Craig Foss

Idiots to the left and Fools to the right in Hawkes Bay

Homewrecker Anna Lorck is upset because Craig Foss had a holiday in Hawaii.

Obviously the memo from David Cunliffe about staying positive and not sledging was on the same courier truck as the Party Vote signs for Napier with David Cunliffe’s photo on them.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Tukituki electorate, Labour candidate Anna Lorck said sitting MP Mr Foss’ family holiday in Hawaii last week shows he’s “too relaxed” about the election. Mr Foss denied the claim,but said his family always came first.

Ms Lorck said Mr Foss was “lying back in his deckchair and drinking pina coladas” on the tropical island while she was busy on the campaign trail.

Mr Foss confirmed he had spent “a good week” with his family at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, up until Wednesday, July 16.

“We had a family holiday.”

However, he denied the holiday showed he was too relaxed about the upcoming election.

“I work hard for Hawke’s Bay families and I am backing the Bay each and every day.

“So much for Labour’s pledge to not be nasty.”

I’m not sure politics is where a homewrecker like Anna Lorck should be. Here she is having her own tropical holiday. Read more »

Socialist Ratbags running for National in Wairarapa & Tukituki

Certain National candidates disgust me. People who believe in corporate welfare or subsidies are the top of the list, as they are basically socialists dressed in blue.

socialist ratbags Read more »

Homewrecker is totally shameless


Labour’s Tukituki candidate, Anna “Marge” Lorck just keeps getting bad news.

Again she is in the Hawkes Bay Today with a photo of her with John Key.

A former campaigner for Tukituki National MP Craig Foss says Tukituki Labour candidate Anna Lorck knowingly supported National when she volunteered at a National Party base during the 2011 election.

But Ms Lorck maintains she was never a National Party supporter.

The election-day organiser of Craig Foss’ campaign team in 2011, Jo Harvey, told Hawke’s Bay Today she approached Ms Lorck to volunteer on the phones of Tukituki’s National Party base on election day because she was on a mailing list of National supporters. Read more »

Labour’s Kaikoura Candidate wants recreational fishers to have licenses

When you have a broke party and a dead set useless leader all sorts of mistakes occur.

Labour selected a home wrecker, Anna “Marge” Lorck who helped out on Craig Foss’ Tukituki campaign in 2011.

In Kaikoura they selected a woman who seems to want to piss off the entire recreational fishing fraternity by introducing licenses for them.

Most controversial was Labour’s Janette Walker, who proposed a licence for recreational fishers in the Marlborough Sounds as a way of funding a public advocacy group.  Read more »

Anna Lorck is a prize manipulator

We’ve looked at Anna’s shenanigans in the past when we uncovered her National Party sympathies, and it is pretty hard to deny in the face of photos like these


But she is just a bit of a leech really; adjusting her attitudes and ideas to the circumstances.   Read more »

A Great Candidate for the Nasty Party

Labour’s Tukituki candidate is trying to curry favour with the Nasty faction of the Nasty party by attacking her opponent Craig Foss.

On education, rather than for having a gay ute.

Anna Lorck: Education makes me see red

WHEN a woman wears red something happens – she sparks interest.

And if there’s one thing that’s got me nearly as much attention as being Labour’s new Tukituki candidate, it’s been my red dress – people noticed.

“You’re the one in red” and just like that people start talking to me. We know it’s not the dress, because the conversation quickly changes to what they really want to know, for most they’re not into the politics, they want to find out what makes me tick, do I have heart and will she listen.

Yes a woman like me, who strives for more, with a busy family of five girls, who built a business and lives and breathes the heartland, what made you red enough to stand for Parliament?  Read more »

Dodgy Socialist Dam gets it in the chook

The dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay has been given a serious kick in the slats by the Board of Inquiry. The Board of Inquiry approved consents but with some stringent conditions that leave the project struggling for viability.

This is a big win for the opponents of the dam who did not want the Tukituki turned toxic by the HBRC not managing Nitrogen, and setting nutrients levels at toxicity, killing the river. Those who don’t believe it is a win for opponents should view the footage of Craig Foss and Chris Tremain arriving in the house 45 minutes late looking shaken after their pet socialist project got it in chook.

The HBRC needs to have a good long hard look at itself as it made its decisions to proceed based on the exceptionally flawed TRIM model. We have long known the TRIM model is a total jack up to let the dam proceed and the council to turn the Tukituki toxic. The Board of Inquiry appears to have came to the same conclusion we did in October last year.

The dodgy socialist dam being promoted by the dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is based on a seriously flawed model that is being promoted by the ratbag council staff.

The Tukituki River Instream Model or TRIM is being used as justification for turning the Tukituki toxic. This dodgy model has the following flaws:    Read more »

Lawyers create headache for Countdown bosses


Which-ever oxygen thief thought it a good idea to demand a Parliamentary select committee cough up its work, clearly isn’t an expert in government relations.

Take Tim Clarke and Sarah Keene from Russell McVeagh. Tim claims to be a specialist in “government relations”, which is surprising considering that the letter they sent on behalf of Countdown bosses, has now resulted in their client being invited to appear before the very Committee they’re demanding information from.

As a result of this well thought out strategy, Countdown’s PR disaster is turning out to be a gift for Labour, particularly as the hapless Craig Foss is looking more and more like a stumbling, bumbling fool as each day rolls on.  Read more »

Countdown tries to call out Clayton Cosgrove

The circus that is Countdown’s strategy of attacking a Parliamentary Select Committee is yet another turn in the ongoing PR disaster for Progressive Enterprises and its Australian owner Woolworths.

Seems the bosses at Countdown now think they’ve got bigger stones than the New Zealand Parliament.

Last night Labour’s bully-boy Clayton Cosgrove tried to give a slapping to Countdown over writing a letter to the Commerce Committee seeking information about the committee’s hearing when the Commerce Commission appeared before it.

Countdown’s now saying they only sent the letter to the Commerce Committee because they were “only able to rely on media reports of what happened”.

Sounds like more porkies from Countdown.

Does Countdown really expect us to believe that they didn’t have someone sitting in the committee room recording the conversation, taking notes of who said what and other observations of the committee?

Have they never heard of the Select Committee News (SCN) service?

Every other corporate in NZ does this, so why would Countdown be any different? Especially having such an experienced lobbyist as Sue Wood representing them.    Read more »

Seriously Craig, don’t you know you are getting played?


Word out of the Beehive is that Minister of Commerce Craig Foss is getting played.

By whom you ask? Well, by none other than our local Countdown Mafia, Progressive Enterprises.

With Labour’s Clayton Crosgrove giving Fossie a slap in the chook, highlighting to the Commerce Minister that it’s not a good look running Countdown’s lines that a voluntary code of conduct for supermarkets is the answer to their bullying of local suppliers.

Craig Foss doesn’t seem to get it that having secret meeting with two of the main protagonists screwing over local Kiwi suppliers (Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs) – all the while the Commerce Commission is investigating their activities – is slightly on the nose.

But you have to give it Countdown/Progressive Enterprises for their sheer rat-cunning attempt to shift the focus off, what should be a very intrusive Commerce Commission investigation, to a fluffy PR initiative and having a Minister talk about a voluntary code of conduct for them.

Maybe Progressive Enterprises’ lobbyist Sue Wood has given Fossie a rev up, telling him it’s not a good look to have a big supermarket look bad.  Read more »