Keen voter offers $5 for unused voting papers on Facebook


That looks decidedly dodgy…

Who is Craig Hoyle, and why is he trying to buy his friends’ voting papers? Read more »

Real conspiracies: Rock Enrol

A reader writes

So Hager seems to think he has an amazing discovery that you and DPF support National.¬† What, are blogs supposed to be neutral?¬† If he wants to see blatant bias he should see the Grey Star – supposedly a neutral newspaper, but never publishes anything good about National – even when we had the windblown timber bill the headline was ‘Labour deciding whether to support bill’.

But there’s a bigger corruption out there that I don’t think anyone has really spotted.¬† I’ve been doing some voter enrollment work and thought I’d check out the CTU’s ‘Get Out and Vote’ materials (it’s free, so why not?).¬† So this pack turns up with posters, enrollment forms, pledge cards and envelopes.¬† The pledge cards look like a way for the CTU to get your name on a database, so I ditched them, but the envelopes for sending the enrollment forms back aren’t addressed to the Electoral Commission – they’re addressed to the CTU!¬† What would they need them for?¬† If that isn’t illegal it’s certainly very dodgy. Read more »

Anti-corruption laws a good start but missing important component

Judith Collins has introduced anti-corruption measures in a new law brought before the parliament.

unfortunately it doesn’t include provisions for the creation of an Independent Commission Against Corruption, something sorely needed with electoral act breaches going uninvestigated by police, mis declared donations and pecuniary interests and the like.

I think the law could be strengthened by putting such a provision in and perhaps they could get a good judge like Judge Tony Adeane to handle it.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has unveiled a range of law changes to crack down on corruption, organised crime and bribery in New Zealand.

The minister tabled the Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill in Parliament this afternoon.

It includes requirements for banks to report international transactions, new identity theft offences, and harsher penalties for private sector bribery and corruption offences.

Mrs Collins said the changes would give law enforcement agencies more power to deal with organised crime and corruption, and would help New Zealand fulfil its international obligations.

“New Zealand is consistently regarded as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. However we cannot afford to be complacent — we must remain vigilant,” she said.

If the bill passed into law, banks and financial institutions would have to help Government detect money-laundering by reporting all international wire transfers of more than $1000 and all physical cash transactions of more than $10,000 to the police’s Financial Intelligence Unit.

Maybe they could help Labour find out who trousers the cash from Donghua Liu and other donors?¬† Read more »

Woman Sent In To Fight Donghua Liu Claims

I don’t really know where to start with the ineptitude inside Labour dealing with the Chinese Kim Dot Com that is Donghua Liu. ¬†After the sensational claims published in the Herald on Sunday I have picked out five that I find facepalmingly horrific.

1. Publicly calling your Mainland Chinese type A mega-millionaire donor a liar.

2. Demanding your Mainland Chinese type A mega-millionaire donor produce evidence of anonymous transactions.  Never ask a question you already do not know the answer to.

3. Travelling to the deepest darkest part of Mainland China down¬†one of the¬†most polluted rivers in the world to meet with your Mainland Chinese type A mega-millionaire donor and telling everyone how you didn’t expect much of a welcome and didn’t ask for any of it even though he paid $50-60,000 for the knees up.

4. Everyone in the Party suddenly coming down with amnesia when your Mainland Chinese type A mega-millionaire donor claims he paid $100,000 for a bottle of wine signed by your then Leader?

5. Your Party Leader denying he had ever come across the Mainland Chinese type A mega-millionaire donor despite having helpfully written a letter on his behalf.

No. Here is the worst thing you can do to make the Mainland Chinese type A mega- millionaire lose face completely.  

Send in a by Liu’s standards a very¬†average achieving woman to deal with him.

Mainland Chinese have different rules to us. ¬†Politicians in New Zealand need to understand that paying politicians in the Mainland to do things for you is not illegal unless you get caught out by paying the wrong regime. ¬†It is not even considered immoral. ¬†Mainlanders buy both sides of politics, for safety. ¬†It is also why after this year it should be crystal¬†clear that no New Zealand political party should take money from recently immigrated Chinese ever again. ¬†You could probably add any recent immigrants to that list but the Chinese are a special case. ¬†They have to buy politicians to do business in the Mainland so view it a) as no big issue and b) a national sport. ¬†New Zealand politicians can be thankful that there are no accounts yet of these businessmen using similar antics they do in business; offering drugs, hookers and luxurious gifts that keep the fool accepting the hospitality under their control forever. ¬†Evidence? Of course they always have evidence of acceptance. ¬†Those hotel room hidden cameras don’t get there on their own. ¬†Stop dancing with the devil and you lose your legs.

Donghua Liu is by all accounts a cold ruthless successful businessman in a tough world and will make Kim Dot Com look like a big soft cuddly teddy bear if he decides he wishes to man up and regain his lost face over this donorgate.

When Donghua Liu paid $100,000 for that bottle of wine or book with Helen Clark’s signature on it he did not believe he was buying a bottle of wine or a book. ¬†He believed he was buying the woman who signed the bottle and the book.

Labour may well find out that in the Mainland dealing with cash is common so they record it as precisely as we in the Western world record transactions that flow through bank accounts and our financial statements.

Moira Coatsworth is a child psychologist.  She should understand how little Emperors get when they do not get their way.  They become angry and throw their toys.  Donghua Liu is a wealthy Mainland Chinese man with plenty of face in his home country of the Mainland.  He is not used to dealing with uppity older women disrespecting his honour let alone one who herself is an immigrant from South Africa.

