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Little mishandling of wayward MPs gains no respect

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Labour leader Andrew Little has been labelled “gutless” for standing down MP Carmel Sepuloni after her mother was charged with benefit fraud.

Mr Little was also defending another one of his MPs today, David Cunliffe, who was pulled over for talking on his cell-phone while driving.

[Carmel Sepuloni’s mum] Beverley Anne Sepuloni appeared in New Plymouth District Court today, facing 19 benefit fraud charges.

Her daughter is collateral damage – the frontbench Labour MP has been stripped of her shadow social development role by Mr Little.

National MP Judith Collins took to Twitter to criticise Little, saying: “Message to LabMPs is if anyone of your family’s in trouble, so are you. No leadership, no guts [sic].”

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Why isn’t Cunliffe stood down?

Yesterday Andrew Little stood down Carmel Sepuloni for something her mother is alleged to have done.

At the same time David Cunliffe was actually breaking the law, driving erratically and was pulled over by Police near Plimmerton.

Former Labour leader David Cunliffe has been nabbed by police for using his mobile phone while driving.

Mr Cunliffe was pulled over by police yesterday morning near Plimmerton, north of Wellington, after a complaint by a motorist who said he was driving erratically.

It was a second incident in a bad day for Labour MPs.

Party leader Andrew Little also stood Carmel Sepuloni down as social development spokesperson after learning her mother faced multiple charges of welfare fraud.

Mr Little said Ms Sepuloni told him the first she had known of the charges was when One News contacted her for comment yesterday.  Read more »

Why has Andrew Little stood down Sepuloni?

In a bizarre decision, one which shows signs of cracking under pressure, Andrew Little has stood down Carmel Sepuloni from her Welfare spokesperson role because her mother is on charges of benefit fraud.

The Labour Party’s welfare spokesperson has been stood down from that role following a ONE News revelation.

ONE News has discovered high-ranking MP Carmel Sepuloni’s mother, Beverley Anne Sepuloni, is due to appear in court tomorrow on benefit fraud charges. She is expected to plead to the charges tomorrow.

Carmel Sepuloni, a young rising star in Andrew Little’s Labour Party, was the party’s spokesperson on welfare – until this afternoon. One News called the Labour leader’s office just after 2pm today and by 4pm he had stood Carmel Sepuloni down. He moved fast.

“We’ve agreed that she will step aside from her role as spokesperson for Social Development. There’s an obvious conflict of interest,” Mr Little says.

Mr Little decided to stand Carmel Sepuloni down after ONE News revealed the accusations against her mother.

Beverley Anne Sepuloni is due to appear in the New Plymouth District Court tomorrow morning on 19 charges laid a month ago. She’s accused of claiming the sickness benefit in 2006 when she shouldn’t have. She’s also accused of applying for the disability allowance in 2008 when she shouldn’t have.

It’s alleged she claimed rent subsidies between 2003 and 2010 which she wasn’t entitled to. And she’s also accused of failing to tell welfare officials – for 10-and-a-half years – that she was living with a partner.

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An interesting incident

Just been sent this from Facebook…


If true I hope he hasn’t talked himself out of a deserved ticket.

I look forward to his explanation.   Read more »

Cunliffe on Key’s Cash for Access problem

Mr Key has been forced to confirm a National Party fundraising dinner at which he met Mr Liu was held at the businessman’s home.

Last year Mr Key was quick to spread rumours that Mr Liu had been a big donor to the Labour Party, even though there was no evidence he had given any money to the Opposition.

That came after Maurice Williamson was forced to resign as a minister when it was revealed he had called police after Mr Liu had been arrested on domestic violence charges.

After the Prime Minister visited Mr Liu’s home the businessman donated $25,000 to Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross’s 2014 election campaign.

The Labour Party MP and former leader David Cunliffe said Labour was hurt by last year’s allegations of its links to Mr Liu, and he was not impressed with the latest revelations about Mr Key’s links.

“I think it’s been a very disappointing issue. Disappointing firstly that the National Party was clearly telling porkies while they were on the take and secondly that media swallowed it uncritically,” Mr Cunliffe said.

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Latest poll, Nats and Labour up

How stupid are Labour?

The missing million don’t exist. Yet Labour still pines after them.


The missing million have stayed away for so many elections now that you would have thought Labour would give up on them.

But no, they think that despite their failed social media campaign, their failed voter out reach campaign and their failure at the last three elections the missing million are going to turn up.

The media meanwhile are trying their best to help labour by declaring a big jump in the latest poll, ignoring that National also rose in the poll.   Read more »

Sour grapes

The Fox and the Grapes

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei complained that she was overlooked by Angry Andrew for a position on the Intelligence and Security committee because of her sex. She had no proof of this claim apart from the fact that he gave the job to someone else.

He said that he didn’t choose her because he wanted someone with … ‘skills, understanding and experience’  which in her mind implied that she did not have these qualities. Certainly no one would raise an eye brow at his decision to appoint David Shearer given his background in international relations and aid. After all he did spend nearly 20 years working for the UN, managing the provision of aid to countries including Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq.No one could say that Andrew Little gave the position to some one less able and experienced than her. In fact the opposite is true as she has no international experience at all. Nothing, nada, nil, zero, nought.

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Hosking gets it right on Little

Mike Hosking may be a bit of a preening rooster with a funny haircut but he does get politics.

He gives Andrew Little a good kick in the arse for his dumb Iwi making their own laws policy.

I think Andrew Little might have made his first major mistake as Labour leader.

It’s generally accepted he’s made an excellent start. Polls show him to be a real contender and a worthy opponent of the Prime Minister. But then he wandered into the self-governance debate at Waitangi and instead of doing the sensible and dare I suggest obvious thing and reject it, he started suggesting we should look at it and talk about it.

Separatism and its debate is political dynamite.

Yes it is dynamite, because it tells middle New Zealand that they don’t need to listen to anything else from Little.   Read more »

Confirmed: Little makes up policy on the hoof – just like Cunliffe


Credit: SonovaMin


Labour really can’t catch a break.  With Angry Andy they have gone from the frying pan into the fire:

Andrew Little made something of “a captain’s call” on Waitangi Day when suggesting notions of greater Maori sovereignty should not be dismissed.

The Labour leader was responding to questions from reporters about the Waitangi Tribunal finding last year, which concluded Nga Puhi chiefs did not cede sovereignty when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi.

Little said it could be worth looking at models around the world of other indigenous peoples’ self-governance. Read more »

Meme/Caption contest


You know what to do!   Remember it has to pass moderation (don’t risk it…).  Make your own here, and share it below.   Read more »