David Carter

The multiple positions of Winston Peters

Winston Peters has a political legacy of being against something and then miraculously, after a few fact finding “meetings”, being for it.

Let’s look at his history.

We need to go back to 2003 and the scampi quota allocation and subsequent parliamentary select committee enquiry where initially Winston took one side of the argument accusing various players of corruption and made a big song and dance and then later flip flopped over it.

Then he even sued David Carter for defamation over comments regarding his multiple positions on the issue and lost, and had to pay considerable costs to David Carter as a result.

Then of course was his massive state subsidy package of the racing industry to improve stakes for the industry. Now, Winston Peters has always been a big fan of racing and horses so there is no direct flip flop there but what was undeclared at the time of his massive subsidy for racing interests was the fact that NZ First had a massive undeclared donation from the Vela family who have substantial interests in the racing industry as well as, coincidentally, fishing.

When asked about those donations he lied to journalists.

Following that was the revelation he took money from Owen Glenn and was actively lobbying for him to be appointed Honorary Consul for Monaco. Again there was an undeclared donation from Owen Glenn and again Winston Peters lied to the media and worse to a Privileges Committee about it. He faced the embarrassment of the Labour members having to defend him, Owen Glenn providing documentary evidence contradicting his position on donations and a minority finding that censured him.  Read more »

Hunua selection looks interesting

Paul Hutchinson’s retirement leaves a gap in a very blue seat that many aspiring National politicians will be looking closely at.

Rumours in the electorate are that the ninth floor want to parachute in a “star” but they have been told this won’t be happening as the locals are jealously protective of their right to choose their own candidate rather than have one imposed on them in Wellington. David Kirk’s name comes up repeatedly.

The problem for the ninth floor is that Hunua recently overtook Northland as the largest membership seat in the country, and with over 1300 members there will be no regionally appointed delegates so no ability for the regional hierarchy to stack a selection for an outsider.   Read more »

Head of Parliamentary Services resigns

The head of Parliamentary Services has resigned as a result of the inappropriate collection and dissemination of phone numbers, dates and times from Andrea Vance.

The head of Parliamentary Service had taken a hit over the accessing of Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance’s phone records and resigned today.

Speaker of Parliament David Carter issued a statement today saying general manager of Parliamentary Service, Geoff Thorn, has tendered his resignation and would leave tomorrow with a payout equivalent to three months’ pay.  Read more »

Peter Dunne’s party done in

David Carter has decided that United Future is no longer a party and as such Peter Dunne is not a party leader.

Speaker David Carter has ruled that UnitedFuture cannot keep more than $100,000 in party funding and its leader Peter Dunne will be treated as an independent MP in Parliament.

Carter said he would revisit the matter if UnitedFuture re-registered as a party.  Read more »

Greens give Mallard a kicking…war breaks out in opposition

A Privileges complaint has been laid against Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff, after their tawdry attack on top cops before a select committee.

A Privileges complaint has been laid with the Speaker of Parliament, after accusations that two veteran Labour Party MPs behaved badly in front of senior police officers at the Law and Order Select Committee last week.

Trevor Mallard stormed out of the hearing in anger at having his questions to the deputy police commissioner blocked, moments after he appeared to threaten the man’s job.

Phil Goff also argued with committee chair Jacqui Dean and swore after his questions about police redundancies and station closures were stifled.

Mrs Dean has now complained to the Speaker about both outbursts, which she said were unacceptable.

David Carter will determine if there’s a case to answer before the matter goes any further.

I hope Speaker Carter will be asking about the alleged forgery of a whips permission form for Mallard to attend. Eye witnesses have told me that Mallard was seen crossing out the times on the slip and amending them in order to allow himself to remain at the committee past his allotted time.

One thing this does show though is that there is no love lost between the Greens and Labour and that civil war in Green/Labour bloc is bubbling away below th surface.

Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant – Green Hypocrites Outed

I blogged last week about Green MPs and their blubbing over lobbying. I alluded to there being two MPs who enjoyed the company of a lobbyist and her client at parliament despite the calls from their leader to unleash the disinfecting powers of sunlight.

Yesterday Holly Walker blogged again about lobbyists without any mention of the fact at least two Green MPs enjoy the company of lobbyists from time to time:

International best practice is to have a publically available register of lobbyists so that the public knows everyone – not just those who have a special swipe-card – who is seeking to influence decision makers about what.

If our parliament is really as open and accessible as everyone says, there should be no need for particular individuals to have swipe card access.  Read more »

Andrew Geddis on the Privileges Committee

Winston Peters ran off tot he Police, Russel Norman too thinks the Police should troll through MPs emails and David Shearer stuttered off to lay a complaint with the Privileges Committee.

Andrew Geddis thinks this might be a big gamble with little reward. After all Winston escaped with a slap ont he hand with a wet bus ticket the last time he ventured to the Privileges Committee.

Firstly, though, Geddis pours scorn on the grandstanding with Police.

For reasons more fully covered here and here, there simply is no way the leaking of the Kitteridge Report itself meets this offence provision – the fact the PM himself was due to release it a few days later testifies to that. And there is as yet no evidence whatsoever that any other material that really is “likely to prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand” has been leaked to anyone – even if Peter Dunne had access to such material, the fact that he is a prime suspect in leaking one sort of information isn’t any reason to suspect he’s leaked another sort. So, absent some as yet unrevealed June surprise, I’m calling this a dead end.

Good, because did anyone really want Winston and Russel’s police goons demanding emails of MPs?  Read more »

No rush, take your time Peter

Winston Peters, the man who took donations, failed to declare them, lied about receiving them and then lied to a Privileges Committee is upset over what he and others have suggested is political corruption.

He is perhaps uniquely qualified to recognise it.

NZ First leader Winston Peters is calling on Speaker David Carter to explain why he went against standing orders in Parliament today and would boycott Parliament until he did.  Read more »

Parliament Redux: Gerry Brownlee at his best

I happened across this entertaining  video of a lighter side in our Parliamentary history today, and I thought it was worth it to share once again.  Also a nice cameo by Parekura Horomia at the end.  From December 2010.

Why is Nathan Guy Lying?

Agriculture spokesman dressed up as some form of Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy has continued in the path of David Carter and is lying about water.

Today Nathan Guy berates Labour for changing their policy on water storage. Maybe it has never managed to penetrate through Nathan’s monobrow or to the manor born outlook on life but Labour have never agreed to piss away money on bludging farmers. They have never had a policy on supporting a specific project, let alone National’s sop to bludging farmers, the $500m irrigation fund. This lack of insight means Nathan comes up with a particularly moronic statement.

Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy says he is shocked at the Labour Party’s u-turn on supporting the Ruataniwha water storage scheme in Hawke’s Bay, despite previously indicating their support.  Read more »