks acquittal. The alternative seems offensive, and morally corrupt. ¬†– Planesailor

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Voters that previously considered Kim Dotcom’s political ambitions as likely as snow on the sun are coming to grips with the fact that the Mana Party leader has been bought by Kim Dotcom, and the Mana Party/Internet Party merger is now a reality.

Bart67  comments

OK, when this started, I was a little bemused, however, as KDC’s merging with Mana appears to be gaining traction, my bemusement (Is that a word?) is starting to morph in to outright anger. Here’s why!

What we have here is one person, an immigrant of dubious moral character, who is attempting to influence the outcome of an election in order that he does not have to face the consequences of actions which are at best morally ambiguous, at worst serious copyright infringements.

In order to do this, this one man is using his money and influence to try and take down the government that WE elected! 

Let that sink in for a minute. Read more »

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Bit early for a comment of the day, but the early bird catches the worm

WAWG wrote

Cam’s writing reflects his political worldview, and by the stats, resonates with many people.

Some of those who are moaning about this seem to suffer from the “Everyone is Wrong but Me” syndrome. At times the left leaning blogoshpere seems more intent on making sure the message is unified and “moderating” dissent as opposed to putting forward a cogent argument for their case.

The team at the Standard and like-minded blogs certainly do not seem able to allow a reasoned argument against the line they are trying to promote. Here we have discourse, where opposing views are encouraged and allowed to remain, providing they do not get vulgar.

In fact, it got so bad at one point, those against Cam and WOBH engaged in a DOS attack to silence him, as we all remember. (I had withdrawal symptoms!)

I’d forgotten about that.

I read a quote last night highlighted by a reader that said

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising

On that basis alone, what Whaleoil does meets the standard.