David Cameron

Good news, Brexit looks more likely

The Poms have had enough of Europe.

A new poll has suggested more Britons favour leaving the EU over staying in, with 45% supporting “Brexit” compared with 36% against, while a fifth remain undecided.

The YouGov poll for the Times was carried out in the two days after publication of an outline deal that David Cameron negotiated which could change the UK’s relationship with Brussels while keeping it within the European Union.   Read more »

Lynton Crosby tears apart dopey Labour and their equally dopey review process

Lynton Crosby, the man who destroyed Labour’s hopes at the last election in the UK, castigates the post-mortem into their loss.

IBTimes UK reports:

Labour’s post-mortem into its devastating general election defeat has been slammed as “arrogant” by Sir Lynton Crosby. The Conservative political strategist, speaking at a Centre for Opposition Studies’ event at Westminster University attended by IBTimes UK, also accused former Labour leader Ed Miliband and his party of attempting to “flop over the line” at the May ballot.

“[Labour’s] approach, by and large, predicated on the belief that the Conservative Party could not win — ‘if they could not win in 2010, they certainly can’t win in 2015. All we, the opposition, need to do is stay upright and we will flop over the line’,” Crosby said.

“They never did the work on developing a credible policy agenda, they stuck with a leader who most voters would never see as prime minister and most importantly, they never really faced up to why they lost in 2010 or admitted [inaudible] that they got things wrong.”   Read more »

Hopeless Labour Leader wrong on Falklands

Jeremy Corbyn is a dangerous lunatic.

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Britain should keep its fleet of nuclear submarines but have them patrol the globe without nuclear weapons.

The Labour leader suggested Britain could keep Trident submarines without the nuclear warheads, in a move that will placate the unions who fear abandoning the deterrent could lead to job losses in shipyards in Cumbria and Scotland.

With Labour in the process of reviewing its defence policy, Mr Corbyn’s comments raise the prospect that deploying British nuclear submarines armed with only conventional weapons could become the party’s official position.

Mr Corbyn also said that he would never “press the button” to launch nuclear weapons, adding that he didn’t think “David Cameron would either”. Number 10 firmly denied the accusation.   Read more »

Poms are over it, set to exit EU

It looks like the Brexit is on.

A majority of Britons who have made up their minds would vote to leave the European Union, making Britain by far the most Eurosceptic country in the 28-member bloc, according to a new poll.

As Prime Minister David Cameron pushes for a deal from other EU leaders before a referendum which he could call as early as June this year, the ORB poll showed that opposition to the European Union was growing in Britain.

While 21 percent of voters were still undecided, the poll showed 43 percent of British voters wanted to leave the EU while 36 percent wanted to stay.  Read more »

The ineptitude of Jeremy Corbyn

Apparently there is a Labour party reshuffle going on…not so that you’d notice however with not a single appointment made yet after two days.

Predictably the Labour caucus is upset.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing an open revolt by nine members of his shadow cabinet including Tom Watson, the party’s deputy leader, after taking two days to finalise a reshuffle of his front-bench team, Steven Swinford reports.

The reshuffle, described as “the longest in living memory”, left shadow ministers furious as they accused their leader of “indecision and incompetence”.

His decision to sack Michael Dugher, the shadow culture secretary, led to open criticism from shadow ministers including an unprecedented attack by Tom Watson, the party’s deputy leader.

In increasingly farcical scenes, Mr Corbyn spent two hours in the chamber of the Commons despite speculation that he was preparing to sack Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary, and Maria Eagle, the shadow defence secretary.

Mr Benn, who had two meetings with Mr Corbyn, was said to be digging in after the Labour leader suggested he could only stay on in the role if he refrained from public criticism.

The Labour leader had planned to sack Mr Benn for backing air strikes in Syria but was forced to reconsider after warnings that he would face mass resignations.

He on Tuesday sat alongside Mr Corbyn and continued with his front-bench duties, including leading a debate on Saudi Arabia.

