Darien Fenton

The losers excuse

David Cunliffe has played the losers excuse this morning on Radio New Zealand…blaming others for the total and utter screw up that is his party.

The Labour Party leader is accusing National of creating a new job to convince Shane Jones to leave Parliament.

Mr Jones confirmed his departure from politics on Tuesday and is tipped to take up a role helping Pacific islands make more money out of their fisheries. He is likely to leave Parliament shortly and his place will be taken by the next person on Labour’s list, Kelvin Davis.

Shane Jones told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report programme he was leaving politics because he does not have the necessary level of commitment and energy ahead of the election.

He unsuccessfully sought the Labour leadership last year and was asked by the party leadership to tone down attacks he had been making on one of Labour’s potential allies, the Green Party.

“Any New Zealander with a smidgeon of interest in politics will know that the political collar has chafed this dog’s neck – and now I’ve slipped the collar,” he said on Wednesday.

Labour leader David Cunliffe told the programme the departure says more about the job offer than the MP’s view of Labour’s chances in the 20 September election.   Read more »

What does a straight bloke have to do to get selected for Labour?

Darien Fenton hears the news that Richard Hills was selected in Northcote

Darien Fenton hears the news that Richard Hills was selected in Northcote

Now before this post gets started I need to clarify that I am not homophobic as I am sure the left will claim. I was one of the biggest supporters of the marriage equality bill and don’t care one bit who someone chooses to sleep with or what sex they are. This post is simply about perceptions and plain facts, with no emotion or otherwise intended.

The past week has been interesting to say the least as Labour announced a few selections.

Ever since Damien O’Connor expressed his own frustration about the “gaggle of gays” Labour has been at pains to state how inclusive they are, while at the same time implementing exclusive rules like their Man Ban.

However with the march of their candidate announcements plus some recent replacements one really does now have to ask what it takes to get selected for Labour if you are a straight bloke.

Labour selected Tony Milne for Christchurch Central, he is a reasonable sort of a candidate, young, well meaning, earnest even,  …and never had a real job. He is also gay.

Then Tamati Coffey was selected in Rotorua and Kelly Ellis in Whangarei.

Yesterday they announced the selection of Richard Hills as their Northcote candidate, pretty much extinguishing any chance of Darien Fenton remaining relevant inside Labour.  Read more »

Darien Fenton questions the honesty of the road transport industry

Darien Fenton has probably done more to upset the transport industry in her miniscule time as transport spokehead than any other opposition union spokesman.

Her interest is based solely around Union experiences in Australia, where conditions are very different.

Labour’s transport spokesperson has called for a review of truck driver work arrangements – suggesting accidents are linked to contracting arrangements.

Darien Fenton says that after a number of fatal accidents involving trucks in the last month, the Government should not be ignoring the Opposition’s calls for a review of the trade.

“We know that truck drivers are allowed to work up to 13 hours a day, but many work much longer than that because the pay isn’t up to scratch and they need to make a living,” says Fenton.

“We also know that pressures are often put on drivers to breach time and speeding rules, yet the number of chain of responsibility prosecutions – where those who make the demands on drivers to break those rules are held accountable – are falling.

“While there are many good trucking firms in New Zealand which take care of their drivers and train and pay them properly, there are some who don’t and they are the killers on our roads,” she added.  Read more »

Another dodgy employer under the hammer

via Labour

via Labour

I seriously dislike ratbag employers ripping off migrant workers…taking advantage of vulnerable employees.

An official investigation has been launched into a Christchurch construction company which allegedly underpaid two migrants, and into the licensed immigration adviser who helped them obtain a visa.

Filipino men Emmanuel Francisco Jr and Carlos Claveron told The Press earlier this month that they had been left out of pocket after being underpaid for their work as a painter and a builder, respectively, for TCL Painting and Construction.   Read more »

Renewal The Labour Party Way – Darien Fenton

In my spare twenty two minutes this week I have been thinking why Darien Fenton made the brave decision to come out about her drug addiction issues.

