Cry Baby of the Week aka Pimping the Criminals

Our cry baby of the week is an allegedly former recidivist shop-lifter who can’t go anywhere because shopkeepers won’t have her in the store…and somehow the retailers are being nasty.

Ursula Allen was being watched – and she knew it.

She’d walked into a large Christchurch department store with crime on her mind. Moments later the convicted shoplifter was tapped on the shoulder.

The game was up. Her face was known. Store security asked her to leave. And it finally dawned on her that her past had caught up with her.

A photo of her face was one of 15 on a police list of Christchurch’s most notorious shoplifters. The list shows active offenders throughout Canterbury from November 2014 and other known and suspected shoplifters.

The list, distributed to several Christchurch retailers, includes a former Christchurch gang leader. Shop owners say it is an important crime fighting tool.

Allen first became aware she was on the list after a trip to The Warehouse to buy Christmas presents. A staff member confronted Allen and asked her to leave, “due to my past.”

“She just came up to me and knew me.”

She said the experience was, “humiliating”, and does not think she deserves to be on the list alongside her 20-year-old daughter Ngaroma Baker who was released from prison last week, after spending two months inside for shoplifting.

“What I saw her doing was what I did when I was at that age after my grandmother died,” said Allen.

“I had no-one, so this is what she did, it was all for food and clothing to survive.”

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Something not right with this story

Apparently, according to OneNews you can’t be charged with death threats issued over the internet.

A student who received death threats and was labelled a terrorist simply for wearing a turban was shocked when police said they couldn’t protect him.

Rajwinder Singh feared for his life after his photograph was posted online, without his knowledge, alongside false criminal accusations.

A vicious backlash followed as the photo was shared around, including threats of violence and publicly listing his workplace.

“Put a bat through his turban and smash his legs to a pulp,” one person said on social media.

Genuinely afraid, the 23-year-old went to the police only to be told nothing could be done because the comments were online and therefore “not public”.

ONE News contacted Canterbury police for comment but despite Mr Singh giving permission for his file to be made public, they refused an interview.

The police could not help Mr Singh because making death threats online is not a crime.

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Bizarre logic from teacher’s union head

Apparently requiring police checks for teachers and people assisting at schools will affect the poorest schools…

A proposed charge on criminal checks will hit poorer school communities hardest, a teacher union says.

The Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) has added its voice to protestations from charities and volunteer groups.

Police check for any criminal history before a teacher is registered, and schools can also use police vetting for other staff such as coaches or teacher aides.

Such vetting is currently free but will cost $5 to $7 under a proposed law change that would allow the Government to charge for police services.

Appearing before a select committee, PPTA president Angela Roberts said police vetting was a public good, and should not be charged for.

To improve children’s safety every effort should be made to expand the number of cases where police vetting is used, Ms Roberts said. Charging for the service would likely lead to a drop in demand.     Read more »

Another violent criminal behind bars with a strike on the record

The opposition love criminals, they support them.

Why do I say that, well, it’s easy, they are soft on crime and opposed the three strikes law.

The latest example of scumbag thugs who should be permanently in jail but aren’t has recently played out in the courts.

The Sensible Sentencing trust explains:

A recent Christchurch case reminds us all what a wonderfully effective and discriminating tool the “three strikes” law promoted by Sensible Sentencing Trust, and passed into law in 2010 by the then National – ACT government is proving to be.

After a criminal career comprising 45 previous convictions – nine of them for violence – a Judge has finally put Shane Archbold behind bars for 5 1/2 years, and given him a “three strikes” warning for an aggravated burglary  during which Archold told the victim he was going to “take his eye out” with a tyre iron.

“This guy is an excellent example of why ‘three strikes’ was so sorely needed” said Sensible Sentencing Trust founder Garth McVicar.

“During his 45 conviction criminal career – a quarter of which were for violence – this man has no doubt served a number of prison sentences and been through the revolving door  at the front of the prison that was the criminal justice system. Were it not for three strikes,  at age 36 he could easily have gone on to rack up another 45 convictions, and continued to be let out on parole part way through each pathetic sentence” McVicar said.   Read more »

Bill Whittle on gun ownership and gun control

These facts are really going to annoy those of you who think that less guns and tighter gun control means less gun crime.

New Zealand gets a mention.

Every time there is a shooting in America, our moral betters on the left immediately ammo up the assault rifle of their rhetorical arsenal: namely, our country’s sick, twisted obsession with personal firearms; our adolescent, psychosexual, dangerous and frankly embarrassing when facing our European film critic friends AMERICAN GUN CULTURE.

