Comment of the Day

Comment of the Day

I really love my readers.  They have such keen insight and sharp wit.

Here, Justsayn comments on the odd parallels of The Internet Party’s birth and Kim Dotcom being exposed as a Hitler signed Mein Kampf fan on the same day


and if that wasn’t sharp enough for you, Justsayn follow it up with


Stranger things have happened, and many true things have been said in jest.

Comments of the Day

From the Dear David post:

Dear Mr Cunliffe

You have made much about bringing the lost 800,000 voters back to Labour. I was a former Labour activist driven out of the party because I refused to recant from Rogernomics and supported Mike Moore.

The Labour Party I spent many hours in meetings and canvassing for was a broad church – small business owners rubbed shoulders with war vets widows, church going Catholic white men with a social conscience were as welcomed as feminist lesbian academics. Pro union sentiment was tempered with the knowledge that the capitalist system generated the profits that socially aware governments could use to help the 10% that capitalism can’t. There was a time when senior cabinet ministers and MPs understood this. When you were elected as leader I thought your time in the business world would help you see that rather than hate and envy John Key’s success that political leaders should encourage as many NZers as possible to emulate this level of success – in much the same way you have achieved in your life.

Instead you have engaged in a left wing bidding war with the Greens that appeals to what is now left of the Labour Party – a harder left activist rump comprising unionists, beneficiaries, academics and the rainbow coalition – constituencies that on a good day comprise 15 – 20% of New Zealand’s population. You have deserted the vote rich centre ground – a place that a man of your background should’ve been comfortable in – more so that the all the three previous Labour leaders.

You are articulate and understand the discipline of government and some of the intricacies of the market economy but rather than offer an aspirational vision of a vibrant New Zealand economy you plump for poorly thought out, market distorting but fleetingly populist government interventions that in your heart you must know will never achieve their stated goals.

The path to power for Labour is not to pander to your left wing base and fight for the left side of the isle with the Greens but to restore Labour back to the broad church it once was when small business owners, white heterosexual males, people of faith and people who desire to succeed in business so that they can use their profits to do humanitarian things feel at home because I can tell you now that there is no place in modern Labour for such people.

Sincerely yours

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Comment of the Day

Chancey wrote

Auckland Councilor Arthur Anae wants to license windscreen washers and have them sign up to a code of conduct

WTF – he can’t even hold the mayor to a code of conduct.

Comment of the Day – Mrs Whaleoil’s view

If the dead person was the driver ( as was assumed at the time ) I admit that I would not mourn his passing as I am a stranger who doesn’t know him and just deplores his actions.

As a mother I would feel for his family as I will mourn my children’s deaths no matter the circumstances of them. If my son killed his passengers as well as a sleeping person in a house he crashed into because of his actions I would still love him and mourn him if he died as well.

I would not however call it an accident as driving at speed and drunk is no bloody accident. Many of us are guilty of thinking what Cam said in that headline. Many of us talk about the Darwin awards. We would never deliberately hurt the families by bringing our thoughts or comments to their attention like the Otago Newspaper did. That would be cruel.   Read more »

Comment of the Day

Reader johnbronkhorst observes

Is it me or did the greens education policy actually forget to mention ANYTHING to do with the actual education of children or did it instead focus on more welfare for lazy parents who REFUSE to participate in THEIR children’s education or even feed them.

Comment of the Day

It is always fun to look at a political situation and swap party names and alegiances, and then see if the reaction to it would be the same.

One of our readers, Goldie, did that regarding the Internet Party debacle

whos_buying_this_election_greeting_card-ref3d14f26594405eb8915e035dc6f360_xvuak_8byvr_324Imagine that there was a very dodgy foreign businessman millionaire. He publicly disagreed with the Labour Party, and was going to spend an enormous sum of money to make sure that Labour did not win the next election.

To achieve his aims, he was buying a number of well known right wing personalities to advise him and support his venture.

This included advice to bribe an electorate that turned out to be illegal.   Read more »

Comment of the Day

We had a really busy Saturday yesterday, with lots of good comments.  But this one stood out for being getting to the heart of being an Aucklander…

Looking at “face of the day” [Len Brown and Doug McKay] it struck me that it’s the first time I have ever felt ashamed to be an Aucklander.

I have always been extremely proud that my ancestors chose to settle here in the 1840s and that people like them transformed a fencible settlement into a bustling, commercially successful , physically beautiful and highly “liveable” city.

I find it hard to believe that the disgraceful conduct of our mayor is effectively condoned by a weak and complicit council and executive, and that we are more than likely facing three years of mayoral stewardship by a deeply compromised, recidivist trougher with all the sniggering and innuendo that means.

How can this have anything but a catastrophic effect on our national and international reputation?


I’m off to walk the dog in that wonderful legacy that is Cornwall Park and as I do I’ll be pondering on what the forefathers who built this city would have made of this situation.

— kaykaybee

Comment of the Day

Consistency would be nice.

When National won the election on a platform including partial asset sales, the Green Taliban said that the fact National didn’t get more than 50% of the eligible vote, they didn’t have a mandate.

Flegin, one of our commenters puts the same theory to the test on the referendum result.

So basically going by the Green/Labour method of vote counting there is no mandate to cease asset sales as only 30% of the eligible voters are against it.

That settles that then.


Another pearler, from reader Michael, just this morning:

Some perspective:
2009 CIR to repeal smacking law changes had 1,470,755 votes jn favour
1999 CIR to reduce the number of MPs to 99 had 1,678,054 votes in favour
1999 CIR for tougher sentencing for criminalsvhad 1,886,705 votes in favour

Given the CIRs that the Greens and Labour don’t support have far more support than their one, will they be changing policy to reflect popular support?

Comment of the Day

From my post about Jacinda Ardern whinging to Police.

BlokeinTakapuna comments:

She should stop all the horsing around – get shod of all the show-pony attempts with the Horrid, dressaging-up a non-issue… and pony-up with something, someone, somewhere actually gives a fuck about.

She sounds almost as whining as those union representative thugs with a pants full of saddle sores, moaning they can’t just canter into any workplace they please and go through it like a bad case of the trots and expect the universe to start revolving around them…

Maybe she should have said “Don’t you know who I am?” That might have prevented the sad, long face, woe is me non starter event the Horrid should have better judgement with and scratched it from running. Read more »

Comment of the day

Yesterdays Face of the day sparked some interesting comments and debate, some good, some  ill thought kneejerk responses of outrage. Given the global fallout this story produced on news sites and social media, I decided to take a cyber stroll and see what was out there. The psychopathic animal activist death threats, suggestions of suicide, the cries and wails of “it’s not fair” and idiotic comments like “lets see you unarmed against the Lion” and it get’s far worse:

“Someone needs to capture her and break every bone in her body.”

“I want to punch this bitch’s teeth out.”

“If I come across her I’ll rip off her fucking face.”

“I would happily blow her head off.”

“I hope she gets breast cancer and dies in pain.”   Read more »