3 strikes for burglars…now we are talking

Another good policy initiative from the Act party.

They want to extend 3 strikes to thieving ratbags.

Audrey Young reports:

Burglars would be sent to prison for a minimum of three years without parole on the third burglary conviction under new policy announced today by Act leader Jamie Whyte.

It would be a separate regime to the current three strikes law which requires a judge to sentence a convicted offender of a third serious violent crime to the maximum sentence without parole.

Act was responsible for the original three strikes law.¬† Read more »

NZ’s dodgiest LBP Nominee – Graham McCready

The flood continues…who can go past this ratbag as a nominee for NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician.


Convicted fraudster and blackmailer Graham McCready

Mad Dog Graham McCready – the convicted blackmailer, convicted tax fraudster and serial legal nuisance is also standing for Wellington City Council in the Eastern Ward.¬† Read more »

Front page of the Herald, 3 weeks behind WOBH

I see the Herald has run a front-page story about the dodgy ratbags passing themselves off as Google, a story we covered 3 weeks ago on July 26.



Fraud police are investigating a New Zealand company calling itself GoogleDirectory – set up with no links to the internet giant but which has listed thousands of businesses and state agencies.

The company launched last month, but had been signing on companies since at least May, promoting itself as a new online marketing tool.

Detective Sergeant Aaron Pascoe, of the Auckland central police financial crime unit, said police had received several fraud complaints from businesses.¬† Read more »


He’ll have a sore arse too

Oh the poor wee diddums was getting a hard time in jail, hope he enjoys his next stop at the pokie:

A young red-headed burglar who once complained about getting a hard time in prison because of his age and physical appearance will have an unpleasant next few months.

That’s because Jordan Terrance Marsh, 18, will again be behind bars.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, he was jailed for 11 months on four charges of burglary and one each of theft and breaching a sentence of supervision.¬† Read more »

Labour and Greens confirm they love crims

Labour and the Greens have confirmed that they will be looking at running hug-a-crim policies at the next election:

Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party all say they would repeal or alter the three-strikes legislation after the issuing of a second strike to Hastings man Elijah Whaanga.

Whaanga, 21, was sentenced to two years’ jail and issued with his second strike by Judge Tony Adeane in the Napier District Court on April 18 after pleading guilty to two charges of aggravated robbery.

The offences involved Whaanga and an accomplice attacking victims on two occasions last August.

In one, Whaanga took a skateboard, hat and cigarette lighter from the victim after trying unsuccessfully to remove the victim’s jacket.

The second involved Whaanga kicking the victim in his leg and taking his hat and cellphone.¬† Read more »

McCready pleads guilty to blackmail

Graham McCready, serial litigant, fantasist and convicted tax fraudster has plead guilty to blackmail.

Our dear friend, Lord of all f@ckwits, Graham McCready, has saved the court the tiresome burden of examining his difficult and complicated court case by pleading guilty to blackmail in the court yesterday. It has taken almost a year and as recently as two days ago he was sending emails to media proclaiming his innocence. The victim in this case currently has interim name suppression and well they should because otherwise the blackmailer wins.

He has also bizarrely claimed that somehow I have breached name suppression in this case, which I have not, being very careful to ensure I haven’t. He even went as far as laying a complaint with the Solicitor-General, just more vexatious activity from a psychopath wrapped up in his own bizarre little world.

No doubt the thought of porridge motivated him to acknowledge his guilt in the hope of remaining free. The judge will probably give him some sort of gentle custodian sentence, instead of the tougher sentence that tax and blackmail crook deserves.

Let’s note for the record that he’s previously plead guilty to tax fraud, and now blackmail. Lets also note he has brought a private prosecution against Ducky, and a failed prosecution against Banksie (though McCready is trying again, reputedly). He’s even made a pest of himself in Parliament trying to serve Judith Collins and other high-ranking judicial figures.

The judge should lock him up, or if the judge is intent on the wet bus ticket, do it in concert with some kind of legal restraining or vexatious litigant order to prevent more f@ckwittery in the future.

He should get a medal

Crying a river of tears…not over this pedo getting the bash:

A 46-year-old Tauranga man has been arrested and charged with assaulting Trevor Hall, the convicted paedophile who sexually abused a 7-year-old girl.

