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20 Fair Questions for Colin Craig

1. Why did you lie to your Board for months about “inappropriate behaviour” with the Party press secretary when asked directly if it took place?

2. Why did you say on Paul Henry 20/6 that no “inappropriate behaviour” took place with Rachel MacGregor, then admit it the next day at a press conference you called?

3. Are you confident you have been honest in your filing of all Electoral Returns in accordance with the Act, and have been totally honest about amounts and invoicing to keep electorate campaigns under cap?

4. Do you categorically deny the new rumours emerging about a second sexual harassment case against you by another of your female employees?

5. Why did you not tell the truth to the media in late 2014 about Larry Baldock and Leighton Baker’s departures from the Board and Party?

6. Why did you overspend the Party budget in late 2014 by approx. $680,000 and not consult your Board about this at the time?

7. Why did you arrange a loan to yourself at 8% interest to cover this amount, and not lay this at the Board, but rather rang around your supporters by phone, and excluded those you knew would question this? Was that a “Board meeting” in your mind?

8. Why did you take the Party’s $220,000 GST rebate for yourself without reference to the Board?

9. Do you still believe that a missile hit the Pentagon and not a plane?

10. When you said publicly that John Stringer had been “suspended” by “a duly constituted meeting of the board headed by then-board chairman Brian Dobbs” (NZHerald) why did you not disclose that it was simply a phone call between Brian Dobbs (who resigned the next day) and Nathaniel Heslop (who had already resigned)?    Read more »

One Party, Two Boards, One Leader

tug of war between businessmen

The struggle between Craig and the real Board continues for control of… what exactly, I’m not sure.

John Stringer wrote:

“We are a duly appointed Board, appointed in exactly the same way as the original Board. If Colin Craig suggests we are “illegitimate” then his first Board was also “illegitimate.”

“Colin Craig is ‘buying’ the Conservative Party by hijacking it’s websites, removing critical comments, abusing members privacy by using the database to promote his personal arguments, blocking members, – including my wife and myself – from commenting or messaging on them, while himself suspended for multiple aggressive ‘corporate raiding’ offences against the interests of the Conservative Party.”

“The existing Board is made up of senior Party officials and candidates and are acting responsibly.”

“Colin Craig cannot just ‘invent’ a new Board because the other [one] resigned in disgust at his admitted inappropriate behaviour.”

“The contrived Stringer ‘suspension’ of Thursday 25/6 is so farcical as to be ridiculous, but suits Craig’s false narrative.”

Please read here for details and secret documents:

Stringer is making little headway.   Read more »

Quote of the Day

From Rob Hosking at the NBR, about Colin Craig:

There is little doubt Mr Craig is flakier than a roll of filo pastry with psoriasis. Statements about chem trails, doubts about the validity of the moon landings, calls for unused land to be confiscated from the owners, descriptions of Kiwi women as the most promiscuous in the world all caused a lot of side-eye from dubious New Zealanders. The departure of his press secretary days before last year’s general election looked odd: it now emerges the relationship became “inappropriate,” to use Mr Craig’s own words, although the this inappropriate behaviour appears to have been on his side, not hers.

That, plus the decidedly odd shirtless TV interview in a sauna last month has turned the flakiness into a snowstorm.

It was also never clear how much Mr Craig actually believed some of the stuff he was spouting: there was seldom an air of conviction to his comments aimed at enticing morally conservative Christian voters.

He came to politics as if he were someone who had spotted a vacant market niche rather than as a conviction politician.

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Caption/Meme Contest [FIXED]

You could have bet your house on this one coming along.  It just needed a good photo.


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The bizarro, topsy-turvy world of Colin the cockroach

Colin Craig lives in an upside-down world, where rules are useful to hold other people to account, but don’t apply to him. Where right is wrong and wrong is “inappropriate”.

Check out this article from Cherie Howie in a newspaper today:

Self-inflicted body blows continue to batter the Conservative Party, with a newly appointed board suspending the membership of founder, party benefactor and former leader Colin Craig.

And in a further hit to the divided party’s credibility, Craig last night said the new board – and therefore his suspension – was invalid because neither natural justice nor the party’s constitution had been followed at yesterday’s meeting.

“I think any ordinary person will realise a process when you don’t advise the person that you’re considering something, you don’t let them attend, you don’t even give them a chance to respond to allegations, is no proper process,” Craig told the Herald on Sunday.


