David Fisher

Did David “Tainted” Fisher take another bung?

No surprises really who Kim Dotcom ran to, to talk about the John Banks acquittal.

David “Tainted” Fisher taking dictation again from his crooked lying pal in the onesie.

A new version of events has emerged from Kim Dotcom on the John Banks donation saga – and this time, Amanda Banks is nowhere to be seen.

The wife of former Act leader John Banks was heralded as the politician’s saviour today after the Court of Appeal tossed out the case that he had filed a false electoral return.

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Comment of the day

John Boscawen on John Banks’ acquittal in the Court of Appeal:

The real villain is the Crown. The heroes are of course the three courageous Appeal Court judges, lead by the President, who first allowed the appeal in November and ordered a retrial, and who today have recalled their judgement and acquitted John Banks in full. On each occasion the Crown opposed their actions.

Dacre QC, for the Crown, got up in court last November and argued that the new evidence of the American witnesses should not be allowed and that the appeal should be dismissed. Dacre did this knowing that Dotcom now agreed the Americans were at the lunch and that his (Dotcom’s ) original High Court evidence was incorrect. Dacre did not disclose this fact to either Banks’ team or the Appeal Court judges.

This evidence was critical to the original High Court trial in which Judge Wyllie sided with the “Dotcom witnesses’ ” version of events over Mrs. Banks’s version.

Had the appeal court judges not had the courage to allow the appeal in the first place, none of this would have been made public. It was only after the Solicitor General decided to proceed with a new trial was this ( ” the Butler Memorandum” disclosed to the Banks team in February of this year.

John Banks and his family have paid a huge price. It has cost him literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. He had no alternative to resign as a minister when the case was ordered to trial, and no alternative to resign as an MP when first convicted. He has every reason to feel vindicated today.

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“Tainted” Fisher pimps aggrieved staff and smacks around a charity [UPDATED]

David “Tainted” Fisher is well adept at making up stories, he has already been slapped by the Press Council for making up his story about Customs OIAs.

In today’s Herald he attacks KidsCan on behalf of an aggrieved former staff member, who trousered some cash and has never paid it back despite claiming it was all a mistake.

On top of that he has run the attack when he well knows that the CEO Julie Chapman is unavailable for comment because her father died two days after a long battle with cancer. Julie was nursing him through his last days.

Fisher told the KidsCan spokesperson that he didn’t care and was running the hit anyway.

He’s all class.

But here is where the story is rather lopsided. There are fabrications from the aggrieved former staff member and other things simply made up, falsified even…but that’s what you get when you pimp stories from people who would nick cash from a charity.

Fisher states in the article:

The spending concerns, also voiced to the Herald, related to a period from 2009 through to mid-2012 when KidsCan was courting celebrities. It hosted footballer David Beckham, Hollywood star Karl Urban and singer Shania Twain in a bid to win big donations from the wealthy at swanky charity events.

I have had it confirmed to me that Shania Twain has never been involved or even communicated with or been approached by KidsCan. This is a fabrication by David Fisher.   Read more »

Phone hacking illegal, but email hacking fine. Well, if it’s my email it is

Nick Davies will forever be known as the journalist who broke the phone-hacking scandal in the Britain, bringing down the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid.

At a Christchurch WORD event on Tuesday night, he discussed his views on the media and his book, Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch, with The Press editor Joanna Norris.

Starting in 2008 after a tip-off, Davies, who works for The Guardian, began investigating illegal phone-hacking and bribery by journalists employed by News International.

He wrote more than 100 articles over two years on the activities but it was only when he revealed News of the World journalists had listened to and deleted voicemail messages left for murdered teenager Milly Dowler that public outrage forced the police to re-open investigations.

By 2011, it was revealed more than 210 people had been complicit in the illegal activities and victims numbered more than 5000.

Don’t hold your breath that the same will happen in New Zealand when it comes to email hacking.  Journalists, decent, trained and skilled, have been directly involved in the Dirty Politics hacking against me and others.    Read more »

Dirty Media Herald editorial carries on Jihad against Key despite their own poll results

If you ever needed proof that the NZ Herald is out of touch with mainstream New Zealand voters there is their editorial today which sanctimoniously warns John Key about margin of error movements in their own poll.

The result of our poll today could suggest voters will forgive any foolish behaviour from this Prime Minister. If the man himself reads the results that way he would be foolish indeed. The fact that his support from polled voters is undiminished by the disclosure of his penchant for pulling a young woman’s ponytail may have something to do with his response. Wisely, he soon dropped the excuse that it was mere “horseplay” in his local coffee bar – some sort of standing joke enjoyed by all except the poor waitress – and admitted he had been plain stupid.

