Comment of the Day

Comment of the Day

George wrote

First of all congratulations to John Key and Paula Bennett for reducing the welfare bill by 7.5 billion within the passed year.

Secondly congratulations to John Key for increasing National’s support by 2% since the appointment of Andrew Little as Labour’s leader.

Thirdly congratulations to John Key for exposing the MSM hypocrisy through their comments that Andrew Little’s outburst “Cut the crap” was “bold and forceful” and JK’s “get some guts and join the right side” as “inappropriate and ill directed”.

And finally congratulations to Andrew Little gaining 9.8% as preferred prime minister – 2.5% less than terminally disliked David Cunliffe.

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From terrynaki, last night

Was milking and heard that nut bar green leader say that the PM will have blood on his hands for sending troops to the Middle East.

Love to say to this mad woman that she and the Greens have the blood of 29 miners on their hands for refusing to let open cast mining at Pike River take place to save some snails that the Greens suffocated to death in an air tight container.


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Comment of the Day



Mac50, on Auckland’s mind numbing decision to stop its citizens from getting to the top of the volcanic cones like generations and generations before them.

We wanted to go up One Tree [Hill] last night like we often have done in the past, to enjoy the awesome view one gets of the city at night, sparkling like the jewel it is.

As you can no longer drive up after dark, we parked at the Observatory and started to walk. Read more »

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(another) Comment of the Day

eight_col_bitchThe Taranaki journalist at the sharp end of threats of violence for writing her column, has commented on my article where I reminded her she used to be part of the problem herself.

I’m somewhat grateful, pleased and honoured to have found this comment by her Read more »

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George wrote:

There is something troubling me at the moment: It is the opposition parties leadership.

I want to be serious here. Of course we criticise them mercilessly, and rightly so, they are such easy targets. However, what concerns me is the entrenched ignorance that motivates their vindictive, nasty and insulting commentary in the belief that, some how, it is appealing to voters. It was evident from the results of the last election that middle NZ’s were not impressed with this strategy, however they have continued in this vein, thus raising the question; Why?

As much as I detest their philosophy, I have to concede that there must be a degree of intelligence, however misguided, in their collective makeup.   Read more »

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Whaleoil reader Isherman writes

It was disappointing if not surprising yesterday, to read posts by some commentators of the left accusing the right of playing politics with the atrocious events in France.

Some of the inferences include: the right using these events to push a political interest in promoting division, the justification to erode personal liberties with wide intrusive state surveillance, and even attempting to turn the discussion into a call for religious war.

To my mind, it is actually they who are playing the politics here, and turning an act of terrorism into a narrative of blame.

The valid discussions that are being held (across the political spectrum) are, or at least should be first and fore-mostly concerned with a serious and international problem that exists, one that affects the security of ordinary people all over the globe, and not strictly limited to those living in western democratic countries either. Read more »

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Pete (not ours, the other) had a pearler this morning

As I was eating crayfish last night I was wondering who is feeding all those 10,000s of starving kids we keep hearing about who are living in poverty over this xmas New years break while the schools are closed?

I haven’t read any reports of them turning up in droves at A&E suffering from malnutrition …or are they only starving when politicians are not on holiday???

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  • Lance Ralph 

    Having been away for some length of time I have just flicked through a series of NZ Herald cartoons as part of a catch up process.

    Coming to them without any sense of context I have formed the following opinions. It seems to me that the individual cartoonist concerned is:

    - Mildly sympathetic to Islamic terror.

    - Anti police

    - Strongly anti John Key and mildly hateful of the same

    …with an obsessive hatred of the Whale Oil blog