Hall, 59, was due to be sentenced in Tauranga District Court this morning on four charges of indecent assault on a child, but Judge Peter Rollo adjourned the sentencing to December 17.

As Hall left the courthouse on bail, a man punched Hall in the mouth then fled.

Tauranga police Senior Sergeant Rob Glencross told the Bay of Plenty Times that a 46-year-old man was arrested at 11.12am today and charged with assault.

The guy who bashed him shouldn’t be charged with assault, he should be given three cheers and hip, hip hooray.

If I was him I’d ask for a jury trial.


Upsetting Metiria

Rodney Hide’s Herald column has upset Metiria Turei:

Rodney Hide’s latest piece in the NZ Herald exposes a callous and dangerous attitude. He needs to ask himself whether he really wants solutions to reduce child death or whether he just wants to pontificate while more women and more children suffer. Every death of a child at the hands of parent is a deep and terrible tragedy. And we know that the best way to keep a child safe is to keep the protective parent safe.

By choosing to harangue mothers for the tragic deaths of their children, Hide has helped to reinforce the very ignorance that continues to put children at risk. A number of these women had no or very little assistance when pregnant and that shame and fear was a factor in the death of their new born babies. The fact that less than half of the 33 child deaths were at the hands of their mothers further shows that Hide is wrong in placing the sole focus on the mums.

Blah, blah, blah…whatever Meteria…clearly you didn’t read Rodney’s article. He emailed me about her post:

I emailed this to frogblog…but then thought more people read whale:

I am sorry Metiria it was no part of my intention to harangue mothers.  I was interested that a high number of mothers kill their babies relative to dads and stepdads which was the opposite of what I had inferred from the media.

I explained the leading types of mother-on-child deaths which highlights the trouble nature of the mums. ¬†I wasn’t able to draw other conclusions from the report itself.

When it comes to abuse I did note that it is much higher in benefit-dependent households.

In fact, benefit-dependency before age two has a very high predictive value in determining infants at risk.

I also inferred the obvious that providing income to parents who are drunk and drugged up puts babies at risk.  What we do about the problem is difficult but at least we should be able to talk about the problem without declaring an opposing view callous and dangerous.  I certainly never leveled any vitriol at women as you imply.

I might say that if we had a bit more debate we would be able perhaps to do a better job. ¬†It’s not like the Green-inspired anti-smacking policy has deterred child abuse as was intended.


People are Stupid,Ctd

This guysshould have more time added to his sentence, for wasting the court’s time and for being a cock.

New Zealand’s most notorious stalker has appealed his latest prison sentence saying he got confused about who he was stalking and lavished undue attention on the wrong woman.

Glenn Green is serving a 30-month sentence for two counts of criminal harassment, offending he began three weeks after getting out of prison in 2011.

Green, 42, aka Glenn Corleone, Goldberg, Carlionne, Casellano and Holden, appealed his sentence at the High Court in Auckland yesterday saying the judge had erred by giving him the same sentence for both his victims, when he had actually stalked one of the women much worse than the other.

Oh FFS, what a creep. Why can’t we have inventive sentences like a good beating with a golfball inside a sock?

Serial Troublemaker, alleged blackmailer Graham Mcready is at it again

Rumours abound the beltway that serial troublemaker Graham McCready is at it again – seeking attention through an abuse of the legal system by way of a private prosecution against John Banks over the Local Electoral Act matters the police declined to prosecute over.

McWho you might say?

Graham McCready, who is currently, on blackmail charges from earlier this year regarding his alleged threatening of defamatory and libellous information by using a document against an as yet undisclosed person.

The same Graham McCready, who was profiled by the Herald as a serial litigant, a long term beneficiary due to “chronic occupational overuse syndrome”, who was institutionalised in a mental asylum for more than two years, and who has been in court on over 50 tax fraud related charges in 2008.

Graham McCready, who was sentenced to home detention for his tax fraud activities, using other people’s refunds to pay his personal bills.

But would go around making allegations about others on tax fraud.

Graham McCready, who has already brought private prosecutions against politicians in NZ and Canada over the years.

So here’s a random impertinent question worth asking given this odd man’s form: Has McCready attempted to blackmail John Banks at all?