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New Zealanders live in an “incredibly benign strategic environment”?


A New Zealand man has been named on an Islamic State (IS) “kill list”, leaked by hackers overnight.

The group, who call themselves the Islamic State Hacking Division, released personal information of hundreds of members of the military and government – mostly from the United States.

The information says the man in question lives in Auckland, but his father says that is incorrect.

He says his son currently lives overseas and was shocked to see his name on the list.

“Yes I am [worried]… more so for the fact that he’s got absolutely no connection to the military.” Read more »

Once a fan of german sausage…

I'm coming to steal your democracy

I’m coming to steal your democracy

Oh look, David ‘Tainted’ Fisher has taken a fresh bit of dictation from Kim Dotcom:

Did the United States try to cut a deal with Kim Dotcom?

He claims it did – and New Zealand’s Attorney General Chris Finlayson has not ruled it out.

Instead, Mr Finlayson’s office has refused to talk about confidential discussions between lawyers “that may or may not have occurred”.   Read more »

If David Fisher reported on the Humpty Dumpty Court Case

Humpty_Dumpty_promotional_image -Dreamworks


You may not be aware but Humpty Dumpty took the King to court over his fall from a wall. The transcript of the court case is here.

If Senior reporter David Fisher reported on the outcome of the case for a newspaper I think it would read something like this…

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Someone isn’t telling the truth and my pick is it is Phil Twyford


Phil Twyford – telling porkies?

Yesterday, before the ratbag agent was outed, I hypothesised that the whole story about housing in Auckland was a Dirty Media/Dirty Politics stitch up.

This story was run contemporaneously by the NZ Herald and TV3’s The Nation. Both outlets would have been working on this for some time and it is clear they were both colluding with Phil Twyford and Labour since they all managed to be in the studio at The Nation first thing on Saturday morning before most people had even read the newspaper.

If Peter Thompson is to be believed the media were the ones running this data, but according to Phil Twyford he was working with a “whistle-blower”. Could it be perhaps they are not the same person?

The Herald editors must have known they were sitting on a time bomb with perhaps their biggest advertiser. They could hardly lead the charge…no they would need this data laundered through someone…like Phil Twyford, so they could claim it was leaked, and given to a political party who went public and therefore it became news.

By the afternoon we had more information.

Firstly that the agent in question, Grant Hargrave, has denied handing any data to the Labour party, or speaking with anyone in the Labour party. He even says he doesn’t know them.

The newspaper who kicked this all off wrote:    Read more »

Auckland “the livable city” is less livable, but it’s also getting more lethal for the dead

Poor old David “Tainted” Fisher….it seems he has been relegated to interviewing the dead in Auckland cemeteries.

It’s quite the come-down from his previous lofty heights.

He can only be trusted with stories where the people he writes about can’t complain to the Press Council.

Here’s one for online genealogy fans – can you find modern day connections to seven families buried in New Zealand’s largest cemetery?

Or are you related to the Bosworth, Brierly, Chapman, McGregor, Moore, Oakes and Wilson families?

Auckland Council has started the search after a safety audit of headstones at Waikumete Cemetery identified a small cluster of dangerous headstones.   Read more »

I wonder if Google will delete David Fisher’s revenge porn article?

Google will remove revenge-porn images and web links from search-engine results, seeking to curtail the public humiliation of people who have had their private pictures posted on the Internet.

The Web company will honour requests to take down nude or sexually explicit images shared from search results, Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, wrote in a blog post Friday. An online form will be soon be available to submit removal requests, he said.

“Revenge-porn images are intensely personal and emotionally damaging, and serve only to degrade the victims — predominantly women,” Singhal wrote. “We’ve heard many troubling stories of revenge porn: an ex-partner seeking to publicly humiliate a person by posting private images of them, or hackers stealing and distributing images from victims’ accounts. Some images even end up on sextortion sites that force people to pay to have their images removed.”

While Google generally prefers to make most digital content available via its search engine, it does take steps to ensure that certain sensitive personal information is blocked. The new revenge-porn blocking policy is similar to what Google already does with bank-account numbers and signatures, according to Singhal.

Even though embarrassing images won’t be removed from the websites, which are controlled by their owners, Google said that removing revenge-porn results should help.

