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More Hypocrisy from Palmerston North’s Nasty Stenographer Rooter

Iain Lees-Galloway is a hypocrite as well as a stenographer rooter.

This was his facebook post.

Iain Lees-Galloway MPlabour_takes_hardline_approach_to_alcohol_5
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What I find most depressing about National’s response to Dirty Politics is that they think it is politics as usual. It’s not, or at least, it doesn’t need to be. NZ has a proud history of open, transparent and relatively clean politics. This venture into American-style attack campaigns is unbecoming and hopefully the recent debate will help keep a lid on it.

Yet he is as guilty as anyone of dirty politics as well as being a dirty rooting ratbag.

by Cameron Slater on November 3, 2009 at 8:24am
Apparently Iain Two-Fathers has learned his lesson of being involved in Labour Party shenanigins.

Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway says he has learned a political lesson after being caught up in the Labour Party’s polling controversy.

Mr Lees-Galloway recruited volunteers for the polling and was in the room when senior MP Rick Barker advised using a phony company name and false personal names if that would make the volunteers feel more confident. Read more »

Pot, Kettle, Black Mr Goff, do you remember your own ducking for cover?

I see Phil Goff thinks that the government is ducking for cover over the Malaysian diplomat incident:

The Government has gone to ground in response to the woman at the centre of the Malaysian diplomat scandal speaking out and saying Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully should resign.

Mr McCully is en route to Europe and Prime Minister John Key is out of the country on a break.

The acting Prime Minister Bill English also did not want to comment.

“They’re absolutely ducking for cover,” says Labour MP Phil Goff.

Brooke Sabin was probably still in school when a certain incident happened at Darren Hughes landlady’s house in Hataitai.

Wasn’t it Phil Goff who tried to cover up Darren Hughes little incident at his landlady’s house for almost two weeks until Jonathan Marshall flew down to Wellington and busted the case wide open? Why yes it was.  Read more »

Andrew Little just drew a great big target on thge backs of his Labour pals

Andrew Little has called for an inquiry into the Police not investigating political complaints. This is good stuff, the Police have ignored complaints from the Electoral Commission for far too long.

The other phrase that we grew used to hearing last time LAbour was in power was the Police saying that something “wasn’t in the public interests to prosecute” usually when it related to an investigation over a Labour politician…like Helen Clark’s forgery and fraud with a painting, and Darren Hughes and his grooming activities, and numerous other complaints.

In terms of electoral complaints the Police just simply ignore them. There is more than 50 complaints that have never been investigated, most of them Labour politicians breaking the law.

So I agree with Andrew Little…let’s have at it.

Labour is calling for “high powered” independent inquiry into the way politically-charged cases are handled, saying the police decision not to prosecute John Banks needed to be investigated.

The call comes after the Act MP was found guilty last week of filing a false electoral return following a private prosecution by retired accountant Graham McCready, launched after the police claimed in 2012 there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

Labour’s justice spokesperson Andrew Little said the Government should launch an inquiry into why the police failed to prosecute, as well as into the way previous politically-charged cases had been handled, in order to ensure the integrity of the electoral system.”

Read more »

Time to re-open the Darren Hughes affair

Labour and a journalist challenged Police refusal to release the full john Banks file and the Ombudsmen ruling that they should release the file.

The Herald reports:

The Ombudsman has ordered the release of MP John Banks’ statement to police over donations to his Auckland mayoral campaign.

However, the former Act leader’s statement will not be released publicly until after he has stood trial for allegedly filing a false electoral return for his failed 2010 campaign.

Police investigated alleged irregularities in Mr Banks’ campaign donations but no charges were laid.

[…]    Read more »

Will David Cunliffe stand himself down?

Labour seems to have differing standards when it comes to MPs under Police investigation.

Now that David Cunliffe himself is under police investigation which standard will he choose?

The Cunliffe Standard?

“John Banks said he cannot do justice to his role as ACT leader while fighting a court case on electoral fraud. That means he also cannot do justice to his role as MP for Epsom.

“The Prime Minister has lost his moral compass. He is once again putting the numbers ahead of principle.

“The right thing to do is to call John Banks into his office and ask him to resign as an MP now,” says David Cunliffe.  Read more »

Pot, Kettle, Black, Mr Goff

Phil Goff has the sanctimony and hypocrisy to claim that Peter Dunne is unfit to be a minister;

Opposition MPs have used parliamentary privilege to label United Future leader Peter Dunne as the person who leaked the sensitive document that set in train events leading to a high-powered inquiry accessing a journalist’s emails, swipe-card and phone records.

Prime Minister John Key opened the door to Dunne picking up a ministerial portfolio next year after Parliament’s privileges committee yesterday slated Parliamentary Service and a former top public servant for over-reaching their powers in seeking to track down the source of the leak.

But in Parliament tonight, Labour MP Phil Goff said Dunne was not fit to be a minister and had broken his oath of confidentiality.

“He has no right to be a minister; that’s why he resigned, that’s why it is totally improper for Key to be talking about bringing back Peter Dunne as a minister.”  Read more »

One plays with balls, the other one plays with balls

Darren Hughes

The media should be careful what they wish for….

Scott Yorke aka Imperator Fish has a second blog…where he takes a more serious look at issues. He takes issue with the squawking over police seizing emails.

Labour Party leader David Shearer has demanded the seizure by police of Peter Dunne’s emails, after Dunne resigned following allegations that he leaked to the media the confidential Kitteridge report into the GCSB.

It is not clear whether Dunne leaked the report, or, even if he did, whether he has broken any laws. From what I can gather, only the appendices to the report had any sort of security classification, and it’s not clear whether Dunne had access to those appendices.

This has not stopped Labour’s leader from demanding a police investigation.  Read more »

Rank Hypocrisy from Labour

The Labour party are pushing for a police inquiry into the Dunne affair…showing their rank hypocrisy when it comes to police investigating political issues.

Labour and the Greens are illiberal in pushing for a police inquiry into the Peter Dunne affair, and have revealed themselves as anti leaks to the media, says Bryce Edwards.

“It’s incredibly surprising to see Labour and the Greens have called on the police to intervene over the leak of the GCSB,” the Otago University lecturer and commentator tells NBR Online.

“There’s always problems when the police get involved in the political and media realm. It can have a very chilling affect on politics and journalism,” Dr Edwards says.  Read more »

Shearer on Gilmore

I thought Shearer’s comments were a bit rich.

Labour leader David Shearer said John Key failed to show leadership by not calling Gilmore to get an explanation.

“The prime minister has just left it alone. He’ll pick up the phone to talk to somebody to get him a job in GCSB but he won’t pick up the phone to actually talk to his own MP. I find that extraordinary,” Shearer said, referring to Key’s call to old family friend Ian Fletcher over the top job at the Government Communications Security Bureau.  Read more »