David Bain

David Bain should get nothing

David Bain is pushing hard for compensation.

He should get nothing.

David Bain’s legal team has been in confidential discussions with the Minister of Justice over his bid for compensation.

A judicial settlement conference was held at the High Court at Auckland today in relation to the redress Mr Bain is seeking after spending 13 years behind bars for the murder of his family in 1995. Mr Bain was later acquitted at a retrial.

The meeting between Mr Bain’s legal team, including Michael Reed QC and former All Black Joe Karam, and lawyers representing Justice Minister Amy Adams, was held ‘in chambers’, meaning media could not report on proceedings.

Media were also barred from sitting in on the conference, held before Justice John Faire.    Read more »

The Huddle


The first Huddle of the year was last night. Larry Williams was away but Greg Boyed is sitting in. Josie Pagani was back too though.

Our topics were:

  • Colin Craig and his admission of smacking his kids
  • David Bain’s wedding last Friday
  • The Herald’s campaign on behalf of 2% of road users who bludge their use in the first place.  Read more »

David Bain Wedding Tweets


It is satire but sadly oh so true

With media becoming campaigners for this cause and that cause, investing themselves in making the news and being the news rather than reporting the news it comes as no surprise that Ben Uffindel has decided to lampoon it.

Sadly, though his post is satire there is more than similarities with real life than we would like to admit.

The Privy Council in London yesterday ruled in favour of the New Zealand media, who put forth the argument that the 2002 conviction of Mark Lundy should be overturned, as it would provide national media with a much-needed news event.

Having heard the media’s appeal of Lundy’s case back in July, the Law Lords of the Privy Council unanimously ruled that Lundy, who was convicted for the murder of his wife and children on August 29th, 2000, had faced a significant miscarriage of justice, and that, even if he hadn’t, the national interest of “having journalists run around outside courtrooms, concocting softball questions to cobble together a feel-good narrative about a once-reviled, now-vindicated man” far outweighed the potential consequences of setting him free.  Read more »

Surprise, surprise David Bain’s camp objects to reports despite being involved at all steps

Michael Reed QC continues the crusade to hurl murk against Robin Bain in an attempt to score big time in the compensation stakes.

He is claiming that the police report into the marks on the thumb and finger of Robin Bain. This despite being included in forensic review.

Michael Reed of course ran off to their pals and enablers at TV3 to spread their story.

He repeats the outrageous claims that the marks line up exactly with the feed lips of the magazine. The Police, like my reader showed this to be demonstrably false.

Mr Reed says this conflicts with not only the opinions of independent experts spoken to by 3rd Degree, but also those of Dr Alexander Dempster, who did the original examination of Robin’s body.

Dr Dempster said in August there were no cuts or abrasions on Robin’s hands at all.

“Start with the black marks that are there,” says Mr Reed. “We know they’re there, everyone can see them. Suddenly the police now say, when they look at it in the morgue, that they’re superficial. Well, where have the black marks gone?  Read more »

The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle last night with Jock Anderson.

Our topics were:

  • The David Bain nonsense over greasy marks on Robin Bain’s fingers.
  • The moaning of pinkos over data collection and the dead beat dad specifically.
  • The sad case of media using a 7 year old to push some sort of agenda.  Read more »

Non parallel lines in vain, just a Bain stain

KaramforeheadAs anyone with common sense already knew, and thoroughly covered by our own analysis at the time, the “parallel  lines” on David Bain’s finger aren’t from loading a magazine.

Fingerprint and firearms experts have rejected claims Robin Bain had gunpowder marks on his fingers, police say.

Claims were made on TV3`s 3rd Degree programme in June that the marks shown in photographs were made by loading the rifle’s magazine.

But police said scientific analysis by fingerprint and firearms experts did not support that conclusion.

TV3 don’t care of course.  It was, and continues to be, a ratings winner.  But it does raise the question about media taking up the cause of one particular side of a court case, before, during or after the fact.

The scientist’s opinion was although there appeared to be a pair of lines on Mr Bain’s thumb that could have resulted from loading a magazine cartridge, there was considerable doubt that the shape, dimensions and colour of the marks on Mr Bain’s thumb were consistent with marks made as a result of loading a cartridge into a magazine, police said.   Read more »

Why Australian politics is great

I love Australian politics, I wish we could be as sensible and robust in political discourse as they are in Australia.

Take this article about focus groups.

The opinion polls tell us who’s winning the election and who’s losing. Focus groups tell us why. The political parties rely on them heavily to guide strategy. This week, Ipsos Research convened groups in western Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

They invited me to sit and listen to a mixture of Labor, Liberal and uncommitted voters. They all earn low to middle incomes or, in the case of some of the Melbourne voters, they have retired.

Unlike most focus groups, these are largely undirected – participants are invited broadly to discuss the election and the economy so any of the specifics that emerge do so spontaneously.

Unlike most focus groups, these are largely undirected – participants are invited broadly to discuss the election and the economy so any of the specifics that emerge do so spontaneously.

Bain and Karam lose every single point in case against Collins

David Bain and Joe Karam

David Bain and Joe Karam

David Bain and his deluded supporter Joe Karam have lost every single point in their case against Judith Collins. I can’t wait for the experts to destroy his fanciful claims over the miraculous greasy marks on Robin Bain’s hands. Things aren’t going well for Bain and Karam, no wonder they are silent at the moment.

David Bain has lost his bid for access to documents linked to  his compensation case, with the High Court ruling they are legally privileged.

Bain applied for judicial review over Justice Minister Judith Collins’ handling of his compensation bid after he was acquitted of the murders of his family members at his second trial. He  spent 13 years in prison after being convicted at his first trial.

His team says Collins had pre-determined his application for compensation and exhibited bias. She ordered a peer-review of a report by retired Canadian judge Ian Binnie that recommended compensation.

In preparing for the judicial review, Bain was provided 600 documents in discovery but the minister’s legal advisers claimed legal privilege over  200-250 other documents held by her office, her lawyer and Crown legal bodies.

Bain challenged the privilege claim, but Justice Keane has ruled today that  Collins was justified in with-holding the documents.  Read more »

Karam’s Weapon of Mass Distraction

David Bain and Joe Karam

David Bain and Joe Karam

Things can’t have been going well down at the High Court in Auckland where they are trying to smear Judith Collins in their attempts to extract coin from the government, because Joe Karam has hastily called a press conference to announce something that has previously been announced before.

Predictably the media all left the High Court and traipsed off to hear what Joe had to say

New tests will be carried out on the gun used in the Bain family murders next week.

The tests will by done by police with David Bain supporter Joe Karam and forensic scientists present.

Mr Karam announced today that police would be examining original fingerprints and conducting tests on the gun used in the murders in June 1994.

The development comes after claims in June that a photo of Robin Bain’s body showed parallel markings on his thumb consistent with him having fired a gun on the morning of the killings – apparently proving his son’s innocence.

Police rejected the theory, saying the marks were cuts. Read more »