Who is happy now?

Is there anything that Kim Dotcom won’t steal?

Kim Dotcom is wanted in the US on copyright, money laundering and racketeering charges.

He claims he is innocent and hasn’t stolen a thing, nor made any money from stolen works.

But it isn’t just the US studio who he thieves from, it appears he has also directly stolen or plagiarised the BBC’s award wining show Top Gear.

On 21 November 2004 Top Gear went to air with episode 5 in series 5. In that episode was a piece where Jeremy Clarkson had to drive a diesel Jaguar S-type around the Nurburgring in under 10 minutes.

After much practice, Clarkson took a diesel Jaguar S-Type around the Nürburgring at 9:59, just under ten minutes. His instructor, Sabine Schmitz, exclaimed “I could do that in a van”. She then took the Jaguar out and recorded a lap time much quicker on her first try, at 9:12.

At the start of the clip was an overview of the Nurburgring by Clarkson.   Read more »

Why is Eminem complaining?

Why is Eminem complaining about National’s ad, didn’t he copy the bass line from Led Zeppelin?

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Irony: The Internet Party doesn’t understand the Internet

Regan Cunliffe reports

Yesterday afternoon, the Internet Party posted the following tweet:


Let’s be blunt. Not having Netflix in New Zealand has nothing to do with infrastructure.

This tweet was 2 days after the Sunday Star Times published a story about how an estimated 30,000 Netflix subscribers had been unable to access the streaming content service. The problem had actually been resolved 3 days earlier to that as we reported. Read more »

Chickens coming home to roost for Kim Dotcom, MPAA and former staff suing

Last night Kim Dotcom tweeted about his former employee suing him for unpaid wages.

What Kim Dotcom doesn’t state is that he worked that staff member 90 hours per week at below the minimum wage. If he had paid his staff at or above the minimum wage while he continued to live a life of opulence then the staff member might have been able to save for himself rather than going cap in hand to Dotcom.

This is how Dotcom operates, he makes people dependent upon him, then hands out “gifts” instead of paying outstanding wages, and then when the staff decided to pursue him for the wages he slams them in public on twitter when there is a court process underway. The true mark of a sociopath treating people as play things, manipulating them emotionally and financially to keep them under control.

Then to heap misery on top of that lawsuit the MPAA has filed a massive lawsuit against him as well.  Read more »

Do the Green party have a copyright issue?

It was to be expected really, after Russel Norman bent his knee in supplication to Kim Dotcom, but it would appear that the Green party has a massive copyright issue on their plates right now.

I’m pretty sure that neither Peter Jackson, Wingnut Films nor Warner Brothers will have given permission to the Green party to use their images political advertising.

greenpirates Read more »

We paid for it, we own it

Olivia Wannan at Stuff reports

We’ve funded the shows, but what rights do we have to watch them online?

Government funding agency NZ On Air is arguing that partially and fully funded television content should be permanently and freely available on the web.

But the idea is being opposed by producers and broadcasters, whose on-demand streaming of shows is typically taken down a few weeks after their broadcast dates.

With television viewer numbers dropping, a large number of Kiwis are missing the latest taxpayer-funded shows, a report from NZ On Air says.

Even the most popular programmes are seen by a just fraction of the total available audience. The top-rating New Zealand’s Got Talent, for instance, is being watched by just under a quarter of the population.

But with online audiences growing, the agency is proposing a permanent online home such as NZ On Screen, its own television and film-content website, for all funded television.

“Audiences expect to be able to access content when and where they want,” the report says.

I’m with NZ On Air with this one.  Move with the times.  We paid for it, we want to see it.  And not just when broadcasters put it on air.   Read more »

Did you know Copyright only applies to the right? (Hint: It’s in the word!)

Labour attacked John Key for using “Clocks”…lefty twats like Russell Brown made a massive fuss over it.  You know, being such a champion of rights holders.  So I’m looking forward to an equally sizeable stoush over this.



What are the odds that Labour haven’t paid for the rights to use/broadcast Lorde’s Royals during their convention?

What are the odds this is just a right-wing beat up. move along, nothing to see here?

What are the odds that this is just another example of do as we say not as we do left wing hypocrisy?

Pretty Damn Good, I would say.

Award wining author ripped off by Kiwi company

It appears The Publisher’s Association don’t have a sense of humour when it comes to Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker Prize winning novel The Luminaries having been available from Krim Dotcon’s MEGA site:

The Publisher’s Association has expressed disappointment that links to author Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker Prize winning novel The Luminaries have been made available for free download by a New Zealand registered company.

The novel was discovered on Kim Dotcom’s file-sharing website MEGA yesterday.

“Everyone is rightly proud of the achievements of Eleanor Catton on the world stage so to see her work given away without her consent by a fellow Kiwi company is really appalling,” Publishers Association of New Zealand president Sam Elworthy says.

“We should be doing all we can to support the good work of not only these two artists but also every New Zealander who makes an honest living from his or her creative works.

“MEGA should do more to ensure this kind of thing does not occur.”

Whaleoil is keeping an eye on it as well.  If it happens again, we’ll contact the good people at Copyright Licensing Limited directly to deal with the problem.

In fact, we’ve located more copies of Eleanor’s work on another service – and will hand those details on shortly.  Not everything can be found by using Google you know Krim!   Read more »

Kim Dotcom assists in solving the Booker Prize novel distribution problems

Taking out the Booker Prize for Literature is an amazing feat.  It is like a Nobel Prize, a Rugby World Championship and an Olympic gold medal all in one.

So well done, Eleanor Catton, who won the Booker Prize for her epic novel The Luminaries.

As expected, winning the Prize has made getting hold of a copy of the book rather difficult.  Library waiting  lists are into the hundreds, and book shops have sold all their advanced copies.

Living in an electronic world, my immediate reaction was “Surely there isn’t a shortage of the book delivered for the Kindle, or other e-book reader?”.

A quick search of proved that not only was the electronic version easy to get hold of, after taking the exchange rate into account, it was also cheaper and provides you essentially immediate access.  No need to pre-order, or go on a long waiting list.

Next I wondered if the book had managed to make itself to the hands of those people that remove the encryption and digital rights management.  A bit of poking around the Internet, and it turns out it can already be obtained for free.  Instant download.   Read more »