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Another Con AirNZ shocker. Story is 8 years old

This story is getting murkier and murkier.

Earlier today I revealed that the Corrections union and Labour have been well aware for years that prisoners were being transported on flights, despite their fake surprise and outrage in the DomPost.

It seems that the union revealed security details about a prisoner flight and arranged for the paper to be there to take pictures. And – hey presto! – paper runs a story saying this is new and dangerous, while union and Labour are given the opportunity to bash the government.

The DomPost ran the story again yesterday claiming that the flights were “secret”.

But ten seconds on Google has come up with yet more damning revelations. 

This story first appeared – wait for it – eight years ago.

On March 27, 2006 the Herald reports:

Dangerous prisoners are being flown around the country on commercial flights, it was reported today.


 Any prisoner, including maximum-security inmates, could be transferred on commercial flights.

And the incredible line: ¬†¬† Read more »

Con AirNZ scandal busted, lies by union and Labour

Beven Hanlon smirking at deceiving Dompost

Beven Hanlon smirking at deceiving Dompost

Beven Hanlon rushed of to the media, aided by staff, presumably, at Rimutaka prison about an apparent scandal that prisoners were being flown on scheduled flights.

Labour’s Jacinda Ardern was demanding answers as well, properly prepped by an incredulous Beven Hanlon who professes to know nothing about flights despite being the union boss for the Corrections Department.

Unfortunately for all concerned including a gullible media who went along with the scam this is a fairly common occurrence and was even covered by a comprehensive report into prisoner transport in 2007.

That would be the same 2007 where Helen Clark was still prime minister and Labour was the government.

The report was presented to and tabled in parliament and is a matter of public record. It was prepared and presented by John Belgrave, Chief Ombudsman and Mel Smith, Ombudsman.

On page 86 there is a section on prisoner transport by air, which states.

Transport of prisoners by air is common. In two sample 3 month periods for April‚ÄďJune in 2005 and 2006, there were 224 and 319 transports of prisoners by air.

These figures exclude exceptional flights for compassionate reasons, or urgent court orders to produce prisoners.

Air transport is used to move prisoners between North and South Islands, and within the North and South Islands where time factors demand. Additionally, there are certain situations where air transport is more economical than road ‚Äď as where a very small number of prisoners need to be transferred from Auckland to Wellington. ¬†¬† Read more »

Tolley does her nut on Con AirNZ flights

The Corrections Association and prospective Labour candidate Beven Hanlon is busy doing the “who? me?” dance as his union stands accused of releasing confidential prisoner transport flight details to boost his political needs

Ben Heather explains:

The corrections minister is accusing prison staff of risking public safety, after it was revealed dangerous prisoners were being transported on public flights.

Anne Tolley took aim on Twitter yesterday, suggesting that union officials who voiced safety misgivings about the flights were electioneering.

She said it was “inconceivable” that they were not aware of the system, which the ministry claims has been in place for decades.

Tolley also accused prison staff or their union of risking the public’s safety by informing The Dominion Post about the flights.

“This is inexcusable. The transportation of prisoners . . . was jeopardised when details were provided to the media,” she said later in a statement.

You know why I know Beven Hanlon is full of shit?   Because if you have concerns about public safety, the first thing you do is go talk about it with the Corrections Department.

The first thing you don’t do is call the Dominion Post to give them an exclusive, quickly followed by a briefing to Labour’s Corrections spokes-person. ¬†¬† Read more »

Tell someone who cares

Boo-hoo sex offenders might spend a lifetime in jail and die there…the only wonder is why it takes a lifetime for them to die.

New Zealand’s ageing sex offenders could wind up dying in prison because of a lack of suitable community support facilities, even if they present little or no risk to the public.

Corrections Department figures obtained by the Waikato Times show more than 200 pensioner-aged offenders are behind bars.

The country’s prison population includes 97 prisoners aged 70 years and older and 13 prisoners aged 80 years and older.

Thirty-three elderly prisoners are serving sentences of preventive detention.¬† Read more »

Why do they have TV at all?

Buggered if I know why prisoners are allowed TVs int he first place.

Each cell should have a screen installed with two channels…one for the weather channel so they know how hot or wet they will get the next day when they are breaking rocks and the second channel playing gospel music.

At least they will be renting these ones, so we get something back from their miserable lives.

New rental televisions for prisoners are one step in a long-term plan to have inmates manage their lives from their cell.

The plan is to introduce self-service kiosks which allow prisoners to choose their dinner menus, organise their finances and choose educational courses.¬† Read more »

Has the SST given up on real journalism?

Apparently, all you need is a false story and the outraged reaction of three left-wingers.

Take this one.

We have failed Labour candidate Michael Bott, the stupid head of the Corrections union, and of course, the usual human rights garbage, all commenting on the “strip-searching” of a guard.

The Corrections Department is facing legal action after it allegedly strip-searched a staff member at Rimutaka Prison during a botched sting operation.

In early March, security manager Wayne Andrews and staff from the intel unit, complete with drug dogs, stopped the prison guard as he entered the gatehouse to start his shift.

Believing he had been smuggling contraband into the prison, they strip-searched him on the spot. Finding nothing, they then took him to the staff gym and strip-searched him again, but failed to find any incriminating evidence.

The guard, who had worked at the prison for more than three years, was sent home, but resumed work the following day and has continued working since.¬† Read more »

GPS catches crim – he gets tasered – job done

When GPS tracking for paedos and violent crims was introduced last year the liberal panty-waists made the usual noises about human rights for offenders. (I think they are lucky not to be strung up)

Now GPS has helped the cops track down exactly where a crim was before he had the chance to kill or injure someone.

