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Judith Collins on Corbyn, and winning the centre

Judith Collins joins the commentary over Jeremy Corbyn:

Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn’s staggering rise to the top of the ranks in the British Labour Party, all I am hearing from pundits, commentators and ‘political strategists’ these days is that elections are won and lost in the centre. If they keep on saying it, it must be true, right?

Pah. What rubbish. Elections are never won or lost in the centre. Yes, the vast number of voters are in the centre but they won’t bother to change their vote (much less get out to vote) unless they actually have something to vote for. Mobilising the centre to move to the left or to the right, is what wins elections. If you want to stay in power, then the centre is what keeps you there.

Thanks to Corbyn, the British Labour Party now has 260,000 new members. These people were galvanised into action because they saw something worth getting out of bed for. For them, Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air offering an alternative viewpoint, even if he is deluded. And that’s what politics should be about – a contest of ideas, policies and views – even crazy ones.

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20 years of preferred PM and Labour’s disconnection with reality

Colmar Brunton published via Twitter two charts showing the last 20 years of the Preferred PM statistics:

Source/ Colmar Brunton

Source/ Colmar Brunton

Source/ Colmar Brunton

Source/ Colmar Brunton

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Which Unions Give What to Labour?

Not enough union cash is coming in

Not enough union cash is coming in

Continuing on from our series on Union funding of Labour, or more correctly union non funding of Labour, it is worth looking at which unions give to Labour and when. Since the MMP era began Labour’s donations from unions have been less than $700,000.

Somewhat surprisingly there is only one donation from a union that does not have a vote in the Labour Party leadership election and that was a long, long time ago before Unions had a vote in the Labour leadership race.  Read more »

Why do the Unions have so much sway over Labour?

The Unions have a reputation for controlling Labour, and with some good reason. Six affiliated unions get 20% of the Labour Leadership vote, so you would think that they are also the Labour Party’s biggest donors.

The problem with this is it is not supported by the facts. Since 1996 union donations have been a little over 11% of Labour’s total declarable donations.

In most years the unions don’t give anything to Labour, who must only ask unions for money in election year.

Total Donations Union Donations Union Donation %
1996  $65,327.00  $- 0%
1997  $280,000.00  $- 0%
1998  $20,055.90  $- 0%
1999  $1,115,375.00  $80,000.00 7.17%
2000  $35,000.00  $- 0.0%
2001  $107,525.00  $- 0.0%
2002  $671,719.00  $70,000.00 10.42%
2003  $54,000.00  $- 0.0%
2004  $369,951.00  $- 0.0%
2005  $930,977.04  $140,000.00 15.04%
2006  $140,988.04  $20,000.00 14.19%
2007  $1,030,446.39  $- 0.0%
2008  $422,917.00  $117,500.00 27.78%
2009  $10,063.00  $- 0.0%
2010  $56,720.00  $- 0.0%
2011  $225,200.00  $105,200.00 46.71%
2012  $430,259.33  $- 0.0%
2013  $-  $-
2014  $251,000.00  $162,000.00 64.54%
Total  $6,217,523.70  $694,700.00 11.17%

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Labour still leaking and this time it is their election review document

It has taken 8 months to complete, but last night someone leaked their draft election review document to 3 News.

The Labour Party has been forced to release its internal review of its disastrous election campaign after a copy was leaked to 3 News today.

The 2014 election was a total disaster for Labour.

This review was into what went wrong and reveals Labour is totally broke.

The review also warns that if Labour does not find some cash quickly “it will continue experience electoral failure and place the status of the party as a political institution of influence at risk”.

It says Labour’s campaign was “undoubtedly hindered by a lack of financial resources”.

Labour was outspent in the election by National which used $2.6 million and even the Green Party which threw $1.29 million in their campaign.Labour spent $1.27 million – half of what National did.

The review found plenty of other problems, too.

Among them, it says the party’s campaign preparation was “inadequate”, “tension around the leadership and disunity within caucus seriously undermined Labour’s credibility” and there was also a “general lack of message discipline”.   Read more »

How much longer has Angry Andy got? 12 months?

