David Cameron

Cameron makes unions collect their own dues

David Cameron is showing much more courage in dealing with ratbag unions than John Key does.

Up to 3.8 million public sector workers will lose the right to have their trade union subscriptions automatically deducted from their pay cheques after the government announced plans to end the “outdated practice”.

In a move that will be condemned by trade union leaders as another assault on their rights, the government confirmed that the forthcoming trade union bill will force public sector workers to make their own arrangements to pay union subscriptions.

Matt Hancock, the cabinet office minister, heralded the end to “check-off”deductions as a key step in modernising the relationship with trade unions and saving on administrative fees.

But union leaders will say that the change is another example of the government’s hostile approach to their movement after the publication of the trade union bill earlier this month, which included plans to criminalise picketing and to raise the threshold in a strike ballot by requiring that at least 40% of those asked to vote support the strike in key public services.    Read more »

David Cameron acts on fat bastards

David Cameron should just consider implementing a Fat Bastard Tax, but what he is doing in the meantime is pretty good.

I bet John Key wouldn’t have the stones to do this:

The full cost to the economy of obesity, drug addicts and alcoholics will be assessed for the first time, David Cameron is to announce.

Overweight people could have benefits worth around £100 a week reduced or ended altogether if they refuse to lose weight, the Prime Minister will announce on Wednesday.

Under a major review of the sickness benefit system to be conducted by Prof Dame Carol Black, the chair of the Nuffield Trust, drink and drug addicts could be denied benefits if they refuse medical treatment.

The potential savings from the policy – one of a range of options being considered – will be assessed by government statisticians, who will examine in detail for the first the toll on the economy from such conditions.

There are around 90,000 people who claim sickness benefits whose illness is primarily due to their drug or alcohol addiction.

It means that 25 per cent of alcoholics, and an estimated 80 per cent of heroin and crack users, claim benefits, according to figures released by Downing Street.   Read more »

David Cameron goes after the unions

David Cameron is going after the unions big time.

The biggest crackdown on trade union rights for 30 years will be unveiled on Wednesday, including new plans to criminalise picketing, permit employers to hire strike-breaking agency staff and choke off the flow of union funds to the Labour party.

The scale of the reforms goes far wider than the previously trailed plan for strikes to be made unlawful unless 50% of those being asked to strike vote in the ballot.

In a set of proposals on a par with those introduced by Norman Tebbit in 1985, Sajid Javid, the business secretary, is also to require that at least 40% of those asked to vote support the strike in most key public services. In the case of 100 teachers asked to strike, the action would only be lawful if at least 50 teachers voted and 40 of them backed the strike.

The double threshold would have to be met in any strike called in health, education, fire, transport, border security and energy sectors – including the Border Force and nuclear decommissioning.

In further changes, Javid will:

• Require all unions, not just those affiliated to Labour, to ask each existing union member whether they wish to pay the political levy and then repeat the question every five years. The £25m annual political fund income from 4.5 million political levy payers funds a wide range of political campaigning including being a chief source of funding for Labour.   Read more »

If you want more kids pay for them yourself

In the UK budget George Osborne has moved to limit family tax credits to just two children and put a cap on benefits as well.

It brings to the fore the debate over how many children should the state provide for. The left-wing of course are using the Simpson argument…won’t someone think of the children.

Others though are more blunt…want more children? Pay for them yourself.

Poor people are being told to stop having children. It’s an outrage!

Within minutes of the Chancellor George Osborne announcing in his Summer Budget that those starting a family after April 2017 will only be entitled to child tax credits for their first two children, there was uproar.

This announcement, then, was tantamount to Osborne standing in the street, presumably while wearing a top hat and tails, and shouting “Poor people – stop breeding!” This was the State trying to take away the fundamental right for people to have the family they choose.

Except – and apologies for making this small point of fact – it isn’t anything of the sort.

Poor people remain in poverty the more children they have. We only had two children because that was what our finances could afford.

The reality is that there are only two groups of people in this country who get to choose how many children they have without worrying about the costs of raising them: the very rich, and the very poor.

Everyone else in the middle has to make a financial decision, long before anyone thinks about buying prams, about whether they can afford to have them or not.

For the very rich, money is no object: just build another nursery in the east wing, hire another Norland nanny and make sure you put them down for Eton before they’re out of nappies.

