No surprises here as corruption trial reveals culture of corruption in Auckland Council

I’m not at all surprised by revelations in the High Court yesterday.

A rare prosecution of alleged corruption in the New Zealand public sector has heard of a claimed cascading culture of bribery that saw a senior Auckland Council manager collect $1.1 million and his subordinates taken for a $3000 lunch.

The alleged gratuities extended to covering honeymoon expenses in Florida for the daughter of a senior council staffer, dozens of overseas trips, and regular monthly payments of around $8000 into the pocket of former Auckland Transport senior manager Murray Noone by roading contractor Stephen Borlase.

Noone and Borlase yesterday pleaded not guilty to charges of corrupting a public official by bribery. Borlase, who road maintenace firm Projenz is at the heart of the case, also declared himself not guilty of charges he inflated invoices.

Crown prosecutor Brian Dickey said part of the Crown’s case is that Borlase arranged matters so the Rodney District Council – and later Auckland Transport – effectively paid to have their own staff bribed.

The case has drawn considerable interest from white-collar crime watchers as it wound through the system over the past three years, particularly given New Zealand’s hiterto almost-spotless reputation for having an incorrupt public sector.

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Why does Phil Goff hang around with dodgy, corrupt, convicted ratbags?

Corrupt former Labour party candidate was in the news again last week for more ratbag behaviour.

He is a darling of the Labour party however and in the past both Goff and his putative replacement in MT Roskill Michael Wood have enjoyed being seen with him.

But what we can reveal today after information via the tipline became available is that Phil Goff is still consorting with the corrupt ratbag.

On the 14th of August this year a fundraiser for Phil Goff was held at an Indian restaurant in Papakura.

And there, front and centre with Daljit Singh was Phil Goff.

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Terrorists allegedly build base with millions of dollars of World Vision cash

We have been contacted by World Vision.

You can read their Press release on the topic here.

Due to the seriousness of the allegations World Vision says that they have already suspended operations in Gaza.

As you already know millions of NZ dollars donated to World Vision were allegedly stolen and  funneled directly to the terrorist wing of Hamas. New Zealand was not the only country to have its donations allegedly sent to Hamas. Germany, Britain and Australia  were allegedly ripped off as well.

Back in 2012  World Vision was warned that money was being sent to Hamas.

World Vision said it was standing by its employee Mohammed El-Halabi and was “shocked” at the charges against him.

Hamas didn’t blow all of it on loose goats, camel urine, and tea towels. They also allegedly managed to put enough of the stolen millions of World Vision charity aside to build this terrorist base complete with terror tunnels,  a surveillance tower, and an urban training facility.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.11.46 PM

Donations from the United Kingdom made to the Christian aid organization World Vision were used by Hamas to build one of such 70 military bases that operate in Gaza. The allegations are part of the June 15, 2016 arrest of Mohammed El-Halabi, a senior World Vision worker facing charges of funneling $43 million in charity funds to Hamas.

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Davis fails to front with evidence, what a surprise

Yesterday Kelvin Davis performed yet another hit job on Serco, alleging that there were corrupt prison officers delivering contraband to the scumbags in jail.

Paul Henry challenged him to front, so did Judith Collins…but he has failed to deliver up evidence and now the problem is in the hands of Police.

Kelvin Davis “is playing a game” and risks attracting the attention of “violent” criminals, Corrections Minister Judith Collins has warned.

The Labour MP on Thursday alleged a small number of Corrections officers in Auckland are taking bribes and sneaking cigarettes to inmates. He provided Newshub with a recording of a conversation between himself and a family member on the outside, explaining how the smuggling operation runs.

Mr Davis promised to give all the evidence he had to Ms Collins.

“About six o’clock last night he sent through what he said was a transcript,” Ms Collins told Paul Henry on Friday morning.

“Yesterday I spoke to the Corrections chief executive Ray Smith, and Ray and I talked about this, and Ray decided to send this straight away to police because it’s evidence of bribery and corruption — well, it’s an allegation of it.”

Ms Collins appears to not have read the transcript Mr Davis gave her, saying she didn’t know what was in it.

She says Mr Davis hasn’t given her any names, nor the recording of the conversation he had with the whistleblower.   Read more »

NZ drops in corruption ratings

The Herald has asked the question of whether NZ is corrupt. Really? They don’t know? Are they surprised?

Of course NZ is filled with corrupt officials. Local Government is the worst.

Corruption is foolishly assumed by the Media Party to be extreme acts. Like someone getting paid off to make a decision that avoids due process.

They have tried to lay the blame on top line government “scandals” but they are missing the point.

Corruption comes in many forms.

The Electoral Commission has referred hundreds of cases to Police for investigation and prosecution of breaches of electoral law and not a single person has even been charged or prosecuted.

You have prima facie crimes being handed to Police and they fob complaints off as not in the “public interest” or “civil action”. You have people perjuring themselves in court and no one is charged. Lack of action when prima facie evidence exists is corruption.

You also have Crown Law wilfully failing to disclose evidence, committing perjury and misleading judges. That is all corruption, and it isn’t all just for money changing hands, sometimes it is about protecting privilege.

Then you have Local Government, which in NZ is dodgier than a 10-month-old piece of rancid mutton.  Read more »

Union corruption rampant in Australia

Union corruption, and by extension Labor party corruption, is increasingly being exposed in Australia.

