Have Corrections attended the Gay Pride Parade before? now they’re banned from it.

The luvvies are upset with Corrections and are muscling up for a ban on them attending the Pride Parade this year.

The Department of Corrections could be banned from this year’s Pride Parade over its treatment of transgender prisoners.

The festival organisers and Corrections today issued a media release saying they were in talks about the issue after a report by that Corrections had been excluded.”

“Auckland Pride Festival and the Department of Corrections are talking about this issue. We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to talk and hear each other’s viewpoint.   Read more »

GPS Bracelet Escapee of the Day

Analog tracking device

Analog tracking device

Just as well this is Corrections again.  If it was Serco, they would have been fined and fired.

Police are on the hunt for a man who has slipped his monitoring bracelet in Christchurch.

Thirty-seven-year-old Richard John Percival removed his bracelet around 10pm last night in the Burnside area.   Read more »

Serco gets fired while Corrections just blunder on


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Almost 7000 prohibited items have been seized from inmates at prisons in 2015 – with the most popular contraband being tattoo equipment.

Department of Corrections staff also found communications devices including cellphones, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and lighters and thousands of other items deemed “inappropriate” for prisoners across the country’s 18 prisons. …

The figures suggest the amount of contraband seized is falling with 7054 items collected in the year ending June 2014 and 7484 in the year ending June 2013.

Well, well, well.  Look that that.  Corrections are leaking like a sieve.   Read more »


$17m Christmas present for Corrections as business is booming


Corrections is about to get a $17.6 million boost in funding from the Government because of bigger than expected growth in the prison population.

In her first major announcement as Corrections Minister, Judith Collins says the money will also help take care of the cost pressures associated with an increase in inmates and enhancements to electronic monitoring.

The Corrections Department has had a tumultuous year dealing with private prison operator Serco.

The company had been running the Mt Eden remand prison until July when problems at the jail forced Corrections to take over management. Read more »


Scumbag inmate patches in to Killer Beez on Corrections watch


DUMB, DUMBER, Dumbest.

That’s the long and short of this lunacy.

Notorious street gang the Killer Beez are apparently so hard up for members they’ve had to resort to recruiting a cold-blooded killer who’s despised more than most of the pedophiles under lock and key at Paremoremo.

‘Dumb’ or what?

The gang’s prized new acquisition is George Baker, the man who murdered teenager Liam Ashley back in 2006.

Baker was sentenced to at least 18 years for strangling and then stomping on the 17-year-old while the pair were being transported in a prison van in August 2006.

Baker said he attacked Ashley because he thought the boy was a ‘nark’.

Chubb, the security company that operated the van, were heavily criticised in the aftermath of the attack and less than a year later surrendered its contract with Corrections.

Since being convicted of murder, Baker has remained in the public spotlight after his involvement in a number of further violent incidents at Paremoremo Prison.  Read more »

Can we sack Corrections too?

Serco got the arse card for breaches in their prison management contract, this is as it should be.

But what do you do when it is Corrections screwing up?

Corrections is investigating claims an inmate at a women’s prison gave a female guard a nude, full body massage, and that a male guard exchanged contraband for sexual favours from an inmate.

A third allegation is also under investigation: that a Corrections employee working outside prison handed over $14,000 a month in exchange for marijuana that was then distributed to the criminal gangs he had access to.

The allegations were made by a former inmate at Auckland Regional Women’s Correctional Facility.

The woman, whom the Herald on Sunday agreed not to name, said a prison boss tried to tell her the massage did not happen. “[But] I saw it. It was full body and nude. It was in a cell with the door open.”   Read more »

What is Kelvin going to do about this?

Yes as Kelvin Davis was haltingly speaking about the evil of privatisation in Corrections and while other politicians were talking about how terrible Serco was at protecting prisoners there was a shanking in a Corrections prison.

A prison inmate was attacked by several men from a rival gang and stabbed in the head multiple times as he served lunch to fellow inmates.

Police are investigating the incident, which unfolded at Christchurch Men’s Prison about noon on Tuesday.

Detective Sergeant Geoff Rudduck said a 26-year-old man was serving lunch to fellow inmates when he was attacked by a group of men and stabbed in the head multiple times.

The man’s wounds were treated by staff at the prison and required several stitches.

Rudduck said the weapon used in the attack had not been recovered, but it was possibly a piece of wire.     Read more »

As predicted, stories are now surfacing over Serco at Wiri

UNDER-FIRE Serco is facing renewed pressure over its management of the Auckland South Corrections Facility at Wiri just a day after losing its lucrative contract to run Mt Eden Prison.

A major question mark is hanging over the Government’s privatisation prison programme following controversy about prison fight clubs, illegal contraband, unreported beatings and a rising suicide rate.

In July the Government stepped in and took back control of Mt Eden Prison from Serco after a series of wide-ranging allegations, including claims inmates had been physically assaulted and thrown off balconies in a practice known as ‘dropping’.

Yesterday the Government finally said enough was enough and cancelled Serco’s Mt Eden contract.

In announcing the decision, departing Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-liga said the decision would have no bearing on Serco’s 25-year contract to run Wiri Prison in South Auckland.

He claimed there were no issues about Serco’s management of the facility and the Government was committed to a private prison service.

Lotu-liga’s claims appear to fly in the face of reports out of Wiri, which suggest the prison is facing many of the similar type of issues that plagued Mt Eden during much of the Serco reign.

One well-placed source claimed yesterday the private prison company was deliberately flouting health and safety regulations at Wiri with one of its trade training programmes – and in the process putting inmates at risk of harm.

The source claimed Serco had failed to obtain council consent for a paint spray booth but instead of axing the scheme was allowing inmates to spray paint in the open with no ventilation or fume management.   Read more »

As expected the government has given Serco the flick, union campaign successful

The union inspired campaign to give Serco the flick from Mt Eden Prison has been successful.

The Government has announced that their contract will not be renewed.

Controversy-plagued private prison operator Serco’s contract to run Mt Eden Corrections Facility will not be renewed, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

Serco’s management of Mt Eden had been under scrutiny after reports of “fight clubs”, the use of contraband and alleged mistreatment of prisoners.

In a statement, Corrections chief executive Ray Smith said the department had decided not to renew Serco’s contract when it reached a break point in March 2017.

The Government signed a 10-year deal in March 2011 with a six-year break point.   Read more »

Corrections axes prisoner magazine

CORRECTIONS HAS put the kibosh on a new prison magazine produced by inmates because its latest edition included a hand-drawn image of a skull.

The magazine, The New Anglers, was designed to showcase the written and artistic talents of inmates at maximum-security Paremoremo Prison but it has been canned after just one issue following orders from prison manager Tom Sherlock.

A prison source described the move as ‘arbitrary’ and said it followed objections by Sherlock to the publication of a hand-drawn image of a skull.

“In September some of the young guys here started producing a magazine for inmates. Issues have circulated outside the prison and I’ve had complimentary letters about it. It was good to see the guys with something positive to do, instead of fighting,” the source said.

“In the last issue, Tom Sherlock objected to a drawing of a skull. The boys wrote to ask him what he didn’t like about it so they knew for next time. After two weeks Tom’s gruff response by email is an order that the magazine cease – no explanation.”

The source said inmates were angry and upset at the move.    Read more »