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Another day and more mis-truths from Kim Dotcom

So Kim Dotcom is sucking up to the Mana party and telling them what they want to hear.

This is his claim yesterday:

In a speech which drew regular applause, he said growing up he was “a poor young boy living under hard circumstances”, with an alcoholic father and a mother working three jobs to make ends meet.

“That is where my drive and my motivation came from because I wanted to create a better life, especially for my mother.”


He also made this claim a few weeks back to Q+A

RACHEL Do you know what it’s like to be poor?

KIM I know very much what it’s like to be poor.

RACHEL When have you been poor?

KIM Well my father was an alcoholic, and when I was a child he used to beat us up, and my mother was working three jobs just to feed us, just to keep us going. I was living in a small apartment building that people would probably consider a slum, if you saw where we lived in Germany, and when I was a kid I often had to eat toast with sugar, or toast with ketchup, that was my food. So I know what it means to be poor, I know what it means to struggle and to be hungry.   

This is in all likelihood yet another facility from Kim Dotcom, a man who has built his life off of the back of crimes such as fraud, theft and dishonesty.

Either those statements above are true, or his real life was something else.

Schmitz was born in 1974 in Kiel, Germany, and grew up in northern Germany. His father piloted the luxury cruise liner ‚ÄúMS Deutschland.‚ÄĚ His mother was a chef. He attended a posh boarding school, the Staatliche Internat Schloss Pl√∂n, and got his first computer when he was nine.¬†Because gaming software cost too much for him to buy, he figured out how to make illegal copies and went into business selling them to friends for a few marks a piece.

So, how does a man starving and only eating bread and sugar afford a computer in 1983.¬†In the hagiography dictated to David Fisher Kim Dotcom claims that his first computer was not at age nine rather it was at age 11 and a Commodore C-16. Which even in a house that is eating bread and sugar or bread and ketchup seems a bit far fetched that they would be able to afford a computer ahead of food.¬† Read more »

Hone Harawira on investments


A reader writes

Dear Cameron,

I don’t usually get involved in political stuff, but the following Herald article had me scratching my head. ¬† Read more »

Another perspective on Dotcom’s nazi fetish

Carrie Stoddart-Smith  at Ellipsister blogs on her thoughts about Kim Dotcom, the Interet party and his nazi fetish.

On its own, purchasing the copy of Mein Kampf and other WW2 memorabilia isn’t in my view sufficient evidence for claiming that KDC is a Nazi sympathiser. It might raise questions about his character, however, collectors do in fact purchase these kinds of items and we cannot ignore the news coverage of the raid on KDC’s mansion that referred to him as a collector of sorts.

But I think Giovanni Tiso is right about social norms in Germany and the improbability of German’s finding pleasure in collecting Nazi artefacts or posing for photo’s wearing Nazi memorabilia.  Tiso writes from his experience and understanding as an Italian, the difference between how neo-Nazism is approached in Italy versus Germany.

I blogged yesterday on Giovanni Tiso’s position.

I do have my reservations as to whether there would have been as much public interest or even outcry if only a single event tarnished KDC’s name. I’m sure there would still have been questions that lingered and general suspicions. Interestingly or even perhaps unsurprisingly, many bloggers who support KDC have limited their focus to a single factor attempting to minimise the weight attributed to the claims against KDC, including a post promoted by Vikram Kumar entitled The power of an open mind that hinges only on the fact that KDC owned Mein Kampf.

To my knowledge,¬†KDC has not even made a decent¬†attempt to¬†apologise for his offensive behaviour or comments. Instead he dismisses the claims or events as unremarkable, or offers up excuses and weak justifications for his actions.¬† Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Kim Dotcom’s political foray

Fran O’Sullivan explores Kim Dotcom’s stable of bought politicians:

Kim Dotcom bought his New Zealand residency with a $10 million cheque; now he wants to buy off Hone Harawira to try to secure the balance of power at the September election.

That’s the most important development relating to the birth of the Internet Party.

It’s certainly not his pledge to bring internet equality to New Zealand. Who’s going fund that, Kim?

Nor the fact that Dotcom owns a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So what? Mere ownership doesn’t make him a Nazi sympathiser. (I own a Chinese tract signed by the disgraced Bo Xilai and that doesn’t make me a Communist either).

This issue will remain a red herring unless evidence is made public ‚ÄĒ not merely hinted at ‚ÄĒ that Dotcom is a closet Nazi and anti-Semitic to boot.

Until then there is no game-changer.¬† Read more »

What do Winston, Russel, Hone, Clare, Shane and David have to say now?

Kim Dotcom has been busted as a nazi sympathiser.

Don’t believe the lines about him being a collector because he likes to play WWII games. It’s a lie as I have shown already. There is more to come which will prove his lies out.

In the meantime all those politicians of the left who traipsed out to the Dotcom mansion need to now face some serious questioning.

Winston Peters went 3 times to take dictation for questions to ask in parliament on behalf of Kim Dotcom. What does he have to say now?

Clare Curran went at least twice, and spoke frequently to him on the phone as my insiders at the mansion have told me. Labour’s ICT policy was largely written by Kim Dotcom, what does she have to say now?

Russel Norman went out there twice. What does he have to say about an accommodation with Kim Dotcom and the Internet party? He was prepared to cut a deal to prevent Dotcom’s extradition…what about now?

Shane Jones went out there too…and his real close pal who lives at the Metropolis hasn’t yet been revealed but that will prove embarrassing too. What does he have to say?