Roy Morgan came out last night.  In short, National up 3% at 54%.  Labour down to 25.5% (Greens and NZ First down also).

This poll was taken after ponytailgate, and before the budget.  Some budget details were already known, but not the increase in benefits.

Every time the left and the media go troppo on a National issue, they over-egg the pudding and end up driving voters back to National.

Labour was rejected by the electorate during the election at 25.5%.

At this stage, Andrew Little is adding no value over David Cunliffe and taking away value from where Phil Goff and David Shearer left Labour.   Labour, once again, have failed to capture the public’s imagination with their latest union muppet.

They did have some help from the man that poo-fingers everything he touches.  I’m talking of course about Martin Martyn “Wrongly Wrongson” Bradbury.   Donkey deep in Dirty Politics, he got a National Government elected with an increased majority.

As an encore, he returns with ponytailgate and pushes National beyond their election win, and plummets Labour back down to their worst election loss over seventy years.   Read more »

High profile lawyer scared; drives car with doors locked

High-profile lawyer Mai Chen locks her car on the drive to work because of abuse stemming from racist attitudes, Act leader David Seymour says.

Mr Seymour has hit out at a social media post that criticises an unidentified driver, saying such activity makes Kiwis look like “a bunch of slack-jawed [yokels]”.

A photograph posted to the “Overheard @ University of Auckland” Facebook page shows a car being driven on the wrong side of the road, and is captioned “overseen Asian driving on wrong side to uni”.

Noting the post had been “liked” about 1400 times in only three hours, Mr Seymour appealed to people to “raise the level a notch or two”.

In a post on his own Facebook page, Mr Seymour said he knew a prominent New Zealander who has driven here for 25 years and now locks her car on the way to work, due to the abuse she gets “for the way she looks”.

“Posts like this don’t help, and make us look like a bunch of slack-jawed [yokels] instead of a modern, sophisticated, cosmopolitan trading nation.”

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Exit polls interrupt Miliband’s victory speech

If Labour is good at anything, it is self-delusion.

Shortly before the explosive 10pm exit poll was broadcast on Thursday night, Ed Miliband was working on his ‘victory’ speech at his detached constituency home in a pretty south Yorkshire village.

He ordered Lord Wood, his head of strategy who was at his side, to send a message to shadow cabinet ministers not to be triumphalist on the television and radio as the night wore on.

During the evening, Miliband had been buoyed by positive messages coming in from some polling stations suggesting Labour were on course to win enough seats to form a government.

So when the exit poll came through, Miliband was stunned. He was holding his head in his hands, and shouting at the television that the forecast must be wrong.

You can imagine David Cunliffe doing something quite similar, can’t you?   He was counting on Dotcom’s friends and the Greens propping him up into a new Labour government.  After all, the polls had clearly shown a Labour/Green/Mana/Internet government was on the cards.  Perhaps with NZ First, but it was too close to call.   Read more »

How tits were Cunliffe, Coatsworth and Barnett at fundraising?

The National party pulled in millions, $3.98 million to be precise, in donations.

The second biggest party in parliament raised just $251,000. Their loot bag was dwarfed by the Internet party ($3.5 million) , The Greens ($969,000) and the Conservative party ($2.97 million).

That is a shameful display from the top brass at Labour.

David Cunliffe was supposed to be The One. Yet his team raised a pathetic amount of cash, and Moira Coatsworth was hopeless as president, thinking fundraising was beneath her. Tim Barnett wasn’t much better and all the leaks out of Fraser House have been proved true with an appalling lack of cash in the coffers from Labour.

Now we know why they keep on pushing for state funding of political parties.

We also know who owns the Labour party.   Read more »

Political Scandals in an alternative MSM universe

Pony-gate has fascinated the MSM and has been given a thorough going over. In an alternative MSM universe there would be so many other political scandals worthy of this kind of attention and the ‘ gate ‘ moniker.

Here are a few that leap to mind….



Labour MP Darren Hughes resigned from Parliament yesterday as witness reports emerged of a distressed, naked man on the street near Mr Hughes’ Wellington home on the night a youth complained to police about an incident of a sexual nature.

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