A dud judge

Read this account and be astonished at the poor form by this dud judge who seems more interested in the rights of a scumbag sex offender than those of his victims.

A judge has grudgingly allowed one child sex abuse victim to read her statement in court, after the victims had declined a restorative justice meeting where they could have confronted the offender.

The offending against three young girls by Shane Vincent Roy Dennis, now aged 54, took place more than 20 years ago.

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders today sentenced Dennis to 10 months of home detention, 200 hours of community work, and ordered him to pay $1000 to each victim.

Dennis had admitted 11 charges of indecent assault, and one of inducing a girl to do an indecent act. All related to girls aged under 12 at the time.

Dennis now works as a truck driver in Whangarei, where helps care for his sick wife. He will continue to work and the emotional harm reparation payments to the victims will be made at $75 a week.

Judge Saunders said it was a case where restorative justice would have been beneficial but the offer had been declined by the victims.

He questioned why one of the victims now wanted to read her victim impact statement in court, where the defendant did not have a chance to reply effectively.

“I’m not comfortable about it now,” said the judge. “This doesn’t have a sense of balance about it. There’s no opportunity for formal interaction or apology. I am not sure what she is trying to achieve.”   Read more »

Dud judge awards triple murderer £4,500 because he was bashed in prison

He needs to be strung up not given 4500 quid because he copped a bit of slap and tickle in the cells.

Milly Dowler’s killer Levi Bellfield has been awarded £4,500 compensation after a prison attack.

The triple murderer received the taxpayer funded payout despite the fact that he only suffered minor cuts during an assault in Wakefield Prison in 2009.

The Ministry of Justice says that it is “hugely disappointed” in the decision of the county court judge, while Labour MP Ian Austin described the payout as “a complete and utter disgrace”.

Bellfield was attacked by a fellow prisoner with a makeshift weapon outside one of the prison’s bathrooms in 2009, before he went on trial for the murder of the 13-year-old schoolgirl.

He launched legal action claiming that the prison staff should have protected him, the Mirror reported.  Read more »

More good news


Law and Order is always near the Top 5 of issues for people around election time, although it may have slipped a little recently.

The reason is that crime isn’t at the forefront of our minds these days

Recorded crime across New Zealand has dropped to a record low, police say.   Read more »

While the opposition plays games National focuses on the things that matter

The opposition continues to play games, entertaining and cavorting with crooks, dreaming up policies that create more problems than they solve.

Meanwhile the National government carries on making a difference on things that actually matter, like reducing re-offending for criminals.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley says the Government is now over half way to achieving the Better Public Service target of a 25 per cent reduction in reoffending by 2017.

Reoffending has fallen by 12.6 per cent against the June 2011 benchmark, resulting in 2,319 fewer offenders and 9,276 fewer victims of crime each year.

“These figures are extremely encouraging, and combined with a 17.4 per cent drop in recorded crimes over the last three years it shows our communities are safer,” says Mrs Tolley.

“I want to thank our Corrections and Probation staff for embracing our bold plans and for all their efforts in reducing reoffending.

“There have been unprecedented increases in prisoner and community offender rehabilitation under this Government, which are already paying dividends.  Read more »

Derryn Hinch out of jail after 50 days


Derryn Hinch leaves prison after a 50-day stay. Photo: Channel Seven

Derryn Hinch has been released from jail after spending 50 days in the pokie for not paying his $100,000 fine for naming pedos and other scumbags with name suppression.

A shaved and shaken Derryn Hinch has emerged from prison after spending 50 nights locked up for failing to pay a fine incurred after breaching a suppression order about Melbourne woman Jill Meagher’s killer.

The Seven Network personality was released from Langi Kal Kal jail in Trawalla, about 150 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, just after 8am on Friday.

In January, Hinch, 70, was ordered to pay the $100,000 contempt of court fine – or face 50 days in jail – with the broadcaster vowing to do the time, saying his decision was based “on principle”.


Asked if he was harassed by other prisoners, Hinch said, ‘‘for the first few days, because I had shaved the beard, nobody really knew who I was’’.

‘‘But, yeah, the guards and other guys treated me pretty well but it was no picnic,’’ he said. ‘‘You are talking strip searches, bend over the whole lot.

‘‘And to wake up on your 70th birthday and have a guard saying happy birthday, it was tough.’’  Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Amir Pourmand

Photo: Amir Pourmand

In A Central Park In Tehran

Read more »

3 strikes for burglars…now we are talking

Another good policy initiative from the Act party.

They want to extend 3 strikes to thieving ratbags.

Audrey Young reports:

Burglars would be sent to prison for a minimum of three years without parole on the third burglary conviction under new policy announced today by Act leader Jamie Whyte.

It would be a separate regime to the current three strikes law which requires a judge to sentence a convicted offender of a third serious violent crime to the maximum sentence without parole.

Act was responsible for the original three strikes law.  Read more »

Who knew? Climate Change causes increased crime

This was published on Stuff. Apparently climate change will cause increased crime…who knew? There is a list of things caused by climate change…now crime can be added to it.

Someone somewhere funds this crap.

A new study broadens a notion held by the earliest criminologists: Periods of higher temperatures – on an hour-by-hour or week-to-week basis – are likely to produce more crime.

The study by Matthew Ranson of Abt Associates, a research and consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts, suggests global warming will trigger more US crimes including murders and rapes over the next century, with social costs estimated to run as high as US$115 billion.

Between 2010 and 2099, climate change can be expected to cause an additional 22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape, 1.2 million aggravated assaults, 2.3 million simple assaults, 260,000 robberies, 1.3 million burglaries, 2.2 million cases of larceny and 580,000 cases of vehicle theft, the study published this week in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management says.  Read more »

Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour

The NZ Herald has this headline:


But upon reading the story you find that there wasn’t actually a police chase.

One person is dead and another seriously injured after a car fled police in Greymouth last night.

A police patrol saw a white Subaru station wagon being driven south along High St at high speed around 11pm. The constable turned on his lights and siren and pulled out to follow the vehicle. The driver did not stop.

High St veers left about 600 metres from where the vehicle was first seen and the officer quickly lost sight of the car.

When he came around the bend he found the car had crashed into a house on the left hand side of the street.

There were three people in the vehicle. One died at the scene and a second was trapped inside the vehicle for some time and suffered serious injuries. The third person suffered only minor injuries.

There was significant damage to the house, however no one was home at the time.  Read more »


Aussie Maritime Union ratbags helping bikie gangs in Queensland

The Maritime Union of Australia has shown what a bunch of thugs they are by helping gangs affected by Campbell Newman’s crackdown on bikies.

THE Queensland premier says union members will be upset to learn their money is being used to bankroll a court challenge against his anti-bikie laws.

The Maritime Union of Australia and a group aligning itself with the Electrical Trades Union have given $5000 and $10,000 to the United Motorcycle Council’s fighting fund, The Courier-Mail reports.

MUA state secretary Mick Carr told the paper the donation was made to help bring down laws that are not restricted to bikies.

Premier Campbell Newman said union members would be rightly upset by the revelation.

“I think many hard working union members would be unhappy about their money being used to bankroll criminals,” he wrote on Twitter.  Read more »