Hone Harawira was pulling back the covers ready to jump into bed with Kim Dotcom until he was busted. What does he say now?

Then we have the fawning and compliant media. there are many, many questions there now. Why were these details left out of the hagiography, dictated to David Fisher and approved, every word and line by Dotcom? Why wasn’t Kim proud enough of his ownership of Mein Kampf and a Nazi flag that he didn’t mention it for the book?¬† Read more »

Kim Dotcom: Owns rare copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi flag & loves Adolf Hitler [AUDIO]

Brook Sabin and Patrick Gower on 3News have broken the story that Kim Dotcom owns a copy of Adolf Hitler’s treatise ‘Mein Kampf’. Dotcom has admitted to owning the book and so that is not in dispute. He also claims he has no Nazi sympathies. That is about to be dispelled.

This story on 3News is coincidentally parallel to our own investigations.

In an exclusive WOBH investigation we can reveal yet another missing chapter in the secret life of Kim Dotcom and provide deeper details about Kim Dotcom and his love for Adolf Hitler.

On May 21 2011 Alex Mardikian sat down for breakfast with Kim Dotcom in Spain.

After his flight from the US via London he was tired but little did he know that his world was about to be shaken by the internet shyster.

On the table with the usual continental breakfast foods was also a book and Dotcom sat beaming, animated, excited to show something to Mardikian. He was awe-struck by the book. Mardikian says he was clearly on a power trip over owning this book.

Dotcom reached across the table and presented a book. It was an old book, and upon opening it Mardikian was shocked and surprised to find that the book was Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

This was not any ordinary copy though, it was a limited edition of the book, personally signed by Adolf Hitler and dedicated to one of the founders of the Nazi party who was incarcerated with Adolf Hitler. The book is dated Christmas Eve 1925 and dedicated to Hermann Esser, who was one of the founders of the Nazi party and also in prison for his part in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.

One of 20, rare autographed copies of Mein Kampf dedicated to the founder of the Nazi party

One of 20, rare autographed copies of Mein Kampf dedicated to the founder of the Nazi party

Dotcom was excited, he had only recently bought the book for ¬†¬£21,600 through an intermediary bidding through Mullocks auctioneers who handled the sale.¬† Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Twitter fight! David Fisher vs David Fißher

Via the Tipline

Cam – I’ve been running a parody Twitter account of David Fisher and I just received a takedown notice. The irony of trying to stifle free speech through parody and critical review is making my blood boil at the same time as I’m laughing so hard it hurts. Here’s my response to Twitter. I think your readers may appreciate it. I would publish this myself via Twitter, but hey, it’s blocked! David, David, David. You should have just left well enough alone. That glass wall between us isn’t really keeping you safe, is it?

First the complaint:

kesh, Feb 24 04:44 AM:


We have received a complaint that your account, @FisherJourno, may be in violation of Twitter’s policies on impersonation and/or trademark. Twitter firmly believes in the freedom of expression; however, impersonating another or misusing another‚Äôs trademark on our platform is against the Twitter Rules (https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311).

If you had intended to create a parody, commentary or fan account, your account will not be in violation so long as it complies with our policy for such accounts (http://help.twitter.com/entries/106373). Your account has been temporarily suspended and will be restored only if you follow the instructions below. After making the requested edits, respond to this email and we will restore your account.

*Instructions*: Please edit each of the following parts of your profile within 48 hours of receiving this notice:

Account name
Please understand that your account may be subject to permanent suspension if you fail to comply with these instructions or if your account is found to further violate the Twitter Rules. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Twitter Trust & Safety ¬† Read more »

Less than honest from the Herald

Yesterday the NZ Herald played catch up on Kim Dotcom and there was reasonably good article mostly by Jared Savage with some turd polishing from The Gurnard.

There was one bit that didn’t ring true given what I know about what goes on at the Dotcom Mansion on a day to day basis.

Creditors spoken to by the Herald have pointed to apparent recent indulgences by Dotcom as raising frustration with bills for work at the mansion still unpaid.

West City Electrical’s Neil Stratful said he was among many creditors who had not been paid.

Court documents show that amount was $52,027 as of February, 2012.

“Kim has said once this is all dealt with he is wanting to pay every cent to everyone he owes money to. I think morally he wants to put everyone right.”

Dotcom’s lawyers put a letter from Mr Stratful before the court in 2012, when seeking funds to be released, in which the electrician said he owed money to suppliers for materials used during work at the mansion.

“We now find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation with creditors to me sending me final demand letters asking for payment.”

Mr Stratful said yesterday: “He doesn’t want to be shareholder of a company that doesn’t pay its bills. He doesn’t want to fold and let it fall over.”

I thought the bold sentence was incongruent with his claims to be a disgruntled creditor. Most people who are owed money do not use the first name of the ratbag who owes them money then produce nice statements about morals when you are talking about scum who haven’t paid you.

So I did a bit of digging. ¬† Read more »

Time to re-open the Darren Hughes affair

Labour and a journalist challenged Police refusal to release the full john Banks file and the Ombudsmen ruling that they should release the file.

The Herald reports:

The Ombudsman has ordered the release of MP John Banks’ statement to police over donations to his Auckland mayoral campaign.

However, the former Act leader’s statement will not be released publicly until after he has stood trial for allegedly filing a false electoral return for his failed 2010 campaign.

Police investigated alleged irregularities in Mr Banks’ campaign donations but no charges were laid.

[...] ¬†¬† Read more »