Those living on benefits (and, yes, tax credits are a benefit) may not have a lifestyle most of us would want – but they can rely on the fact that for every extra child they have, their entitlement to taxpayers’ money goes up too. They get more in child tax credits, child benefit, housing benefit and even a legal right to a bigger home with more bedrooms to house those children.    Read more »

Is Russell Brand the UK’s Charlie Sheen?

Russell Brand is the UK version of Charlie Sheen.

He is largely irrelevant, has nothing useful to say and just drifts from one inane situation to the next.  Meaningless, but outrageous enough to get press.

Russell Brand has sparked outrage by criticising the UK’s act of remembrance for victims of the beach shooting in Tunisia last week.

Last Friday, 38 holidaymakers, including 30 British tourists, were gunned down at a resort in Sousse and they were remembered back home in the UK a week later with a minute’s silence across the country on Friday (local time).   Read more »

The BBC are wog loving, terrorist hugging, liberal elite scumbags

The liberal elite, wog loving, terrorist hugging, wombles at the BBC don’t want to upset ISIS.

The BBC Director General has refused to ban the term Islamic State in its reports.

In response to 120 MPs signing a letter asking for it not to be used, Tony Hall has said any alternative name would be “pejorative” and the broadcaster must remain “impartial”.

Seriously…the BBC thinks they are impartial?

Surely they jest?

Lord Hall of Birkenhead made the comments in a private reply to MPs.

In the letter, seen by the Times, he wrote: “The BBC takes a common sense view when deciding how to describe organisations, we take our cue from the organisation’s description of itself.   Read more »


Poms tell porridge wogs to stick it

David Cameron is manning up to the halfwit socialists in Scotland, and ensuring that they can not block sensible pommy law changes.

David Cameron has said that the wishes of English MPs will never again be “overruled” by those in Scotland as his government announces plans to give them a veto on English-only laws.

Chris Grayling, the leader of the Commons, is expected to unveil plans to use a parliamentary procedure known as a standing order to stop Scottish MPs from shaping legislation that only affects English voters.

The move, one of the Conservative’s flagship manifesto proposals, is likely to be put to a vote on the floor of the house later this month, meaning it could become law by the summer.

Mr Grayling will also announce plans for a review to establish the “next steps” which could see English MPs given even more power over English issues.  Read more »

David Cameron show how gutless he really is

David Cameron epitomises the problems the West have in dealing with Islamic terrorism…gutlessness.

David Cameron today called on the BBC not to use the phrase ‘Islamic State’ when referring to the terror group operating in Iraq and Syria.

The Prime Minister – who calls the group ‘ISIL’ – said Muslims would ‘recoil’ at the phrase being used to justify the ‘perversion of a great religion’.

He insisted that the battle against extremists targeting Britons around the world can be won but will require ‘extraordinary resolve and patience’.

Gunman Seifeddine Rezgui targeted tourists at the Tunisian beach resort of El Kantaoui near Sousse on Friday morning, killing 38 people including up to 30 British tourists.

It makes it the worst terror attack on Britons since the July 7 London bombings in 2005.

Hakim Rezgui, the father of the gunman, last night claimed extremists had ‘ruined his son’s brain’.    Read more »

How about a benefit cap for New Zealand?

Lindsay Mitchell discusses the merits of a benefit cap for households, like that being implemented in the UK.

A benefit cap places “a cap on the total amount of benefit that working-age households can get so that, broadly, households on out-of-work benefits will no longer get more in welfare payments than the average weekly wage for working households.”

More impending  welfare cuts in the UK include the possibility of :

– reducing the benefit cap further

– stopping under 25s claiming a housing benefit

– limiting tax credits to the first two children only

Items 2 and 3 could be implemented in NZ. The first is trickier.

The benefit cap  applies to the total amount of benefit going into one household. There is no benefit cap in NZ so it can’t be reduced.   Read more »

Face of the day

Laws: David Cameron is set to rush through new legislation making it easier to protect young girls from the threat of FGM

Laws: David Cameron is set to rush through new legislation making it easier to protect young girls from the threat of FGM

 Today’s face of the day David Cameron leads a government that is creating new laws to help protect girls in the UK from the horror of female genital mutilation. There are three types of genital mutilation but they all have one thing in common. They all cut off the girl’s clitoris. The goal of this mutilation is to take away all a woman’s pleasure in the sexual act. There is nothing in either the qur’an or the bible about this horrific practice which leads many to assume that it is a cultural rather than a religious practice.

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