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Labour want Fonterra CEO to take a pay cut for poor performance.

Reckon they’ll heed their own advice?

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Richard said

Sue Bradford wants benefits lifted to the same levels as superannuation, indexed to the average wage instead of inflation.

So she effectively wants the retirement age lowered to 16?


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Leading on from Kim Dotcom getting extension after extension, appeal after appeal, is given 128k a month to live on, and on top of that gets yet another chance to file an appeal against his deportation in the face of him not having bothered to file it on time in the first place…

If the government wants a new flag let’s make it a doormat so that people such as dotcrim clearly understand that we are happy for them to wipe their feet on us and walk all over our very flexible laws. The lack of backbone in dealing with this fraudster is sickening.

– Dairy_Flat


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Found this on James Derringpole’s site.  The comment was left by Sholto.  It provides a fresh perspective on society’s problems.

The Left get to write the narrative because basically they have taken over the public sector. Not, as the Right grumble, because of a cunning Gramscian plot to take over the institutions, but because they have had no choice.

When I was at Uni (Dept of Maths & Computer Science) there were no lefties in sight, ditto Engineering, Accountancy, Physics, anything requiring accuracy and logic. No, they were bunched up in the softer sciences, in fact the softer the science the lefter its participants.

Obviously one does not emerge from the academic meringue of a Sociology or Gender Studies course to be confronted with a vista of open doors into the private sector. Read more »

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Well, I went [and voted] today, pal, and I voted for [Winston Peters]. Read more »

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I see Dame Susan wants to open our borders to more refugees, I think she should go back to playing squash.

The news is full of what happens when countries open their borders, the host country is held to ransom over new immigrants rights, if denied then all hell breaks loose.
In a time of such upheaval and religious fanaticism it is dangerous to open our borders even further.

Personally I would like to see our borders closed for a couple of years and let our little country have a breather from new refugees.

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From yesterday’s General Debate:

“If ever one needed evidence that the socialists of this country have gone feral then it has all happened this week. We start with Hager’s and NZH’s desperate attempt to gain traction with “spygate”. Then tree huggers invade private property sending death threats to the owners going about their lawful business. The NZTC has cleared a drug user/trafficker to return to the classroom fourteen months after her conviction and to top it all off, some nutter believes babies lives are dispensable but opossums are not.

Socialists struggle with the concept that they are part of a greater society which has rejected their agendas, their philosophies and their lawlessness.  Read more »

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George wrote

First of all congratulations to John Key and Paula Bennett for reducing the welfare bill by 7.5 billion within the passed year.

Secondly congratulations to John Key for increasing National’s support by 2% since the appointment of Andrew Little as Labour’s leader.

Thirdly congratulations to John Key for exposing the MSM hypocrisy through their comments that Andrew Little’s outburst “Cut the crap” was “bold and forceful” and JK’s “get some guts and join the right side” as “inappropriate and ill directed”.

And finally congratulations to Andrew Little gaining 9.8% as preferred prime minister – 2.5% less than terminally disliked David Cunliffe.

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From terrynaki, last night

Was milking and heard that nut bar green leader say that the PM will have blood on his hands for sending troops to the Middle East.

Love to say to this mad woman that she and the Greens have the blood of 29 miners on their hands for refusing to let open cast mining at Pike River take place to save some snails that the Greens suffocated to death in an air tight container.


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