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Seems Corrections is the new whipping boy

Can’t go a day without Corrections copping some flak one way or another.  Here’s another

A computer hacker has demonstrated how home detention bracelets can potentially be fooled into letting criminals roam free.

The Department of Corrections last night denied the vulnerability affected prisoners under its care – but the hacker said its systems ran on the same cellular network he exploited.

William Turner yesterday demonstrated his ability to defeat electronic monitoring bracelets relying on the cellular phone network through a practice known as “spoofing”.

Mr Turner, known in the industry as Ammon Ra, showed Wellington’s Kiwicon conference how a bracelet could be wrapped in foil, preventing it from reporting its location, then the signal mimicked by a laptop using a $500 transmitter and some custom software.

Mr Turner then instructed the “spoof” transmitter to report movements, despite the hacker and his bracelet remaining on stage.

Well, that’s home detention out of the range of options for anyone with a modicum of computer expertise.  It also make a joke of Kim Dotcom’s new ankle jewelry, if you think about it.   Read more »

Phillip Smith is like the Kim Dotcom of the Corrections Department

Turns out he’s quite angry that his plan didn’t work out, and now he “vil destroy anee boh dee”…

Convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith claims he paid $7000 to a “corrupt” prison officer at Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison to help him get a passport for his escape and other benefits.

Smith, 40, fled Auckland on a flight to Chile on November 6 just hours after getting out of Waikato’s Spring Hill Prison on temporary release. He left the country using a passport issued in his birth-name, Phillip Traynor.

He is currently being held in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo.

via Stuff

via Stuff

The Department of Corrections said tonight it is taking Smith’s claim about a prison guard seriously.

Smith, appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday via videolink, on charges of escaping custody and of gaining a passport by supplying a misleading particular.

It is alleged that he claimed to be living at a lower North Island address when he was actually in prison.

Tonight, he provided a media release via his lawyer, Tony Ellis, elaborating on how he allegedly got the passport.

He claims he met a prison officer in 2011 “who indicated that he was corrupt by offering me movies on a USB stick to watch on my TV.”

In the statement Smith claims he was aided by a “corrupt” prison officer.

Oh bugger… no… Read more »

Another Phil Smith waiting to happen then?

A brutal murderer has been allowed to walk free three times a week to “refamiliarise himself with the community” and develop his computer skills, despite the Parole Board deeming him too dangerous for release.

Jason Butler is one of a group of convicted killers who have swapped jail for mental health units while serving life sentences, becoming special patients under the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act.

As a result, they can get up to a week’s unsupervised leave while under treatment, depending on doctors’ recommendations, which must be approved by the director of mental health.

But some of their victims’ families and friends are calling for an urgent review of such killers’ leave after murderer Phillip Smith’s brazen escape to Brazil during temporary leave from Waikato’s Spring Hill prison last month.

His escape led to a temporary halt of all inmates’ leave and a Corrections Department review, but it didn’t include convicted offenders in mental health care.

A ministerial inquiry was launched to probe Smith’s escape, but it was yet unknown whether it would include special patients’ leave.

“I think it bloody sucks because in two hours, he could be on my doorstep. That fellow got to Brazil, mate,” the best friend of Butler’s victim said about his three-times-a-week unsupervised leave.

If he is so inclined, he can leave a trail of destruction in mere hours.   And this is what needs to be balanced before letting them go on unsupervised Tiki-tours.   Read more »

Here is some REAL dirty politics

Not from National, nope…not from Labour, though the wanted to be in coalition with them…here is some real dirty politics being played by NZ First.

And Winston was so sanctimonious over it all in the parliament last week.

Still he is so shameless he will carry on, ignoring that it was one of his MPs digging the dirt with illegally obtained information.

The husband of a former NZ First MP has lost his job after inappropriately accessing the criminal records of a former party official.

The Corrections Department confirmed manager Dennis Taylor, husband of Asenati Lole-Taylor, is no longer employed after an investigation into a complaint by former director and Mana electorate chairwoman Marise Bishop.

Her historic drink-driving convictions were divulged to senior party members when she sought re-election at a 2012 convention.    Read more »

Corrections’ Ray Smith on Philip Smith: “We failed”

Turns out, with some navel gazing, the pedo turned murderer shouldn’t even have been out there all by himself.



[E]scaped murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith should never have been let out of Spring Hill Prison on temporary release in the first place.

A Corrections review has concluded the department’s plans for Smith, who skipped the country for Brazil, were over-ambitious and misinformed, and it makes more than a dozen recommendations.

Smith was dumb enough to get recaptured, but he still outwitted Corrections.

“We failed,” says Corrections chief executive Ray Smith. “We failed to manage a serious offender on temporary release. I absolutely accept that.”

They should feel lucky that it only turned into the farce that it has – he could have gone properly underground and be grooming new kids to be his victims by now.   Read more »

Inmates still attempting to run the asylum

A ratbag crim is upset at Corrections wanting to rent televisions to them…instead wanting it for free.