Donghua Liu prima facie doesn’t respect her at all.

And to now prevent himself from losing face altogether he has to further prove she and Labour are liars and not fit to govern.

He donated to Labour, but there are no records, time for the SFO

Donghua Liu has confirmed to the Herald that he has donated to Labour, but the scandal will continue to rumble on because Labour says they have no records, Liu has said he gave to them but not how much.

Could this be Labour’s missing million? I jest as to the amount but couldn’t resist that dig…nonetheless there appears to be significant missing donations.

This is getting very murky now as it appears prima facie that Labour has filed false declarations of donations since at least 2005.

Perhaps it is time for the SFO to be called in to investigate and start issuing subpoenas to Labour staffers and fundraisers.

Millionaire businessman Donghua Liu has confirmed for the first time that he donated to the Labour Party.

The 53-year-old has been at the centre of political scandals involving National and Labour for months but yesterday broke his silence to say he had given “equally to Governments of both colours”.

National declared a $22,000 donation in 2012, but Labour found no records of Liu donations after the Herald revealed that he paid $15,000 for a book at an auction fundraiser in 2007.

There is also a photograph of his partner receiving a bottle of wine from a Labour minister at an auction.

“Any political donations have always been given in good faith without any expectation. It is over to the politicians to make any appropriate declarations,” Liu said in a statement.

“However, because I’ve built relationships with politicians, made donations, because it’s election year and, dare I say, because I’m Chinese, I suppose I’ve been an easy target for some to gain some political mileage and score some points.”

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10,000 letters? Constituent? Pro forma letter? Really?

I see David Cunliffe is going to appear on The Nation talking about “that letter”.

I wonder if anyone is going to tell Lisa Owen that Donghua Liu¬†was never a constituent of David Cunliffe’s, never lived in¬†the¬†electorate (then again neither has David Cunliffe) and that the letter was far from being a pro forma letter because it contained rather detailed plans of Donghua Liu’s ¬†business dealings?

It is far from normal for people to put their signatures to letters that state categorically that someone approached them when they did not. Someone is telling fibs and I don’t think it is Donghua Liu.

When will David Cunliffe acknowledge that he did actually meet Donghua Liu, with a long time Labour party bag man?

Now regarding the nonsense over the 10,000 plus letters this guys has supposed written or worked on…he has been in parliament for 14 years…that is more around 3 letters a day. I doubt his office has been that busy just on immigration matters.

More to the point Donghua Liu was applying under the investor category…where you need substantial cash to even apply…David Cunliffe must have known that when he applied and the applications under the investor category are such a small number it beggars belief that he could possibly have forgotten dealing with Donghua Liu and his bagman mate who was once a disgraced candidate. ¬† Read more »

A bit of a history lesson…

via ODT

via ODT

Hone Harawira was interviewed about taking cash.  Dodgy cash.  Would he take it if it was on offer?

From Agenda, 4 September 2006

Interviewers:  Lisa Owen, Deborah Hill Cone

LISA: Have you ever been offered cash though?

HONE:¬†Yeah I’ve been offered cash.

LISA: And do you take it?

HONE: Yeah of course I take it.

DEBORAH:¬†That‚Äôs so dodgy though. Read more »

Does anyone else think Chris Cairns has become the Lance Armstrong of NZ?

Seriously, I watched Chris Cairns arrival at the airport and his sanctimonious pontification and trite speechifying…and I immediately thought of Lance Armstrong, denying the obvious despite whistleblowers and fellow cheats telling all.

Chris Cairns has returned to New Zealand full of defiance, but might have another fight on his hands with the England and Wales Cricket Board investigating whether they can lay charges against him.

The former New Zealand all-rounder held a press conference at Auckland Airport upon his return from London. He read from a prepared statement and did not take questions as he left to spend “time with my family”.

He said he had been interviewed by the Metropolitan Police, the ICC’s anti-corruption and security unit (ACSU) and the ECB.

“At my own request, I was interviewed by representatives of Metropolitan Police, the ECB and the ICC anti-corruption unit,” Cairns said yesterday. “This is in relation to an allegation I perjured myself at the trial Cairns v Modi in 2012, and separate allegations by the ICC’s anti-corruption unit that I am a match-fixer. I was not arrested or otherwise detained in London and I have not been charged with any offence, criminal or otherwise.”

Dotcom’s not short of cash



Hone?  Can you count to 10?

I know you can count to 500,000.

I think I was the first to make the Chris Cairns/Lance Armstrong comparison

There are still those that want the full facts before throwing Chris Cairns on the fire, but even if you’re in his corner you have to admit that dark clouds are forming

Jonathan Millmow opines

Cairns was a hero but no-one remembers his lofted straight sixes and brisk outswingers these days.

It’s not looking good for Cairns. He has been mentioned as the match-fixing ringleader by at least three witnesses – accusations he denies in the strongest terms.

Brendon McCullum’s affidavit of two approaches from Cairns in 2008 seems telling. Cairns bats him away as liar.

I know which corner I’m in.

Cairns is defiant in the same way as Lance Armstrong was in his failed fight against performance-enhancing drugs.

There are massive implications for Cairns on what transpires from here.

He won a London High Court libel trial in 2012 against former IPL boss Lalit Modi, who accused Cairns of match-fixing.

Cairns faces a possible jail sentence for perjury if Vincent’s allegations are proven.

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