I’m a cynic and it smelt fishy. This is something that has been well known amongst the political tragics for years…why bring it out now?

As you know from this week Whaleoil has been outed as being on John Key’s contact list. Well others shouldn’t be so condemning as he’s on the same list of people who contact me as a few Labour Party key members and MP’s, so it took just a couple of calls to find out more about Darien.

It seems internally Fenton has caused total outrage with certain factions accusing her of politicising personal issues to keep her position in the Party.

In Labour’s attempt at renewal, Darien is being shown the door. The Union sector of the Party has no respect for her. She’s over.  Read more »

What is more offensive – bashing kids to death or eating lunch?

Darien Fenton is focussing on the tough stuff…the eating of lunch at a roadside park.

A Labour MP has accused Kapiti Expressway workers of being “extremely offensive” to Maori by eating their lunch at a wahi tapu site as historical human remains lay nearby.

Darien Fenton said at a transport and industrial relations select committee meeting yesterday that the workers were spotted eating their lunch at the wahi tapu site at El Rancho, Waikanae, which includes the Takamore urupa, and a macrocarpa known as the Maketu tree.

But the New Zealand Transport Agency denied that the particular site in question was wahi tapu, and believed appropriate protocols were followed.

Ms Fenton told the committee she had spoken to two women from Te Ati Awa. “[They] understood the site was tapu until the archaeologists had finished their work, yet we found workers having lunch onsite which was extremely offensive to local Maori.”  Read more »

Time for Labour to have a cleanout as well

Under Helen Clark there was almost no renewal…after 9 years of her government pretty much the same faces existed…then there were the 3 years of Phil Goff again with no renewal.

While National cut dead wood and encourages retirements Labour is looking like going into the next election with the same old tired faces.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has been crowing about the growing number of National MPs who have decided to stand down in 2014, likening it to rats deserting a sinking ship. Instead of seeking to make political capital out of his opponent’s obvious drive to bring in new talent at the next election, he would do better to follow suit and start sending the underperformers and time-servers in his own caucus the message that it is time to move on.

Rejuvenation is critical to all political parties. It allows them to bring in new blood to remain fresh in the eyes of voters. However, all too often it is not the parties themselves that do the job, but the electorate, via crushing defeats which see large numbers of sitting MPs turfed out of Parliament.

That is what is so significant about the rejuvenation underway in National. So far, seven of its 59 MPs – nearly an eighth of its caucus – have indicated they will not seek re-election, and there was talk last week that up to six more are considering whether to stand again.   Read more »

Labour and Green MPs about to break the law

The post showing Labour and the Green Taliban’s Living Wage campaign is fast becoming a quagmire with many naturally asking where the money will magically come from to pay people $18.40 an hour. It’s a good question they try to avoid answering. There are more questions too…like did the Greens pay their workers collecting signatures in the asset sales petition the living wage…they were advertised jobs…if not why not?

But it also got me thinking about MPs cleaning their own loos in Parliament.

Either Johnny Campbell is so smart that he’s setting a right trap for MPs so desperate to get on TV (Darien Fenton, Grant Robertson, Gareth Hughes, and pretend MP Brendan Horan) or he’s sadly ignorant of the laws he’s about to break.  Read more »

A day of sledges

Nick Smith, under the cosh for his meddling at DoC, still managed to put a good hit on Andrew Williams (6:00), who really should not talk about pants down behaviour.

Read more »

El Presidente up before committee today – Where’s the 10c?

Better hold the horses, the dodgy cartel like BSC’s El Presidente, Patrick Lee-Lo is up before the Transport & Industrial Relations Committee today, along with fellow junket traveller Marja Verkerk.


While Paddy may try to impress the committee saying (his employer ToTal Property Services) are paying cleaners above the minimum wage of $13.75, under his BSC El Presidente hat, he’s endorsing BSC members paying members a whopping 10c more thanks to a multi employer collective agreement/MECA of $13.85. Oh that’s right, these SFWU cleaners are complaining about low wages and FairnessAtWork.  Read more »