Herald editorial minimises a crime, defends criminals

The NZ Herald is fast gaining a reputation for the media outlet that protects the interests of bludgers, ratbags, crooks and scumbags.

Today their editorial minimises the criminal political conspiracy to hack and then attempt to pervert an election as a mere theft.

I wonder if they are minimising because they are complicit in the crimes committed against me and my friends?

On one level the police search of author Nicky Hager’s home and their seizure of his electronic files can be argued as standard measures in a criminal investigation. A complaint of theft had been made and Hager had been identified as the eventual user of the stolen material. The missing information was email and social media data and therefore Hager’s computers and devices could be suspected of holding it.

They are wrong right there. I did not lay a “complaint of theft”, and to my knowledge the Police have not identified the charge or charges they intend to lay, but I will bet a million dollars that it will not be a charge of theft.

But the editorial continues to minimise the crime by constantly referring to “theft”.

Yet the case, with the police actions and the ensuing battle to prevent officers examining the material, are far from straightforward. In response to a complaint of theft – common old theft – five police officers spent the best part of a day searching the Hager home and taking away everything from computers to an iPod. Not because Hager was considered a “suspect” but because he could be a “witness” to the crime.

It is not a complaint of theft. Why are the Herald minimising this crime? Their other pages are full of celebrities having their phones and computers hacked and nude photos published, that is a crime to the Herald, but a raid on my intellectual property by criminal means is just a simple theft?

And again they call it theft.

If every theft complaint made to police resulted in this kind of response, searches under warrants of houses and businesses would be constant and not much else would be achieved by our constabulary.

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About political songs

Some wise advice from a music blogger at Fairfax…see MSM have blogs too.

Funny works, nasty backfires.

The band @Peace really screwed up. You only have to click on that Wiki link to see how they’re going to be remembered. They released a song threatening to kill John Key – and then went into a swift panic, explaining that it was really all about mobilising young voters. The rallying cry included reference to sleeping with Key’s daughter. It wasn’t (quite) a statement of rape – but it’s a blunt and nasty use of the term, it’s a leading statement – “one of these days I’m going to f*** your daughter”. It could be very easily construed as a threat, an act of violence.

Musicians and writers love to claim that freedom of speech is so important – the band’s frontman Tom Scott has asked us to respect his right to express his disappointment in the leader of the country.

But he’s only killed one thing here – the credibility of the left; this just makes it far too easy for the right and any right supporters to (further) paint the left as a bunch of crackpots – conspiracy theorists, loons.

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Face of the day

I am a strong woman and I believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means that both sides of every issue get to be discussed. It does not mean that discussion is shut down because one side labels the others speech as ‘ Rape culture ‘ or dismisses it because it was written by a man and the issue is only relevant in their opinion to women.

Jan Logie

Jan Logie

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More on Police manufacturing of crime stats

Another person has emailed the tipline:

Hi guys, I have just read the message you received from the police member regards Counties police re-coding of burg stats.

In my experience he is understating matters; I witnessed this at Wellington station under the leadership of Marty Grenfeld during

I clearly recall the day his re-coding project team requested all of the youth aid burglary files – they were all gone over and their stats ‘reviewed’ and sometimes being re-coded as Unlawfully on Premises and Theft. In my opinion, a number of re-codings were a dishonest reflection of the facts. They saw it as erring to one side of a 50/50 situation, in favour of more sympathetic statistics.  Read more »

Not just a slogan, No boats for 6 months

The Liberals in the Aussie election promised no more boats…and 6 months on they have delivered.

They have proved actions work and not just slogans.

Today marks six months since the last successful people smuggling venture to Australia.

The Abbott Coalition Government is delivering our commitment to restore strong border protection policies to stop the boats.

The last successful people smuggling venture to Australia arrived on 19 December 2013.

Over the same six month period in 2012/13 under the previous government, a total of 190 boats with 12,773 people on board illegally arrived in Australia – more than a boat a day.

The Government’s success is delivering financial and humanitarian benefits.  Read more »

Car thief gets his beans and the guy who caught him gets prosecuted

i know this guy took things a bit far but  I thought it was fair enough he got in a few shots around the ears of the car thief.

A WAIMANA man received a community based sentence after pleading guilty to repeatedly punching a person he found attempting to steal his partner’s car.

Last Wednesday Whakatane District Court heard how Ken Saunders, 23, was asleep around 1.30am on October 20 last year when the alarm of his partner’s car was activated.

He ran outside and found someone attempting to steal the vehicle.

The police summary of facts described the 15­ year ­old victim as “extremely intoxicated” when he sat in the driver’s seat trying to start the car.

Saunders opened the driver’s door and the victim swung his arm at him, before running away.

Saunders chased him then punched him numerous times around the head.  Read more »

3 strikes for burglars…now we are talking

Another good policy initiative from the Act party.

They want to extend 3 strikes to thieving ratbags.

Audrey Young reports:

Burglars would be sent to prison for a minimum of three years without parole on the third burglary conviction under new policy announced today by Act leader Jamie Whyte.

It would be a separate regime to the current three strikes law which requires a judge to sentence a convicted offender of a third serious violent crime to the maximum sentence without parole.

Act was responsible for the original three strikes law.  Read more »

NZ’s dodgiest LBP Nominee – Graham McCready

The flood continues…who can go past this ratbag as a nominee for NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician.


Convicted fraudster and blackmailer Graham McCready

Mad Dog Graham McCready – the convicted blackmailer, convicted tax fraudster and serial legal nuisance is also standing for Wellington City Council in the Eastern Ward.  Read more »

Front page of the Herald, 3 weeks behind WOBH

I see the Herald has run a front-page story about the dodgy ratbags passing themselves off as Google, a story we covered 3 weeks ago on July 26.



Fraud police are investigating a New Zealand company calling itself GoogleDirectory – set up with no links to the internet giant but which has listed thousands of businesses and state agencies.

The company launched last month, but had been signing on companies since at least May, promoting itself as a new online marketing tool.

Detective Sergeant Aaron Pascoe, of the Auckland central police financial crime unit, said police had received several fraud complaints from businesses.  Read more »


He’ll have a sore arse too

Oh the poor wee diddums was getting a hard time in jail, hope he enjoys his next stop at the pokie:

A young red-headed burglar who once complained about getting a hard time in prison because of his age and physical appearance will have an unpleasant next few months.

That’s because Jordan Terrance Marsh, 18, will again be behind bars.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, he was jailed for 11 months on four charges of burglary and one each of theft and breaching a sentence of supervision.  Read more »