Union thug to walk plank and join another sinking ship?

The tip-line has informed me that rumours abound about the future of “union thug” and all-round boof-head Beven Hanlon.

It seems his fellow Corrections guards have fallen out of love with this nasty piece of work, following my revelations about his lies to journalists (link) and inappropriate content on his Facebook page.

They are telling me of lots of strong suggestions he is about to stand down from his role as president of the Corrections union, to try and get on the Labour list.

If so, Labour should be very wary, as his workmates have been happy to spill the beans about this clown.

Oh yes Beven, I’m aware of the “unfortunate incident” when transporting a prisoner.  Read more »

Greg Presland busted for his hypocrisy

Greg Presland, David Cunliffe’s bagman and trustee of his secret donor trust (and prolific author at The Standard), gets a little lesson in why gobbing off and being sanctimonious on social media can bite you in the arse.

The hypocrisy and sanctimony is strong in this one.  Read more »

Labour trying to neuter union power

Unfortunately not here in New Zealand, rather in the UK where Ed Miliband has moved to remove block voting and introduced  a “one member, one vote” system. On top of that they have removed automatic union affiliation.

Labour here moved specifically to entrench union power in leadership elections by reserving special voting powers for affiliates.

One move that could be done is to implement similar rules like in Fiji where only natural persons can be party members and only natural persons can donate to political parties.

The vote in Labour in the UK was overwhelmingly in support of the changes, seen as necessary to remove the stench of union corruption.

Ed Miliband yesterday won a vote to reform Labour’s historic links with the trade unions as delegates at a special conference approved radical changes to the party’s rules.

However, even as Mr Miliband hailed the result as a victory for democracy, the general secretary of Unite, the biggest trade union, declared that Labour was still his party and that he was “going nowhere”.

The public clash between the Labour leader and the boss of the union that has given the party £11million since 2010 exposed the continuing power struggle at the heart of the Labour movement.  Read more »

Union ratbags threatening whistleblowers in corruption investigation

As Australia union corruption inquiry rumbles into life union ratbags are threatening whistleblowers and meeting to prepare evidence so they all sing from the same songsheet.

Even when under investigation their corruption continues.

Building union corruption whistleblowers have been threatened and warned not to co-operate with investigations into alleged criminal activity as the federal government prepares to launch a national police taskforce to examine the construction sector.

Fairfax Media can also reveal that corruption suspects have been meeting to plan their responses to the Abbott government’s royal commission into unions, raising concerns evidence has been destroyed and false stories agreed upon in a bid to stymie investigators.

Four prominent construction companies in NSW and Victoria have also launched internal investigations after Fairfax Media recently revealed links between their operations, underworld figures and allegedly corrupt officials in the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.  Read more »

The Press on Dunedin City Council’s backhanders to Labour man

The Press calls out the Dunedin City Council over the dodgy backhanders deal bewteen the mayor and Labour’s Pete Hodgson.

The “gentlemen’s agreement” is an old-fashioned notion, almost to the point of quaintness. It suggests that a gentleman’s word is as good as his bond, and a handshake as binding as a written contract.

Of course, it belonged to a time when women were not expected to worry themselves with business matters, avoiding the possibility that one of the gentlemen involved might actually be a lady. But there are better reasons than that for not relying on such handshake deals in the modern age, particularly for the spending of public money.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull is defending the agreement under which former Dunedin North MP Pete Hodgson was paid by Cull’s council to lobby the Government to retain the core functions of AgResearch at Invermay. Hodgson was paid $3400 for duties which included advocating on the council’s behalf, contributing to a letter to Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and writing a 10-page report for the board of AgResearch.

The council says that Cull was its main point of contact with Hodgson, but it could not locate a single email, contract or any other document relating to the agreement. Cull said: “I could describe it as a gentleman’s way of doing business in the south.”  Read more »

Corrupt Labour candidate to be stripped of JP status


Chester Borrows has recommended that corrupt Labour candidate Daljit Singh be stripped of his JP status.

His press release states:

Associate Justice Minister Chester Borrows has today indicated that he will be recommending that the Governor General remove Justice of the Peace Daljit Singh from office, following his conviction in the Auckland High Court for electoral fraud.  Read more »

Corruption scandal won’t go away for Labor

The corruption and fraud trial of Craig Thomson is over and he is staring down the barrel of five years in prison.

Labor may think the problem is going away but it won’t…there is just so much dirt yet to come out.

Anyone who thinks that the conviction of Craig Thomson for fraud brings this scandal to a conclusion, pending sentencing, does not appreciate the magnitude of the deception involved. The five years of silence, suppression and delay around this scandal embroiled former prime minister Julia Gillard, the leader of the Greens, Christine Milne, the Fair Work Australia agency and numerous present or former federal Labor MPs.

Long after Thomson’s conduct was exposed by the Herald, the Labor Party began secretly paying his legal bills, helped fund his defamation action against the Herald, re-endorsed him for the seat of Dobell, deployed large resources to that campaign and suppressed revelations in the Senate. After his re-election in 2010 saved the Gillard government, the prime minister recorded her gratitude in Parliament on August 16, 2011: ”I have complete confidence in the member for Dobell. I look forward to him continuing to do that job for a very long, long, long time to come.”

The prime minister’s droll cynicism fed into a pattern of delay, dissembling, secrecy and suppression.  Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on Larry Williams programme, The Huddle, this time with different socialist to beat up…David Farrar.

Our topics will be:

Kim Dotcom and today’s ruling alongside the fact that he owes money everywhere. I would have thought the figure in today’s Herald was a little low given that he’s also not been paying rent on his mansion over the past few months either. I’m not sure they’ve included the growing legal bill either. But mega-loads to talk about on this one. The appeal court ruling’s just reinforced that NZ agencies were acting within the law, so it’s going to be hard for the giant German to paint himself as an innocent victim.   Read more »

Politicians and the 4th Estate

by blokeintakapuna

Technology and its rapid advances have blurred the distinctions between elected official and 4th Estate watch dog, to such a point now where both are now so inter-changeable beyond distinction – and they often do just that. Media personalities become politicians and visa versa – all following Ronald Reagan’s lead in the constant quest for bright lights and any form of stardom.

Some, whilst in a privileged position to disseminate information to the masses – abuse it by prostituting their workplace’s credibility for their own political gain and NZ often gets to witness this blatant bias, often untruths and half-story opinions dressed up as “news” just about every night.

We saw only as recently as Monday night coordinated “solar power stories” in schools and how wonderful they are – coincidentally only hours after the Greens announced their flawed and thoroughly de-bunked solar policy. All the stories typically trending in the same general direction, with the same theme – intimating by association that “solar” and therefore, the Greens, have produced a credible and worthy policy for NZ. That’s not news – it’s an advertorial plug for the Greens. A tax-payer funded plug no less, dressed up as “good news”

Shameless! Where was the critical analysis? Especially of the investor returns? But I guess it’s difficult to plug an advertorial and do any critical analysis at the same time. Although, It must be true, because after all, it was on the telly… and the news no less, so it must be true…   Read more »

Corrupt Labour candidate Daljit Singh cops slap with wet bus ticket

Corrupt Labour candidate Daljit Singh has had his conviction upheld but copped only five months community detention and 200 hours community work instead of going to jail where he belongs.

Labour Party member Daljit Singh has failed in his bid to be discharged without conviction after being found guilty of electoral fraud.

Singh – a candidate in the first Auckland “supercity” elections – has been sentenced at the High Court in Auckland on two counts of using forged documents to increase his chances of winning a seat on his local board.  Read more »