It’s thought to be the briefest prison release in New Zealand history: a dangerous criminal was arrested only three hours after he walked free from jail.

Maximum security prisoner George Whichman, 23, who has affiliations with the Killer Beez gang, was Tasered by police after he breached his release conditions in South Auckland about 12.30pm last Wednesday.

Only three hours earlier he had been freed from Auckland Prison. He was fitted with a GPS bracelet to monitor his movements and ensure public safety.

He was tracked by Corrections Department staff, who called police when he travelled south of a defined boundary. He was arrested at a home in Manurewa.

Whichman faced four charges of breaching his release conditions when he appeared in Waitakere District Court after the incident. He was remanded in custody to appear again next week, when it is expected he will apply for bail.

The icing on the cake was a nice little tasering.

So GPS did its job. And the human rights of the public were protected.

Put this bastard in a cold, dank, concrete box and slide food under the door

Some people are just taking the piss, all the time, even in prison. It is high time that Aaron Forden learned some tough lessons. He needs to be put in a cold, dank, concrete cell and fed only on things that can be slid under the door.

New Zealand’s most notorious prison escaper has smashed up a new high-tech cell built at great expense to contain our most dangerous criminals.

The Corrections Department spent $180,000 refurbishing a cell in the maximum security prison at Paremoremo. But last weekend, only six hours after being placed there, Aaron Forden ripped into it.

Seven months ago, the¬†Herald on Sunday¬†revealed that Forden, dubbed “Houdini” for his repeated escapes, had destroyed another cell. He had been placed in the detention centre known as ‘the pound’ after barricading himself in a tower at Paremoremo.¬† Read more »

Judges v Commonsense

Sometimes, and rather more often than we would like, the law looks like an ass.

You could read this finding twice, or ten times, but you would be battling to understand why one of NZ’s most vicious repeated sex offenders should be gifted $1000 from the taxpayers for his totally worthless attempt to screw the judicial system.

Imagine of we could recall judges?

One of New Zealand’s most notorious sex offenders has been awarded $1000 in costs after a failed attempt to sue the Corrections Department.

Nicholas Reekie sued the Corrections Department, the Attorney-General and Waitakere District Court for humiliation and unlawful detention while in Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison in 2001 and 2002, to the sum of $1 million.

In August Justice Edwin Wylie ruled that his rights were breached when he was strip-searched by prison staff but also ruled that Reekie would not get any compensation for the ill-treatment.

Justice Wylie also found that the majority of Reekie’s claims were not made out and only two of his 10 actions were successful.

Because Reekie did not suffer any detrimental effects from the ill-treatment, a declaration of the breaches was all that was required by the Correction Department staff.

In the decision Justice Wylie said costs should lie where they fell.

But Reekie then filed an application seeking costs worth $5762, made up of lawyer costs, travel costs and phone bills.

Justice Wylie today said the general principle was that the unsuccessful party should pay costs, but it was at the court’s discretion.

“In accordance with settled principle, I am not persuaded that it is appropriate to make a general costs order in favour of Mr Reekie. “There is nothing to depart from the general rule that a litigant in person is not normally entitled to costs,” he said.

But he said it was appropriate allow Reekie a contribution towards counsel fees incurred by him for the preparation and filing of his original statement of claim.

Reekie was awarded $1000 in costs, to be paid to him by the Department of Corrections.

Dud justice spawns vigilantism

Kiwis are getting fed up with crim hugging, panty waist judges.¬†I don’t believe that vigilantism is the right way to go, but it may be the lesser of two
evils. Get the justice sorted and this will not be necessary.

A paedophile released after eight years in prison for crimes that included the drugging and violation of young boys has been driven from Turangi by a firebomb attack on his house.

Darren Simon Kihi – who has committed crimes against as many as 28 victims – was released from prison to live in Turangi last Sunday, after temporarily living in Taupo.

He was moved there because there was no room at a home in another town that offered support for sex offenders, a Parole Board report reveals.

The April report, released to the Waikato Times, said Kihi was at “very-high” risk of reoffending upon release, and the 42-year-old would pose a threat “almost immediately upon release”, without supervision.

However, a month later the Parole Board agreed to release him to Turangi, where he’d been on work release for two years, and had guaranteed employment.

He was also placed on an extended supervision order which restricted his movements. While the Turangi community weren’t privy to the extent of Kihi’s offending, which took place elsewhere, they demanded the Corrections Department remove him.

But residents’ frustrations boiled over this week, culminating in a molotov cocktail attack on Kihi’s Paekiri St house about 6am yesterday. He was not home at the time.

The blast caused internal damage, rendering the house uninhabitable.

Meanwhile another crim thought fighting in court was the go.¬†In a country with a REAL justice system, this idiot would be¬†charged with assault for every one he was struggling with, given the¬†maximum sentence on each case to be served sequentially after the¬†initial sentence had been completed. He’ll probably get victim¬†support.

A bloody fight akin to a bar-room brawl erupted in the New Plymouth District Court this morning.

After being sentenced to nine years jail for a violent robbery, Michael Hutchinson, 37, turned on Shannon Glen, 20, his smaller co-offender standing in the dock beside him and rained punches on Glen and bit him on the shoulder.

An extended fight ensued as prison officers, police and court security staff all tried to get Hutchinson off Glen.

Once Glen was freed the brawl moved to the ground, continuing for several minutes as Hutchinson continued to fight the pile of enforcement staff on top of him.