Darien Fenton

The Prince of Bel-Air

We met his princeness yesterday on the front page of a Fairfax paper complaining about how hard he has it getting by.  Of course, as per our usual Pimp the Poor investigations, he was putting it all on.

Worse, he was a ringer for the unions.   Any remorse?  Any explanation?  Nope, here is the Prince last night:



He’s still pushing his article, even thought we all know he isn’t even on minimum wage.   As for working like an animal, I have never had seven weeks off in a row, let alone on holiday in another country like his princeness.   Read more »

Jonah Lomu backs John Key


No sooner did he Tweet his support and admiration for John Key, and Jonah started to discover the nasty side of the left.  The feral lot that see him as a class traitor for daring to show his support for the National Party.

But the truth is, Labour are losing their traditional support in the Pacific Island community in spades.   In fact, National is getting so much Pasifika love, they are launching their election campaign in South Auckland.

It is a particularly nasty side of our national psyche that makes us turn on our public figures with such unbridled hatred simply because they see one political party’s ideas better than those of others.

We saw the same thing happen when Darrien Fenton laid into national treasure The Mad Butcher and called for (where have we seen this before?) people to stop frequenting his stores.  She did withdraw and apologise, but it is the same knee jerk reaction the left seem to display:  over the top viciousness and attacking the financial position of the person they don’t share the same ideas with.

Susan Strongman has more   Read more »

Today’s valedictory speeches starting at 4:15pm


The first will be totally missable, but the last three will probably be worth your time.  Yes, even Darien.

Watch them on-line, here

Fenton wrong on contract labour

Darien Fenton has gone out to the media attacking modern work practices:

Employers are increasingly using temporary or contract staff in place of permanent positions, according to a new report.

Labour says that’s bad news because the workers have no rights and no defence against arbitrary dismissal.

MP Darien Fenton is citing a report by recruitment agency Hays which says 64 per cent of employers now use temporary or contract staff.

And 18 per cent say they intend increasing their use of those staff.

“Contractors have no employment rights at all, including no minimum wage, no holidays and no rights to protection against unfair dismissal,” Ms Fenton said.

“At its worst, temporary workers are used to replace good, well-paying jobs with agencies who employ workers on minimum wage to do essentially the same work as those they work alongside.”

Ms Fenton says even more disturbing is that some employers admitted using temporary and contract work as a means to assess ongoing employment.

“The 90-day trial period was supposed to provide a way for evaluating suitability of employment, yet employers are continuing to dream up new devices to avoid the obligations of employment law and put the risk back on workers,” she said. Read more »

Fenton given the arse card, who else is next?


Darien Fenton

Darien Fenton, the face of Labour’s future and one of Cunliffe’s rising stars, was given the boot today.

Labour list MP Darien Fenton has announced she will retire from national politics after nine years in Parliament.

The staunch unionist announced this morning that she would not seek re-election in September.

“I came to Parliament with one aim, and that was to help make a better life for the low-income service workers I have worked with over many years,” she said.    Read more »

The coming knife fight for the Labour List

Labour’s list ranking is going to be about as much fun as watching Christians being fed to Lions as Labour MPs work out that there aren’t going to be a lot of list MPs after the election.

Labour’s poor polling means that there aren’t likely to be any new Labour List MPs, but in a strange twist of fate Labour look like picking up a good number of electorates. The Maori seats look good for Labour. Kelvin Davis is in with a good chance against Hone Harawira.

The new seat of Kelston is a lock for Labour. Sharples and Turia leave big gaps that Labour will likely fill. Flavell will probably hold but a three way fight with the Mana Party may see the Labour candidate win.   Read more »

The nasty party makes a return and once again it is Darien in the thick of it

I wonder when MPs will learn that Twitter is not their friend.

Last election it was Trevor Mallard leading the Nasty party, ably assisted by Darien Fenton who set about insulting the Mad Butcher via Twitter.

Now Darien Fenton is back at it.

Read more »

The losers excuse

David Cunliffe has played the losers excuse this morning on Radio New Zealand…blaming others for the total and utter screw up that is his party.

The Labour Party leader is accusing National of creating a new job to convince Shane Jones to leave Parliament.

Mr Jones confirmed his departure from politics on Tuesday and is tipped to take up a role helping Pacific islands make more money out of their fisheries. He is likely to leave Parliament shortly and his place will be taken by the next person on Labour’s list, Kelvin Davis.

Shane Jones told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report programme he was leaving politics because he does not have the necessary level of commitment and energy ahead of the election.

He unsuccessfully sought the Labour leadership last year and was asked by the party leadership to tone down attacks he had been making on one of Labour’s potential allies, the Green Party.

“Any New Zealander with a smidgeon of interest in politics will know that the political collar has chafed this dog’s neck – and now I’ve slipped the collar,” he said on Wednesday.

Labour leader David Cunliffe told the programme the departure says more about the job offer than the MP’s view of Labour’s chances in the 20 September election.   Read more »

What does a straight bloke have to do to get selected for Labour?

Darien Fenton hears the news that Richard Hills was selected in Northcote

Darien Fenton hears the news that Richard Hills was selected in Northcote

Now before this post gets started I need to clarify that I am not homophobic as I am sure the left will claim. I was one of the biggest supporters of the marriage equality bill and don’t care one bit who someone chooses to sleep with or what sex they are. This post is simply about perceptions and plain facts, with no emotion or otherwise intended.

The past week has been interesting to say the least as Labour announced a few selections.

Ever since Damien O’Connor expressed his own frustration about the “gaggle of gays” Labour has been at pains to state how inclusive they are, while at the same time implementing exclusive rules like their Man Ban.

However with the march of their candidate announcements plus some recent replacements one really does now have to ask what it takes to get selected for Labour if you are a straight bloke.

Labour selected Tony Milne for Christchurch Central, he is a reasonable sort of a candidate, young, well meaning, earnest even,  …and never had a real job. He is also gay.

Then Tamati Coffey was selected in Rotorua and Kelly Ellis in Whangarei.

Yesterday they announced the selection of Richard Hills as their Northcote candidate, pretty much extinguishing any chance of Darien Fenton remaining relevant inside Labour.  Read more »

Darien Fenton questions the honesty of the road transport industry

Darien Fenton has probably done more to upset the transport industry in her miniscule time as transport spokehead than any other opposition union spokesman.

Her interest is based solely around Union experiences in Australia, where conditions are very different.

Labour’s transport spokesperson has called for a review of truck driver work arrangements – suggesting accidents are linked to contracting arrangements.

Darien Fenton says that after a number of fatal accidents involving trucks in the last month, the Government should not be ignoring the Opposition’s calls for a review of the trade.

“We know that truck drivers are allowed to work up to 13 hours a day, but many work much longer than that because the pay isn’t up to scratch and they need to make a living,” says Fenton.

“We also know that pressures are often put on drivers to breach time and speeding rules, yet the number of chain of responsibility prosecutions – where those who make the demands on drivers to break those rules are held accountable – are falling.

“While there are many good trucking firms in New Zealand which take care of their drivers and train and pay them properly, there are some who don’t and they are the killers on our roads,” she added.  Read more »