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Labour’s problem

This is from the Guardian and is talking about the UK Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn:

The makeup of what might be called the coalition of the unwilling is pretty clear: a mixture of Blairites, Brownites, the inheritors of the part of the old Labour right once rooted in some of the unions, and that great swath of Labour MPs who have no great factional loyalties but are deeply unsettled by their party’s sudden left turn. Their pain, it seems, is shared by a reasonable number of activists, some of whom have decided to quit the party altogether. But so far, most of these people have displayed a remarkable lack of willingness to even understand their own predicament, let alone do anything meaningful about it.

Their script goes something like this. Never mind 50 years of deindustrialisation, a deepening Europe-wide crisis of social democracy, or the downsides of the Blair and Brown years, to quote the Labour-aligned thinktank Policy Network: last year’s election defeat could be reduced to two key factors – Labour’s failure to pay enough attention to “economic competence”, and the fact that “the public did not perceive Ed Miliband as a credible prime minister”.

As and when the Corbyn project implodes, goes the apparent argument, a new leader with the right plan will finally be summoned, and Labour will be back in the game.

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Dave is the luckiest bloke around

David Cameron is just plain lucky.

A plot to takeover the Labour party by ousting moderate MPs and seizing control of policy making has emerged in a document being circulated by Jeremy Corbyn’s key aides.

The ‘Taking Control of the Party’ blueprint, which has been seen by the Daily Mail, is understood to have been penned by veteran Left-winger Jon Lansman, now a director of the Corbyn-supporters organisation Momentum.

It is thought to outline a plan for all candidates for parliamentary seats and senior staff appointments to be overseen by the National Executive Committee (NEC), Labour’s ruling body on which Mr Corbyn’s supporters outnumber other moderate members.

Labour members would have to be consulted on all Labour policies under the new blueprint, meaning Mr Corbyn could win support for scrapping the Trident nuclear deterrent even if his MPs and shadow cabinet ministers oppose him.    Read more »

Is it time for Britain to leave the European Union?

David Cameron is holding a referendum on whether or not Britain should remain part of the European Union. One of the key aspects that most concerns me is that…

Within the Schengen Area, passport controls have been abolished.[16] EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital,



 …The result of the referendum will play into the future of Europe itself, at a time when Europe’s elites – including even the continent’s strongest leaders, like Germany’s Angela Merkel – find themselves in an ever-more precarious position.

So what are the merits of membership?

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How screwed are Labour in the UK?

Very, according to Polly Toynbee, a lefty journalist at The Guardian:

By nature, Labour people are optimists, believing in progress, often against the odds, trusting in the human ability to improve our condition and shape society well, and not just for the sharp-elbowed. Optimism is in our DNA. I have always found some political project I can believe will work. Right now, for the first time in my life, I see none. Ipsos Mori says Labour needs a 13-point lead by 2020 to scrape a win.

Before considering Jeremy Corbyn, any Labour leader would have faced this electoral abyss: Scotland has gone and 2018 boundary changes will abolish a host of Labour seats. In the 94 English seats Labour must win, four out of five new votes need to come from Tory voters.

That is a tough task, made more difficult by some low rat cunning on the part of David Cameron.    Read more »

The Corbyn experiment results in civil war inside Labour

By selecting an utter fool and complete anti-West commie as leader, Labour has set themselves up for failure.

Open civil war has erupted inside Labour after Jeremy Corbyn’s latest gaffe over Syria.

Labour is at war today after Jeremy Corbyn’s own shadow cabinet threatened to resign en masse unless he backs the Prime Minister’s plans to bomb ISIS in Syria.

Frontbenchers accused their leader of being ‘fundamentally dishonest’ and treating them ‘with contempt’ after he refused to agree to more airstrikes – despite saying the party would take a ‘collective decision’.

Mr Corbyn, a former chairman of the Stop The War Coalition, may now face a mass walkout – or a coup – by refusing a free vote and trying to force Labour MPs to back his anti-war stance.

As two former ministers called on Mr Corbyn to resign after just two months in charge, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn said today there is a ‘compelling case’ for war but would not resign in protest.

If Mr Benn voted for military action against a whip imposed by Mr Corbyn, the Labour leader would have little choice but to sack him and anyone else who did the same.

The row stems from an angry shadow cabinet meeting last night where the majority of the frontbench team backed the Prime Minister.    Read more »