An inmate from Auckland Women’s Prison has gone to the High Court in a bid to overturn a Corrections Department plan to rent televisions to prisoners.

Prisoner Kerryn Mitchell argues the policy due to be introduced later this year breaches prisoners’ rights.

At present, inmates are allowed their own television sets but the department said that could cause discontent among prisoners who did not have one, and the sets could also be used to store contraband.

Instead, it wanted to rent televisions to prisoners for $2 a week for prisoners in single cells and $1 a week for those in double cells.

Mitchell challenged the department’s legal ability to remove her personal property.   Read more »

Wait for it, now Anne Tolley will be hounded for interference

Bevan Hurley draws first blood

Prison guard quits job after ministerial probe

A prison guard who harboured a bailed paedophile at his home, and later charged the offender’s ex-wife $18,300 in back rent has quit after an urgent ministerial investigation.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley said she was deeply concerned and sought assurances from Manawatu Prison after the ex-wife accused prison authorities of brushing the incident “under the carpet”.

Manawatu Corrections officer Colin Harris invited his long-time friend Harold William Haley to live with him in the Palmerston North suburb of Kelvin Grove after Haley was charged with sex offending against a young girl.

Haley admitted three charges but continued to live with Harris. He was later convicted of four further charges at trial and was jailed for seven years. He is serving his sentence in Whanganui Prison.

Haley’s ex-wife said she was shocked to receive an invoice from Harris’ accountant for $18,300 of back rent, covering the year her ex-husband lived in Harris’ home.

Sounds like they deserved each other.   Read more »

Another Con AirNZ shocker. Story is 8 years old

This story is getting murkier and murkier.

Earlier today I revealed that the Corrections union and Labour have been well aware for years that prisoners were being transported on flights, despite their fake surprise and outrage in the DomPost.

It seems that the union revealed security details about a prisoner flight and arranged for the paper to be there to take pictures. And – hey presto! – paper runs a story saying this is new and dangerous, while union and Labour are given the opportunity to bash the government.

The DomPost ran the story again yesterday claiming that the flights were “secret”.

But ten seconds on Google has come up with yet more damning revelations. 

This story first appeared – wait for it – eight years ago.

On March 27, 2006 the Herald reports:

Dangerous prisoners are being flown around the country on commercial flights, it was reported today.


 Any prisoner, including maximum-security inmates, could be transferred on commercial flights.

And the incredible line:    Read more »

Con AirNZ scandal busted, lies by union and Labour

Beven Hanlon smirking at deceiving Dompost

Beven Hanlon smirking at deceiving Dompost

Beven Hanlon rushed of to the media, aided by staff, presumably, at Rimutaka prison about an apparent scandal that prisoners were being flown on scheduled flights.

Labour’s Jacinda Ardern was demanding answers as well, properly prepped by an incredulous Beven Hanlon who professes to know nothing about flights despite being the union boss for the Corrections Department.

Unfortunately for all concerned including a gullible media who went along with the scam this is a fairly common occurrence and was even covered by a comprehensive report into prisoner transport in 2007.

That would be the same 2007 where Helen Clark was still prime minister and Labour was the government.

The report was presented to and tabled in parliament and is a matter of public record. It was prepared and presented by John Belgrave, Chief Ombudsman and Mel Smith, Ombudsman.

On page 86 there is a section on prisoner transport by air, which states.

Transport of prisoners by air is common. In two sample 3 month periods for April–June in 2005 and 2006, there were 224 and 319 transports of prisoners by air.

These figures exclude exceptional flights for compassionate reasons, or urgent court orders to produce prisoners.

Air transport is used to move prisoners between North and South Islands, and within the North and South Islands where time factors demand. Additionally, there are certain situations where air transport is more economical than road – as where a very small number of prisoners need to be transferred from Auckland to Wellington.    Read more »

Tolley does her nut on Con AirNZ flights

The Corrections Association and prospective Labour candidate Beven Hanlon is busy doing the “who? me?” dance as his union stands accused of releasing confidential prisoner transport flight details to boost his political needs

Ben Heather explains:

The corrections minister is accusing prison staff of risking public safety, after it was revealed dangerous prisoners were being transported on public flights.

Anne Tolley took aim on Twitter yesterday, suggesting that union officials who voiced safety misgivings about the flights were electioneering.

She said it was “inconceivable” that they were not aware of the system, which the ministry claims has been in place for decades.

Tolley also accused prison staff or their union of risking the public’s safety by informing The Dominion Post about the flights.

“This is inexcusable. The transportation of prisoners . . . was jeopardised when details were provided to the media,” she said later in a statement.

You know why I know Beven Hanlon is full of shit?   Because if you have concerns about public safety, the first thing you do is go talk about it with the Corrections Department.

The first thing you don’t do is call the Dominion Post to give them an exclusive, quickly followed by a briefing to Labour’s Corrections spokes-person.    Read more »