Persistently stupid. He would be wise to continue chastising himself whenever the subject is raised on his return from overseas. If supporters make light of it around him, he should not for a moment join in. It was not funny, and not just another of the fun-loving political risks he has taken over the years. Some of those were charming, some cringe-worthy, none previously involved an unwanted physical contact.

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So what, they’re spying on us

It must now be assumed that David “Tainted” Fisher is a traitor to New Zealand as he runs, in the Herald on Sunday, another story from another traitor, Edward Snowden.

This time it is about how we are supposedly spying on China.

So what…they are sure as hell spying on us.

Our spies and America’s top government hackers cooked up a plan to crack into a data link between Chinese Government buildings in Auckland, new Edward Snowden documents reveal.

The project appeared aimed at tapping data flowing between the Chinese consulate and its passport office in Great South Rd — and using the link to access China’s computer systems.

The revelation is the most explosive of the information about New Zealand revealed in the Snowden documents — and has sparked a firm Chinese diplomatic response giving rise to concerns our security relationship with the United States is impacting our trade relationship with China.

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Drinnan joins Fisher on the making stuff up naughty bench at the Herald

We all know David Fisher makes stuff up, he got slammed as did his editor Shayne Currie, by the Press Council for making stuff up over a Customs story.

John Drinnan is another who makes stuff up, often interviewing his keyboard and yesterday he got his chops busted.

So egregious were his “fabrications” yesterday that MediaWorks issued a very strongly worded press release.

Their spokeswoman, Rachel Lorimer said:

CLARIFICATION – Jono and Ben and Campbell Live

There is on-going speculation that the Jono and Ben show is being considered as a possible replacement for Campbell Live.  This seems to be based on a fabrication by the Herald and has unfairly led to significant negativity towards Jono Pryor, Ben Boyce and the rest of the Jono and Ben team.

For the avoidance of doubt, MediaWorks Corporate Counsel, Alex Nicholson makes the following statement:

“The statement in John Drinnan’s articles in relation to the Jono and Ben show, which is attributed to “TV3 bosses”, is a complete fabrication and is not based on fact. Jono and Ben has never once been mentioned in any MediaWorksmanagement forum, discussion or document as a possible replacement for Campbell Live. ”

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Face of the day

Is this possibly the worst ever celebrity endorsement for today’s face of the day, Alastair Thompson?
Perhaps Kim forgot that his brand is toxic or perhaps David Fisher  from the NZ Herald slipped the leash and Kim needs a new pet?


Scoop General Manager Alastair Thompson draws the winners names from a video camera bag. -Photo Scoop

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Nicky Hager reveals that our spies spy…wow!

Nicky Hager’s drip feed of stolen documents via his pals in the NZ Herald continues today.

And todays revelations are that apparently our spies spy.

Our spies monitored email and internet traffic about international diplomats vying for the job of director-general of the World Trade Organisation – a job for which National Government Trade Minister Tim Groser was competing.

The spying operation was active in 2013 and called the “WTO Project” by New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), according to a top secret document obtained by the Herald and United States news site The Intercept.

The operation involved covert surveillance of candidates from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Jordan, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico and South Korea.

The GCSB tasking document which structured the search of internet traffic was designed to look for references to Mr Groser, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) role and his competitors, initially in any online communication but then narrowed to emails.

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Key is squandering any remaining media goodwill

Fairfax journo Tracy Watkins is letting her wishful thinking get in the way today in a piece where she posits Key is “burning political capital” over the Hager/Fisher GCSB “revelations”.

Are the latest leaked documents important? Yes, of course.

Actually, they’re not.

They detail the vast and indiscriminate store of information gathered by the Government Communications Security Bureau, including plenty that must surely breach the spirit, if not the technicalities, of the 2013 GCSB Act.

Once the media get back to the “spirit” of news reporting instead of running the country, they might actually have a leg to stand on.

The Act spells out that it is illegal for the agency to intercept the private communications of New Zealand citizens and residents, except in specific circumstances or when it is “incidentally obtained” – which, as we now know, is likely to include while they are lying on a beach in Samoa.

There are bound to be diplomatic ripples, meanwhile, over the extent to which the GCSB reaches into the Pacific.

There are bound not to be.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, are particularly unaware of how the real world works, or you have your own ‘outrage’ agenda, people 1) know their stuff is up for grabs, and 2) they truly don’t care.

We are told that the targets include friends and foe alike, though we are yet to see any direct evidence of  that claim – say, for instance, a transcript of a private phone call between the prime minister of Samoa and his mates.

Nonetheless, it is probably no coincidence that John Key will embark on a goodwill tour of the Pacific later this year, including a likely stop-off in Fiji.

Yeah, that’s right.  John Key wasn’t going on a Pacific trip until Hager and Fisher dusted off some Helen Clark era stolen documents to try and blow some life back into the same old issue.   And now Key needs to go around a tour to calm down his Pacific neighbours.   That has to be the reason.   Read more »