Hopping over to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, for example, we discover that when it comes to per capita gun ownership, the USA does in fact top the list: when measured as the number of guns per 100 residents, the US comes in first, at ninety! NINETY guns per one hundred residents: evidence for the Progressives on the left that they do in fact live in the murder capitol of the world; because when it comes to gun ownership, America IS number one with a bullet, with by far the highest per capita gun ownership in the world – 90 guns per 100 people being half again more than the number two spot held by Serbia, with 58.2. Read more »

Liberal hand-wringing over Kiwi criminals in offshore jurisdictions

Watch as the clamour to try and bring our criminal scum back home to  face “justice” in New Zealand rather than the much harsher treatment they will get offshore.

One such person is this Anthony De Malmanche fellow.

The liberal panty-waists are all upset that he might face the death penalty. Well boohoo, only the congenitally stupid don;t know that in most Asian countries the penalty for smuggling drugs at the very minimum is a sound beating and a long time in prison or the worst, a death sentence.

i have little sympathy for them.

The crim-hugging panty-waists though think this is terrible and one such womble is Alexander Gillespie who is supposedly a professor of law at Waikato University (snigger).

He is having a moan that these criminals are hard done by.

Two recent incidents involve Kiwis allegedly involved in trafficking large amounts of methamphetamine. The men were caught in Indonesia and China. These are not cases of attractive females with relatively small amounts of marijuana which would cause debatable social damage.

These are people who, if convicted, will be found to be responsible for the destruction of the lives of hundreds of others. Indonesia and China have a strong interest in putting these individuals on trial. This is standard practice as each state jealously guards its laws to protect its citizens, society and principles.

Accordingly, when people are tried for crimes in foreign countries, it is no defence to say they are foreigners. As the recent debate over the Malaysian diplomat returned to the New Zealand judicial system has shown, the public expect the law to be applied regardless of nationality.

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The duplicity of the media, naming people who asked not to be named

Don’t you just love the Fairfax crowd…they even crow about their naming of people who asked not to be named…because they are afraid of the person they are informing on, who incidentally is a convicted killer who threatened them with the same.

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Jon Stewart mocks Sony for their cowardice, and they reckon they didn’t cave

Truth Revolt reports:

Thursday night, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show mocked Sony pictures for canceling the release of their new movie The Interview after North Korea hacked their emails and threatened movie theaters with “9/11 style” attacks.

Stewart gave Sony zero mercy, painting their decision as both cowardly and childish.

“That’s it?,” Stewart asked begrudgingly. “So Kim Jong-Un gets to decide what movies we make?”

Taking that scenario to its logical conclusion, Stewart then suggested that every movie should be titled “World’s Biggest Penis: The Motion Picture” starring Kim Jong-Un.

Stewart then highlighted the absurdity of even taking threats from North Korea seriously.

“For God’s sake, North Korea, that’s what they do,” Stewart said. “They threaten people with hyperbolic language. Why do we fall for that? That’s their hook.”

To underline his point, Stewart rolled a news clip from 2013 announcing Kim Jong-Un’s threat to turn Washington D.C. into a “sea of fire.”

The segment finished with Stewart lamenting why the North Korean dictator would even dislike Hollywood in the first place, because “Hollywood is just like North Korea: everyone is always telling you how great you are, there are billboards everywhere with your face on them, and no one eats.”

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The National party won’t be introducing this law here


Bullying and abusive husbands are scumbags.

The UK is bringing in a law to incarcerate these scumbags for up to 5 years.

One thing s for sure, the National party will never introduce this law here.

For them it is ok to kick in doors if you live in the leafy suburbs.

Bullying husbands who keep their wives downtrodden by banning them from having friends, hobbies and access to money could face five years in jail under a new criminal offence.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said the Government is to press ahead with a new domestic abuse offence of “coercive and controlling behaviour” – which will apply equally to men and women.

The offence will outlaw behaviour which amounts to extreme psychological and emotional abuse but, crucially, stops short of violence.

It comes after the Government unveiled a “Cinderella” law earlier this year which will see parents who starve their children of love and affection being prosecuted for “emotional cruelty”.

Both proposed offences mark significant incursions by the State into what have previously been regarded as private affairs.

A Home Office spokesman said the law would be drafted carefully so it did not affect “ordinary power dynamics” in marriages and other relationships.    Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Georg P. Uebel.

Photo: Georg P. Uebel.

Attacking the Queen

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