A little while ago, an overseas web site published revenge porn of a New Zealand woman that had been released by a man looking for attention in all the wrong sorts of ways.   The revenge porn had been sent to most media outlets, and apparently the full press gallery.   Read more »

Serial litigant McCready told to “stop being a nuisance”

Bankrupt, convicted tax cheat, blackmailer and serial litigant Graham McCready has been told by the chair of Human Rights Review Tribunal to “stop being a nuisance”.

Shame he wasn’t declared a vexatious litigant.

The media, who are his enablers, are of course calling him a litigator – like that means something.

An attempt to get John Key under oath and talking about ponytail-pulling has failed with the private prosecutor being told to stop being a nuisance.

A new ruling today has seen Graham McCready’s application to the Human Rights Tribunal end in bumbling confusion with the litigator told not “bother, vex or harass” victim Amanda Bailey.

Ms Bailey was a waitress in a popular Parnell café attended by John Key, who apparently found it amusing to pull her ponytail. Repeated efforts to have him stop failed. The Prime Minister apologised publicly after she detailed her experience on a blog.    Read more »

Did David “Tainted” Fisher take another bung?

No surprises really who Kim Dotcom ran to, to talk about the John Banks acquittal.

David “Tainted” Fisher taking dictation again from his crooked lying pal in the onesie.

A new version of events has emerged from Kim Dotcom on the John Banks donation saga – and this time, Amanda Banks is nowhere to be seen.

The wife of former Act leader John Banks was heralded as the politician’s saviour today after the Court of Appeal tossed out the case that he had filed a false electoral return.

Yeah whatever, how does fatty German sausage taste when it’s stuck down the back of your throat?   Read more »

Comment of the day

John Boscawen on John Banks’ acquittal in the Court of Appeal:

The real villain is the Crown. The heroes are of course the three courageous Appeal Court judges, lead by the President, who first allowed the appeal in November and ordered a retrial, and who today have recalled their judgement and acquitted John Banks in full. On each occasion the Crown opposed their actions.

Dacre QC, for the Crown, got up in court last November and argued that the new evidence of the American witnesses should not be allowed and that the appeal should be dismissed. Dacre did this knowing that Dotcom now agreed the Americans were at the lunch and that his (Dotcom’s ) original High Court evidence was incorrect. Dacre did not disclose this fact to either Banks’ team or the Appeal Court judges.

This evidence was critical to the original High Court trial in which Judge Wyllie sided with the “Dotcom witnesses’ ” version of events over Mrs. Banks’s version.

Had the appeal court judges not had the courage to allow the appeal in the first place, none of this would have been made public. It was only after the Solicitor General decided to proceed with a new trial was this ( ” the Butler Memorandum” disclosed to the Banks team in February of this year.

John Banks and his family have paid a huge price. It has cost him literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. He had no alternative to resign as a minister when the case was ordered to trial, and no alternative to resign as an MP when first convicted. He has every reason to feel vindicated today.

Read more »

“Tainted” Fisher pimps aggrieved staff and smacks around a charity [UPDATED]

David “Tainted” Fisher is well adept at making up stories, he has already been slapped by the Press Council for making up his story about Customs OIAs.

In today’s Herald he attacks KidsCan on behalf of an aggrieved former staff member, who trousered some cash and has never paid it back despite claiming it was all a mistake.

On top of that he has run the attack when he well knows that the CEO Julie Chapman is unavailable for comment because her father died two days after a long battle with cancer. Julie was nursing him through his last days.

Fisher told the KidsCan spokesperson that he didn’t care and was running the hit anyway.

He’s all class.

But here is where the story is rather lopsided. There are fabrications from the aggrieved former staff member and other things simply made up, falsified even…but that’s what you get when you pimp stories from people who would nick cash from a charity.

Fisher states in the article:

The spending concerns, also voiced to the Herald, related to a period from 2009 through to mid-2012 when KidsCan was courting celebrities. It hosted footballer David Beckham, Hollywood star Karl Urban and singer Shania Twain in a bid to win big donations from the wealthy at swanky charity events.

I have had it confirmed to me that Shania Twain has never been involved or even communicated with or been approached by KidsCan. This is a fabrication by David Fisher.   Read more »