Victorian MP Cesar Melhem has been referred for possible corruption charges by unions royal commissioner Dyson Heydon who believes his hearings have only uncovered a small tip of widespread union misconduct.

In his final report released on Wednesday, Mr Heydon says thugs and bullies are involved in unions around Australia and misconduct has taken place in every jurisdiction, except the Northern Territory.

He says the misbehaviour can be found in any unionised industry, in any industrial union at any period of time.

“These aberrations cannot be regarded as isolated,” he said.

“They are not the work of a few rogue unions, or a few rogue officials.

The misconduct exhibits great variety. It is widespread. It is deep-seated.”   Read more »

When is John Key going to act on Nick Smith?

Nick Smith gave a reference for his girlfriend and lost his cabinet position…he came back because he is part of the protected mob surrounding Bill English.

Since then though he has continued to be ineffective and somewhat dodgy, but he hasn’t really put a foot wrong until now.

Now it has been revealed that he is part of a scheme to help promote a National List MP ahead of the expected by-election in Mt Roskill.

Housing officials have tried to hide information showing list MP Parmjeet Parmar asked to be part of a housing roadshow to improve her chances at a future by-election.

But in an apparent oversight an uncut version of an internal email has been released to Labour MP Kris Faafoi disclosing the National MP’s plan.

The email from Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith’s private secretary to Housing NZ states: “Parmjeet Parmar has also expressed a strong interest in hosting a roadshow as she is keen to raise local profile in Mt Roskill in case of a by-election.” A by-election in the seat could be triggered by the resignation of sitting MP Phil Goff, who has all but confirmed he will seek the Auckland mayoralty. The email goes on to say Parmar is “keen to support the Maungakiekie event with billboards and letters in Mt Roskill.”    Read more »

Anmol Seth: What will it take for authorities to act?

Anmol Seth: The Billionaire and Bogus Lawyer of Flat Bush

Anmol Seth: The Billionaire and Bogus Lawyer of Flat Bush

It’s been one damning allegation after another against Anmol Seth, the self-styled ‘billionaire of Flatbush’ – but still authorities have done nothing to bring the diminutive Indian to his knees. Today we ask why.

IT’S AN occupation that comes with plenty of pitfalls – not the least that eventually one day you’ll get caught.

Astonishingly, that day still hasn’t arrived for pint-sized Anmol Seth, the self-styled billionaire of Flatbush and Maharaja of Mass Manipulation, Double-Speak and Self-Exaltation.

The question is this.


How is it that Auckland’s answer to Jack Dawkins aka the Artful Dodger has survived so long with schemes not particularly sophisticated or complex in their conception or execution. Schemes propped up by lies, threats and clearly fraudulent documentation.

Perhaps the reason for this lies in the personality of the man himself— or, more accurately, the personality disorder — that drives Seth to such criminality in the first place.    Read more »


Anmol Seth: Complaint laid with Law Society

Anmol Seth: The Billionaire and Bogus Lawyer of Flat Bush

Anmol Seth: The Billionaire and Bogus Lawyer of Flat Bush

THE LAW Society will be forced to investigate allegations conman extraordinaire Anmol Seth has been passing himself off as a lawyer.

Whaleoil can today confirm a formal complaint is being prepared in order to initiate a Law Society investigation into Seth, who has been masquerading as a lawyer to Indian clients throughout Auckland.
Up until a few days ago Seth’s LinkedIn profile also included references to a Bachelor of Law degree or LLB he claimed he received from Auckland University in 2009. The references were removed after Whaleoil revealed details of the bogus degree in an article on Friday.

Seth is the businessman who’s swindled millions of dollars out of Indian investors through a highly theatrical web of deceit and the bogus promise of sky-high returns on phony investment opportunities.

The serial fantasist, who resides in Flatbush, Auckland, operates at least 50 fictitious companies in New Zealand under the umbrella of the ‘Anmol Group’ which he claims started from “humble beginnings” in 1971 with the company focusing on architectural design.

Seth claims he is just 28 years old, which means he was born in 1986 or 1987 – well before the establishment of the global empire that today is the ‘Anmol Group’.

His father, who lives with the “billionaire of Flatbush” in Briar Vale Place was an architect in Delhi but that appears to be about as far as his career went. There is certainly no evidence of him ever being some corporate tycoon responsible for building a company of international standing.    Read more »

Anmol Seth: More lies over his law degree

Anmol Seth's house and his collection of fast cars

Anmol Seth’s house and his collection of fast cars

ANMOL SETH told a top real estate agent he had a law degree – but the Law Society says that alone is not sufficient evidence to prosecute the conniving conman.

A signed police statement obtained by Whaleoil reveals that in January last year Seth told real estate agent Adrian Chisholm, who is now based in Queenstown, that he had a law degree and owned the five-star Sofitel Hotel at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Seth is the serial fantasist and fraudonaire extraordinaire responsible for fleecing millions of dollars from members of the Indian community with his get-rich quick schemes and phony investment opportunities.

The conman draws clients in with his flashy jewellery, expensive motor vehicles and claims he is a billionaire and qualified lawyer with interests in the Mercure and Copthorne hotels.

None of the claims are remotely true.

In his police statement, Chisholm says he met Seth and one of his clients – a man he was later accused of stealing $32,000 from – at the Sofitel in Auckland where Seth claimed he had been “involved in mopping up the unit titles” at the hotel.    Read more »