“What we’ve seen today is not the Conservative Party, we’ve just seen a few people.

“The party is thousands of supporters around the country [and] we elect our boards through democratic process.”

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Colin “Cockroach” Craig tries to hang in, party in complete disarray

Yesterday at 13:55 an email was sent to Conservative party members that was quite bizarre, and also leads to serious concerns over the security of their data and potential Privacy Act breaches by their Members Manager.

It has been leaked to Whaleoil Media:

con-party-email Read more »

Yes it does, John

John Armstrong obviously doesn’t get out much from the cloistered and rarified atmosphere of the press gallery.

He thinks that Colin Craig’s foolishness does not a fool make.

One perverse plus for Craig from what is otherwise a sorry turn of events for him and his party is what might be termed the end of innocence.

That he has turned out to be as much the flawed politician as any other makes it more difficult for his critics to continue to paint him as politics’ version of the village idiot.

Sure, an aura of geekiness still drips off his wiry frame and makes him the perfect modern-day version of the 44kg weakling who many moons ago inhabited the now legendary adverts for Charles Atlas’ “dynamic tension” body-building regime.

His opponents have likewise sought to portray Craig as hopelessly naive by ridiculing his penchant for swallowing some of the world’s most ludicrous conspiracy theories.

The notion that Craig is a political innocent is a misnomer, however.

Some of his thinking might make the Flat Earth Society appear to be the paragon of scientific method.

At the same time, no one becomes a self-made multi-millionaire without treading on more than a few toes.

Craig may have been foolish in seeking MacGregor’s affections. But he is no fool.

Really?    Read more »

Game of Thrones: S06E05 – Conservative Party Board Battle

This morning, there is a meeting in Auckland near the airport where the Conservative Party Board, that is, John Stringer, will meet with other party members with the aim of co-opting new Board members.

According to the Conservative Party constitution, Colin Craig was only on the board because he was a Party Leader.  Being the leader immediately makes you a Board member.  When he stood down as leader, pending review, he lost his position on the Board.

Also, everyone else resigned.  That left just John Stringer as “the Board”.  Last night, he released this to the media:

Up to five party members will join a refreshed Board tomorrow morning from Tauranga, Palmerston North, the Waikato, Christchurch and Auckland at the scheduled regular Board meeting of the Conservative Party in Auckland.

The sole remaining member of the Conservative Party Board, John Stringer (forced to be Acting Interim Chair following Brian Dobbs sudden resignation at 6pm) will tomorrow fly from Christchurch to honour the duly scheduled Board meeting, following the Special Board Meeting illegitimately cancelled last Friday 19th June, by Colin Craig, who then resigned.

“We have to follow process,” John Stringer said. “I’m not going to have the Party and Board processes scuppered by Mr Craig’s behind-the-scenes conspiracies and shenanigans. This is a duly arranged Board meeting,” he said, “and will take place.” Read more »

And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust

Brian Dobbs, Colin Craig’s last man standing has resigned from the board and from the party. And so has Laurence Day.

The Conservative Party board is a one-man band following the resignations of chairman Brian Dobbs and Laurence Day.

Their departures, in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations levelled at former leader Colin Craig, leave John Stringer as the only board member left.

Stringer has appointed himself chairman, after the resignations of Dobbs and Day on Friday – and six others earlier this week.

Dobbs’ resignation was “effective immediately” and made with “great sadness”.

Recent revelations and the events of the past week” had made it “untenable for him to remain as a member and chair of the party“, 3News reported.  Read more »

E’s not the Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy

It appears only Colin Craig and his indoctrinated followers can not see the truth

Craig set himself up for the fall by preaching family values and taking a stern line on personal morality. In 2012 he was appalled by a survey that showed New Zealand women are the most promiscuous in the world. It also showed Kiwi men are no slouches in bed-hopping but, as always, male promiscuity was viewed as the behavioural equivalent of night following day.

It’s the apparent hypocrisy that gives this story legs, even though we supposedly expect politicians to say one thing and do another, and are – or should be – well aware that sex makes hypocrites of us all.

Shane Jones used his ministerial credit card to hire porn movies, but then he was a “robust, red-blooded dude”. Bill Clinton conducted furtive assignations with a White House intern, but then everyone including his wife, knew he was “a hard dog to keep on the porch”.

Craig, however, seems to be in the long tradition of public figures who have wrapped themselves in a cloak of virtue but failed to live up to the standards they want to impose on everybody else.

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